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Bill Status - 2007 Regular Session

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There are 96 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 15Providing retention salary increases for certain Division of Corrections and Division of Juvenile Services employees01/31/07
SB 22Providing housing supplement for State Police01/10/07
SB 23Providing corporate tax credit for certain qualified health insurance policies02/23/07
SB 29Providing personal income tax exemption to certain volunteer fire department members01/10/07
SB 38Increasing compensation of legislative members 01/10/07
SB 41Providing salary increase for civilian employees of State Police01/10/07
SB 45Establishing assistance program for certain relocated correctional officers01/10/07
SB 52Eliminating consumers sales and service tax on food and food ingredients01/10/07
SB 53Allowing certain resident homeowners to defer payment of property tax increases02/14/07
SB 58Applying consumers sales and service tax to commercial laundries and linen and garment rental services01/10/07
SB 65Budget bill03/10/07
SB 75Providing certain taxpayers nonrefundable earned income tax credit01/12/07
SB 90Providing death benefits to families of firefighters and EMS personnel killed in line of duty01/15/07
SB 92Creating WV Volunteer Firefighter Length of Service Act01/15/07
SB 97Subtracting Social Security benefits from federal gross income01/16/07
SB 108Requiring defendants pay certain costs of incarceration01/17/07
SB 109Requiring proration of per diem charge for regional jail incarceration01/17/07
SB 113Updating meaning of certain terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act01/17/07
SB 114Relating to monetary incentive for eligible employees01/17/07
SB 118Creating WV Public Campaign Financing Act02/12/07
SB 119Exempting commissions paid to telecommunications brokers from consumers sales and service tax01/17/07
SB 122Exempting consumers sales and service tax for certain payments to homeowners' association01/17/07
SB 124Establishing miners' health and safety equipment investment tax credit01/18/07
SB 126Updating meaning of certain terms used in WV Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/18/07
SB 127Relating to certain tourism development project tax credits01/18/07
SB 130Exempting one motor vehicle from ad valorem taxes for active duty military personnel01/24/07
SB 135Providing student financial aid resources for spouses of certain deceased service personnel01/30/07
SB 143Providing exemption from consumers sales and service tax for purchase of certain medical goods01/19/07
SB 146Providing certain tax credit to medical providers01/19/07
SB 153Increasing relocation expense allotment for State Police01/19/07
SB 160Establishing Flood Protection Planning Council01/25/07
SB 198Increasing incremental salary for Division of Corrections' employees01/24/07
SB 207Providing fine for violating terms of bond02/23/07
SB 209Requiring PEIA Finance Board provide retirees medical and prescription coverage in certain cases02/21/07
SB 210Increasing exemption on certain retirement income01/25/07
SB 215Providing tax deduction for interest paid on student and automobile loans01/25/07
SB 332Providing tuition waivers for children and spouses of certain National Guard and active duty military personnel02/02/07
SB 338Expanding newborn screening01/31/07
SB 341Exempting certain owners from natural resources property valuation and assessment01/29/07
SB 342Authorizing Auditor to set standards for certain requisitions01/29/07
SB 352Providing tax exemption for high-technology business services01/29/07
SB 353Reducing state vehicles' petroleum-based fuel consumption01/29/07
SB 355Relating to State Police Retirement System02/19/07
SB 357Changing motor vehicle privilege tax to sales tax01/29/07
SB 359Allowing public employees certain paid leave as volunteer firefighters01/29/07
SB 364Compensating State Police for call-back time01/29/07
SB 367Providing personal income tax exemption to certain volunteer fire department members 01/29/07
SB 375Creating WV Managing for Results Act02/19/07
SB 383Exempting new residents from payment of privilege tax01/31/07
SB 391Creating fund to reimburse National Guard group life insurance premiums02/14/07
SB 392Assessing value of livestock killed by bears03/01/07
SB 408Clarifying payment deadline for delinquent real estate taxes01/31/07
SB 410Authorizing Supreme Court create senior status magistrate assistants01/31/07
SB 418Publishing tax delinquencies on Tax Department website02/01/07
SB 419Providing salary increase for certain corrections' employees02/01/07
SB 421Modifying federal adjusted gross income for certain charitable contributions02/01/07
SB 424Relating to one-trip permits issued by State Police02/26/07
SB 433Adjusting percentage charged for public employees' insurance02/01/07
SB 437Creating WV Public Safety Survivor Benefit Act02/02/07
SB 443Eliminating time schedules for utility relocation on highway projects02/19/07
SB 444Removing certain exceptions in minimum wage law02/15/07
SB 445Providing salary increases for certain Division of Protective Services' officers02/02/07
SB 451Allowing qualified taxpayer claim total low-income tax credit02/05/07
SB 457Increasing certain Division of Corrections' employees salaries and increment pay 02/05/07
SB 462Relating to flat-rate excise tax on motor fuels02/19/07
SB 463Including Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Checkoff Program on personal income tax return02/06/07
SB 466Relating to tax shelters02/06/07
SB 471Relating to funding entities ensuring transportation safety on state highways02/19/07
SB 472Providing proper collection of offset fees02/07/07
SB 478Providing cap on increase for periodic valuations and assessments of real and personal property02/07/07
SB 481Increasing barrel tax on nonintoxicating beer02/07/07
SB 487Paying certain tuition and fees for National Guard members02/13/07
SB 488Reinstating consumers sales and service tax exemption for mental health care centers and retardation facilities02/07/07
SB 492Relating to accelerated payment of certain taxes 02/19/07
SB 519Defining term "return" used in administration of taxes02/08/07
SB 520Exempting nonprofit corporations providing electricity from property tax02/08/07
SB 527Allowing health insurance personal income tax deduction02/23/07
SB 548Relating to payment in lieu of property tax agreements generally02/12/07
SB 562Relating to economic opportunity tax credit for certain high-technology manufacturers02/20/07
SB 564Authorizing automatic enrollment in deferred compensation and matching contribution programs for state employees02/13/07
SB 574Transferring Weston State Hospital Institutional Farm to Department of Health and Human Resources03/01/07
SB 581Defining "charitable exemptions" for business and occupation tax purposes02/14/07
SB 600Relating to issuing proof of payment of personal property taxes by assessors02/15/07
SB 604Merging Eastern Community and Technical College with Blue Ridge Community and Technical College02/21/07
SB 661Allowing purchase of certain education and training supplies by volunteer fire departments02/19/07
SB 662Imposing taxes on certain unauthorized substances02/19/07
SB 673Including rental car inventories in special method for appraising dealer vehicle inventory02/19/07
SB 689Disbursing State Road funds02/19/07
SB 720Exempting computer system installation consultants from contractor's license requirement02/19/07
SB 730Narrowing basis for issuance of assessments of additional taxes by Tax Commissioner02/19/07
HB 2028Increasing the required bond for certain businesses regulated by the Division of Motor Vehicles to fifty thousand dollars03/06/07
HB 2070Extending PEIA coverage to certain long-term substitute education employees03/06/07
HB 2342Creating the West Virginia Military Family Relief Fund02/28/07
HB 2772Ensuring the Public Employees Insurance Agency will continue and maintain medical and prescription drug coverage for medicare eligible retired employees02/21/07
HB 2789Authorizing the Supreme Court of Appeals to create a panel of senior status magistrate assistants02/13/07
HB 3166Exempting community action agencies from the certificate of title tax for vehicles used for their Head Start program02/28/07
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