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There are 106 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 1Observing week in which December 7 falls as Pearl Harbor and Military Appreciation week01/27/11
SB 4Exempting military, National Guard and reserve income from state income tax02/01/11
SB 6Exempting all military retirement income from state income tax02/08/11
SB 15Providing one-time bonus to certain public employee and teacher annuitants 03/02/11
SB 22Increasing Cultural Facilities and Capitol Resources Matching Grant Fund allocation from racetrack video lottery net terminal income 02/22/11
SB 24Creating Green Buildings Act 01/12/11
SB 40Excluding certain taxicab companies from Workers' Compensation Fund liability02/21/11
SB 44Providing earned income tax credit to certain taxpayers with qualifying children 01/12/11
SB 48Creating Jackson's Mill 4-H Camp Tax Checkoff Program02/15/11
SB 52Exempting Social Security income from state income tax01/12/11
SB 70Budget Bill03/12/11
SB 100Establishing program to promote veteran friendly communities02/01/11
SB 185Relating to unemployment benefits for certain spouses of military personnel01/27/11
SB 189Creating Interstate Compact on Education Opportunity for Military Children Act01/27/11
SB 194Authorizing State Police enter into agreement with Marshall University Forensic Science Center for certain DNA testing01/28/11
SB 201Creating Energy Efficient Building Act02/15/11
SB 207Reducing consumers sales and service tax on food01/19/11
SB 210Reimbursing certain fees for course work completed by teachers02/18/11
SB 218Requiring insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders02/09/11
SB 220Creating Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act01/27/11
SB 225Creating WV Innovation and Development Act02/21/11
SB 233Establishing modification reducing federal adjusted gross income for recent graduates of higher education institutions02/23/11
SB 240Allowing Director of Purchasing Division conduct reverse auctions to purchase commodities02/23/11
SB 248Relating to coal slurry disposal02/25/11
SB 249Creating WV Manufacturing Competitiveness and Growth Act02/07/11
SB 259Relating to state police disability examinations, reinstatement and retirement02/08/11
SB 266Authorizing real property transfer tax collected by state be paid to counties02/03/11
SB 269Creating personal income tax deduction for persons who have their pets spayed or neutered01/25/11
SB 270Relating to Employee Suggestion Award Program02/09/11
SB 273Providing one-time supplemental salary increase for certain state employees01/25/11
SB 283Creating Unintentional Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team02/24/11
SB 310Making certain employees eligible for unemployment compensation02/10/11
SB 315Making funding for high school athletics priority expenditure from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund surplus02/23/11
SB 319Establishing tax credit for certain medical providers02/24/11
SB 332Changing procedure for suspending, revoking or canceling business registration certificate01/28/11
SB 333Authorizing electronic collection and enforcement of tolls02/16/11
SB 339Authorizing final payment of wages of separated employees at regular pay periods02/03/11
SB 343Relating to license plates for hearing impaired02/09/11
SB 345Relating to senior citizen property tax relief programs01/31/11
SB 350Creating all-payer claims database03/03/11
SB 352Relating to sale of property owned by county commission02/10/11
SB 359Exempting certain charitable organizations from property taxation02/16/11
SB 362Increasing excise tax on all tobacco products02/18/11
SB 372Relating to dedication of coalbed methane severance tax proceeds02/25/11
SB 378Allowing Racing Commission use certain permit and registration fees to pay salaries and other expenses02/10/11
SB 380Increasing Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund02/02/11
SB 381Allowing use of tuition assistance for National Guard members enrolled in certain programs02/23/11
SB 389Relating to Commercial Patent Incentives Tax Act02/22/11
SB 395Requiring annual surplus from certain revenue shortfall funds be deposited in State Road Fund02/11/11
SB 399Relating to payment of certain invoices by Information Services and Communications Division02/23/11
SB 414Relating to Real Estate Division02/23/11
SB 416Expanding number of hours temporary state personnel work in calendar year02/23/11
SB 421Relating to maintaining minimum number of State Police; salary02/04/11
SB 422Compensating State Police for call-back time; housing stipend02/04/11
SB 423Increasing size limit of voting precincts; poll workers02/23/11
SB 425Increasing salary of Adjutant General02/08/11
SB 432Reconfiguring sheriffs' salaries02/17/11
SB 434Relating to school service personnel reclassification and career ladder for cooks02/11/11
SB 448Determining credit for utility taxpayers with net operating loss carryovers02/17/11
SB 449Creating Twenty-First Century Business Technologies Property Valuation Act and Tax Credit Act02/16/11
SB 462Creating Prompt Pay Act of 201102/17/11
SB 476Finding and declaring certain claims against state02/09/11
SB 491Creating WV Future Fund02/11/11
SB 505Relating generally to voter registration02/23/11
SB 511Creating Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) Act02/23/11
SB 512Relating generally to salaries of certain judges and magistrates02/22/11
SB 513Relating to workers' compensation coverage of state government entities02/23/11
SB 518Revising high-growth business investment tax credit02/21/11
SB 519Creating WV Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit Act02/25/11
SB 520Relating to Economic Development Authority's criteria for loans to tourism projects02/21/11
SB 523Increasing tax credits for apprenticeship training in construction trades02/23/11
SB 525Providing use of lottery funds for public projects02/23/11
SB 528Allowing certain physically disabled service personnel work in another classification with continued compensation02/23/11
SB 533Relating to preservation of affordable housing in counties with impact fees02/23/11
SB 537Creating tax credit for businesses that compost02/23/11
SB 541Clarifying entities included in water's-edge group for corporation tax purposes02/23/11
SB 547Requiring Water Research Institute develop method for assessing narrative water quality standards02/23/11
SB 549Relating to funding for civil legal services for poor02/23/11
SB 557Creating Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs Program02/23/11
SB 558Changing method for determining salary equity among counties for school personnel02/23/11
SB 559Removing expiration date for requiring deposit of moneys into Special Railroad and Intermodal Enhancement Fund02/18/11
SB 564Creating Fiscal and Policy Division under Joint Committee on Government and Finance02/23/11
SB 566Relating to other post-employment benefits generally02/25/11
SB 575Creating Energy Intensive Industrial Consumers Revitalization Tax Credit02/25/11
SB 576Authorizing refundable tax credit based upon federal earned income tax credit02/21/11
SB 587Adding small-scale tourism development and ancillary project components to Tourism Development Act02/23/11
SB 589Relating to mental hygiene; voluntary and involuntary commitments generally02/23/11
SB 590Removing cap on amount of annual credit awarded for destination tourism expansion projects02/23/11
SB 601Increasing amount of incremental salary increases for eligible state employees02/21/11
HB 2164Relating to public school support computation of local share03/10/11
HB 2208Providing for actual costs to be paid for municipal audits and reducing the cap on audits for Class IV municipalities03/08/11
HB 2500Relating to school personnel03/08/11
HB 2732West Virginia Public Campaign Financing Act03/09/11
HB 2889Creating the "Jason Flatt Act of 2011"03/08/11
HB 2890Energy Efficient Building Act03/03/11
HB 3060Providing a different procedure for determining the credit for utility taxpayers with net operating loss carryovers relating to the corporation net income tax02/24/11
HB 3067Enhancing funding for civil legal services for the poor03/02/11
HB 3115Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Education - State Aid to Schools02/17/11
HB 3171Providing educators with the education and training necessary to ensure the safety of state schools03/10/11
HB 3172Including certain employees of the office of the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner be included in the classified service03/10/11
HB 3224Removing annual credit cap for expansion projects03/03/11
HB 3268Relating to who may claim a homestead exemption03/01/11
HB 3269Reducing state income tax liability for certain retired public employees03/01/11
HB 3270Allowing reports to be generated by the Legislative Auditor and authorizing audits of state funds03/03/11
HB 3272Making supplementary appropriations to various agencies03/12/11
HB 3273Expiring funds to the unappropriated balance in the State Fund, State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund03/12/11
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