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There are 85 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 556Relating to Water Development Authority employees03/03/11
HB 2008Relating to licensing exemptions of persons who only perform the duty of hair washing for a licensed barber or cosmetologist01/12/11
HB 2019Increasing the representation on the Health Information Network Board01/12/11
HB 2024Green Buildings Act01/12/11
HB 2025West Virginia Energy Efficiency Act01/12/11
HB 2027Requiring county commissions to adopt and implement county farmland protection programs01/12/11
HB 2034Relating to the adoption of the 2008 National Electric Code01/12/11
HB 2039Relating to confidential records01/12/11
HB 2044Creating a Sentencing Commission01/12/11
HB 2073Report of Induced Abortions Act01/12/11
HB 2076Establishing a barber apprenticeship program01/12/11
HB 2102Providing a two thousand eight dollar salary increase for each employee of the Division of Corrections01/12/11
HB 2155West Virginia Public Employment Relations Act01/12/11
HB 2165Prohibiting project labor agreements on state-funded construction contracts01/12/11
HB 2173Requiring applicants for, and holders of, licenses under the West Virginia Real Estate License Act to successfully pass criminal history record checks01/12/11
HB 2177Freezing PEIA employee premiums for three years01/12/11
HB 2202Providing for removal and election of Public Service Commissioners01/12/11
HB 2203Adding a special memorial day to celebrate the victory of democracy in the Cold War01/12/11
HB 2219Verifiable Science Act01/12/11
HB 2230Prohibiting the demolition of a historic structure prior to a review of and the issuance of a permit by the Commissioner of the Division of Culture and History01/12/11
HB 2259Extending unemployment compensation benefits when special circumstances exist01/12/11
HB 2272Increasing compensation of membership of the West Virginia State Police01/12/11
HB 2282Eliminating fees charged by the Criminal Identification Bureau to the State Police for providing certain information to volunteer fire departments01/12/11
HB 2339Including enforcement officers employed by the Alcohol and Beverage Control Commission in the classified service under the Civil Service System01/12/11
HB 2355Allowing state employees to take paid leave to attend parent-teacher conference for their children01/12/11
HB 2385Creating a board and fund to be used to maintain abandoned cemeteries01/12/11
HB 2410Prohibiting the naming of a publicly funded building, road, structure or project for a living elected public official01/12/11
HB 2425Requiring reports to the Governor from state agencies to be made available electronically via the internet01/12/11
HB 2430Abolishing the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists01/12/11
HB 2440Allowing the Division of Energy to develop an energy related public relations campaign focused on educating the Washington, D.C. area and the federal government about West Virginia coal01/13/11
HB 2458Creating a West Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame at Yeager Airport01/13/11
HB 2472Establishing a West Virginia State Trooper's Association leave donation program01/13/11
HB 2492Relating to supervision of local government offices01/14/11
HB 2502Requiring certain boards to combine administrative functions01/14/11
HB 2531Relating to the regulation of fireworks01/18/11
HB 2535Creating an equal pay coordinator within the Governor's Office to ensure pay equity among state employees01/18/11
HB 2545Requiring onsite employees at certain public works construction projects to complete an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved 10-hour construction safety program02/17/11
HB 2561Creating the West Virginia Transportation Finance Commission01/19/11
HB 2564Designating the first Thursday in May the West Virginia Day of Prayer01/19/11
HB 2666Repealing the authority to involuntary transfer employees01/20/11
HB 2667Requiring the Public Employees Insurance Agency Finance Board to have a quorum of five members present at any public hearing01/20/11
HB 2689Requiring the Commissioner of Corrections to keep track of repeat offenses committed by persons convicted of sexual offenses against children01/20/11
HB 2700Relating to elevator safety01/21/11
HB 2711Relating to the adoption of the 2008 National Electric Code01/21/11
HB 2753Relating to the requirements for and scope of practice for registered veterinary technicians01/21/11
HB 2761Redesignating the Division of Veterans' Affairs as the Department of Veteran's Assistance within the executive branch02/10/11
HB 2782Encouraging public officials to display the national motto on all public property and public buildings01/24/11
HB 2789West Virginia Geographical Information System01/24/11
HB 2800Creating the West Virginia Ski Resort Industry Commission01/24/11
HB 2815Providing that hearing examiners conducting state agency administrative hearings be selected from a panel of five01/24/11
HB 2834Relating to water pollution control01/24/11
HB 2835Relating generally to Division of Tourism and Tourism Commission01/25/11
HB 2848Relating to ethical guidelines for members of professional licensing boards01/25/11
HB 2859Relating to the Public Service Commission01/26/11
HB 2861Continuing the pilot highway design-build program01/26/11
HB 2865Making November 20 "Robert C. Byrd Day," a legal holiday01/26/11
HB 2872Providing civil service status for certain employees of the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority01/26/11
HB 2933Transferring the Office of Economic Opportunity from the Governor's Office to the Department of Commerce01/28/11
HB 2957Requiring new facility projects of public agencies and projects receiving state funds to comply with the International Code Council 2009 International Energy Conservation Code02/01/11
HB 2996Establishing shift differential pay scales for employees of the Division of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services, and Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority02/03/11
HB 3006Changing the title of the West Virginia Racing Commission's racing secretary to executive director02/04/11
HB 3011Expanding the number of hours temporary state personnel may work in a calendar year02/04/11
HB 3012Clarifying that the Office of Technology is responsible for the retirement or transfer of certain information technology equipment02/04/11
HB 3027Authorizing the sale of prohibited fireworks02/07/11
HB 3056Eliminating the reporting requirement for public fire departments of nonfire incidents02/08/11
HB 3057Providing for career development and establishing a pay scale for Alcohol Beverage Commission inspectors, enforcement agents and supervisors02/08/11
HB 3086Good Jobs Internet Reporting Act02/09/11
HB 3088West Virginia Energy Efficiency Act02/10/11
HB 3110Establishing a living minimum wage for public employees02/11/11
HB 3111Providing state employees with a cost of living salary adjustment02/11/11
HB 3129Creating and implementing a fund to encourage the development and use of renewable forms of energy02/15/11
HB 3136Relating to government construction contracts02/15/11
HB 3138Providing for companies with state-funded contracts to disclose any employment practices regarding the employment of workers overseas02/15/11
HB 3175Requiring a popular vote of the residents of the county affected by a proposed initial rate or a proposed increase of any rate or tolls02/17/11
HB 3179Providing a cost-of- living increase for state employees and retirees02/17/11
HB 3180Authorizing the appointment of certain individuals to carry out the business of the Water Development Authority02/18/11
HB 3181Creating "The Prompt Pay Act of 201102/18/11
HB 3188Relating to the confidentiality of the Rate Setting Model02/18/11
HB 3200Changing the requirements for acquiring a renewal of a barber's license02/18/11
HB 3201Increasing the number of commissioners on the Public Service Commission02/18/11
HB 3208Relating to the Human Resource Benefit Fund02/21/11
HB 3234Requiring the Secretary of State to notify every corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company and foreign limited liability company registered to do business of their duty to pay an annual report fee02/21/11
HB 3235Creating a West Virginia Lottery Advisory Board02/21/11
HB 3249Creating independent Office of Environmental Advocate02/21/11
HB 3262Requiring persons engaged in natural gas horizontal well drilling activities to annually submit a report to the Department of Labor identifying the state of residency02/21/11
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