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206 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to open and publish election returns01/09/13
HCR 2 Providing for an adjournment of the Legislature until February 13, 201301/09/13
HCR 3 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor02/13/13
HCR 7 The "County Sheriff Sgt. Michael Todd May Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 8 The "U.S. Army S/Sgt. E. J. A. Maynard Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 9 The "Garry Lee Burgess Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 10 The "Staff Sergeant Lesley Wayne Reed US Army Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 11 Requesting the State of West Virginia to annually recognize August 16 as "Airborne Day" in West Virginia04/08/13
HCR 12 Designating the annual observance of March 31 as "West Virginia State Trooper Day"04/01/13
HCR 15 The "Curtis Emmet Lowe Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 16 The "Army Specialist-4 Harmon 'Hoppy' Lee Hopson Jr. Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 17 The "State Police Cpl. Marshall Lee Bailey and Trooper Eric Michael Workman Memorial Interchange"04/13/13
HCR 18 The "Cpl. Sherald P. Brady, U.S. Army Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 19 The "Corporal Ronald Lee Kesling USMC Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 20 The "Army Corporal Rex Marcel Sherman Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 21 The "Upshur Civil War Company 'C'Militia Memorial Highway"04/13/13
HCR 24 The "Rex Lane Mullins Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 25 The "U.S. Army CPL Fred Russell Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 26 The "Army Corporal Richard D. McGhee Memorial Triangle"04/13/13
HCR 28 The "Mud River Pound Punchers Highway"04/13/13
HCR 29 The "Army Specialist-5 James R. Justice Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 30 The "Army Sergeant Thomas Lawrence Dunithan Memorial Highway"04/13/13
HCR 31 The "WWII 78th Lightning Division Road"03/26/13
HCR 33 The "201st Artillery Drive"04/01/13
HCR 35 The "Charles Eugene Kessel Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 36 The "U.S. Army Private First Class Oscar Harper, Sr. Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 38 The "James Darrell Mangrum Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 39 The "PFC Harry Sine, Jr. Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 40 The "Estel R. Stacy World War II Navy Veteran Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 41 The "US Army Staff Sergeant Cornelius Nebo Lackey Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 42 The "Mike Whitt Visionary Leadership Highway"03/26/13
HCR 45 The "Army PFC French E. Marsh Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 46 The "Martha Ellen Taylor & Sons Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 48 The "Albert & Peggie Maynard Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 49 The "Larry W. Border Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 50 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to schedule the June 2013 Legislative Interim Committee meetings in Wheeling during the week of June 20.04/12/13
HCR 52 The "Richardson Brothers' Memorial Highway, United States Army, World War II"04/13/13
HCR 54 The "Sergeant First Class Thomas Clyde Farley Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 55 The "Trooper Brian William Linn Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 56 The "John Edgar Saville Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 57 The "Fire Chief Lyle Ware Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 58 The "Marine Lance Corporal Michael Steven Garrett Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 59 The "Corporal Gerry Glen Simpson Memorial Bridge, United States Army"04/13/13
HCR 62 The "Navy Chief Petty Officer Nicholas Heath Null Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 63 The "US Army SFC James Edward Duncan Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 65 The "Jimmie Stewart Pauley Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 66 The "PFC Casey West Memorial Bridge, United States Navy"04/13/13
HCR 68 The "Army Maj. Gen. Charles C. Rogers Memorial Bridge"03/26/13
HCR 73 The "Nancy E. May Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 74 The "USMC LCpl. David Lee Powell Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 75 The "USN S2C Jack Wade and USMC PFC Don Wade Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 78 The "Louis J. 'Zeke' Trupo Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 79 The "Joe Curtis (Joey) Dingess Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 81 The "Brigadier General Timothy C. Barrick Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 87 Requesting the Division of Highways to erect signs at the Tyler County line that read "Home of the 2011 FFA Land Judging and Homesite Evaluation National Champions"04/13/13
HCR 89 The "Navy AD3 Jack Lively Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 91 The "Platoon Sgt. Clifford Tomblin Highway, United States Army"04/13/13
HCR 92 The "Army Corporal Randell Maynard Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 96 The "Army Sgt. Paul Witman Carroll Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 105 Requesting a study on the necessity of hiring additional fraud investigators for the Department of Health and Human Resources and the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit04/12/13
HCR 106 The "O. Winston Link Trail"04/13/13
HCR 108 The "Army Specialist Fourth Class Tommy Joe Belcher Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 110 The "Boyd Leon Parsons Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 112 The "Army Command Sergeant Major Wade Damron Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 118 The "U.S. Marine Corps PFC Daniel L. Edwards Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 120 The "1st Sergeant Walter Criss Bridge, United States Army"04/13/13
HCR 121 The "LSC (SS) Andrew Scott Mollohan Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 125 The "Army Sergeant Richard Bowry Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 126 The "John Jacob Fry II Memorial Highway"04/13/13
HCR 133 The "James T. and Paul T. Billups Bridge"04/13/13
HCR 135 Proclaiming West Virginia as a Purple Heart State04/13/13
HCR 140 Recognizing July 16 as "Atomic Veterans Day of Remembrance" in West Virginia04/13/13
HR 1 Adopting Rules of the House of Delegates01/09/13
HR 2 Authorizing the publication of a Legislative Manual, providing for a mailing list for House Journal, authorizing other mailings upon request, and authorizing payment of travel and other expenses of the House01/09/13
HR 3 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/09/13
HR 4 Authorizing the Committee on Rules to arrange a Special Calendar and providing for making public the vote on certain questions in connection with the preparation thereof01/09/13
HR 5 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eighty-first Legislature, two thousand thirteen01/09/13
HR 6 Designating that February 13, 2013 be proclaimed as West Virginia Nurses Unity Day.02/13/13
HR 7 Designating February 14, 2013, as "Corrections Day"02/14/13
HR 8 Designating February 20, 2013, as "Marshall University Day"02/20/13
HR 9 Calling upon the United States Congress to propose a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's United v. Federal Election Commission ruling and related cases03/28/13
HR 10 Recognizing the statewide contributions of the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia02/19/13
HR 11 Designating February 19, 2013, as "West Virginia Home School Day"02/19/13
HR 12 Designating February 26, 2013 as "Community Action Day"02/26/13
HR 13 Designating February 27, 2013, as "Disability Advocacy Day"02/27/13
HR 16 Memorialing the life of the Honorable J. Richard Campbell, educator, civic leader, veteran, and a man of great experience03/01/13
HR 17 Honoring the West Virginia Women's Commission and designating March 5, 2013 as "Women's Day at the West Virginia Legislature"03/05/13
HR 18 Calling upon the United States Congress to preserve the United State's Constitutional Second Amendment Rights of our citizens and to address the greatest cause of acts of mass violence, mental illness03/21/13
HR 19 Designating March 7, 2013, as "Child Advocacy Center Day"03/07/13
HR 20 Honoring the victims and survivors of the 1972 Blacksville Mine Fire03/20/13
HR 21 Calling upon the United States Congress to protect Social Security benefits04/13/13
HR 22 Designating Thursday, March 14, 2013, as "Generation West Virginia Day"03/14/13
HR 23 Commemorating the life of the Honorable Carl C. Thomas, veteran and public servant03/14/13
HR 24 Designating March 19, 2013, as "West Virginia State University Day"03/19/13
HR 28 Calling upon Patriot Coal to live up to their obligations to active and retired miners, their families and widows.03/25/13
HR 29 Designating March 28, 2013, as "WV Kids at-Risk Day" at the Legislature03/28/13
HR 30 Commemorating the life of the Honorable Virginia Rae "Ginny" Starcher, educator, civic leader, and public servant03/29/13
HR 31 Requesting Congress to revoke the policy of extending "trusted traveler" status under the Global Entry Program to Saudi Arabian travelers04/13/13
HR 32 Honoring the service and contributions of Governor William Gaston Caperton III to the youth of West Virginia04/04/13
HR 33 Requesting the House of Delegates Women's Caucus, acting as an Interim Study Committee, study crimes against children04/13/13
HR 34 Designating April 10, 2013, as "Crime Victims Day at the Legislature"04/10/13
HR 35 Recognizing the one hundredth year of the West Virginia Division of Highways04/11/13
HR 37 Recognizing the dedicated service of West Virginia's Family Physicians to the Legislature, on the 24th Anniversary of the "Doc for a Day Program" program04/13/13
HR 38 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Loutellus M. Stout, farmer, association executive, and public servant04/13/13
SCR 1 Adopting joint rules of Senate and House01/09/13
SCR 2 Authorizing payment of supplies, services, printing and other expenses01/09/13
SCR 3 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Army Sergeant Junior Elwood Dunlap Memorial Bridge"03/11/13
SCR 4 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "James 'Eddie' Mooney Memorial Bridge"03/11/13
SCR 5 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wetzel County "Army Sgt. Norman R. Cunningham Memorial Bridge" 03/12/13
SCR 6 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wayne County "Wayne County Veterans Memorial Bridge"03/11/13
SCR 7 Designating Hall Flintlock Model 1819 official state firearm04/05/13
SCR 8 Requesting DOH name portion of Route 38 in Fayette County "Sizemore Moran Veterans Memorial Road"04/01/13
SCR 9 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Naval Chief Boatswain Fred L. Byrnside and Army Captain Dora Jo Chambers Byrnside Memorial Bridge"04/05/13
SCR 10 Requesting DOH name bridge in Lincoln County "Shelton Topping Bridge"04/13/13
SCR 11 Requesting DOH name portion of State Route 214 "Army Pvt. Parker Meikle Memorial Road"04/08/13
SCR 12 Requesting DOH name section of Lick Creek Road in Boone County "PFC Randall Bruce Miller Memorial Road"04/08/13
SCR 13 Requesting DOH name bridge in Lewis County "J. Cecil Jarvis Memorial Bridge"04/05/13
SCR 14 Requesting DOH name portion of State Route 20 in Upshur County "Thomas B. Dunn Memorial Highway"03/29/13
SCR 15 Requesting DOH name Logan County Route 5/12 "Army Private First Class Troy Franklin Tomblin Memorial Highway"04/13/13
SCR 16 Requesting DOH name County Route 5/07 in Logan County "Army PFC James Edward Workman Memorial Road"04/12/13
SCR 17 Requesting DOH name bridge in Randolph County "Army Captain Bernard Francis Jones Memorial Bridge" 04/12/13
SCR 18 Requesting DOH name portion of State Route 20 in Wyoming County "David and Janet Lee Memorial Highway"04/08/13
SCR 19 Requesting DOH name bridge in Kanawha County "U. S. Army Sgt. Archie W. Searls Memorial Bridge"04/12/13
SCR 20 Requesting DOH name portion of State Route 80 in McDowell County "Army PFC Phill G. McDonald Memorial Highway"04/13/13
SCR 21 Requesting DOH name bridge in Logan County "Navy Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Edsel Carl Varney Memorial Bridge"04/12/13
SCR 22 Requesting DOH name bridge in Kanawha County "Joseph Albert 'Joey' King, Jr., Memorial Bridge"04/12/13
SCR 23 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wyoming County "Reverend Edward and Mary Mullins Memorial Bridge"04/12/13
SCR 24 Requesting DOH name portion of U. S. Route 60 in Kanawha County "Lou Tabit Highway"04/12/13
SCR 28 Requesting DNR study making Upper Mud River Wildlife Management and Recreation Area a state park04/13/13
SCR 29 Requesting DOH name bridge number 20-64-54.37 "Army Cpl. Kenneth R. Hess Bridge"04/13/13
SCR 30 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wyoming County "Army SP4 Jackie (Hearn) McMillion Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
SCR 32 Requesting DOH name bridge in Monongalia County "U. S. Army and Air National Guard Col. Garry L. Bowers-Ices Ferry Bridge" 04/13/13
SCR 34 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wayne County "Mavis Granny Castle Bridge"04/08/13
SCR 37 Requesting DOH name bridge in Hardy County "Army 1SG Boyd 'Doc' Slater Memorial Bridge"04/13/13
SCR 76 Urging Congress to update Renewable Fuel Standard04/13/13
SR 1 Adopting rules of Senate01/09/13
SR 2 Raising committee to notify House Senate has organized01/09/13
SR 3 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has organized01/09/13
SR 4 Authorizing mailing of bills and journals01/09/13
SR 5 Authorizing appointment of 2013 session employees01/09/13
SR 6 Creating Select Committee on Children and Poverty02/13/13
SR 7 Designating February 13, 2013, West Virginia Nurses Unity Day02/13/13
SR 8 Designating February 14, 2013, Corrections Day02/14/13
SR 9 Honoring Congressional Medal of Honor recipients02/14/13
SR 10 Designating February 18, 2013, Preston County Day02/18/13
SR 11 Designating February 18, 2013, Veterans Visibility Day02/18/13
SR 12 Recognizing contributions of Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences02/19/13
SR 13 Recognizing Kendyl Ryan02/19/13
SR 14 Designating February 19, 2013, West Virginia Home School Day02/19/13
SR 15 Designating February 20, 2013, Marshall University Day02/20/13
SR 16 Recognizing Blue Ridge Chapter of National Multiple Sclerosis Society 02/21/13
SR 17 Congratulating Wayne High School football team02/21/13
SR 18 Congratulating Wyoming East Warriors baseball team 02/21/13
SR 19 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley02/25/13
SR 20 Designating February 26, 2013, Community Action Day02/26/13
SR 21 Designating February 27, 2013, Disability Advocacy Day 02/27/13
SR 22 Congratulating Shinnston Little League All-Star Team02/28/13
SR 23 Honoring victims and survivors of 1972 Blacksville Mine Fire03/01/13
SR 24 Requesting Congress propose constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling04/10/13
SR 25 Designating March 6, 2013, "Women's Day"03/06/13
SR 26 Designating March "American Red Cross Month" 03/06/13
SR 27 Recognizing Southern Area Public Library03/07/13
SR 28 Designating March 11, 2013, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day03/11/13
SR 29 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson 03/11/13
SR 30 Congratulating St. Agnes School Lady Vikings basketball team03/11/13
SR 31 Congratulating Huntington High School wrestling team03/12/13
SR 32 Recognizing Huntington Prep basketball team03/13/13
SR 33 Congratulating Cabell Midland High School boys' cross country team03/13/13
SR 34 Recognizing truck drivers03/13/13
SR 35 Designating Thursday, March 14, 2013, Generation West Virginia Day03/14/13
SR 36 Recognizing Affiliate Program of High Technology Foundation03/14/13
SR 37 Congratulating WV Golf Association03/15/13
SR 38 Recognizing volunteers and staff at pregnancy care centers03/18/13
SR 39 Designating March 19, 2013, West Virginia State University Day03/19/13
SR 40 Recognizing Toyota Motor Manufacturing, WV, Inc.03/21/13
SR 41 Recognizing WV Campus Compact Student Advisory Board03/21/13
SR 42 Congratulating Maggie Drazba03/21/13
SR 43 Designating Thursday, March 21, 2013, Higher Education Day03/21/13
SR 44 Designating March 22, 2013, West Virginia University and West Virginia University Extension Day03/22/13
SR 45 Designating Monday, March 25, 2013, Wyoming County Day03/26/13
SR 46 Congratulating Bridgeport High School Lady Indians basketball team03/26/13
SR 47 Recognizing Society of Human Resource Management 03/26/13
SR 48 Recognizing WV Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors and WV Certification Board of Addiction and Prevention Professionals03/27/13
SR 49 Designating March 28, 2013, WV Kids at Risk Day03/28/13
SR 50 Supporting commitments made to Patriot Coal employees04/01/13
SR 51 Recognizing Salem International University04/01/13
SR 52 Memorializing life of Honorable Ursula Jae Spears04/02/13
SR 53 Recognizing Josh Miller04/02/13
SR 54 Congratulating WVU Rifle Team04/02/13
SR 55 Recognizing WV School of Osteopathic Medicine04/03/13
SR 56 Honoring Franklin D. Cleckley, former Justice of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals04/04/13
SR 57 Recognizing Honorable Gaston Caperton04/04/13
SR 58 Recognizing Citizens Conservation Corps04/04/13
SR 59 Congratulating Tug Valley High School boys' basketball team04/08/13
SR 60 Designating April 8, 2013, Jefferson County Day04/08/13
SR 61 Congratulating Cabell Midland High School Show Choir04/09/13
SR 62 Congratulating Cabell Midland High School Marching Knights04/09/13
SR 63 Recognizing one hundredth year of Division of Highways04/10/13
SR 64 Congratulating Bluefield High School boys' basketball team04/10/13
SR 65 Designating April 10, 2013, "Crime Victims Day at the Legislature"04/10/13
SR 66 Recognizing sister-state relationship with Republic of China (Taiwan)04/12/13
SR 67 Authorizing Senate Committee on Confirmations meet and be paid for interims between regular sessions of Eighty-First Legislature04/12/13
SR 68 Recognizing importance of Corridor H04/12/13
SR 69 Recognizing July 16 as "Atomic Veterans Day of Remembrance"04/13/13
SR 70 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die04/17/13
SR 71 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die04/17/13
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