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There are 60 Bills pending in House Roads and Transportation




SB 263Creating exemption from certain contract and common carrier laws for vehicles used exclusively for transportation of railroad personnel03/07/17
SB 414Creating Division of Multimodal Transportation03/24/17
SB 620Relating to traffic regulations03/20/17
HB 2008Relating to the Dealer Recovery Program02/08/17
HB 2041Providing a discount program for certain workers and students who purchase West Virginia EZ Pass transponders02/08/17
HB 2043Placing penalty points on driver’s licenses for using electronic communications devices while operating a motor vehicle02/08/17
HB 2061Relating to inspection of vehicles and providing that defects in windshields and windows that do not obscure vision are not unsafe conditions02/08/17
HB 2078Making special registration plates for volunteer fire fighters02/08/17
HB 2098Requiring the issuance of a search warrant before a driver of a motor vehicle can be made to submit to a secondary blood test02/08/17
HB 2133Relating to assessment value of certain motor vehicles for purposes of ad valorem property taxes02/08/17
HB 2135Permitting persons who are twenty-one years of age or older to operate or be a passenger on a motorcycle without a helmet02/08/17
HB 2139Providing an exemption from regulation by the Public Service Commission for motor vehicles used exclusively in the transportation of roll-off solid waste containers02/08/17
HB 2162Exempting motor vehicles from personal property tax02/08/17
HB 2179Issuing a special registration plate for persons who are residents of this state and who have a family member diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder02/08/17
HB 2185Giving local authorities the authority to decrease the speed limit on streets and highways where school buses travel in its jurisdiction02/08/17
HB 2197Requiring retail establishments offering gasoline or other motor fuel to provide refueling assistance and refueling access to persons with a disability02/08/17
HB 2203Reducing the motor fuel excise tax02/08/17
HB 2304Relating to gasoline and fuel excise tax02/09/17
HB 2305Relating to the issuance, expiration and renewal of driver’s license02/09/17
HB 2306Establishing new procedures for courts with criminal jurisdiction to suspend and revoke driver’s licenses based on D.U.I.02/09/17
HB 2324Requiring that patching repair of hard surfaced roads, highways and streets be by use of mechanical rollers02/10/17
HB 2328Exempting Class X vehicles from the tax provisions of this section02/10/17
HB 2340Relating to performance metrics for the West Virginia Division of Highways02/13/17
HB 2349Relating to driving on the right side of the roadway, overtaking and passing02/13/17
HB 2353Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a formula for allocating road funds among districts02/13/17
HB 2354Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a statewide communications plan known as the Comprehensive Public Involvement Plan02/13/17
HB 2357Relating to the power of local government authorities to regulate vehicular traffic within their borders02/13/17
HB 2365Relating to outdoor advertising regulated by the Commissioner of Highways02/13/17
HB 2445Allowing automobile auctions to obtain title to abandoned vehicles02/14/17
HB 2477Developing a special hiring procedure for personnel positions in the Division of Highways02/15/17
HB 2530Relating to autocycles02/17/17
HB 2564Authorizing a special registration plate for elk02/20/17
HB 2567Relating to failure to maintain state and public roads02/20/17
HB 2578Relating to disclaimers of warranties with respect to goods which are the subject of or are intended to become the subject of a consumer transaction02/20/17
HB 2599Relating to safety of tow trucks, wreckers, and tilt-bed vehicles02/21/17
HB 2606Maintaining status quo in the event bond indebtedness relative to Parkways Authority is eliminated02/21/17
HB 2608Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to contract with private providers or contractors for certain emergency maintenance operations02/21/17
HB 2612Repealing section relating to unattended motor vehicles and penalties02/21/17
HB 2626Extending the expiration of driver's licenses for active military members' spouses02/21/17
HB 2636Relating to construction of a modern highway from Pikeville, Kentucky to Beckley, West Virginia02/21/17
HB 2802Permitting inspectors working within the Division of Dealer Services of the Division of Motor Vehicles to carry a concealed weapon on duty03/06/17
HB 2803Granting authority to the Parkways Authority to issue revenue bonds and refunding bonds for the purpose of financing parkway projects03/06/17
HB 2814Increasing the funding for the State Road Fund by increasing Division of Motor Vehicle administrative fees and motor fuel excise taxes03/07/17
HB 2836Allowing the owner of an antique military vehicle to display alternate registration insignia03/08/17
HB 2867Increasing penalties for failure to use due caution when approaching an emergency vehicle03/08/17
HB 2882Changing the frequency with which vehicles must be inspected03/09/17
HB 2896Requiring a warning light to be erected on certain roads to warn of a traffic light ahead03/09/17
HB 2910Relating to autonomous vehicles03/10/17
HB 2919Relating to parking along state highways03/10/17
HB 2923Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to verify legal employment status of contractors and vendor’s employees for certain road and bridge contracts03/10/17
HB 2924Relating to installation of conduit for fiber optic cable on state highway construction projects03/10/17
HB 2977Pothole app and map03/13/17
HB 2983Granting priority to roadway construction, reconstruction and maintenance for roadways prone to recurring floods that hinder ingress and egress03/14/17
HB 2991Requiring the Commissioner of Highways to develop a state hotline for travelers to identify road hazards03/14/17
HB 2996Requiring motor carrier vehicle transporting solid waste to be equipped and operated with truck tarpaulins03/14/17
HB 3007Requiring paving contracts for state highways to have special requirements to prevent potholes03/14/17
HB 3015Requiring all commercial and professional drivers be fingerprinted and undergo a background check03/14/17
HB 3026Providing that a vehicle driver who injures a “vulnerable road user” is guilty of reckless driving03/14/17
HB 3033Relating to the procedures for driver’s license suspension and revocation in criminal proceedings for driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs03/14/17
HB 3081Conducting a study to determine the amount of revenue to be derived from instituting tolls on I-70 and I-8103/14/17
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