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There are 40 Bills pending in Senate Education




SB 6Creating tax credits for certain educational expenses incurred by teachers01/09/19
SB 7Relating to public school transfer and enrollment policies01/09/19
SB 21Establishing Katherine Johnson Academy01/09/19
SB 25Authorizing certain higher education governing boards to eliminate faculty tenure01/09/19
SB 45Permitting certain nonpublic school students to participate in activities under WV Secondary School Activities Commission 01/09/19
SB 59Creating Business PROMISE+ Scholarship01/09/19
SB 79Establishing Katherine Johnson Academy01/09/19
SB 82Providing personal income tax credit for classroom teachers for nonreimbursed cost of supplies01/09/19
SB 84Establishing Stay in State tax credit for higher education tuition01/09/19
SB 93Prohibiting State Board of Education from accepting federal education plans without legislative approval01/09/19
SB 125Providing counties with less than 1,400 net enrollment be considered to have 1,400 in determining basic foundation program only01/09/19
SB 151Relating to Upper Kanawha Valley Resiliency and Revitalization Program01/10/19
SB 234Requiring schools provide elective course on religion01/10/19
SB 265Establishing Advanced Career Education programs01/11/19
SB 286Including certain education programs operated by private schools in recognition by DOE 01/14/19
SB 293Clarifying director of multicounty vocational technical school as principal01/14/19
SB 299Selecting language milestones for deaf and hard-of-hearing children01/14/19
SB 313Establishing Advanced Career Education programs and pathways01/15/19
SB 327Providing economic incentives for public school mathematics teachers01/16/19
SB 328Requiring teaching of agricultural science education course01/16/19
SB 381Requiring State Board of Education develop program on home maintenance for elderly and disabled01/21/19
SB 460Recognizing technical training acquired in public schools counts toward occupational certificate or license01/29/19
SB 468Eliminating requirement schools be closed on election days01/30/19
SB 479Requiring each state institution of higher education adopt and submit written sexual assault policy to WV HEPC01/30/19
SB 501Increasing compensation for county boards of education members02/01/19
SB 513Requiring completion of personal finance class to graduate high school02/04/19
SB 521Requiring approved agricultural education program be offered in high schools02/05/19
SB 578Establishing education employees fund02/12/19
SB 589Designating social workers in DHHR promote better student school attendance02/12/19
SB 594Granting Board of Examiners for LPNs sole authority for accreditation of nursing schools02/13/19
SB 595Allowing retired teachers be employed by certain higher education entities02/13/19
SB 607Requiring county boards of education provide camera in classrooms for exceptional needs students02/14/19
SB 626Directing county school boards construct covered bus stops02/15/19
HB 2095Assessing the college- and career-readiness of 11th and 12th grade students01/24/19
HB 2397Requiring county school boards to provide adequate mental health and counseling services02/28/19
HB 2554Relating to transfers and enrollment policies for students in public schools02/11/19
HB 2730Increasing the compensation of the membership of the State Police and the salaries for public school teachers and school service personnel03/05/19
HB 2793Expanding applicability of educational facilities for the West Virginia College Prepaid Tuition and Savings Program02/15/19
HB 2882Creating a health professionals’ student loan programs02/28/19
HB 3145Relating to student financial aid resources02/27/19
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