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There are 97 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 10Relating to Second Chance Driver's License Program02/26/19
SB 11Relating to retirement and pension benefits of certain PERS and Teachers Retirement System members who serve in Legislature02/25/19
SB 14Creating WV Farm-to-School Grant Program02/27/19
SB 19Relating to Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program02/28/19
SB 24Relating generally to local boards of health02/27/19
SB 106Alleviating double taxation on foreign income at state level02/15/19
SB 243Requiring racetrack participate in WV Thoroughbred Development Fund01/31/19
SB 256Allowing certain deductions from individual personal income tax refunds02/01/19
SB 259Expanding Coyote Control Program02/28/19
SB 263Limiting number of days legislators may be compensated during extended and extraordinary sessions if budget bill not enacted02/11/19
SB 297Extending expiration of military members' spouses' driver's license03/02/19
SB 346Changing rate which certain judges are paid for mileage when traveling within state02/11/19
SB 383Creating WV Healthy Food Crop Block Grant Program02/25/19
SB 472Exempting retirement income of certain uniformed services members from state income tax02/27/19
SB 542Relating to registration fees for military-related special registration plates02/26/19
SB 553Relating to federal funds for land-grant institutions03/02/19
SB 615Providing ongoing mechanism for county commissioners to allow compensation increases for elected officials every two years03/04/19
SB 666Creating WV Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment Act02/26/19
SB 674Supplemental appropriation to Division of Human Services02/28/19
HB 2099Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities generally, restoring distribution to the West Virginia Infrastructure Fund to 2013 rates and decreasing the funds available for grants therefrom01/09/19
HB 2101Modifying the tax on soft drinks to only cover sugary drinks01/09/19
HB 2108Creating the West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit01/09/19
HB 2109Extending the maximum period of confinement a judge may impose for certain, first-time probationary violations02/13/19
HB 2156Creating a tax credit for improving facades in historic districts01/09/19
HB 2184Removing restrictions on where certain traditional lottery games may be played01/14/19
HB 2201Relating to personal income taxes01/10/19
HB 2213Mountain State Employee Compensation Realignment Act01/10/19
HB 2220Exempting percentages of social security benefits from personal income tax for certain taxpayers01/10/19
HB 2221Reducing the cost of the fee for a state license to carry a concealed weapon01/10/19
HB 2225Providing a tax credit for first time home buyers01/10/19
HB 2318Changing the persons responsible for the taxes on soft drinks and soft drink syrups01/11/19
HB 2340West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit01/11/19
HB 2347Providing long-term care and substance abuse treatment01/18/19
HB 2371Abolishing the Personal Income Tax01/14/19
HB 2398Exempting all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles used as farm equipment from the sales tax01/23/19
HB 2402Exempting social security benefits from personal income tax01/14/19
HB 2413Updating meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act01/15/19
HB 2414Updating the meaning of federal taxable income and certain other terms used in the West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/15/19
HB 2438Relating generally to survivor benefits for emergency response providers02/06/19
HB 2489Relating to the removal of the severance tax on oil and gas produced from low producing oil and natural gas wells01/18/19
HB 2491Providing certain employees of the Highways increases in annual pay01/17/19
HB 2500Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax01/17/19
HB 2517Permitting salary increases for full time official court reporters based upon years of service01/18/19
HB 2523Increasing the amount of time a taxpayer has to seek relief from a county commission from an erroneous assessment02/15/19
HB 2551Requiring the State Board of Education to develop a method for funding student transportation costs as a stand-alone consideration02/19/19
HB 2557Exempting social security and tier one railroad retirement benefits from personal income tax01/21/19
HB 2566Changing the rate at which certain judges are paid for mileage01/21/19
HB 2574Repealing the soft drink tax01/22/19
HB 2603Relating to the amount permitted to remain in the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration’s operating fund02/20/19
HB 2625Establishing reimbursement rates for congregate and in-home meals02/08/19
HB 2627Removing all costs and fees from a Silver Star registration plate02/01/19
HB 2651Relating to pharmacy benefit managers01/30/19
HB 2678Eliminating the personal property tax on new vehicles01/25/19
HB 2684Relating to exempting “specie” from taxation01/25/19
HB 2688Requiring air conditioning on all school buses02/18/19
HB 2702Relating to the wireless enhanced 911 fee01/28/19
HB 2719Establishing an optional bus operator in residence program for school districts02/19/19
HB 2724Small Business Tax Credit02/15/19
HB 2738Authorizing prepayment of certain required payments into a policemen’s pension and relief fund or a firemen’s pension and relief fund02/06/19
HB 2745Authorizing railroads and commercial watercraft to claim a refundable exemption from the variable rate component of the motor fuel excise tax01/30/19
HB 2749Relating to quarterly payment of real and personal property taxes01/30/19
HB 2780Permitting employees of educational services cooperatives to participate in the State Teachers Retirement System02/06/19
HB 2782Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources01/31/19
HB 2783Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, Division of Justice and Community Services01/31/19
HB 2795Supplementing and amending by decreasing an existing appropriation and adding a new appropriation to the Department of Revenue01/31/19
HB 2798Amending tax laws to conform to changes in how partnerships and their partners are treated for federal income tax purposes02/01/19
HB 2803Increasing the number of days a retired teacher may accept employment02/19/19
HB 2839Making changes in distribution of racetrack video lottery net terminal income02/04/19
HB 2864Increasing salaries of magistrates, supreme court justices, circuit court judges, and family court judges02/21/19
HB 2865Changing the school aid formula Step 7 allowances for instructional technology and enrollment advanced placement and dual credit02/18/19
HB 2876Relating to the commission allowed to a sheriff for collection of taxes02/06/19
HB 2881Altering the color scheme for county vehicle registration plates02/12/19
HB 2885Increasing salaries for members of the West Virginia State Police02/07/19
HB 2887Establishing a West Virginia business growth in low-income communities tax credit02/15/19
HB 2918Imposing an additional assessment on certain real property02/08/19
HB 2927Establishing a tax credit for a taxpayer family member of a child in the custody of the taxpayer due to the addiction of one or both parents02/08/19
HB 2937Increasing fees for late payment of self-storage rental fees02/08/19
HB 2950Relating to employees of local boards of health02/08/19
HB 2962Providing a four-day sales tax holiday for certain school supplies02/11/19
HB 2971Permitting public libraries to purchase or contract with the most fiscally responsible Internet service providers02/11/19
HB 3001Increasing compensation of county board of education members02/19/19
HB 3012Providing new graduates of an in-state or out-of-state higher educational institution a tax credit on the personal property tax02/18/19
HB 3014Aligning the salary of the Director of the State Rail Authority with similar positions in state government02/12/19
HB 3018Relating to the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency’s reimbursement of air-ambulance providers02/18/19
HB 3022Requiring the Governor to fix the salaries of certain state appointed officers after the office is vacated02/12/19
HB 3063Relating to a home Instruction and private school tax credit02/19/19
HB 3070Relating to the accrued benefit of retirees in the West Virginia State Police Retirement System02/14/19
HB 3081Relating to Good Samaritan Food Donation Act02/12/19
HB 3084Supplementary appropriation to Governor’s Office, Civil Contingent Fund02/12/19
HB 3085Supplementary appropriation to the State Board of Education02/12/19
HB 3087Relating to interagency procurement of commodities and services02/12/19
HB 3097West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Business Technology Property Valuation Act and the West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Tax Credit Act02/12/19
HB 3112Relating to job creation and incentives02/12/19
HB 3123Taxpayer Protection Act02/12/19
HB 3126Providing an exemption from the consumer sales and service tax for purchases of certain services and tangible personal property sold for the repair, remodeling and maintenance of aircraft02/12/19
HB 3128Changing the recommended guidelines for full-day and half-day cooks to the minimum ratio of one cook for every 110 meals02/19/19
HB 3138Relating to increasing salaries of certain state officers02/21/19
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