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There are 71 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 9Alleviating double taxation on foreign income at state level01/09/19
SB 20Providing wind power projects be taxed at real property rate01/09/19
SB 23Creating five-year sunset on all tax credits established in chapter 11 of code01/09/19
SB 31Relating generally to Local Powers Act02/15/19
SB 39Providing certain military members in-state residency tuition rates02/06/19
SB 48Creating five-year sunset on all tax credits created under chapter 11 of code01/09/19
SB 52Entitling natural resource producers to economic opportunity tax credit01/30/19
SB 53Relating to tax treatment of wind power projects01/09/19
SB 80Establishing tax credit for practicing physicians locating in WV02/20/19
SB 110Supplemental appropriation from Excess Lottery Fund to DHHR, Center for End of Life01/09/19
SB 111Supplemental appropriation from Excess Lottery Fund to DHHR, CARDIAC Project01/09/19
SB 112Supplemental appropriation from State Fund, General Revenue to DHHR, Tobacco Education Program01/09/19
SB 120Increasing state employee pay over two-year period01/09/19
SB 121Providing continued eligibility for developmental disability services to military members' dependents01/16/19
SB 257Expiring funds from Department of Revenue, Insurance Commissioner Fund and supplementing DHHR, Consolidated Medical Services Fund01/11/19
SB 261Relating to number of magistrates serving each county02/11/19
SB 280Eliminating social security taxes for certain taxpayers01/11/19
SB 281Increasing limitation on amount collected by county used for medical care and emergency services01/11/19
SB 282Changing qualifier for low income01/11/19
SB 289Relating to wireless enhanced 911 fee01/14/19
SB 292Relating to fire service equipment and training funds for VFDs01/18/19
SB 301Exempting certain wood furniture from state sales tax01/14/19
SB 303Exempting Social Security benefits from personal income tax01/15/19
SB 336Creating WV Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment Act01/16/19
SB 341Establishing minimum monthly retirement annuity for retirants with 20 or more years of service02/07/19
SB 342Exempting Social Security and tier one railroad retirement benefits from personal income tax01/17/19
SB 353Increasing salaries of magistrates, supreme court justices, circuit court judges and family court judges02/22/19
SB 363Exempting first $150,000 assessed value of residence of veteran or physically or mentally disabled person01/21/19
SB 365Redistributing revenue-generated excise tax on soft drinks to four-year medical schools01/24/19
SB 367Relating to amount permitted to remain in Alcohol Beverage Control Administration's operating fund01/21/19
SB 382Exempting senior citizens from personal income tax01/21/19
SB 385Establishing and funding Department of Agriculture Capital Improvements Fund01/21/19
SB 386Funding of Public Employees Health Insurance Program01/22/19
SB 401Exempting Social Security benefits from personal income tax01/23/19
SB 406Relating to collection of taxes on estate or property in receivership01/23/19
SB 420Allowing county commissions impose amusement tax01/24/19
SB 422Increasing supplemental appropriation to Public Defender Services01/24/19
SB 423Adding new item of appropriation to PEIA Rainy Day Fund01/24/19
SB 425Supplemental appropriation to Division of Corrections01/24/19
SB 436Exempting certain real properties owned by nonprofit corporation from property tax01/25/19
SB 445Increasing salaries of WV State Police, public school teachers, and school service personnel01/28/19
SB 446Supplemental appropriation to Department of Veterans' Assistance01/28/19
SB 450Exempting recipients of Purple Heart medal from paying vehicle registration fee01/30/19
SB 455Relating generally to contractors01/29/19
SB 456Authorizing railroads and commercial watercraft claim refundable exemption from motor fuel excise tax01/29/19
SB 457Exempting sales by nonprofit and volunteer school support organizations from consumers sales and service tax01/29/19
SB 462Updating officer liability provisions for sales tax01/29/19
SB 476Training of State Tax Division employees01/30/19
SB 477Relating generally to collection of use tax01/30/19
SB 478Supplemental appropriation to Fire Commission01/30/19
SB 490Authorizing State Treasurer buy and sell certain loan obligations01/31/19
SB 500Creating Sewer and Water Infrastructure Replacement and Rehabilitation Act02/13/19
SB 505Reducing modification to WV adjusted income of corporate shareholders 02/01/19
SB 579Supplemental appropriation to Division of Health02/12/19
SB 580Relating generally to Local Control and Accountability Act02/15/19
SB 582Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax02/12/19
SB 598Supplementary appropriation to Fire Commission02/13/19
SB 602Creating matching program for Small Business Innovation and Research Program and Small Business Technology Transfer Program02/21/19
SB 612Allowing establishment of secondary location for simulcast video lottery terminals02/14/19
SB 614Relating generally to effect on regular levy rate when appraisal results in tax increase02/14/19
SB 621Supplemental appropriation to Higher Education Policy Commission02/15/19
SB 623Relating to placement of legal advertisements02/15/19
SB 639Relating to salaries for Division of Forestry members02/18/19
SB 647Relating to motor vehicle inspections02/18/19
SB 649Relating to sales tax on motor vehicles02/18/19
HB 2546Excluding from tax equipment installed in a motor vehicle for use of a person with a medical necessity02/11/19
HB 2595Establishing the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Police Officer Retirement System03/06/19
HB 2837Relating to the licensing of advance deposit wagering03/06/19
HB 2901Allowing for the establishment of a secondary location for racetrack video lottery terminals02/23/19
HB 2941Reinstating the film investment tax credit02/28/19
HB 2967Permitting a county to retain the excise taxes for the privilege of transferring title of real estate02/28/19
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