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There are 207 Bills pending in Senate Judiciary




SB 2WV Appellate Reorganization Act of 201901/09/19
SB 33Increasing penalties for certain crimes against law-enforcement officers01/09/19
SB 35Providing certain civil liability protections when removing animals from unattended motor vehicles01/09/19
SB 41Revising procedures for certain driver's license suspensions and revocations01/09/19
SB 42Increasing number of magistrates serving Berkeley County 01/09/19
SB 43Relating generally to used motor vehicle warranties01/09/19
SB 44Appropriation Supremacy Act of 201901/09/19
SB 46Requiring certain probationers participate in work release program and spend six months in work release center01/09/19
SB 49Relating to use of aftermarket crash parts by motor vehicle repair shop01/09/19
SB 56Relating to distribution of fees collected for criminal conviction expungement01/09/19
SB 67Relating to admissibility of certain evidence in civil actions for damages01/09/19
SB 71Relating generally to Commission on Special Investigations01/09/19
SB 78Specifying forms of grandparent visitation01/09/19
SB 81Prohibiting smoking in vehicle when minor under 17 present01/31/19
SB 85Relating to drug testing of legislators01/09/19
SB 91Relating to residency requirements for eligible voters01/09/19
SB 92Providing special license plate supporting adoption01/17/19
SB 95Providing parties in civil litigation recover attorneys' fees and costs after dismissal of claim01/09/19
SB 96Allowing retired judicial officer avoid limit on temporary employment payments under certain circumstances01/09/19
SB 97Modernizing certain beer, wine, and liquor laws01/09/19
SB 98Reforming liability for municipalities and counties for certain civil actions alleging injury01/09/19
SB 99Relating generally to Motor Vehicle Alcohol Test and Lock Program01/09/19
SB 104Relating to pyramid promotional schemes01/09/19
SB 108Requiring candidates elected to judicial office receive majority of votes01/09/19
SB 109Correcting code references in regard to persons exempted from prohibitions against carrying concealed weapons01/09/19
SB 115Relating to certain election expenditure disclosures01/09/19
SB 116Relating to certain unlawful discriminatory practices01/09/19
SB 118Creating Independent Redistricting Commission01/09/19
SB 123Providing penalty for marijuana possession carries fine of no more than $1,000 without confinement01/09/19
SB 128Requiring vacancies in certain public offices be filled by person affiliated with same political party as vacating person01/09/19
SB 136Relating to tobacco usage and e-cigarette restrictions01/18/19
SB 137Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing Act01/09/19
SB 138Prohibiting civil rights violations based on gender identity or sexual orientation01/09/19
SB 143Reducing criminal penalties and criminalization of marijuana01/09/19
SB 146Increasing burglary penalties if other crime against person committed at same time01/09/19
SB 158Department of Administration rule relating to state-owned vehicles02/01/19
SB 159Department of Administration rule relating to leasing of space and property acquisition on behalf of state spending units02/01/19
SB 160DEP rule relating to ambient air quality02/04/19
SB 161DEP rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sources02/04/19
SB 162DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities02/04/19
SB 164DEP rule relating to requirements for conformity of transportation plans, programs, and projects applicable to air quality implementation plans02/04/19
SB 165DEP rule relating to provisions for determination of compliance with air quality management rules02/04/19
SB 166DEP rule relating to cross-state air pollution rule to control certain emissions02/04/19
SB 167DEP rule relating to requirements governing water quality standards02/04/19
SB 168DHHR rule relating to behavioral health centers licensure02/01/19
SB 169DHHR rule relating to assisted living residences02/01/19
SB 170DHHR rule relating to food establishments02/01/19
SB 171DHHR rule relating to food manufacturing facilities02/01/19
SB 172DHHR rule relating to newborn screening system02/01/19
SB 173DHHR rule relating to medication-assisted treatment--office-based medication-assisted treatment02/01/19
SB 174DHHR rule relating to chronic pain management clinic licensure02/01/19
SB 176Health Care Authority rule relating to cooperative agreement approval and compliance02/01/19
SB 178Lottery Commission rule relating to WV Lottery sports wagering rule01/28/19
SB 179Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racing 01/28/19
SB 180State Tax Department rule relating to payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer01/28/19
SB 181State Tax Department rule relating to aircraft operated under a fractional ownership program01/28/19
SB 182State Tax Department rule relating to senior citizen tax credit for property taxes paid01/28/19
SB 183State Tax Department rule relating to administration of tax on purchases of wine and liquor inside and outside of municipalities01/28/19
SB 184State Tax Department rule relating to exchange of information agreement between Tax Division and DEP01/28/19
SB 185State Tax Department rule relating to exchange of information agreement between State Tax Division and Alcohol Beverage Control Administration01/28/19
SB 186State Tax Department rule relating to exchange of information pursuant to written agreement01/28/19
SB 188State Tax Department rule relating to exchange of information agreement between State Tax Department and WV Lottery01/28/19
SB 189State Tax Department rule relating to exchange of information agreement between State Tax Department and State Fire Marshal01/28/19
SB 191Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to animal disease control01/25/19
SB 192Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to industrial hemp01/25/19
SB 193Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to rural rehabilitation loan program01/25/19
SB 194Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to captive cervid farming01/25/19
SB 195Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to farm-to-food bank tax credit01/25/19
SB 196Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to agritourism01/25/19
SB 197Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to farmers markets01/25/19
SB 198Agriculture Commissioner rule relating to seed certification program01/25/19
SB 200Board of Licensed Dietitians rule relating to licensure and renewal requirements01/25/19
SB 201Board of Medicine rule relating to licensing and disciplinary procedures: physicians; podiatric physicians; and surgeons01/25/19
SB 202Board of Medicine rule relating to permitting and disciplinary procedures: educational permits for graduate medical interns, residents, and fellows01/25/19
SB 203Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to licensing procedures for osteopathic physicians01/25/19
SB 204Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacy01/25/19
SB 205Board of Pharmacy rule relating to board rules for registration of pharmacy technicians01/25/19
SB 206Board of Pharmacy rule relating to regulations governing pharmacy permits01/25/19
SB 207Board of Pharmacy rule relating to regulations governing pharmacists01/25/19
SB 208Board of Pharmacy rules relating to substitution of biological pharmaceuticals01/25/19
SB 209Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board rule relating to requirements for licensure and certification01/25/19
SB 210Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to criteria for evaluation and accreditation of colleges, departments, or schools of nursing01/25/19
SB 211Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to registration and licensure, and conduct constituting professional misconduct01/25/19
SB 212Board of Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to advanced practice registered nurse01/25/19
SB 213Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to standards for scope of professional nursing practice01/25/19
SB 214Board of Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to fees for services rendered by board and supplemental renewal fee for center for nursing01/25/19
SB 215Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses rule relating to dialysis technicians01/25/19
SB 216Secretary of State rule relating to filing and formatting rules and related documents for publication in State Register01/25/19
SB 217Secretary of State rule relating to loan and grant programs under Help America Vote Act01/25/19
SB 218Secretary of State rule relating to early voting in-person satellite precincts01/25/19
SB 219Secretary of State rule relating to notaries public01/25/19
SB 220Board of Social Work rule relating to qualifications for profession of social work01/25/19
SB 221Board of Social Work rule relating to code of ethics01/25/19
SB 222Treasurer's Office rule relating to reporting and claiming unknown and unlocatable interest owners reserved interest01/25/19
SB 224Division of Labor rule relating to child labor01/21/19
SB 225Division of Labor rule relating to regulation of heating, ventilating, and cooling work01/21/19
SB 226Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training rule relating to rules and regulations governing safety of employees in and around surface mines in WV01/21/19
SB 227Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training rule relating to submission and approval of comprehensive mine safety program01/21/19
SB 228Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training rule relating to operating diesel equipment in underground mines01/21/19
SB 229DNR rule relating to commercial whitewater outfitters01/21/19
SB 230DNR rule relating to Cabwaylingo State Forest trail system two-year pilot program permitting ATVs and ORVs01/21/19
SB 235Creating felony for attempting to kill another person01/10/19
SB 242Requiring deeds contain notarized acknowledgement of grantee accepting deed01/10/19
SB 244Amending definitions relating to excise tax01/10/19
SB 245Creating felony offense of aggravated cruelty to animals01/10/19
SB 246Adding language in estate appraisement showing nonprobate assets cannot be sold by personal representative01/10/19
SB 247Amending time frames to enforce certain liens01/10/19
SB 251Adjusting distance from polling place that certain electioneering and election-related activity is prohibited01/10/19
SB 254Increasing misdemeanor penalty for impersonation of law-enforcement official01/11/19
SB 271Concerning government procurement of commodities and services01/18/19
SB 276Relating to regulation and control of elections01/11/19
SB 277Relating to certain crimes against government representatives01/11/19
SB 283Making misdemeanor to impede or obstruct law-enforcement officer in investigation01/11/19
SB 284Requiring photo identification on voter registration cards01/11/19
SB 287Requiring DHHR terminate parental rights when child removed from care due to abuse or neglect01/14/19
SB 290Raising age of children who are victims of certain sex offenses01/14/19
SB 300Relating to adoption records02/19/19
SB 305Prohibiting waste of big game animals02/08/19
SB 309Relating to civil asset forfeiture02/18/19
SB 319Relating to attorney contingency fee contracts and collections01/16/19
SB 320Relating to punitive damage awards and payments01/16/19
SB 322Allowing labor union not represent employee who is not member of union01/16/19
SB 335Notifying all persons mentioned in will before it is altered01/16/19
SB 338Exempting pepper spray from dangerous weapons01/17/19
SB 347Limiting civil penalty for persons convicted of littering01/18/19
SB 349Allowing individuals to petition for expungement of misdemeanor offenses01/18/19
SB 351Relating to lobbying by state boards and commissions01/18/19
SB 355Removing authority of municipalities to restrict firearm possession01/21/19
SB 374Eliminating liability of owners of active mine lands, abandoned mine lands or railway lines 01/21/19
SB 384Providing proceeds from certain oil and gas wells whose owners are unknown be kept in special fund01/21/19
SB 388Equalizing penalties for intimidating and retaliating against public officers, employees, jurors, and witnesses01/22/19
SB 391Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices in categories covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing Act02/12/19
SB 403Prohibiting person criminally responsible for death of relative from being involved in burial arrangements01/23/19
SB 407Relating to abandonment and indication of ownership in property held by financial institution02/05/19
SB 410Creating WV Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 201901/24/19
SB 417Requiring minors in possession of marijuana and their parents attend classes teaching dangers of marijuana01/24/19
SB 419Requiring PAC disclose names and addresses of all contributors to Secretary of State01/24/19
SB 428Requiring Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation assist inmates obtain various documents and provide instruction in basic life skills01/25/19
SB 429Allowing voters who register in person to vote during early voting01/25/19
SB 433Recognizing fetus as separate victim01/25/19
SB 437Relating to criteria for political party status01/25/19
SB 438Creating online voters' guide01/25/19
SB 447Staying civil actions resulting from domestic violence for 60 days01/28/19
SB 449Providing for nonpartisan elections of county prosecutors01/28/19
SB 463Updating powers of personal representative of estate relative to disposition, conservation, or preservation easements01/29/19
SB 469Requiring DEP prepare guidelines for certain gas stations having small volume above-ground storage tanks01/30/19
SB 470Providing for periodic payment of verdict awards under Medical Professional Liability Act01/30/19
SB 473Creating Taxation with Representation Act01/30/19
SB 474Establishing shared legal and physical custody of child in divorce cases01/30/19
SB 480Relating to administration of estates01/30/19
SB 482Relating to barring parent from inheriting from child in certain instances01/30/19
SB 483Relating to administration of estates01/30/19
SB 484Prohibiting civil rights violations based on gender identity or sexual orientation01/30/19
SB 486Making daylight saving time official year round01/31/19
SB 495Conforming Consumer Credit and Protection Act to federal Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act01/31/19
SB 504Relating to payment of attorney fees in subsidized adoptions02/01/19
SB 507Relating to ethical standards for elected and appointed officials02/01/19
SB 508Creating private state exposure property and casualty insurance company02/01/19
SB 514Relating to victims of domestic violence02/04/19
SB 515Requiring licensed program provide specific services to domestic violence victims02/04/19
SB 523Prohibiting retailers from selling or leasing products that make certain content accessible on internet02/05/19
SB 525Requiring form for commitment order to Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation02/05/19
SB 526Authorizing certain officers carry firearm in official duties02/05/19
SB 536Updating election law language02/06/19
SB 540Requiring State Police visit homes of registered sex offenders at regular intervals02/06/19
SB 541Establishing priorities for expenditures for plugging abandoned gas or oil wells02/21/19
SB 556Limiting liability of employers of persons whose criminal records are expunged02/08/19
SB 558Requiring state and federal elections be contested before next election02/08/19
SB 567Permitting WV Board of Medicine investigators carry concealed weapon02/11/19
SB 571Establishing method for courts to order financial exploitation protection orders02/15/19
SB 575Creating long-term care medical review panels02/12/19
SB 583Creating Financial Technology Sandbox Act for testing financial products and services02/19/19
SB 599Relating to selection process of delegates to national party conventions02/13/19
SB 628Relating generally to regulation and control of financing elections02/15/19
SB 629Regulating hemp production02/21/19
SB 638Creating Court Reporter Act of 201902/18/19
SB 652Prohibiting certain misleading pharmaceutical advertising practices02/18/19
SB 659Relating of wages of persons with disabilities02/18/19
SB 662Permitting civil actions by social media website02/18/19
HB 2014West Virginia Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets Act02/27/19
HB 2164Clarifying that appeals to the Supreme Court are a matter of right01/17/19
HB 2185Relating to the removal of animals left unattended in motor vehicles01/21/19
HB 2190Modifying bail requirements01/22/19
HB 2229Adding violations of law upon which a public servant’s retirement plan may be forfeited02/26/19
HB 2365Clarifying the definition of an employee for the purposes of unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation02/12/19
HB 2392Allowing the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner to issue special one-day licenses for charitable events02/11/19
HB 2423Prohibiting certain sex offenders from being in a supervisory position over children01/24/19
HB 2478Modifying the Fair Trade Practices Act02/04/19
HB 2497Relating to the whistle-blower law02/27/19
HB 2514Permitting pawn brokers to disclose whether any specific property has been sold or pledged01/30/19
HB 2519The Campus Self Defense Act03/01/19
HB 2527Relating to forgery and other crimes concerning lottery tickets01/28/19
HB 2602Including possession of known stolen property in the offense of receiving or transferring stolen property01/30/19
HB 2679Relating to state issued identification cards02/04/19
HB 2686Relating to permitting the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia to create a family drug court pilot program02/08/19
HB 2815Raising the value of goods or chattels that are taken in a larceny to constitute grand larceny02/11/19
HB 2866Relating to the termination, expiration, or cancellation of oil or natural gas leases02/27/19
HB 2878Relating to updating the controlled substances listed on schedule one03/01/19
HB 2895Allowing victims of certain crimes to get a restraining order02/27/19
HB 2932Transferring regulation and licensing of charitable bingo, charitable raffles, and charitable raffle boards02/28/19
HB 2943Relating to deliveries by wine specialty shop02/27/19
HB 2991Relating to the Ryan Brown Addiction Prevention and Recovery Fund02/27/19
HB 3039Relating to a court’s consideration of the expression of a preference by a child in certain child custody matters02/22/19
HB 3102Creating alternating wine proprietorships for wineries and farm wineries02/27/19
HB 3133Relating to requiring a parolee or probationer found to have suffered with addiction to participate in a support service02/26/19
HB 3134Establishing criminal penalties for negligent homicide, and increasing criminal penalties for reckless driving02/26/19
HB 3149Relating to manufacturing and producing hard cider in West Virginia03/01/19
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