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There are 43 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




HB 2006Relating to municipal home rule01/15/19
HB 2067Prohibiting counties, municipalities, and cities from passing any sanctuary ordinances, policies, and procedures01/09/19
HB 2068Providing counties the power to establish a county sales tax under certain circumstances01/09/19
HB 2075Exempting certain law-enforcement officers from payment of income and personal property taxes01/09/19
HB 2085Requiring urban renewal authorities to submit proposed urban renewal projects to the affected local county boards of health01/09/19
HB 2107Providing meetings and conference rights for members of municipal fire departments01/09/19
HB 2117Relating to the approval of the Historic Landmarks Commission01/09/19
HB 2120Providing local government the authority to place video cameras at road intersections01/09/19
HB 2133Creating an additional magistrate court deputy clerk position for Marion County01/09/19
HB 2136Clarifying that the county or regional solid waste authority that may impose and collect an additional solid waste assessment fee is the county or region where the waste originates01/09/19
HB 2157Relating to the right of municipalities and counties to buy real estate for delinquent taxes01/09/19
HB 2216Defining the term minor boundary adjustment01/10/19
HB 2217Requiring all local special elections to be held on the days and hours of general, primary or state-wide elections01/10/19
HB 2228Allowing counties and municipalities to levy a sales tax on food and beverages sold at restaurants01/10/19
HB 2305Relating to the authority of municipalities to restrict firearm possession01/11/19
HB 2314Limiting the maximum number of appointees to certain county and municipal bodies01/11/19
HB 2316Relating to municipal home rule01/11/19
HB 2320Establishing a special memorial day to be known as Juneteenth honoring human rights and the end of slavery in the United States01/11/19
HB 2325Relating to net neutrality for state government01/11/19
HB 2326Permitting local boards of health to combine without approval from the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health01/11/19
HB 2342Taxation With Representation Act01/11/19
HB 2410Requiring county commissions to maintain websites with specific information that is available to the public at no charge01/15/19
HB 2496Shifting funding from the Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities01/17/19
HB 2499Relating to the publication of sample ballots for electronic voting machines01/17/19
HB 2511Requiring members of the State Police to follow the towing services policy of the county01/18/19
HB 2544Authorizing local boards of health to assess, charge and collect increased environmental fees for restaurants01/21/19
HB 2572Making the written plans of municipalities that have been approved by the Municipal Home Rule Board permanent01/21/19
HB 2605Relating to the regular election of officers on state general election day01/22/19
HB 2623Requiring the assessor of each county to, within three months of a deed filing in the county clerk's office of each county, prepare a new property tax ticket01/24/19
HB 2628Including volunteer firefighters within the Public Employees Insurance Act01/24/19
HB 2705Redistricting of the Senate into 16 two-member senatorial districts and redistricting the House into 96 single member districts01/28/19
HB 2769Citizen and State Accountability Act01/30/19
HB 2773Granting the State Auditor the authority to audit the books and records of local economic development authorities01/30/19
HB 2808Requiring local entities to enforce immigration laws02/01/19
HB 2840Allowing a county commission in certain counties to impose an amusement tax to support medical care02/04/19
HB 2861Local Control and Accountability Act02/06/19
HB 2880Relating to training course in emergency cardiovascular care for telephonic cardiopulmonary resuscitation02/07/19
HB 2946Clarifying Public Service Commission jurisdiction over water and sewer utilities owned by political subdivisions02/08/19
HB 2995Providing county commissioners an ongoing mechanism to consider compensation increases for elected officials02/12/19
HB 3003Relating generally to the effect on regular levy rate when appraisal results in tax increase02/12/19
HB 3041Relating to electioneering or distributing literature at early voting locations02/12/19
HB 3077Permitting election day registration of voters02/12/19
HB 3088Providing county commissioners an ongoing mechanism to consider compensation increases for elected officials02/12/19
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