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There are 26 Bills pending in Senate Transportation and Infrastructure




SB 34Authorizing DOH or local authorities to establish minimum speed limits in certain areas01/09/19
SB 54Allowing operating of small-engine mopeds without driver's license01/09/19
SB 57Relating to Local Powers Act01/09/19
SB 73Increasing vehicle weight limits on certain highways01/09/19
SB 77Requiring vehicles with hydraulically operated beds be equipped with warning device when bed is in upward position01/09/19
SB 89Relating to safety of tow trucks, wreckers, and tilt-bed vehicles01/09/19
SB 232Enhancing penalties for failing to use caution when approaching emergency vehicles01/10/19
SB 239Relating to mobility impairment identifying documents01/10/19
SB 294Allowing vehicles used by transportation directors and transportation supervisors use red flashing warning lights01/14/19
SB 311Requiring first-time driver's license applicants view video on dangers of secondhand smoke01/15/19
SB 321Removing requirement reconstructed vehicle be inspected before being titled or registered01/16/19
SB 375Authorizing Curator of Arts, Culture and History to designate road as historic route01/21/19
SB 378Relating to special obligation notes to finance construction completing I-73 and I-7401/21/19
SB 397Relating to autocycles01/23/19
SB 426Creating Road Maintenance Program01/25/19
SB 427Including emergency response vehicles in single fee program for EZ Pass transponders01/25/19
SB 458Relating to traffic regulations01/29/19
SB 466Modifying road classifications DOH uses in maintaining digital road map01/29/19
SB 475Permitting persons over age 21 operate or be passenger without helmet on motorcycle02/04/19
SB 503Allowing out-of-state residents ride motorcycle without helmet if allowed in state of residence02/01/19
SB 532Requiring emergency service organizations create districts regarding towing services02/05/19
HB 2011Road Maintenance Program02/27/19
HB 2338Allowing the owner of an antique military vehicle to display alternate registration insignia02/15/19
HB 2472Providing a special license plate for pollinators02/18/19
HB 2532Allowing certain donations by persons renewing their driver’s license or vehicle registration02/23/19
HB 2886Establishing requirements for a Division Motor Vehicles office or Division of Motor Vehicles Now kiosk to be present in a county02/22/19
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