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There are 46 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 103Establishing tax credits for certain physicians who locate in WV to practice01/26/18
SB 109Limiting funds deducted from Unclaimed Property Fund during fiscal year01/10/18
SB 119Establishing WV business growth in low-income communities tax credit02/12/18
SB 120Restoring exception for florists from general sourcing rules for sales and use taxes01/10/18
SB 130Creating Tim Tebow Act01/12/18
SB 132Supplemental appropriation from surplus balance to DHHR Division of Tobacco Education Program01/10/18
SB 138Exempting heating oil for residential use from motor fuel excise tax01/10/18
SB 139Changing qualifier for low income for homestead tax credit01/10/18
SB 150Relating to wind power projects01/17/18
SB 151Creating Appropriation Supremacy Act of 201802/06/18
SB 152Budget Bill01/10/18
SB 264Eliminating refundable exemption for road construction contractors01/12/18
SB 265Updating meaning of certain terms in WV Corporation Net Income Tax Act01/12/18
SB 266Updating meaning of certain terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act 01/12/18
SB 277Allowing public employees to cash out their retirement plans in lieu of pension payments02/16/18
SB 289Entitling natural resource producers to economic opportunity tax credit01/16/18
SB 295Relating to Local Powers Act01/24/18
SB 331Relating to retirement and pension benefits of certain members of PERS and Teachers Retirement system01/25/18
SB 334Supplemental appropriation from Excess Lottery Fund to DHHR Central Office01/22/18
SB 359Authorizing Supreme Court establish curricula for mental hygiene commissioners and certain magistrates02/15/18
SB 378Expiring, supplementing, amending, increasing and adding items within various DHHR accounts 01/25/18
SB 380Supplemental appropriation of federal funds out of Treasury to certain DOE programs01/25/18
SB 381Supplemental appropriation of federal funds from Treasury to DOT, Division of Public Transit01/25/18
SB 383Expiring funds from Treasurer's Office to WV Enterprise Resource Planning Board01/25/18
SB 387Supplemental appropriation of federal funds from Treasury to DHHR, Division of Health01/25/18
SB 389Supplemental appropriation of federal funds from Treasury to DHHR, Division of Human Services01/25/18
SB 390Supplemental appropriation from State Road Fund to DOT, Division of Highways01/25/18
SB 391Supplemental appropriation of federal funds out of Treasury to Department of Agriculture01/25/18
SB 399Creating Taxation with Representation Act01/26/18
SB 418Relating to WV Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 201802/14/18
SB 428Relating to tax credit for making home more accessible for elderly or disabled01/30/18
SB 438Relating to debt service on bonds secured by State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund01/31/18
SB 467Relating generally to Public Defender Services02/14/18
SB 483Expiring funds to Department of Veterans Assistance from Insurance Commissioner02/05/18
SB 485Terminating Workers Compensation Debt Reduction Fund assessment on self-insured employers02/05/18
SB 488Supplemental appropriation of funds from Excess Lottery Fund to DHHR, CARDIAC program02/06/18
SB 490Relating to Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act of 201502/15/18
SB 501Relating to accrued benefit of retirees in Deputy Sheriff Retirement System02/16/18
SB 523Relating to tax treatment of pollution control facilities and wind power projects02/12/18
SB 566Relating to disability pensions of municipal employees02/15/18
HB 2694Relating to the development and implementation of a program to facilitate commercial sponsorship of rest areas02/16/18
HB 2890Establishing a Library Facilities Improvement Fund that will serve to support library facilities construction, maintenance and improvement projects02/16/18
HB 3104Transfer of the West Virginia Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Fund02/16/18
HB 4024Relating generally to direct cremation or direct burial expenses for indigent persons02/15/18
HB 4142Providing certain employees of the Division of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services, and West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority a salary adjustment02/13/18
HB 4433Declaring certain claims against an agency of the state to be moral obligations of the state02/16/18
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