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HB 2008 Relating to the Dealer Recovery Program 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 241) 727
HB 2028 Relating to the venue for suits and other actions against the state 01/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 9) 147
HB 2464 Relating to disclaimers and exclusions of warranties in consumer transactions for goods 02/19/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 150) 549
HB 2483 Requiring the Division of Juvenile Services to transfer to a correctional facility or regional jail any juvenile in its custody that has been transferred to adult jurisdiction of the circuit court and who reaches his or her eighteenth birthday 03/05/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 324) 920-922
HB 2546 Allowing replacement costs of employer provided property to be deducted from an employee’s final paycheck if the property is not returned 01/29/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 27) 203
HB 2607 Extending the maximum period of confinement a judge may impose for certain, first-time probationary violations 01/24/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 10) 159
HB 2612 Repealing section relating to unattended motor vehicles and penalties 02/02/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 38) 257
HB 2654 Expanding county commissions’ ability to dispose of county or district property 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 56) 357
HB 2655 Defining and establishing the crime of cyberbullying 02/05/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 42) 279
HB 2662 Prohibiting the waste of game animals, game birds or game fish 02/05/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 43) 280
HB 2693 Relating to state ownership of wildlife 03/05/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 325) 922-923
HB 2694 Relating to the development and implementation of a program to facilitate commercial sponsorship of rest areas 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 113) 507-508
HB 2696 Relating to crossbow hunting 02/05/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 44) 280
HB 2799 Prohibiting the superintendent of schools from requiring a physical examination to be included to the application for a minor’s work permit 01/30/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 29) 213
HB 2822 Allowing honorably discharged veterans who possess certain military ratings to qualify to take an examination for licensing as a plumber, electrician, and sprinkler fitter 01/24/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 11) 159
HB 2831 Relating to the reconstitution of the Driver’s Licensing Advisory Board 01/31/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 32) 229
HB 2838 Allowing military veterans who meet certain qualifications to qualify for examination for license as an emergency medical technician 01/24/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 12) 160
HB 2841 Requiring board members to have attended a board meeting to be compensated for the meeting 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 76) 416
HB 2843 Permitting Class III municipalities to be included in the West Virginia Tax Increment Act 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 203) 651
HB 2869 Providing for paid leave for certain state officers and employees during a declared state of emergency 01/17/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 2) 86
HB 2889 Allowing military veterans with certain military ratings to qualify for examinations required of probationary police officer 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 214) 667
HB 2890 Establishing a Library Facilities Improvement Fund that will serve to support library facilities construction, maintenance and improvement projects 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 114) 508
HB 2916 Authorizing certain first responders to carry firearms 01/25/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 13) 170
HB 2982 Relating to allowing draw games winners to remain anonymous 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 226) 703
HB 2983 Granting priority to roadway construction, reconstruction and maintenance for roadways prone to recurring floods that hinder ingress and egress 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 204) 652
HB 2995 Permitting certain animal euthanasia technicians who have been certified by other states be certified animal euthanasia technicians in West Virginia 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 96) 486
HB 3004 Relating to filling vacancies in certain offices 03/01/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 269) 761-765
HB 3005 Relating to regulation of unmanned aircraft systems 03/07/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 355) 1018-1020
HB 3020 Relating to criminal penalties for the offenses of hunting, trapping or fishing on the lands of another person 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 57) 357
HB 3061 Encouraging mastery-based education through the Innovation In Schools program 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 190) 628
HB 3089 Relating to the adoption of instructional resources for use in the public schools 01/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 5) 131
HB 3104 Transfer of the West Virginia Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Fund 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 115) 508
HB 4001 Relating to eligibility and fraud requirements for public assistance 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 159) 569-570
HB 4002 Providing that all delegates shall be elected from one hundred single districts following the United States Census in 2020 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 502) 1702
HB 4005 Clarifying that appeals to the Supreme Court are a matter of right 01/18/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 3) 99
HB 4006 Revising the processes through which professional development is delivered for those who provide public education 01/31/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 33) 230
HB 4009 State Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act 02/13/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 92) 474
HB 4010 Providing no requirement to perform or host a marriage ceremony that does not conform to sincerely held religious beliefs 01/30/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 30) 213
HB 4011 Requiring agencies, when submitting a new rule or changes, to also identify two existing rules that could be repealed 02/21/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 179) 605
HB 4013 Clarifying venue in West Virginia state courts as it applies to nonresidents of the state 01/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 7) 131
HB 4014 Relating to reorganization of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 227) 703
HB 4015 Relating to the management and continuous inventory of vehicles owned, leased, operated, or acquired by the state and its agencies 03/07/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 356) 1020-1037
HB 4016 Relating to combatting waste, fraud, and misuse of public funds through investigations, accountability and transparency 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 228) 704
HB 4019 Budget Bill, making appropriations of public money out of the treasury in accordance with section fifty-one, article six of the Constitution 03/08/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 430) 1413
HB 4020 Making technical corrections in the code when referencing chapter 49 01/19/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 4) 116
HB 4022 Exempting the consumer sales and service tax and use tax for services for the repair, remodeling and maintenance of certain aircraft 02/21/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 180) 605
HB 4023 Relating to the regulation of dialysis technicians 02/09/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 67) 390
HB 4024 Relating generally to direct cremation or direct burial expenses for indigent persons 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 97) 487
HB 4025 Permitting reciprocity for licensure as a pharmacy technician 02/09/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 68) 390
HB 4026 Exempting cashiers from licensure under the Larry W. Border Pharmacy Practice Act 01/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 8) 132
HB 4027 Creating an education permit for allopathic physician resident 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 99) 487
HB 4035 Creating a legislative coalition to study and report to the Legislature on palliative care 01/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 20) 189
HB 4036 Increasing the maximum salaries of family case coordinators and secretary-clerks 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 242) 727
HB 4042 Redefining school zone to facilitate placement of school zone signs 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 160) 570
HB 4079 Promulgating administrative rules by various executive or administrative agencies of the state 02/21/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 181) 606
HB 4135 Updating the meaning of federal taxable income and certain other terms used in the West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act 01/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 21) 189
HB 4138 Requiring certain public or private schools and daycare centers to install carbon monoxide detectors 03/02/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 290) 823
HB 4142 Providing certain employees of the Division of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services, and West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority a salary adjustment 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 77) 417
HB 4145 Increasing the annual salaries of members of the West Virginia State Police, public school teachers and school service personnel 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 267) 756
HB 4146 Updating meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act 01/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 23) 190
HB 4150 Prohibiting telecommunications and IP-enabled voice services from displaying the name or telephone number of the recipient 01/25/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 16) 174
HB 4153 Imposing a health care related provider tax on certain health care organizations 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 243) 728
HB 4154 Establishing the 2018 Regulatory Reform Act 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 229) 704
HB 4156 Establishing the qualifications of full and part time nursing school faculty members 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 58) 358
HB 4157 Eliminating the refundable exemption for road construction contractors 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 161) 570
HB 4162 Granting authority to the State Conservation Committee to contract for flood response 02/05/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 45) 280
HB 4166 Establishing a special revenue fund to be known as the "Capital Improvements Fund — Department of Agriculture Facilities" 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 230) 705
HB 4169 Requiring certain establishments and facilities to post human trafficking assistance notices 03/05/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 301) 875-877
HB 4174 Designating the placement of nonpartisan judicial offices on the primary election ballot 01/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 26) 191
HB 4175 Preventing requirement that an advanced practice registered nurse participate in a collaborative relationship to obtain payment 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 60) 358
HB 4178 Permitting certain portions of certified nurse aide training to be provided through distance learning technologies 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 61) 359
HB 4180 Relating to wildlife resources 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 100) 488
HB 4183 Relating generally to standardized testing requirements for nonpublic schools 03/08/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 394) 1104-1105
HB 4186 Relating generally to guaranteed asset protection waivers 02/09/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 69) 391
HB 4187 Business Liability Protection Act 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 503) 1706
HB 4197 Requiring persons employed to dispatch emergency calls complete a course in cardiovascular care for telephonic resuscitation 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 101) 488
HB 4199 Permitting a nursing home to use trained individuals to administer medication 03/02/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 291) 824-830
HB 4207 Authorizing an online application to receive a commission to act as a notary public, and eliminating the bond requirement 03/05/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 326) 929
HB 4214 Increasing penalties for unlawfully possessing or digging ginseng 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 215) 667
HB 4217 Permitting an attending physician to obtain a patient’s autopsy report 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 539) 1829
HB 4218 Relating to medical professional liability 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 233) 705-706
HB 4219 Permitting employees of educational services cooperatives to participate in the State Teachers Retirement System 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 205) 652
HB 4230 Relating to credit for reinsurance 02/06/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 50) 339
HB 4233 Relating generally to fraudulent transfers 02/01/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 35) 246
HB 4236 Requiring agencies to provide an annual inventory of real property holdings to the Real Estate Division 02/09/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 70) 391
HB 4238 Authorizing counties and municipalities to establish a joint airport hazard comprehensive plan 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 234) 706
HB 4242 Clarifying the jurisdictional amount for removal of a civil action from magistrate court to circuit court 02/01/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 36) 246
HB 4251 Permitting employees of baccalaureate institutions and universities outside of this state to be appointed to board of governors 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 541) 1832
HB 4268 Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 117) 509-510
HB 4270 Providing for the timely payment of moneys owed from oil and natural gas production 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 118) 510
HB 4275 Relating to the law-enforcement authority of the director and officers of the division of protective services 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 62) 359
HB 4276 Allowing magistrates to grant work release privileges 02/09/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 71) 391
HB 4279 Relating to adult protective services system 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 102) 488
HB 4285 Relating to the West Virginia Safe Mortgage Licensing Act 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 163) 571
HB 4289 Relating to disability pensions of municipal employees 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 206) 652
HB 4304 Creating the Board of Nursing 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 164) 571
HB 4306 Permitting local boards of health to combine without approval from the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health 02/14/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 103) 489
HB 4309 Restricting the sale and trade of dextromethorphan 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 235) 706
HB 4320 Limiting the ability of an agent under a power of attorney to take self-benefiting actions 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 78)
HB 4324 Relating to the employment of individuals by municipal paid fire departments under civil service 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 165) 572
HB 4332 Relating to home peritoneal renal dialysis 02/08/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 65) 375
HB 4336 Updating the schedule of controlled substances 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 245) 728-729
HB 4338 Relating to the powers and authority of the Divisions of Administrative Services, and Corrections and Rehabilitation of the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 246) 729
HB 4343 Relating to the delivery of financial statements to bank shareholders 02/16/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 140) 535
HB 4345 Relating to limitations on permits for growers, processors and dispensaries of medical cannabis 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 249) 730
HB 4347 Relating to voluntary contributions to the West Virginia State Police Forensic Laboratory Fund 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 207) 653
HB 4350 Eliminating the regulation of upholstery 02/08/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 66) 375
HB 4357 West Virginia Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 250) 730
HB 4359 Relating to the removal of animals left unattended in motor vehicles 02/07/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 63) 359
HB 4361 Bestowing the West Augusta Award upon each West Virginian graduating from U. S. Military Academies with the highest grade point average 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 119) 510
HB 4368 Relating to voluntary assignments of wages by state employees who have been overpaid 03/07/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 357) 1038-1039
HB 4376 Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Health and Human Resources 02/19/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 151) 549
HB 4379 Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing items of the existing appropriations to the Department of Transportation 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 166) 572
HB 4380 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Agriculture 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 79) 417
HB 4381 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Education 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 81) 418
HB 4384 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Transportation 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 83) 418
HB 4385 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Human Services 02/16/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 141) 536
HB 4386 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Health – Community Mental Health Services 02/12/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 85) 419
HB 4389 Expiring funds to the Enterprise Resource Planning System Fund 02/19/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 153) 549
HB 4392 Relating to Medicaid subrogation liens of the Department of Health and Human Resources 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 251) 731
HB 4394 Relating to forest fires 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 518) 1789
HB 4400 Relating to the West Virginia Physicians Mutual Insurance Company 02/19/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 155) 550
HB 4401 Relating to the registration of business 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 168) 572
HB 4402 Relating to the prevention of sexual abuse of children 02/16/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 143) 536
HB 4407 Relating to eligibility for alternative program teacher certificate 02/13/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 94) 474
HB 4410 Removing the requirement that the State Auditor receive copies of the Limited Video Lottery bids 02/09/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 72) 392
HB 4422 Permitting permanent endowment funds of cemeteries to invest their principal in certain government bonds, and corporate bonds 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 193) 629
HB 4424 Providing that the Ethics Act applies to certain persons providing services without pay to state elected officials 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 194) 629
HB 4428 Allowing training hours earned through public school education or apprenticeship to count towards an applicant’s occupational certification 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 170) 573
HB 4431 Establishing the Mountaineer Trail Network Recreation Authority 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amend with title amend, passed (Roll No. 519) 1799
HB 4433 Declaring certain claims against an agency of the state to be moral obligations of the state 02/15/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 120) 510
HB 4434 Clarifying provisions relating to candidates unaffiliated with a political party as it relates to certificates of announcement 03/07/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 358) 1039-1042
HB 4436 Clarifying when a minor between the ages of 16 and 18 may be employed by or elected as a member of a volunteer fire department 03/05/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 328) 930-931
HB 4444 Clarifying the authority of the State Fire Commission in adopting a State Building Code 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 216) 668
HB 4447 Providing for a uniform and efficient system of broadband conduit installation 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 253) 732
HB 4451 Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 195) 629
HB 4453 Relating to judicial review of contested cases under the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Board of Review 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 237) 707
HB 4455 Relating to animal abuse 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 254) 732
HB 4462 Allowing off duty members and officers of the department of public safety to guard private property 02/16/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 144) 536
HB 4465 Authorizing the acupuncture board to issue certificates to perform auricular acudetox therapy 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 217) 668
HB 4473 Relating to use of state funds for advertising to promote a public official or government office 02/19/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 156) 550
HB 4478 Authorizing public schools to distribute excess food to students 03/07/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 360) 1046
HB 4481 Relating to mandatory inter-board reporting by licensees or registrants of the boards of medicine, osteopathic medicine, nursing 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 218) 668
HB 4486 Relating to persons required to obtain a license to engage in the business of currency exchange 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 238) 707
HB 4488 Relating to the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Authority 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 558)
HB 4490 Relating to oil and gas permits not to be on flat well royalty leases 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 255) 733
HB 4502 Adding the crimes of murder and armed robbery to the list of offenses for which a prosecutor may apply for an order authorizing interception 03/07/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 361) 1046-1047
HB 4509 Relating to the establishment of substance abuse treatment facilities 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 239) 707
HB 4511 Modifying bail requirements 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 196) 630
HB 4522 Allowing certain tax information to be shared with the Director of Purchasing Division, Department of Administration, and State Auditor 03/08/2018 House concurred in Senate amend with title amend, passed (Roll No. 396) 1107-1108
HB 4524 Establishing guidelines for the substitution of certain biological pharmaceuticals 03/10/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 559)
HB 4529 Relating to oath by municipal official certifying list of delinquent business and occupation taxes 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 257) 733
HB 4539 Providing an annual annuity adjustment of 1 percent for eligible deputy sheriff retirants and surviving spouses 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 219) 669
HB 4542 Allowing public service districts to accept payment by credit card 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 209) 653-654
HB 4546 Relating to where an application for a marriage license may be made 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 220) 669
HB 4550 Providing the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists the authority to establish an apprenticeship program for cosmetologists 02/26/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 221) 669
HB 4558 Establishing the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Investment Fund in the West Virginia Development Office 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 258) 733
HB 4571 Relating to the final day of filing announcements of candidates for a political office 03/10/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 520) 1801
HB 4603 Providing immunity from civil liability to facilities and employees providing crisis stabilization 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 260) 734
HB 4607 Establishing certain criteria for the restricted operation of drones within State Parks, Forests, and Rail Trails 03/10/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 569) 1902
HB 4617 Clarifying where a charge of DUI may be brought against an individual 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 197) 630
HB 4618 Relating to the authority of the Division of Protective Services 03/09/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 491) 1656
HB 4619 Relating to supporting implementation of comprehensive systems for teacher and leader induction and professional growth 02/23/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 211) 654
HB 4620 Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Administration, Public Employees Insurance Agency 02/16/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 146) 539
HB 4621 Relating to removing reference to certain entities with respect to work 02/21/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 184) 606-607
HB 4622 Relating to authorizing legislative rules regarding higher education 02/20/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 174) 574-575
HB 4623 Relating to obtaining substance abuse treatment services 02/27/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 240) 708
HB 4624 Relating to West Virginia coordinate systems 03/05/2018 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 305) 883
HB 4625 Relating to allocating a portion of any general revenue surplus accruing after a fiscal year to the Public Employees Insurance Agency Financial Stability Fund 02/22/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 199) 631
HB 4626 Relating to West Virginia innovative mine safety technology tax credit act 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 261) 734-735
HB 4627 Relating to providing a limitation on the eminent domain authority of a municipal park board 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 262) 735
HB 4628 Relating to authorizing the redirection of amounts collected from certain surcharges and assessments on workers' compensation insurance policies for periods prior to January 1, 2019 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 263) 735
HB 4629 Relating to broadband enhancement and expansion policies generally 02/28/2018 Passed House (Roll No. 264) 736
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