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There are 64 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 17Permitting certain ABCC appointees or employees to carry firearms01/10/18
SB 18Relating generally to hiring of DOC and RJCFA correctional officers01/10/18
SB 26Authorizing WV Disaster Recovery Board to restore access to property affected by natural or manmade disaster01/10/18
SB 33Creating WV Motorsports Committee01/10/18
SB 40Requiring certain election expenditure disclosures01/10/18
SB 42Restoring one-percent surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies to fund volunteer fire departments01/10/18
SB 49Relating to funding sources for fire departments01/10/18
SB 54Creating Independent Redistricting Commission01/10/18
SB 56Increasing state employees' pay over 2-year period01/10/18
SB 59Creating fund to relieve municipalities and counties of certain fire-related cleanup and demolition 01/10/18
SB 63Limiting number of days legislators may be paid in extended and extraordinary sessions in certain cases01/10/18
SB 64Requiring minimum standards of universal design for disabled persons in certain newly constructed buildings01/10/18
SB 74Creating WV Volunteer Fire and Rescue Act of 201801/10/18
SB 77Providing rebuttable presumptions for certain injuries and diseases for workers' compensation coverage for police and firefighters01/10/18
SB 85Allowing local governments to offset personal property tax rates with local sales tax01/10/18
SB 93Establishing WV Freedom of Conscience Protection Act01/10/18
SB 108Creating Volunteer Firefighter Appreciation Act of 201801/10/18
SB 121Licensing practice of athletic training01/10/18
SB 137Removing limitation on amount collected by county via hotel occupancy tax that may be used for medical care and emergency services01/10/18
SB 144Providing for nonpartisan election of county surveyors01/10/18
SB 259Clarifying process to assess lowest qualified bidder in government construction contracts01/12/18
SB 260Requiring state-owned or -leased vehicles be registered01/12/18
SB 262Providing certain Division of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services and WV Regional Jail Authority pay equity salary adjustment01/12/18
SB 278Providing for disposition of vacated school buildings or other state-owned buildings01/15/18
SB 281Relating to state's spending units01/15/18
SB 286Granting State Conservation Committee authority to contract for flood response and related stream restoration work01/15/18
SB 287Creating and maintaining centralized state vehicle inventory system01/16/18
SB 302Relating to size requirements for flags county commissions must purchase and display01/17/18
SB 303Relating to debarment of vendors seeking to provide goods and services to state and its subdivisions01/17/18
SB 325Creating County Home Rule Pilot Program01/19/18
SB 340Relating to employer-employee cost-sharing ratio of premiums for PEIA active members01/23/18
SB 342Requiring agencies provide annual inventory of real property holdings to Real Estate Division01/23/18
SB 352Creating emergency text number system for children01/24/18
SB 369Relating to powers and authority of newly created divisions of Administrative Services and Corrections and Rehabilitation within MAPS02/09/18
SB 373Providing special license plate to support adoption01/26/18
SB 376Amending residency requirements for people entitled to vote01/25/18
SB 377Removing firefighters from certain procedures for investigation and hearing of misconduct allegations01/25/18
SB 435Removing elected or appointed officers01/31/18
SB 439Exempting motor vehicles engaged in nonemergency transportation of Medicaid members from PSC requirements02/14/18
SB 454Classifying owner-operators and independent contractors under workers compensation 02/01/18
SB 457Relating to jurisdiction of PSC over motor carriers02/01/18
SB 471Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices in categories covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing Act02/05/18
SB 480Creating WV Sports Hall of Fame Commission02/05/18
SB 481Requiring persons building residential structures inform county board of education of structures and estimated number of occupants02/05/18
SB 489Creating WV Volunteer First Responder Act of 201802/06/18
SB 492Eliminating certain special requirements for DHHR provisionally licensed social workers02/08/18
SB 497Removing requirement that Division of Labor charge annual device registration fee02/07/18
SB 503Shifting funding from Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities02/07/18
SB 505Requiring contact information of state official or employee mobile phone furnished by employer be listed on directory or website02/07/18
SB 526Providing salary increases for state employees over three-year period02/13/18
SB 527Creating WV Black Lung Program02/13/18
SB 529Creating Citizen and State Accountability Act02/13/18
SB 541Increasing salaries of WV State Police over three-year period02/14/18
SB 550Allowing workers' compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with job-related PTSD02/15/18
SB 570Limiting amount property reappraisal can increase02/16/18
SB 580Updating language for WV geodetic datum to match federal coordinate systems02/27/18
SB 581Allowing Tax Commissioner share certain tax information with certain state entities02/16/18
SB 617Allowing municipal fire chiefs appoint deputy fire chief02/19/18
SB 624Relating to racetrack video lottery02/19/18
HB 2841Requiring board members to have attended a board meeting to be compensated for the meeting02/13/18
HB 4154Establishing the 2018 Regulatory Reform Act02/28/18
HB 4357West Virginia Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act03/01/18
HB 4542Allowing public service districts to accept payment by credit card02/26/18
HB 4550Providing the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists the authority to establish an apprenticeship program for cosmetologists02/27/18
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