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There are 221 Bills pending in Senate Judiciary




SB 3Relating to venue for certain claims against state01/10/18
SB 4Establishing Mental Health and Military Service Member Court program01/10/18
SB 13Raising age to purchase tobacco and related products to 2101/10/18
SB 16Increasing penalties for shoplifting01/10/18
SB 35Requiring presuit mediation for certain civil actions01/10/18
SB 44Increasing criminal penalties for certain crimes against law-enforcement officers01/10/18
SB 48Specifying forms of grandparent visitation01/10/18
SB 50Reporting by Supreme Court Administrator01/10/18
SB 60Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuits01/10/18
SB 61Prohibiting smoking in motor vehicle when minor 16 years old or less is present02/14/18
SB 70Creating felony offense of aggravated animal cruelty01/10/18
SB 79Relating to access to adoption records01/10/18
SB 90Repealing mandatory motor vehicle state inspections01/10/18
SB 94Prohibiting counties from regulating fireworks02/06/18
SB 95Providing procedure for WV to select delegates to Article V convention01/10/18
SB 99Prohibiting discrimination based on age or sexual orientation in certain circumstances01/10/18
SB 101Creating one-day special license for charitable events to see nonintoxicating beer01/10/18
SB 104Drug testing of legislators01/10/18
SB 106Legalizing certain sport pool betting01/10/18
SB 107Establishing Mental Health, Veteran and Service Members Court01/10/18
SB 113Improper use or representation of service animals01/10/18
SB 114Posting of National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline number 01/10/18
SB 117Requiring vacancies in certain elected offices be filled by person of same political party as previous officeholder01/10/18
SB 118Revising law regulating election financing01/10/18
SB 127Relating to personal representatives of estates01/10/18
SB 136Providing addition of mini-distillery does not change nature of agricultural property for building code and property tax classification purposes01/10/18
SB 140Requiring photo identification on voter registration cards01/10/18
SB 142Reducing number of strikes defendant has in criminal proceedings from six to four01/10/18
SB 153Department of Administration rule relating to state-owned vehicles01/16/18
SB 155DEP rule relating to standards of performance for new stationary sources01/23/18
SB 156DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from combustion of solid waste01/23/18
SB 157DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from municipal solid waste01/23/18
SB 158DEP rule relating to control of air pollution from hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities01/23/18
SB 159DEP rule relating to emission standards for hazardous air pollutants01/23/18
SB 160DEP rule relating to ambient air quality standards01/23/18
SB 161DEP rule relating to surface mining reclamation01/23/18
SB 162DEP rule relating to voluntary remediation and redevelopment01/23/18
SB 164DEP rule relating to underground storage tanks01/23/18
SB 166DHHR rule relating to food establishments01/25/18
SB 167DHHR rule relating to public water systems01/25/18
SB 168DHHR rule relating to emergency medical services01/25/18
SB 169DHHR rule relating to WV clearance for access01/25/18
SB 170DHHR rule relating to development of methodologies to examine needs for substance use and disorder treatment facilities01/25/18
SB 171DHHR rule relating to collection and exchange of data related to overdoses01/25/18
SB 172Health Care Authority rule relating to financial disclosure01/25/18
SB 173DHHR rule relating to child care centers licensing01/25/18
SB 174DHHR rule relating to family child care facility licensing01/25/18
SB 175DHHR rule relating to family child care home registration requirements01/25/18
SB 177DHHR rule relating to informal and relative family child care home registration01/25/18
SB 178DHHR rule relating to out-of-school-time child care center licensing01/25/18
SB 179DHHR rule relating to drug screening of applicants for cash assistance01/25/18
SB 180State Fire Commission rule relating to electrician licensing01/11/18
SB 182Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction rule relating to law-enforcement training and certification02/01/18
SB 183Governor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency and Correction rule relating to protocol for law enforcement to domestic violence02/01/18
SB 185Board of Accountancy rule relating to board rules and rules of professional conduct01/11/18
SB 186Agriculture rule relating to animal disease control01/11/18
SB 187Agriculture rule relating to auctioneers01/11/18
SB 188Agriculture rule relating to noxious weeds01/11/18
SB 189Agriculture rule relating to inspection of meat and poultry01/11/18
SB 190Agriculture rule relating to WV apiary law01/11/18
SB 191Agriculture rule relating to inspection of nontraditional, domesticated animals01/11/18
SB 192Agriculture rule relating to charges for inspection services01/11/18
SB 193Athletic Commission rule relating to administrative rules of WV State Athletic Commission01/11/18
SB 194Athletic Commission rule relating to regulation of mixed martial arts01/11/18
SB 195Board of Licensed Dietitians rule relating to licensure and renewal requirements01/11/18
SB 196Board of Hearing Aid Dealers rule relating to governing WV Board of Hearing Aid Dealers01/11/18
SB 197Board of Medicine rule relating to licensure, disciplinary and complaint procedures, continuing education, physician assistants01/11/18
SB 198Board of Medicine rule relating to continuing education for physicians and podiatric physicians01/11/18
SB 199Board of Optometry rule relating to rules of WV Board of Optometry01/11/18
SB 200Board of Osteopathic Medicine rule relating to osteopathic physician assistants01/11/18
SB 201Board of Pharmacy rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacy01/11/18
SB 202Board of Pharmacy rule relating to pharmacist recovery networks01/11/18
SB 203Board of Pharmacy rule relating to immunizations administered by pharmacists and pharmacy interns01/11/18
SB 204Board of Pharmacy rule relating to centralized prescriptions processing01/11/18
SB 205Board of Pharmacy rule relating to Uniform Controlled Substances Act01/11/18
SB 206Board of Pharmacy rule relating to registration of pharmacy technicians01/11/18
SB 207Board of Pharmacy rule relating to controlled substances monitoring program01/11/18
SB 208Board of Examiners of Psychologists rule relating to fees01/11/18
SB 209Board of Examiners of Psychologists relating to rules for licensure as psychologist and/or school psychologist01/11/18
SB 210Board of Examiners of Psychologists rule relating to code of conduct01/11/18
SB 211Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board rule relating to requirements for licensure and certification01/11/18
SB 212Real Estate Commission rule relating to licensing real estate brokers, associate brokers and sales persons and conduct of brokerage business01/11/18
SB 213Real Estate Commission rule relating to schedule of fees01/11/18
SB 214Real Estate Commission rule relating to requirements for real estate courses, course providers and instructors01/11/18
SB 215Secretary of State rule relating to procedures for canvassing elections01/11/18
SB 216Secretary of State rule relating to procedures for handling ballots and counting write-in votes for optical scan ballots01/11/18
SB 217Secretary of State rule relating to vote by mail pilot project phase 201/11/18
SB 218Board of Veterinary Medicine rule relating to organization, operation and licensing of veterinarians01/11/18
SB 219Board of Veterinary Medicine rule relating to certified animal euthanasia technicians01/11/18
SB 220Board of Veterinary Medicine rule relating to schedule of fees01/11/18
SB 221Division of Labor rule relating to Zipline and Canopy Tour Responsibility Act02/02/18
SB 222Division of Labor rule relating to bedding and upholstered furniture02/02/18
SB 223Division of Labor rule relating to Amusement Rides and Amusement Attractions Safety Act02/02/18
SB 224Division of Labor rule relating to Elevator Safety Act02/02/18
SB 225Division of Labor rule relating to employer wage bonds02/02/18
SB 226Division of Labor rule relating to registration of service persons and agencies02/02/18
SB 227Division of Labor rule relating to registration of weighing and measuring devices used by businesses in commercial transactions02/02/18
SB 228Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training rule relating to operating diesel equipment in underground mines02/02/18
SB 229DNR rule relating to hunting, fishing, and other outfitters and guides02/02/18
SB 231DNR rule relating to general hunting02/02/18
SB 232DNR rule relating to special migratory game bird hunting02/02/18
SB 233DNR rule relating to miscellaneous permits and licenses02/02/18
SB 234DNR rule relating to wildlife disease management01/23/18
SB 235Lottery Commission rule relating to state lottery rules01/26/18
SB 236Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racing01/26/18
SB 238Tax Department rule relating to payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer01/26/18
SB 239Tax Department rule relating to property tax transfer01/26/18
SB 240Tax Department rule relating to municipal sales and service and use tax administration01/26/18
SB 241Relating to used motor vehicle warranties01/11/18
SB 243Increasing number of Berkeley County magistrates01/11/18
SB 245Prohibiting use of communication facility in commission of felony01/11/18
SB 246Increasing penalty for burglary under certain circumstances01/11/18
SB 247Relating to crime of attempted murder01/11/18
SB 248Raising age to 16 for children who are victims of certain sexual offenses 01/11/18
SB 249Relating to felony possession of stolen firearm with altered serial number01/11/18
SB 250Relating to crime of aggravated malicious wounding01/11/18
SB 269Establishing 2018 Regulatory Reform Act02/23/18
SB 274Relating generally to horse and dog racing lottery01/15/18
SB 279Requiring correctional officers be paid overtime01/15/18
SB 291Transferring child welfare enforcement responsibilities to WV State Police01/16/18
SB 293Adding grievance and appellate procedures and judicial review for participants in DHHR safety and treatment program02/14/18
SB 294Relating generally to suspension and revocation of driver's licenses for DUI01/16/18
SB 308Relating to use of aftermarket crash parts by motor vehicle repair shop01/17/18
SB 312Exempting certain employers from discriminating against tobacco users01/18/18
SB 315Increasing penalty for impersonating law-enforcement officer or official01/18/18
SB 320Permitting law-enforcement or humane officer remove animal from motor vehicle under certain circumstances01/18/18
SB 326Protecting certain individuals from civil liability for damages when removing domesticated animal from locked or unattended vehicle01/19/18
SB 328Requiring participation in drug court program before conditional discharge for first offense of possession of controlled substance01/19/18
SB 353Relating generally to certain permits and floor plans of nonintoxicating beer licensees01/24/18
SB 354Creating one-day special license for charitable events to purchase and sell beer and craft beer01/24/18
SB 356Making technical corrections to code when referencing chapter 49 of code01/24/18
SB 362Relating to definitions of "child abuse" and "neglect"01/24/18
SB 363Removing requirement of finding of professional negligence concerning involuntary hospitalizations01/24/18
SB 394Changing requisite period necessary to take advantage of criminal offense reduction01/26/18
SB 401Requiring specified coverage in health benefit plans for treatment of substance abuse disorders02/09/18
SB 403Licensing advance deposit wagering01/26/18
SB 416Making fishing for catfish with bare hands lawful02/13/18
SB 422Regulating liquor sales01/30/18
SB 423Relating to hunting, trapping, or fishing on another person's lands02/15/18
SB 424Allowing developmentally disabled person purchase base hunting license free of charge02/14/18
SB 432Relating to municipal home rule02/19/18
SB 436Creating Nondiscrimination in Involuntary Denial of Treatment Act01/31/18
SB 437Relating to penalties for leaving motor vehicle unattended01/31/18
SB 447Updating powers of certain administrators of estates with regard to easements02/01/18
SB 449Using criminal conviction records to disqualify person from license or authorization to practice occupation02/21/18
SB 459Enacting Refugee Absorptive Capacity Act02/01/18
SB 460Requiring retailers ensure products that make content accessible on Internet contain digital blocking capability02/01/18
SB 466Bringing statutory interest rate paid in condemnation cases into conformity with current statutory rates02/02/18
SB 470Justice Through Grace in Communities Act02/02/18
SB 482Allowing magistrates carry firearms in county courthouse or on premises of court of law02/05/18
SB 484Creating Business Liability Protection Act02/05/18
SB 496Relating to care and management of feral cats02/07/18
SB 511Creating Parents' Bill of Rights02/08/18
SB 519Increasing salaries of justices of WV Supreme Court of Appeals02/12/18
SB 531Eliminating required waiting period for municipal court notifications to DMV02/13/18
SB 533Equalizing criminal penalties for intimidating and retaliating against public officers and employees02/13/18
SB 536Allowing foster and adoptive children obtain lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping license within two years of placement02/21/18
SB 540Increasing salaries of magistrates, supreme court justices, circuit court judges, and family court judges02/14/18
SB 546Improving coordination of law-enforcement agencies in finding missing persons and identifying remains02/15/18
SB 551Relating to failure of employers to make contributions on behalf of employees to retirement plan administered by CPRB02/22/18
SB 563Allowing persons operate small-engine mopeds without driver's license or while license is suspended or revoked02/23/18
SB 564Providing immunity from civil liability to facilities and employees providing crisis stabilization02/15/18
SB 579Establishing responsibilities of providing credit card processing services02/16/18
SB 586Requiring certain probationers participate in work release program and spend six months in work release center02/19/18
SB 588Prohibiting use of anabolic steroids and certain Class I drugs on racing dogs02/19/18
SB 593Reducing criminal penalties and criminalization of marijuana02/19/18
SB 595Creating Protect Our Right to Unite Act02/19/18
SB 598Relating to civil actions against county commissions and municipalities for injuries02/22/18
SB 602Providing immunity from civil liability to facilities and employees providing crisis stabilization02/19/18
SB 606Relating to admissibility of certain evidence in civil action02/19/18
SB 607Prohibiting certain misleading lawsuit advertising practices02/19/18
SB 610Providing penalty for possession of marijuana02/19/18
SB 614Relating to crime of impeding investigation involving acts of violence02/19/18
SB 619Creating Prosecuting Attorney Directives Act02/19/18
SB 621Prohibiting consumer-reporting agency from charging fee to consumer02/19/18
SB 622Imposing additional court costs on violations of seat belt usage02/19/18
HB 2028Relating to the venue for suits and other actions against the state01/24/18
HB 2464Relating to disclaimers and exclusions of warranties in consumer transactions for goods02/20/18
HB 2483Requiring the Division of Juvenile Services to transfer to a correctional facility or regional jail any juvenile in its custody that has been transferred to adult jurisdiction of the circuit court and who reaches his or her eighteenth birthday01/29/18
HB 2607Extending the maximum period of confinement a judge may impose for certain, first-time probationary violations01/25/18
HB 2655Defining and establishing the crime of cyberbullying02/06/18
HB 2693Relating to state ownership of wildlife02/07/18
HB 2696Relating to crossbow hunting02/06/18
HB 2916Authorizing certain first responders to carry firearms01/26/18
HB 3005Relating to regulation of unmanned aircraft systems01/26/18
HB 3020Relating to criminal penalties for the offenses of hunting, trapping or fishing on the lands of another person02/08/18
HB 4002Providing that all delegates shall be elected from one hundred single districts following the United States Census in 202001/23/18
HB 4005Clarifying that appeals to the Supreme Court are a matter of right01/19/18
HB 4009State Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act02/14/18
HB 4010Providing no requirement to perform or host a marriage ceremony that does not conform to sincerely held religious beliefs01/31/18
HB 4011Requiring agencies, when submitting a new rule or changes, to also identify two existing rules that could be repealed02/22/18
HB 4042Redefining school zone to facilitate placement of school zone signs02/21/18
HB 4079Promulgating administrative rules by various executive or administrative agencies of the state02/22/18
HB 4138Requiring certain public or private schools and daycare centers to install carbon monoxide detectors02/05/18
HB 4150Prohibiting telecommunications and IP-enabled voice services from displaying the name or telephone number of the recipient01/26/18
HB 4174Designating the placement of nonpartisan judicial offices on the primary election ballot01/29/18
HB 4186Relating generally to guaranteed asset protection waivers02/12/18
HB 4207Authorizing an online application to receive a commission to act as a notary public, and eliminating the bond requirement02/23/18
HB 4230Relating to credit for reinsurance02/07/18
HB 4233Relating generally to fraudulent transfers02/02/18
HB 4268Co-tenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act02/21/18
HB 4275Relating to the law-enforcement authority of the director and officers of the division of protective services02/08/18
HB 4276Allowing magistrates to grant work release privileges02/12/18
HB 4320Limiting the ability of an agent under a power of attorney to take self-benefiting actions02/13/18
HB 4324Relating to the employment of individuals by municipal paid fire departments under civil service02/21/18
HB 4343Relating to the delivery of financial statements to bank shareholders02/19/18
HB 4359Relating to the removal of animals left unattended in motor vehicles02/08/18
HB 4368Relating to voluntary assignments of wages by state employees who have been overpaid02/23/18
HB 4400Relating to the West Virginia Physicians Mutual Insurance Company02/20/18
HB 4402Relating to the prevention of sexual abuse of children02/19/18
HB 4410Removing the requirement that the State Auditor receive copies of the Limited Video Lottery bids02/12/18
HB 4424Providing that the Ethics Act applies to certain persons providing services without pay to state elected officials02/23/18
HB 4434Clarifying provisions relating to candidates unaffiliated with a political party as it relates to certificates of announcement02/16/18
HB 4436Clarifying when a minor between the ages of 16 and 18 may be employed by or elected as a member of a volunteer fire department02/21/18
HB 4451Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission02/23/18
HB 4462Allowing off duty members and officers of the department of public safety to guard private property02/19/18
HB 4473Relating to use of state funds for advertising to promote a public official or government office02/20/18
HB 4488Relating to the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Authority02/21/18
HB 4511Modifying bail requirements02/23/18
HB 4617Clarifying where a charge of DUI may be brought against an individual02/23/18
HB 4618Relating to the authority of the Division of Protective Services02/23/18
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