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There are 67 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




SB 348Relating to tobacco usage restrictions02/28/19
HB 2007Eliminating the certificate of need program01/15/19
HB 2023Repealing provision prohibiting employers from discriminating for use of tobacco products01/09/19
HB 2080Authorizing possession and smoking of medical cannabis by approved persons01/09/19
HB 2081Allowing medical cannabis to be grown outdoors by licensed growers01/09/19
HB 2082Authorizing the earlier issuance of identification cards to approved medical cannabis consumers and caregivers01/09/19
HB 2084Permitting certain felons to work in licensed behavioral health facilities01/09/19
HB 2090Relating to advertising by physicians and podiatrists01/09/19
HB 2153Relating to social determinants of health01/09/19
HB 2210Relating to the criminal offense of therapeutic deception01/10/19
HB 2215Making it a felony to knowingly expose another individual to HIV01/10/19
HB 2227Nondiscrimination in Involuntary Denial of Treatment Act01/10/19
HB 2313Relating to adoption records01/11/19
HB 2317Requiring the release of an unemancipated minor's medical records for drug testing01/11/19
HB 2323Raising the legal age for purchase of tobacco and tobacco products01/11/19
HB 2331Relating to legalizing cannabis production, sales and adult consumption01/11/19
HB 2336Relating to the state’s Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Intellectual/Developmental Disability Waiver01/11/19
HB 2337Assessing the health impact of any new, or modification to, rule proposed by the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection01/11/19
HB 2341West Virginia Residential Furniture and Children's Products Flame Retardants Act01/11/19
HB 2375Save the Hospitals Act01/14/19
HB 2376Relating to the legalization of marijuana01/14/19
HB 2383Creating a pilot program for expansion of school-based mental health and school-based diversion01/14/19
HB 2385Providing limited prescriptive authority to a licensed psychologist who meets certain criteria01/14/19
HB 2408Requiring hospitals and birthing centers to also test newborn infants for spinal muscular atrophy01/15/19
HB 2424Changing the name of the Health Care Authority to the Health Care Cost Review Authority01/15/19
HB 2428Creating a state administered wholesale drug importation program01/15/19
HB 2436Relating to diseases in newborn children01/15/19
HB 2437Relating to transitioning foster children into managed care01/15/19
HB 2443Granting the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses the sole authority for the accreditation of nursing schools01/15/19
HB 2477Establishing different rates of taxation for tobacco products for certain border counties01/17/19
HB 2493Nondiscrimination in Involuntary Denial of Treatment Act01/17/19
HB 2548Creating a healthy living tax credit against the personal income tax01/21/19
HB 2567Allowing an individual to petition a circuit court for the expungement of misdemeanor offenses01/21/19
HB 2611Ensuring Patient Safety Act01/23/19
HB 2626Relating to emergency medical services01/24/19
HB 2648Continuing education for registered nurses and advanced nurse practitioners01/24/19
HB 2652Relating to public health01/24/19
HB 2681Providing guidance for prosecuting attorneys in cases involving abused and neglected children01/25/19
HB 2731Exempting from a certificate of need obstetrics maternity and delivery services provided by an acute care hospital01/30/19
HB 2752Adding to the persons who have access to the information kept by the Board of Pharmacy01/30/19
HB 2781Permitting a person to obtain a 12-month supply of contraceptive drugs01/30/19
HB 2788Relating to life-sustaining treatment policies of health care facilities; “Simon’s Law”01/31/19
HB 2811Relating to generic drug products02/01/19
HB 2817Youth Mental Health Protection Act02/01/19
HB 2825Creating a workgroup to review the hospice need standards in this state02/08/19
HB 2847Relating to exemptions from mandated immunizations02/04/19
HB 2863Establishing an advisory council on rare diseases02/06/19
HB 2890Relating to the expansion of newborn testing to include Adrenoleukodystrophy02/07/19
HB 2893Increasing minimum salaries for Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorneys02/07/19
HB 2902Relating to wages of persons with disabilities02/07/19
HB 2903Fetal Heartbeat Act02/07/19
HB 2904Implementing drug testing for legislators of the State of West Virginia02/07/19
HB 2915Restricting the performance of abortions and acquiring, providing, receiving, otherwise transferring, or using fetal body parts02/08/19
HB 2955Adding one member to the Medicaid Advisory Panel from the West Virginia Chiropractic Society02/11/19
HB 2978Improving the quality of West Virginia’s Medicaid program02/11/19
HB 2983Relating to therapeutic rights of minors02/11/19
HB 2987Relating to Involuntary treatment for alcohol and other drug abuse02/11/19
HB 2988Relating to tobacco usage restrictions02/11/19
HB 3005Requiring patients who are pregnant while undergoing medication-assisted treatment to receive prenatal care02/12/19
HB 3019Health Care Transparency Act02/12/19
HB 3038Increasing access to contraceptive drugs, devices, and procedures02/12/19
HB 3049Improving dissemination of boiled water advisories to affected communities02/12/19
HB 3071Relating to electronic cigarettes02/12/19
HB 3074Ensuring that legal or biological parents have equal access to any and all copies of birth registry forms02/12/19
HB 3089Modifying licensing requirements for the practice of telemedicine and surgery or podiatry02/12/19
HB 3108Relating to the normalization of cannabis laws02/12/19
HB 3111Creating the Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights02/12/19
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