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There are 304 Bills pending in House Judiciary




SB 62Requiring participation in drug court program before discharge of certain first-time drug offenses02/01/19
SB 63Relating to partial filling of prescriptions02/08/19
SB 66Prohibiting certain misleading lawsuit advertising practices02/18/19
SB 102Relating generally to powers and authority of courthouse security officers01/31/19
SB 105Creating offense of impaired operation of motor vehicle placing nonpassengers at risk of physical injury02/28/19
SB 127Relating to parole officers' duties to perform alcohol and drug testing of litigants02/08/19
SB 149Exempting certain veterans from concealed weapons license fees01/31/19
SB 236Providing notice of eligibility to persons to vote after completion of punishment or pardon01/30/19
SB 248Creating Prosecuting Attorney's Detectives Act02/27/19
SB 249Relating to administration of estates and trusts02/27/19
SB 253Protecting consumers from automatic purchase renewal and continuous service offers01/28/19
SB 258Establishing common law "veil piercing" claims not be used to impose personal liability01/31/19
SB 266Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals and WV Appellate Review Organization Act of 201902/19/19
SB 331Using leashed dogs to track mortally wounded deer or bear02/13/19
SB 332Relating to Class Q special hunting permit for disabled persons02/13/19
SB 339Allowing certain persons carry pepper spray in State Capitol Complex02/15/19
SB 361Relating to Public Defender Services02/05/19
SB 389Allowing developmentally disabled person purchase base hunting license02/13/19
SB 399Relating to compensation for senior magistrates02/05/19
SB 414Creating Protect Our Right to Unite Act02/28/19
SB 415Creating Timber Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act and Unknown and Unlocatable Timber Interest Owners Act02/25/19
SB 467Clarifying PSC jurisdiction over water and sewer utilities02/28/19
SB 512Regulating pawnbrokers02/20/19
SB 516Relating to attorney fees in subsidized adoptions02/18/19
SB 530Relating to state employee merit system02/28/19
SB 547Limiting landowner liability for recreational use of lands02/26/19
SB 563Prohibiting sexual assault victim be subjected to certain physical examinations02/18/19
SB 574Permitting authorized physician order involuntary hospitalization of individual if physician believes addicted or mentally ill03/02/19
SB 585Relating to criminal offenses of stalking and harassment generally02/25/19
SB 637Relating to revocation, cancellation, or suspension of business registration certificates02/28/19
SB 642Providing options in living wills and combined medical powers of attorney and living wills02/27/19
SB 651Relating to DNR ability to enter into certain contracts02/27/19
SB 654Amending definition of "mortgage loan originator"02/26/19
HB 2003Extending expungement of certain criminal convictions01/14/19
HB 2024Allowing a home improvement transaction to be performed under an oral contract01/09/19
HB 2025Requiring the Human Rights Commission, when investigating a complaint of discrimination, to specifically include an examination of the intent of the person01/09/19
HB 2029Relating to Public Defender Services01/09/19
HB 2031Permitting persons who have been issued state licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons to carry those weapons on the grounds of the State Capitol Complex01/09/19
HB 2033Establishing procedures for carrying out the death sentence01/09/19
HB 2047Relating to penalties incurred from obstructing, fleeing from and making false statements to law-enforcement01/09/19
HB 2050Prohibiting confidential settlement terms of a contested case involving sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault01/09/19
HB 2052Prohibiting chairmen of state political parties during or up to one year after the termination of their employment as chairmen of those political parties from registering as lobbyists01/09/19
HB 2061Relating to the powers and authority of state and local law enforcement to enforce underage drinking laws at private clubs01/09/19
HB 2066Establishing an alternative methodology for pretrial release of persons charged with crimes01/09/19
HB 2074Life at Conception Act of 201901/09/19
HB 2077Prohibiting smoking in an enclosed motor vehicle when a child under the age of eight is present01/16/19
HB 2086Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act01/09/19
HB 2088Relating to admissibility of certain evidence in a civil action for damages01/09/19
HB 2089Relating to erroneous tax assessments and overpayments to the county01/09/19
HB 2091Increasing the minimum number of magisterial districts in a county01/23/19
HB 2092Providing that any person lawfully entitled to possess a firearm may store a firearm in a motor vehicle on West Virginia State Capitol Complex01/09/19
HB 2096Relating to the juvenile justice reform oversight committee01/09/19
HB 2097Relating to the hunting of coyotes01/23/19
HB 2116Relating to monitoring, copying and emailing certain inmate mail01/09/19
HB 2121Permitting retail liquor licensees to sell alcoholic beverages after one o’clock p.m. on Sundays01/09/19
HB 2124Expanding the authority of motor carrier inspectors01/09/19
HB 2139Allowing quarterly payment of real and personal property taxes01/09/19
HB 2142Issuing identification documents to homeless individuals residing at homeless shelters01/09/19
HB 2143West Virginia Firearms Freedom Act01/09/19
HB 2144Relating to debarment of vendors seeking to provide goods and services to the state and its subdivisions01/09/19
HB 2147Limiting pay of members of the Legislature when a budget bill has not been passed01/09/19
HB 2155Relating to Capitol Complex security access01/09/19
HB 2158Relating to alternate sentencing for nonviolent felony offenders01/09/19
HB 2161Prohibiting sexual offenders from residing within one thousand feet of a school or childcare facility01/09/19
HB 2163Relating to consumer protection of new manufactured home warranties01/09/19
HB 2165Relating to custody and disposal of seized controlled substances and drugs01/09/19
HB 2166Prohibiting employees of the state who have convictions for driving under the influence from driving or operating state owned vehicle01/09/19
HB 2167Authorizing the prosecuting attorney to issue a subpoena duces tecum for certain documents01/09/19
HB 2168Authorizing a temporary foreign brewers import license01/09/19
HB 2169Allowing a group of affiliated voters to become a recognized political party under certain criteria01/09/19
HB 2170Right to keep and bear arms01/09/19
HB 2171Increasing frequency of the State Police updating the state sex offender registry01/09/19
HB 2172Limiting the number of days members of the Legislature may receive compensation during an extended and extraordinary session01/09/19
HB 2174Relating to the placement of juvenile status offenders01/09/19
HB 2176Prohibiting chairmen of state political parties during or up to one year after the termination of their employment as chairmen of those political parties from registering as lobbyists01/09/19
HB 2177Relating to drug testing of legislators01/09/19
HB 2178Legalizing interactive gaming01/09/19
HB 2180Relating to the Consumer Credit and Protection Act01/09/19
HB 2181Prohibiting lobbying by certified candidates for a seat in the West Virginia Legislature01/09/19
HB 2182Prohibiting certain persons from operating state-owned vehicles01/09/19
HB 2186Authorizing a medical power of attorney representative to sign a binding arbitration agreement01/09/19
HB 2187Requiring that lien releases filed with county clerk’s office include the Deed of Trust Book and page numbers01/09/19
HB 2188Nullifying certain adoption orders01/09/19
HB 2189Relating generally to the disclosure of certain confidential information01/09/19
HB 2192Requiring pawnbrokers to providing certain information to law-enforcement agencies01/09/19
HB 2194Creating a domestic violence registry01/09/19
HB 2195Creating the West Virginia Sentencing Commission01/09/19
HB 2196Creating a felony penalty of life without mercy for the first degree murder of a law-enforcement officer01/09/19
HB 2197Increasing the salaries of circuit court judges, family court judges, and magistrates01/09/19
HB 2198Relating to pyramid promotional schemes01/09/19
HB 2199Requiring pawnbrokers to providing certain information to law-enforcement agencies01/09/19
HB 2200Prohibiting a person appointed agent under a power of attorney from exerting undue influence over the principal01/09/19
HB 2203West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act01/24/19
HB 2223Recognizing those in active military service as residents for the purpose of obtaining concealed carry permits while stationed at a West Virginia military installation01/23/19
HB 2231Department of Administration, Purchasing Division01/10/19
HB 2232Department of Agriculture, Farm to Food Bank Tax Credit01/10/19
HB 2233DEP, Air Quality Board, Ambient Air Quality Standards01/10/19
HB 2234DEP, Air Quality Board, Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources01/10/19
HB 2235DEP, Air Quality Board, Control of Air Pollution from Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities01/10/19
HB 2236DEP, Air Quality Board, Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants01/10/19
HB 2237DEP, Air Quality Board, Requirements for Determining Conformity of Transportation Plans, Programs, and Projects Developed, Funded, or Approved01/10/19
HB 2238DEP, Air Quality Board, Provisions for Determination of Compliance with Air Quality Management Rules01/10/19
HB 2239DEP, Air Quality Board, Cross-State Air Pollution Rule01/10/19
HB 2240Fire Commission, State Building Code01/10/19
HB 2241Department of Health and Human Resources, Newborn Screening System01/10/19
HB 2242Health and Human Resources, Chronic Pain Management Clinic Licensure01/10/19
HB 2243Department of Health and Human Resources, rule relating to collection and exchange of data related to overdoses01/10/19
HB 2244Health Care Authority, rule relating to cooperative agreement approval and compliance01/10/19
HB 2245Division of Highways, rule relating to employment procedures01/10/19
HB 2246Division of Labor, rule relating to wage payment and collection01/10/19
HB 2247Division of Labor, rule relating to regulation of heating, ventilating, and cooling work01/10/19
HB 2248Board of Medicine, rule relating to licensing and disciplinary procedures: physicians; podiatric physicians and surgeons01/10/19
HB 2249Board of Medicine, rule relating to permitting and disciplinary procedures: educational permits for graduate medical interns, residents, and fellows01/10/19
HB 2250Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training, rules and regulations governing the safety of those employed in and around surface mines01/10/19
HB 2251Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training, rules and regulations governing the submission and approval of a comprehensive mine safety program01/10/19
HB 2252Office of Miners' Health, Safety, and Training, rules for operating diesel equipment in underground mines01/10/19
HB 2253Board of Osteopathic Medicine, rule relating to licensing procedures for osteopathic physicians01/10/19
HB 2254Board of Pharmacy, rule relating to licensure and practice of pharmacy01/10/19
HB 2255Board of Pharmacy, rule relating to board of pharmacy rules for registration of pharmacy technicians01/10/19
HB 2256Board of Pharmacy, rule relating to regulations governing pharmacy permits01/10/19
HB 2257Board of Pharmacy, rule relating to regulations governing pharmacists01/10/19
HB 2258Board of Registered Professional Nurses, rule relating to advanced practice registered nurse01/10/19
HB 2259Secretary of State, filing and formatting rules and related documents and other documents for publication in the State Register01/10/19
HB 2260Secretary of State, rule relating to loan and grant programs under the Help America Vote Act01/10/19
HB 2261Secretary of State, rule relating to early voting in-person satellite precincts01/10/19
HB 2262Secretary of State, rule relating to notaries public01/10/19
HB 2263Board of Social Work, rule relating to code of ethics01/10/19
HB 2264State Tax Department, rule relating to aircraft operated under a fractional ownership program01/10/19
HB 2265State Tax Department, rule relating to senior citizen tax credit for property taxes paid01/10/19
HB 2266State Tax Department, rule relating to administration of tax on purchases of wine and liquor inside and outside of municipalities01/10/19
HB 2267State Tax Department, rule relating to exchange of information agreement between Tax Division and Division of Environmental Protection01/10/19
HB 2268State Tax Department, rule relating to exchange of information agreement between the State Tax Division and the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration01/10/19
HB 2269State Tax Department, rule relating to exchange of information pursuant to written agreement01/10/19
HB 2270State Tax Department, rule relating to exchange of information agreements01/10/19
HB 2271State Tax Department, legislative rule relating to exchange of information agreement01/10/19
HB 2272State Tax Department, rule relating to exchange of information agreement between the State Tax Department and the Office of the State Fire Marshal01/10/19
HB 2273Department of Administration, rule relating to state-owned vehicles01/10/19
HB 2274Department of Administration, rule relating to leasing of space and acquisition of real property on behalf of state spending units01/10/19
HB 2275Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to animal disease control01/10/19
HB 2276Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to industrial hemp01/10/19
HB 2277Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to rural rehabilitation loan program01/10/19
HB 2278Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to captive cervid farming01/10/19
HB 2279Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to agritourism01/10/19
HB 2280Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to farmers markets01/10/19
HB 2281Commissioner of Agriculture, rule relating to seed certification program01/10/19
HB 2282Relating to administrative rules of the West Virginia State Athletic Commission01/10/19
HB 2283Department of Environmental Protection, rule relating to requirements governing water quality standards01/10/19
HB 2284Board of Licensed Dietitians, rule relating to licensure and renewal requirements01/10/19
HB 2285Department of Health and Human Resources, rule relating to behavioral health centers licensure01/10/19
HB 2286Department of Health and Human Resources, rule relating to assisted living residences01/10/19
HB 2287Department of Health and Human Resources, rule relating to food establishments01/10/19
HB 2288Department of Health and Human Resources, rule relating to food manufacturing facilities01/10/19
HB 2289Department of Health and Human Resources, rule relating to medication-assisted treatment-office-based medication-assisted treatment01/10/19
HB 2290Division of Labor, rule relating to child labor01/10/19
HB 2291Lottery Commission, rule relating to West Virginia Lottery sports wagering rule01/10/19
HB 2292Division of Natural Resources, rule relating to commercial whitewater outfitters01/10/19
HB 2293Division of Natural Resources, rule relating to rules for Cabwaylingo State Forest trail system two- year pilot project permitting ATVs and ORVs01/10/19
HB 2294Board of Pharmacy, rule relating to rules for the substitution of biological pharmaceuticals01/10/19
HB 2295Racing Commission, rule relating to thoroughbred racing01/10/19
HB 2296Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board01/10/19
HB 2297Registered Professional Nurses, rule relating to policies, standards, and criteria for the evaluation and accreditation of colleges, or schools of nursing01/10/19
HB 2298Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, rule relating to requirements for registration and licensure01/10/19
HB 2299Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, rule relating to standards for scope of professional nursing practice01/10/19
HB 2300Board of Registered Professional Nurses, rule relating to fees for services rendered by the board01/10/19
HB 2301Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, rule relating to dialysis technicians01/10/19
HB 2302Board of Social Work, rule relating to qualifications for the profession of social work01/10/19
HB 2303State Tax Department, rule relating to payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer01/10/19
HB 2304Treasurer's Office, rule relating to reporting and claiming unknown and unlocatable interest owners reserved interests01/10/19
HB 2306Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act01/11/19
HB 2309Allowing municipalities to cancel elections when only one person is running01/23/19
HB 2319Creating a state-administered wholesale drug importation program01/16/19
HB 2321Allowing workers’ compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder01/30/19
HB 2352Clarifying that appeals to the Supreme Court are a matter of right01/14/19
HB 2353Allowing purchase of hardware items and equipment for state-wide road system from a local seller rather than the holder of a state contract01/24/19
HB 2361Establishing certain requirements for dental insurance02/08/19
HB 2364Relating to the underbilling of customers by public utilities01/14/19
HB 2366West Virginia Appellate Review Reorganization Act of 201901/14/19
HB 2390Exempting from certain contract and common carrier laws motor vehicles used exclusively in the transportation of railroad personnel02/05/19
HB 2406Exempting persons with valid religious objections from having their photographs taken and placed on government licenses01/15/19
HB 2416Relating to the use of state owned rights-of-way01/15/19
HB 2419Relating to the authorization to release a defendant or a person arrested upon his or her own recognizance01/15/19
HB 2434Relating to the Commission on Special Investigations01/15/19
HB 2444Prosecuting Attorney’s Detectives Act01/15/19
HB 2445Creating the Independent Redistricting Commission of the Joint Committee on Government and Finance01/16/19
HB 2453Relating to eligibility for parole01/16/19
HB 2456Relating to the definition of a political party for all state and local elections01/16/19
HB 2467Relating to permitting nonresidents to obtain state licenses to carry a concealed deadly weapon01/16/19
HB 2471Increasing criminal penalties for impersonation of law-enforcement officers or officials01/17/19
HB 2473Prohibiting the private ownership or operation of a prison01/17/19
HB 2485Relating to expungement of criminal convictions01/17/19
HB 2488Relating to the theft of consumer identity protections01/17/19
HB 2494Relating to the ineligibility for home incarceration for offenders under certain circumstances01/17/19
HB 2495Authorizing certain West Virginia courthouse security officers to carry concealed firearms01/17/19
HB 2502Prohibiting registered sex offenders from participating in Halloween activities01/17/19
HB 2505Relating to the ineligibility for probation of certain defendants01/17/19
HB 2506Providing that attorneys-at-law may not be involuntarily appointed as counsel in any judicial matter01/17/19
HB 2507Eliminating good time credit for inmates who have been convicted on a prior occasion of another felony offense in an unrelated matter01/17/19
HB 2508Relating to certain defendants ineligible for probation01/17/19
HB 2518Authorizing the tracking of wounded or injured deer or bear with leashed dogs01/23/19
HB 2526Creating an offense for public intoxication due to drug use01/18/19
HB 2536Relating to the Mine Subsidence Insurance program01/25/19
HB 2537West Virginia Black Lung Program01/21/19
HB 2552Relating to the intestate share of a decedent's surviving spouse01/21/19
HB 2553The Motion Picture Open Captioning Act01/21/19
HB 2562Requiring the issuance of a search warrant before a driver of a motor vehicle can be made to submit to a secondary blood test01/21/19
HB 2563Relating to civil asset forfeiture01/21/19
HB 2581Requiring recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program be issued a photo identification card01/22/19
HB 2587Prohibiting violations of an individual’s civil rights because of disability or sexual orientation01/22/19
HB 2588Relating to occupational pneumoconiosis claims01/22/19
HB 2590Relating to payment of taxes by co owner or others01/22/19
HB 2594Prohibiting railroads from blocking crossings on privately owned streets01/31/19
HB 2599Awarding service weapons to special natural resources police officers upon retirement01/22/19
HB 2610Creating a criminal felony offense of aggravated assault or battery of a child or a person who is mentally incapacitated01/23/19
HB 2614Providing protective orders for victims of financial exploitation01/25/19
HB 2620Modifying the contact requirements with a student’s guardians upon accrual of unexcused absences01/29/19
HB 2621Relating to background checks of certain financial institutions02/11/19
HB 2622Allowing certified facility dogs to accompany witnesses at criminal trials01/24/19
HB 2640Making all inmates regardless of sex eligible to work on a state convict road force01/24/19
HB 2642Clarifying what constitutes an action requiring service to the Attorney General and notice to the Legislature01/24/19
HB 2646Providing a safe harbor for employers to correct underpayment or nonpayment of wages and benefits due to separated employees01/31/19
HB 2657Relating to registration of military surplus vehicles02/01/19
HB 2671Prevention of Deceptive Lawsuit Advertising and Solicitation Practices Act01/25/19
HB 2672Exempting honorably discharged veterans of the from payment of fees and costs for a license to carry deadly weapons02/15/19
HB 2677Repealing the article providing for Provider Sponsored Networks01/25/19
HB 2689Relating to replacing the present crime of burglary with the crime of home invasion01/28/19
HB 2695Relating to purchases made by the Director of the Division of Protective Services for equipment to maintain security at state facilities02/15/19
HB 2698Authorizing the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation to release to county prosecutors of this state certain information02/15/19
HB 2699Relating to municipal annexation by minor boundary adjustment02/07/19
HB 2704Relating to eligibility for parole01/28/19
HB 2707Relating to the apportionment of representation01/28/19
HB 2708Local Government Labor and Consumer Marketing Regulatory Limitation Act02/07/19
HB 2712Relating to death penalty for first degree murder01/29/19
HB 2725Relating to preventing compensatory damage awards for medical expenses from including certain sums01/29/19
HB 2736Relating to standards of proof in civil actions where business structure sought to be disregarded01/30/19
HB 2744Relating to officer liability for unremitted consumers sales and service tax01/30/19
HB 2750Relating to salary increase for Regional Jail Authority employees01/30/19
HB 2751Abolishing mandatory prison sentences01/30/19
HB 2753Permitting stand-in candidates for gubernatorial and presidential contests01/30/19
HB 2757Authorizing the Governor to seek the return of fugitives01/30/19
HB 2764Relating to the financial responsibility of inmates in relation to civil awards01/30/19
HB 2765Allowing firearms-qualified tax division investigators to carry firearms01/30/19
HB 2774Relating to the right to farm02/13/19
HB 2790West Virginia Monument and Memorial Protection Act of 201901/31/19
HB 2792Prohibiting activities connected with sexual abuse of an animal01/31/19
HB 2796Relating to analysis of samples of industrial hemp production02/13/19
HB 2801Requiring abortions to be performed by a licensed physician02/08/19
HB 2814Making it a felony to transport certain drugs into the state with intent to deliver02/01/19
HB 2822Creating an enhanced penalty for certain aggravated serious traffic offenses02/01/19
HB 2835Changing provisions regarding polygraph examinations of sex offenders02/04/19
HB 2838Relating to a court ordered examination02/04/19
HB 2857Relating to qualifications for a limited video lottery operator’s license02/06/19
HB 2867Transferring the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to the Attorney General’s office02/08/19
HB 2883Expanding the definitions of locations where enhanced penalties for selling controlled substances to a minor are applicable02/15/19
HB 2884Permitting the clerk of a circuit court to charge and collect a fee to search electronic records that requires special programming02/07/19
HB 2888Allowing the Executive Director of the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority to establish a work program02/07/19
HB 2889Relating to judgment liens02/07/19
HB 2892Including digital and virtual information in the definition of property that can be searched and seized by a warrant02/07/19
HB 2894Creating the offense of disturbing the peace by barking or howling dogs02/07/19
HB 2898Relating to billing practices of public utilities02/07/19
HB 2905Requiring the amount of child support to be paid is effective from the date the petition for the modification was filed02/07/19
HB 2910Eliminating the automatic voter registration program02/07/19
HB 2914Establishing commissioners for out-of-state notarizations of documents relating to West Virginia property02/07/19
HB 2916Expanding the ability of hard cider manufactures to produce hard cider in this state02/08/19
HB 2920Creating state and local law-enforcement review boards02/08/19
HB 2922Relating to requirements to obtain a final order of discharge and dismissal for possession of opiates or opioids02/08/19
HB 2936Relating to medical cannabis organizations02/08/19
HB 2940Relating to admissibility of evidence02/08/19
HB 2959Relating to unlawful panhandling and solicitation02/11/19
HB 2985West Virginia Faith Freedom Act02/11/19
HB 2986Requiring retail pet stores to complete registration forms required by the county assessor02/11/19
HB 2989State Settlement and Recovered Funds Accountability Act02/11/19
HB 2990Redistricting of the Senate02/11/19
HB 2996Repealing the article on unfair trade practices02/12/19
HB 2997Conforming the state Consumer Credit and Protection Act to the federal Fair Debt Collection and Practices Act02/12/19
HB 3000Relating to crimes against public justice02/12/19
HB 3008Reentry Task Force02/12/19
HB 3011Prohibiting provisions within settlement agreements that prevent the disclosure of factual information related to a claim filed in a civil action02/12/19
HB 3023Including home confinement officers in definition of law-enforcement officers02/12/19
HB 3025Providing for the Racing Commission to approve number of racing days requested by racing association02/12/19
HB 3028Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act02/12/19
HB 3029Requiring court reporters be licensed02/12/19
HB 3031Permitting the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration to request the assistance of law enforcement02/12/19
HB 3037Relating to criminal procedure02/12/19
HB 3042Requiring prescriptions be made by electronic means02/12/19
HB 3043Clarifying that municipalities may enact ordinances for rates, fees, and charges based upon actual use of services02/12/19
HB 3046Relating to compensation paid to landowners when interest in property taken by eminent domain is for a nongovernmental entity02/12/19
HB 3047Providing that moneys in the West Virginia Emergency Medical Services Retirement Fund are exempt from taxation, garnishment and other process02/12/19
HB 3050West Virginia Municipal Broadband Expansion Act02/12/19
HB 3055Permitting levies to pass with a majority of the vote02/12/19
HB 3062Relating to sale of delinquent tax liens02/12/19
HB 3066Relating to extended supervision for certain drug offenders02/12/19
HB 3067Relating to third-party litigation financing02/12/19
HB 3068Relating to sales by pet stores of dogs, cats or rabbits02/12/19
HB 3069Relating to the right of certain persons to limit possession of firearms on premises02/12/19
HB 3073Authorizing a court administrator to make determinations of financial eligibility for public defender services02/12/19
HB 3075Terminating the Public Service Commission02/12/19
HB 3091Relating to a person being required to undergo a psychological or mental health evaluation during divorce or child custody proceeding02/12/19
HB 3094Relating to political affiliation of elected officials02/12/19
HB 3109Implementing the Statewide Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Tracking System02/12/19
HB 3110Removing the statute of limitations on any misdemeanor which involves a child under 18 years of age02/12/19
HB 3117Prohibiting the Legislature from negotiating with illegal strikers02/12/19
HB 3119Relating generally to the ethical standards for elected and appointed officials and public employees02/12/19
HB 3124Prohibiting civil rights violations based on disability, gender identity or sexual orientation02/12/19
HB 3129Be Exceptional Starting Today Act02/12/19
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