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Bill Status - 2012 Regular Session

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Delegate Perry was the Lead Sponsor for 26 bills:


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HB 2117 Exempting nonprofit organizations from paying an annual motor vehicle registration fee Pending  House Roads and Transportation Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2118 Prohibiting individual county board of education members from acting on behalf of the board in an individual capacity unless authorized by law Pending  House Education Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2132 Relating to funeral and cremation expenses for indigent persons Pending  House Finance Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2158 Increasing the penalties for sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion on incarcerated persons Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2412 Providing a one-time bonus payable in July of every year for retired public school teachers and state retirees Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2676 Exempting county school boards of education school buses from paying tolls for transit over the West Virginia Turnpike or any parkways authority project Pending  House Finance Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2718 Providing that correctional officers may retire with full benefits after twenty years of service Pending  House Pensions and Retirement Committee  01/11/12 
HB 2996 Establishing shift differential pay scales for employees of the Division of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Services, and Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority Pending  House Government Organization Committee  01/11/12 
HB 4024 Allowing the Commissioner of Corrections to use excess funds from the Correctional Industries account for certain operational costs Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/12/12 
HB 4035 Requiring wireless telecommunications companies to release location information of a missing person's cell phone in a timely manner; the "Kelsey Smith Act" Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/12/12 
HB 4056 Making it a felony to disarm or attempt to disarm correctional officers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/13/12 
HB 4057 Relating to sanctions imposed against prisoners for filing certain frivolous, malicious or harassing litigation and unmerited administrative complaints Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/13/12 
HB 4060 Relating to prohibiting sexual acts between correctional personnel and persons incarcerated, or on parole or probation Tabled    3rd Reading  02/01/12 
HB 4101 Authorizing teacher-in-residence programs for certain prospective teachers in lieu of student teaching Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 8, 2012)
HB 4114 Providing a grace period for volunteer fire companies or departments to comply with submission of data in order to meet eligibility requirements to receive allocations from municipal pensions and protection fund Tabled    2nd Reading  02/16/12 
HB 4119 Providing a definition for an athletic director who is employed by a county board of education Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 7, 2012)
HB 4122 Relating to alternative programs for teacher education Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (May 31, 2012)
HB 4254 Increasing the filing fees for insurers Pending  House Banking and Insurance Committee  01/23/12 
HB 4256 Relating to captive insurance Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 7, 2012)
HB 4262 Continuing education for insurance producers Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/09/12 
HB 4401 Creating an exemption from licensure as an adjuster or certain individuals who conduct data entry into an automated claims adjudication system Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/16/12 
HB 4405 Increasing compensation, after July 1, 2012, of elected county officials and county commissioners for each class of county Pending  House Political Subdivisions Committee  02/02/12 
HB 4414 The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Pending  House Health and Human Resources Committee  02/03/12 
HB 4572 Relating to school service personnel classification and compensation Pending  Senate Education Committee  03/01/12 
HB 4604 Relating to assessment of real property Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/17/12 
HB 4648 Implementing a domestic violence court pilot project Signed  Effective Ninety Days from Passage - (June 8, 2012)
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