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Bill Status - 2009 Regular Session

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151 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to open and publish election returns01/14/09
HCR 2 Providing for an adjournment of the Legislature until February 11, 200901/14/09
HCR 3 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor02/11/09
HCR 4 CBM Howard W. Bannister Memorial Bridge04/06/09
HCR 10 The "T-5 Leon Whitlock and PFC Forrest Wilson Memorial Bridge" and the "SFC Stanley Williams Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 12 The "Sebert S. Duty Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 14 The "Corporal William Dely Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 15 Requesting that the West Virginia State Veterans Cemetery be named "The Donel Kinnard Veterans Cemetery"03/27/09
HCR 16 The "Willis W. Elkins Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 17 The "War Veterans of Mercer County Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 18 The "Chief Master Sergeant George Wallace Hedrick, Jr, Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 19 Requesting the Division of Highways to rename Guy Gillenwater Hollow to "Heritage Road"04/11/09
HCR 20 Requesting the Division of Highways add to the signage on bridge number O6-O2-0.10, in Cabell County, adding "Green Beret" above "Sgt. Jackie L. Waymire Memorial Bridge" and "Recipient of DSC KIA Vietnam 1967" below04/11/09
HCR 21 The "Staff Sgt. Jeremy Alexander Brown Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 22 The "Buffalo Creek Memorial Highway"04/11/09
HCR 23 The "Corporal Alfred E. Collins Bridge"03/23/09
HCR 25 Requesting that the Division of Highways relocate the marker known as the Washington Lands Marker in Moundsville04/11/09
HCR 27 The "Eugene Collins Memorial Bridge"04/07/09
HCR 28 The "Sgt. Daniel Pesimer Memorial Bridge Killed in Vietnam, 1968"04/11/09
HCR 29 The "Arden Cogar, Sr. Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 31 The "Airman First Class Christopher Burns Lester Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 37 Declaring Bituminous Coal to be the official state rock04/11/09
HCR 38 The "Bob W. Bellomy Memorial Bridge"04/07/09
HCR 39 The "Clair Bee: Basketball Coach and Author Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 40 Memorializing the life Cecil H. Underwood, former Governor of the State of West Virginia04/11/09
HCR 43 The "Vietnam Veterans Highway"04/11/09
HCR 44 The "SFC Jaime Scott Nicholas Memorial Highway"04/11/09
HCR 45 The "Bob Basil Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 47 The "PFC Ronald 'Ronnie' Dean, USMC, Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HCR 54 The "Margarette Riggins Leach Memorial Roadway"04/11/09
HCR 55 Expressing the will of the Legislature urging President Obama to support the efforts of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to participate in the specialized agencies of the United Nations04/06/09
HCR 57 Requesting the Governor adopt a "West Virginia Coal Miner Appreciation Day" in the State of West Virginia04/11/09
HCR 75 The "Pearl Harbor: PFC Carey K. Stockwell Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
HR 1 Adopting Rules of the House of Delegates01/14/09
HR 2 Authorizing the publication of a Legislative Manual and providing for the mailing lists for House Journals01/14/09
HR 3 Authorizing the printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House01/14/09
HR 4 Authorizing the Committee on Rules to arrange a Special Calendar01/14/09
HR 5 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Seventy-Ninth Legislature, two thousand nine01/14/09
HR 6 Recognizing the West Virginia Civics Literacy Council and Civic Literacy Day02/12/09
HR 7 Recognizing the considerable contributions of Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln and native of West Virginia02/12/09
HR 8 Creating a Select Committee on Federal Stimulus Utilization02/17/09
HR 9 Encouraging West Virginia educators to participate in future "Take a Veteran to School" initiatives02/16/09
HR 10 Designating February 18, 2009, as "Marshall University Day"02/18/09
HR 11 Designating February 20, 2009, as "Civil Rights Pioneer J. R. Clifford Day"02/20/09
HR 12 Recognizing the City of Princeton's Centennial02/23/09
HR 13 Honoring Community Action Agencies for their commitment and dedication to assisting the many West Virginians in need02/24/09
HR 14 Recognizing the public service of the AARP02/24/09
HR 15 Recognizing the importance of health care reform in West Virginia02/24/09
HR 16 Designating March 1-7, 2009, as National Problem Gambling Awareness Week in West Virginia03/04/09
HR 18 Expressing the will of the House of Delegates regarding Congress and President Obama planning a taxpayer-sponsored economic recovery package and the spending of economic recovery plan moneys03/04/09
HR 19 Designating March 2, 2009, as West Virginia March for Meals Day and the month of March, 2009 as March for Meals Fundraising Month03/02/09
HR 20 Designating March 4, 2009, as "Women's Day in West Virginia"03/04/09
HR 21 Recognizing and honoring Social Workers in West Virginia03/04/09
HR 22 Recognizing and honoring Disability Advocates in West Virginia03/04/09
HR 23 Memorializing the life of the Honorable John. H. Bowling, Jr., former member of the House of Delegates and Senate from Greenbrier County03/06/09
HR 24 Declaring that March 10, 2009, be designated "West Virginia State Grange Day"03/10/09
HR 25 Recognizing and honoring the members of The Society of Human Resource Management professional organization03/10/09
HR 27 Urging West Virginia's congressional delegation to support legislation that would require satellite companies to offer local channels03/18/09
HR 28 Designating March 12, 2009, as "West Virginia Press Association Day"03/12/09
HR 29 Designating the month of March, 2009 as "American Red Cross Month"03/13/09
HR 30 Designating March 16, 2009, as "Corrections Day"03/16/09
HR 31 Congratulating the Grafton High School Bearcats Football Team on winning the 2008 WVSSAC AA Football Championship03/17/09
HR 32 Recognizing and honoring Mose A. Napier for his service and dedication as Mayor for the City of Ceredo for the last forty years03/26/09
HR 33 Commending and congratulating the West Virginia Division of Forestry for its one hundred years of service to the citizens of West Virginia03/17/09
HR 34 Honoring professional licensed land surveyors and declaring the week of March 15, West Virginia Professional Surveyors' Week03/17/09
HR 35 Designating March 18, 2009, as "Crime Victims Day" at the Legislature03/18/09
HR 36 Urging the U.S. Congress to enact the Education Begins at Home Act03/19/09
HR 37 Recognizing and honoring Command Sergeant Major Stephen D. Blake, the top soldier of the United States Army Sustainment Command03/19/09
HR 38 Urging the Bureau for Medical Services to consider increasing reimbursement rates for the Medicaid Personal Care program03/25/09
HR 42 Recognizing and honoring David L. Lemmon, Sr. for his many years of service and dedication to the West Virginia State Police03/27/09
HR 43 Memorializing the life of Glenn Thomas "Tom" Searls, reporter, friend, Marshall University alum, and loyal West Virginian03/26/09
HR 45 Commemorating the passing of William Henry File, Jr., gentleman, sailor, attorney, public servant, and a great asset to his country and his faith04/10/09
HR 46 Commemorating the life of the Honorable William D. "Bill" Proudfoot, civic leader, farmer, beloved husband and father, and member of the West Virginia House of Delegates03/31/09
HR 47 Declaring April 2, 2009, to be Domestic Violence Prevention Day in West Virginia04/02/09
HR 49 Commemorating the life of the Honorable Charles Berkley Lilly, retired circuit court Judge, and former member of the House of Delegates04/10/09
HR 50 Commemorating the life of the Honorable Eustace Frederick, civic leader, business leader and innovator, member of the West Virginia House of Delegates04/09/09
SCR 1 Adopting joint rules of Senate and House of Delegates01/14/09
SCR 2 Relating to payment of supplies, services, printing and other expenses01/14/09
SCR 8 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Mullens "Charles V. Stewart Memorial Bridge"03/27/09
SCR 12 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Lesage "PVT Russell Curtis Knight Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
SCR 13 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Berkeley County "Bruce Van Wyk Memorial Bridge"04/10/09
SCR 17 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Logan County "Marine Private Robert Clayton Stephenson Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
SCR 32 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Boone County "Brian Scott 'Scotty' Ulbrich Memorial Bridge"04/10/09
SCR 34 Requesting Division of Highways name portion of U. S. 52 "R. A. West Memorial Highway"04/10/09
SCR 35 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Mercer County "Staff Sergeant Stanley Brian Reynolds Memorial Bridge"04/10/09
SCR 38 Requesting Division of Highways name Route 9 from Martinsburg to Morgan County line "Ray Johnston Memorial Highway"04/11/09
SCR 43 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Grafton "Bearcat Bridge"04/10/09
SCR 44 Requesting Division of Highways name Route 3 in Racine "Barry Lutsy Memorial Highway"04/10/09
SCR 46 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Braxton County "Harold V. Long Memorial Bridge"04/11/09
SCR 48 Requesting Division of Highways name bridge in Mercer County "Corporal Ray B. Cheatwood, Jr., Memorial Bridge"04/10/09
SCR 68 Extending 2009 regular legislative session04/08/09
SCR 83 Providing for adjournment of Legislature until May 26, 200904/12/09
SR 1 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate has assembled01/14/09
SR 2 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/14/09
SR 3 Adopting rules of Senate01/14/09
SR 4 Relating to mailing of bills and journals01/14/09
SR 5 Authorizing appointment of 2009 session employees01/14/09
SR 6 Celebrating life of Nancy Hanks Lincoln02/12/09
SR 7 Recognizing West Virginia Civics Literacy Council and Civic Literacy Day02/12/09
SR 8 Designating February 13, 2009, as "Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day"02/13/09
SR 9 Recognizing "Take a Veteran to School Day" program02/16/09
SR 10 Designating February 16, 2009, "Veterans Visibility Day"02/16/09
SR 11 Recognizing Ed Evans as America's Top Science Teacher finalist02/17/09
SR 12 Designating February 18, 2009, "Marshall University Day"02/18/09
SR 13 Memorializing Honorable William R. Sharpe, Jr., former senator02/19/09
SR 14 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley 02/23/09
SR 15 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson 02/24/09
SR 16 Designating February 24, 2009, "Community Action Day"02/24/09
SR 17 Requesting Congress reexamine law regarding children's recreational vehicles04/03/09
SR 18 Designating March 1-7, 2009, "National Problem Gambling Awareness Week"03/03/09
SR 19 Designating March 4, 2009, "Social Work Day"03/04/09
SR 20 Designating March 4, 2009, "Women's Day"03/04/09
SR 21 Designating March 4, 2009, "Disability Advocacy Day"03/04/09
SR 22 Recognizing Anastacia Meadows on winning 2009 Prudential Spirit of Community Award03/09/09
SR 23 Commemorating life of Thomas A. Colley03/13/09
SR 24 Expressing will of Senate regarding economic recovery plan spending03/16/09
SR 25 Designating March 10, 2009, "West Virginia State Grange Day"03/10/09
SR 26 Recognizing Society of Human Resource Management 03/10/09
SR 27 Designating March 12, 2009, "West Virginia Press Association Day"03/12/09
SR 29 Designating March, 2009, "American Red Cross Month"03/13/09
SR 30 Designating March 16, 2009, "Corrections Day"03/16/09
SR 31 Designating March 15-21, 2009, "Professional Land Surveyors Week"03/17/09
SR 32 Congratulating Grafton High School football team for winning 2008 Class AA championship03/17/09
SR 33 Designating March 18, 2009, "Crime Victims Day"03/18/09
SR 34 Requesting Congress enact Education Begins at Home Act03/19/09
SR 35 Honoring John Joseph Kenneth Cole, WVU Interim Chief of Staff03/20/09
SR 36 Designating March 20, 2009, "Higher Education Day"03/20/09
SR 37 Honoring Dr. C. Peter Magrath, WVU Interim President 03/20/09
SR 38 Recognizing Patrolman First Class Ryan Nelson Bentley 03/23/09
SR 39 Recognizing Estil L. Bevins, former Senate officer03/23/09
SR 40 Congratulating Logan High School baseball team for winning 2008 Class AA championship03/24/09
SR 41 Designating March 25, 2009, "WV Automobile Dealership Day"03/25/09
SR 42 Congratulating Summers County High School women's basketball team for winning 2009 Class AA championship03/25/09
SR 43 Recognizing Behavioral Healthcare Providers Association and Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors03/25/09
SR 44 Memorializing Nicholas County firefighters Johnnie Hammons and Timothy Nicholas03/26/09
SR 45 Designating March 26, 2009, "WV Home School Day"03/26/09
SR 46 Recognizing May as "Lyme Disease Awareness Month"03/26/09
SR 47 Congratulating North Marion High School girls' basketball team for winning 2009 Class AAA championship03/26/09
SR 48 Congratulating St. Joseph Lady Irish basketball team for winning 2009 Class A championship03/27/09
SR 49 Congratulating West Virginia University Rifle Team for winning 2009 NCAA championship03/27/09
SR 50 Requesting congressional delegation support coal industry04/02/09
SR 51 Commemorating life of Nelson Henry Todd04/06/09
SR 52 Honoring Ed Pastilong, WVU Athletic Director04/06/09
SR 53 Recognizing WV National Guard04/07/09
SR 54 Authorizing Senate Committee on Confirmations meet and be paid for interims between Sevenety-Ninth Legislature regular sessions04/08/09
SR 55 Honoring Cody Gallagher for receiving 2009 Prudential Spirit Community Award04/09/09
SR 56 Recognizing Virginia L. Branham-Lewis 04/10/09
SR 57 Congratulating Martinsburg High School basketball team for winning 2009 Class AAA championship04/11/09
SR 58 Memorializing life of Glenn Thomas "Tom" Searls04/11/09
SR 59 Raising committee to notify House Senate is ready to adjourn sine die05/31/09
SR 60 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die05/31/09
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