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175 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to the President of the Senate, as Acting Governor, to deliver and address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/12/11
HCR 2 The "James Paul Harrison WWII Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 4 The "PFC Carl E. Talterson and PFC Joseph W. Sell, Jr. Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 5 The "Fletcher Brothers Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 7 The "Staff Sergeant Arthur Coulter and Corporal E. J. Sizemore Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 9 The "Ronald Lee Fenstermacher Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 10 The "Everett 'Bud' Currence Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 11 The "Raymon Dale Kesling Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 12 The "Senator Homer K. Ball Memorial Road"03/04/11
HCR 13 The "Delegate Mike Porter Memorial Road"03/04/11
HCR 14 The "Senator Don Caruth Memorial Road"03/08/11
HCR 18 The "SP4 Loyd Eugene Robinson Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 19 The "Capt. Jackie Lee Dickens, USAF, and PFC. Kent Howell, USMC, Memorial Highway"03/04/11
HCR 20 The "Daniel M. Gunnoe Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 22 The "Delegate Dale F. Riggs Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 23 The "Howard 'Junkie' Masters Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 28 The "William Chapman "Chap" Cook and Civil War Veterans Memorial Highway"03/04/11
HCR 29 The "Simpson Brothers Veterans Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 30 The "Brian Lester Browder Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 31 The "Ranger Veteran's Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 32 The "Ensign Melvin G. Livesay Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 37 The "Cpl. Druey L. Hatfield Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 38 The "Colonel James E. Hiteshew Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 39 The "Justin Frye Memorial Bridge"03/07/11
HCR 40 The "Joseph Homer Lloyd Bridge"03/07/11
HCR 42 The "PFC William A. Lawrence Memorial Bridge"03/07/11
HCR 45 Conducting a study on the educational and communication barriers facing children in West Virginia who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families03/12/11
HCR 47 The "James Ray Bailey Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 49 The "Veterans Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 51 The "Charlie Howard Mitchell Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 52 The "James A. Wright Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 53 The "Keene Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 55 The "PVT. Clyde Whitman (Bobbie) Bennett and PFC Oliver Ball, Jr. Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 57 The "Lance Corporal John Darrell Smith Memorial Bridge"02/23/11
HCR 62 The "Rick Howard Sanders Memorial Bridge"03/04/11
HCR 63 The "Alan B. Mollohan Gateway"03/11/11
HCR 70 Naming the bridge on US Route 220 in the city of Keyser the "Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 74 The "Larkin Ours Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 75 Urging the Governor of Florida and the Florida State Senate Legislature not to repeal Florida's prescription tracking system03/11/11
HCR 77 The "SP5 Lloyd 'Buddy' Greene Jr. Memorial Bridge"03/08/11
HCR 78 The "Sergeant Robert Dewey Thompson Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 79 The "PFC Abraham G. Sams Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 81 The "Eli 'Rimfire' Hamrick Trail"03/12/11
HCR 86 The "PFC Roger Lee Byus Memorial Bridge"03/10/11
HCR 89 The "Ten Mile Creek Veteran's Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 90 The "Campbell Memorial Bridge"03/10/11
HCR 94 Supporting the "Honor and Remember" Flag as an official emblem of the service and sacrifice by the brave men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty03/12/11
HCR 101 The "PFC Ralph Lewis Boone Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 103 The "Lt. Ronnie D. Ferrell Memorial Bridge"03/08/11
HCR 113 The "PFC Darrell Lee Cabell Memorial Highway"03/11/11
HCR 116 The "Honorary and Memorial Firefighters Bridge"03/12/11
HCR 117 The Larry K. Conley Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
HCR 127 The "Staff Sergeant Chester Arthur Winchell Memorial Bridge"03/12/11
HCR 137 Requesting the Division of Highways erect signs stating "Lewisburg, Coolest Small Town U. S. A., 2011"03/12/11
HCR 138 Reaffirming the sister-state relationship between the State of West Virginia and Taiwan Province of the Republic of China03/08/11
HCR 139 Calling for the Congress of the United States to offer and support a resolution honoring the life of Frank Woodruff Buckles, and providing that Mr. Buckles body be allowed to lie in honor in the United States Capitol rotunda03/08/11
HCR 149 Urging the PSC act to review the condition of the Pruntytown to Mt. Storm 500kV transmission line and order the rebuilding and reconductoring of that transmission line as soon as is practical03/12/11
HCR 155 Extending the Committee of Conference relating to consideration of Com. Sub. for H. B. 2464, Adding additional requirements to the Ethics Act03/11/11
HR 1 Adopting Rules of the House of Delegates01/12/11
HR 2 Authorizing the publication of a Legislative Manual and providing for the mailing lists for House Journals01/12/11
HR 3 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/12/11
HR 4 Authorizing the Committee on Rules to arrange a Special Calendar01/12/11
HR 5 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eightieth Legislature, two thousand eleven01/12/11
HR 6 Designating January 13, 2011, as "Mineral County Day at the Legislature"01/13/11
HR 7 Designating January 20, 2011, as "Generation West Virginia Day"01/20/11
HR 8 Designating Janaury 20, 2011, as "Professional Counselor's Day"01/20/11
HR 9 Recognizing the Blue Ridge Chapter of the National MS Society01/20/11
HR 10 Recognizing the statewide contributions of the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia01/26/11
HR 11 Designating January 26, 2011, as "Women's Day" in West Virginia01/26/11
HR 12 Encouraging West Virginia's middle and high schools to help promote breast cancer awareness by hosting "pink" sports and recreational events during the month of October01/27/11
HR 13 Recognizing the West Virginia Press Association on January 27, 201101/27/11
HR 14 Honoring the forty-eight years of service and career of Allen B. Tackett, the longest-serving Adjunct General of the West Virginia National Guard01/31/11
HR 15 Designating February 2, 2011 as "Professional Social Work Day"02/02/11
HR 17 Designating February 3, 2011, as "Crime Victims Day at the Legislature"02/03/11
HR 20 Designating February 9, 2011, as "Disability Advocacy Day"02/09/11
HR 21 Designating February 14, 2011, as "Corrections Day"02/14/11
HR 23 Designating July 18 annually as "Law-Enforcement Officer Memorial Day"03/09/11
HR 24 Designating February 21, 2011 as "Jefferson County Day" at the State Capitol02/21/11
HR 25 Recognizing the importance of the annual Marshall - WVU football game and urging continuation of the series03/10/11
HR 26 Designating February 22, 2011, as "West Virginia Home School Day"02/22/11
HR 27 Expressing the sense of the Legislature that designating the annual observance of September 17, Constitution Day, also be declared "Robert C. Byrd Remembrance Day"03/10/11
HR 28 Designating February 23, 2011, as "Community Action Day"02/23/11
HR 29 Amending House Rule 93, relating to the number of bills to be presented02/28/11
HR 30 Recognizing the many contributions of the Proud Students Against Land Mines (PSALM) at the St. Francis de Sales Central Catholic School02/25/11
HR 31 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Thomas Michael "Mike" Porter, businessman, civic leader, U.S. Army veteran, successful NASCAR driver, member of the West Virginia House of Delegates and proud West Virginian02/28/11
HR 32 Designating March 2, 2011 as "Marshall University Day03/02/11
HR 34 Commemorating and celebrating the life of Sam J. Argento, a member of the West Virginia03/07/11
HR 37 Designating March 8, 2011, as "International Women's Day"03/08/11
HR 38 Recognizing the West Virginia Directors of Senior and Community Services for receiving the 2011 National Institute of Senior Centers State Association of the Year Award (NISC)03/10/11
HR 40 Expressing the will of the House of Delegates in supporting the Wisconsin state employees and others that will be affected by legislation introduced by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker03/11/11
HR 43 Commemorating the passing of Jackie Withrow, a woman, wife and states woman of enormous compassion and courage who dedicated her life in service to the most vulnerable of West Virginians03/12/11
HR 44 Urging the United States Navy to continue the Parkersburg High NJROTC Program03/12/11
SCR 2 Requesting DOH name portion of County Routes 1 and 3 "Glen Rogers Coal Miner Memorial Highway"02/08/11
SCR 3 Requesting DOH name bridge in Pendleton County "Korean War Veterans Bridge"02/08/11
SCR 7 Authorizing payment of supplies, services, printing and other expenses01/24/11
SCR 8 Requesting DOH name segment of U. S. Route 33 "Sergeant Clinton M. Hedrick and World War II Veterans Memorial Highway"02/08/11
SCR 9 Requesting DOH name bridge on U. S. Route 220 in Smoke Hole, Pendleton County, "Pendleton County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge"02/08/11
SCR 10 Designating March 30 annually "West Virginia Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day"03/11/11
SCR 11 Authorizing placement of statue of Honorable Francis Harrison Pierpont at Independence Hall in Wheeling03/11/11
SCR 13 Requesting DOH name State Route 3, between Yawkey and Julian, "LCPL Rodney A. Breedlove Memorial Highway"02/25/11
SCR 14 Requesting DOH name bridge in Whitesville crossing Big Coal River, "CPL Charles 'Mitchell' Hannah Memorial Bridge"03/10/11
SCR 16 Requesting DOH name WV 54, from intersection with CR 54/4 to intersection with WV 16, "C.C. 'Sonnie' Phillips Bypass"03/11/11
SCR 17 Adopting joint rules of the Senate and House of Delegates02/14/11
SCR 18 Requesting DOH name bridge on Corridor H in Moorefield, Hardy County, "Richard Lee 'Dickie' Moyers Veterans Memorial Bridge"02/21/11
SCR 19 Requesting DOH name WV 3 from intersection with WV 94 to Raleigh County Line "John Protan Highway"03/10/11
SCR 20 Requesting DOH name bridge at I-64, Exit 11, near 16th Street and Hal Greer Boulevard, "Jeffrey P. Ball Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
SCR 21 Requesting DOH name bridge on I-79, spanning WV 114, "Hodges Brothers Bridge"03/11/11
SCR 24 Requesting DOH name bridge in Monongalia County "Joseph C. Bartolo Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
SCR 25 Requesting DOH name Route 35 in Putnam and Mason counties "Fruth-Lanham Highway"03/12/11
SCR 28 Requesting DOH name intersection of Stoney Ridge and King Coal Highway in Mercer County "Christine West Interchange"03/11/11
SCR 29 Requesting DOH name King Coal Highway Interchange, at intersection of U. S. Route 52 and U. S. Route 460 in Mercer County "The K. A. Ammar, Jr. Interchange"03/11/11
SCR 30 Requesting DOH name bridge number 03-119-16.22 "PFC Willie Ray Stollings Memorial Bridge"03/10/11
SCR 32 Requesting DOH name bridge on U. S. Route 60 in Gauley Bridge "Sgt. Scott Angel Memorial Bridge"03/11/11
SCR 33 Requesting DOH name bridge on Route 16 in Wyoming County "Justin Lane Haga Janes and Matthew Robert Wrenn Memorial Bridge"03/12/11
SCR 37 Urging congressional delegation oppose Community Service Block Grants reductions03/11/11
SCR 38 Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study needs, challenges and issues facing West Virginians with Alzheimer's03/12/11
SCR 39 Requesting DOH name WV 20 between Cowen and Webster and Nicholas County lines "Chief Samuel 'Ed' Plummer Memorial Highway"03/11/11
SCR 43 Requesting DOH erect sign under community of Caldwell sign on Route 60 at mile marker 165 east and at mile marker 166 west bound, in Greenbrier County, "Home of Chan Whitt Jr."03/10/11
SCR 60 Requesting DOH name 35th Street bridge in Charleston "Kaufman Memorial 35th Street Bridge"03/09/11
SJR 10
Proposing amendment to Constitution designated Repeal The Two Consecutive Term Limitation for Sheriffs Amendment03/11/11
SR 1 Adopting rules of Senate01/12/11
SR 2 Raising committee to notify House Senate has assembled01/12/11
SR 3 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/12/11
SR 4 Authorizing mailing of bills and journals01/12/11
SR 5 Recognizing contributions of Henry Gassaway Davis01/13/11
SR 6 Amending Senate Rule Nos. 3, 14, 15, 27 and 62.01/20/11
SR 7 Commemorating life of Michael Edward Millner01/14/11
SR 8 Designating January 20, 2011, as "Generation West Virginia Day" at the Legislature01/20/11
SR 9 Designating January 20, 2011, as "Professional Counselor Day" at the Legislature01/20/11
SR 10 Urging U. S. EPA reconsider January 13, 2011, action to veto permit issued by U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for Spruce Mine01/20/11
SR 11 Amending Senate Rule No. 1501/21/11
SR 12 Designating January 25, 2011, "Local Economic Development Appreciation Day"01/25/11
SR 13 Recognizing statewide contributions of the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences01/26/11
SR 14 Designating January 27, 2011, "West Virginia Press Association Day"01/27/11
SR 15 Authorizing appointment and payment of Senate employees for 2011 01/28/11
SR 16 Honoring Adjutant General Allen E. Tackett01/31/11
SR 17 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley01/31/11
SR 18 Honoring Charleston Catholic High School Volleyball Team for its accomplishments and record-setting performances over 2009 and 2010 seasons02/01/11
SR 19 Recognizing Hannah Bailey for outstanding athletic achievements02/02/11
SR 20 Designating February 2, 2011, "Social Work Day" at the Legislature02/02/11
SR 21 Congratulating Spring Valley Varsity Cheerleaders for winning 2010 Class AAA state cheerleading championship02/02/11
SR 22 Designating February 3, 2011, "Crime Victims Day at the Legislature"02/03/11
SR 23 Recognizing WV Soccer Club Rowdies U14 boys team for outstanding athletic achievement02/09/11
SR 24 Designating February 9, 2011, "Disability Advocacy Day"02/09/11
SR 25 Designating February 14, 2011 "Corrections Day"02/14/11
SR 26 Congratulating Cabell Midland High School Boys' Cross Country team on winning 2010 Class AAA state championship02/15/11
SR 27 Recognizing Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America02/16/11
SR 28 Designating February 17, 2011, "Higher Education Day" at the Legislature02/17/11
SR 29 Recognizing WVU at Parkersburg on occasion of its 50th Anniversary02/17/11
SR 30 Memorializing life of Catherine L. Larck02/18/11
SR 31 Designating February 21, 2011, Jefferson County Day at the Capitol02/21/11
SR 32 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson02/21/11
SR 33 Designating Monday, February 21, 2011, "Veterans Visibility Day"02/21/11
SR 34 Designating May 24, 2011, "Aviation Maintenance Technician Day"02/22/11
SR 35 Designating February 22, 2011, "West Virginia Home School Day" 02/22/11
SR 36 Designating February 23, 2011, "Community Action Day"02/23/11
SR 37 Recognizing Summers County High School Lady Bobcats basketball team 02/23/11
SR 38 Memorializing life of Andrew J. Trail02/23/11
SR 39 Recognizing Society of Human Resource Management 02/24/11
SR 40 Recognizing volunteers and staff at pregnancy care centers in WV and across United States02/24/11
SR 41 Recognizing Rhonda Smalley and the Cabell Midland High School Band02/25/11
SR 42 Designating March 2, 2011, "Marshall University Day"03/02/11
SR 43 Recognizing Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 03/04/11
SR 44 Designating March 6-12, 2011, "National Problem Gambling Awareness Week" 03/07/11
SR 45 Designating March, 2011, "American Red Cross Month"03/07/11
SR 46 Recognizing Republic of China (Taiwan) on occasion of its 100th anniversary03/07/11
SR 47 Supporting legislation by Senator Rockefeller and Senator Manchin restricting power of United States Environmental Protection Agency03/08/11
SR 48 Memorializing life of Honorable Ralph Dale Williams03/09/11
SR 49 Authorizing Senate Committee on Confirmations meet and be paid for interims between regular sessions of Eightieth Legislature03/10/11
SR 51 Recognizing WV Directors of Senior and Community Services03/10/11
SR 53 Honoring Fred Pace 03/11/11
SR 54 Urging U. S. Navy continue Parkersburg High School NJROTC Program03/11/11
SR 55 Memorializing life of Frank Woodruff Buckles03/12/11
SR 56 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/18/11
SR 57 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/18/11
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