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145 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/08/14
HCR 2 The "USMC CPL Larry G. Carnutte Memorial Bridge"02/28/14
HCR 4 The "Army Corporal Eldred Jennings Hensley Memorial Bridge"03/04/14
HCR 5 The "Sergeant Elzie Mundy, Jr. Bridge"03/04/14
HCR 6 The "Marine LCpl Benny A. Gilco Bridge"03/04/14
HCR 7 The "Kerry Albright Road"02/28/14
HCR 8 The "Oral Gene Castle Bridge"03/04/14
HCR 9 The "Army S/SGT Raymond Lawrence Berry Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
HCR 10 The "Veterans Memorial Bridge"02/20/14
HCR 11 The "Pendleton County Union Veterans Memorial Bridge"03/05/14
HCR 12 The "Pendleton County Confederate Veterans Memorial Highway"03/03/14
HCR 13 The "Thomas H. Stafford Memorial Bridge"02/20/14
HCR 14 The "Army Specialist Fifth Class Elton Dale Workman Memorial Bridge"02/21/14
HCR 17 The "Captain Isaac Alt West Virginia Militia Memorial Bridge"03/08/14
HCR 19 The "Army Specialist 4 William Lewis Reger Memorial Bridge"02/21/14
HCR 20 The "Army Corporal William Eugene Shank Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
HCR 23 Army Sgt. Walter William Smith Memorial Bridge02/21/14
HCR 25 Urging the West Virginia Governor's Office and the Senate and House Finance Committees to include sufficient funds in the budget to eliminate the wait list for the Aged and Disabled Waiver program03/07/14
HCR 27 The Audra Park Bridge in Memory of Army Sergeant John A. Charnoplosky02/25/14
HCR 28 William S. (Bill) Croaff Memorial Bridge03/08/14
HCR 32 Joe "Toby" Slade Memorial Bridge03/04/14
HCR 34 Marine Private Rudy Varney Bridge - Purple Heart Recipient03/08/14
HCR 35 The Arden Bridge in Memory of Abbie Gall02/25/14
HCR 36 Army Sergeant Billy E. Vinson Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 37 Army Sergeant Charles Leo Dulaney Memorial Bridge02/21/14
HCR 38 W.T. (Big Bill) Elswick Memorial Bridge03/05/14
HCR 39 Army LTC Robert "Bob" Marslender Bridge03/07/14
HCR 40 Designating "Take Me Home Country Roads" an official state song.03/08/14
HCR 42 Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 201202/12/14
HCR 43 Dr. William Prudich Memorial Highway03/03/14
HCR 44 Carnie L. Spratt Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 45 U.S. Army SFC Bob L. VandeLinde Bridge03/03/14
HCR 47 Army SFC Michael Joe "Joey" Marushia Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 48 Corporal Tracy Thurman Walls Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 49 Army PFC Lilborn Dillon Memorial Road03/08/14
HCR 54 Chief Denzil O. Lockard Memorial Bridge02/20/14
HCR 55 Alex Angelino Memorial Bridge02/20/14
HCR 56 Army SSG Jesse Adam Ault Memorial Bridge03/05/14
HCR 57 Providing for the licensing of adult day health centers that implement a hybrid model of care03/07/14
HCR 59 Urging the Governor to direct the Bureau of Senior Services to issue a report on the needs for in-home care03/08/14
HCR 60 Lester W. 'Cappy' Burnside, Jr. Bridge03/08/14
HCR 63 Army SPC Gary Wayne Hudnall Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 64 SSG Earl F. (Fred) Brown Memorial Bridge03/08/14
HCR 65 Army SP4 Harold "Skip" Grouser Memorial Bridge03/08/14
HCR 66 Quentin H. Wickline Memorial Bridge03/08/14
HCR 69 U.S. Army Corporal John L. Gibbs Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 70 U.S. Army Sgt. Matthew D. Hunter Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 71 Army Private William C. Bias Memorial Bridge03/08/14
HCR 73 U.S. Army Captain David Van Camp Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 74 Deputy Roger Lee Treadway Memorial Bridge03/07/14
HCR 75 Army SPC 4 Marvin Dewayne Canterbury Memorial Highway03/07/14
HCR 76 Army PFC Richard Lee Lakin Memorial Bridge 03/07/14
HCR 79 Ord Brothers Memorial Bridge03/05/14
HCR 82 U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Kenneth Amick Memorial Bridge03/05/14
HCR 83 Requesting Congress erect a national monument to motherhood03/06/14
HCR 105 Urging Congress to pass the Safe Freight Act03/08/14
HCR 107 "William Dakota "Kody" Faine Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
HCR 140 James D. LaRosa Memorial Bridge03/08/14
HJR 108 Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Support Amendment03/08/14
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the Eighty-first Legislature, two thousand fourteen01/08/14
HR 2 Establishing the Calendars of the House, providing for the arrangement of business thereon, and providing for making public the vote on certain questions in connection with the preparation thereof01/09/14
HR 3 Authorizing the Clerk to have printed and to distribute the Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/08/14
HR 4 Re-establishing and realigning the Standing Committees of the House01/09/14
HR 5 Enrolling a Memorial to an extraordinary individual, the Honorable Joseph Blair Talbott, former Member of the House of Delegates from the County of Webster, educator, public servant and friend01/20/14
HR 8 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Ruth Stafford Goldsmith, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, community advocate, and public servant02/03/14
HR 11 Commemorating the life of Honorable Robert J. Conley02/17/14
HR 12 Memorializing the life of the Honorable James E. "Jimmy" Willison, veteran, lay minister, and public servant02/27/14
HR 13 Urging the United States Environmental Protection Agency to develop guidelines that support the lead role of states in regulating carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants03/03/14
HR 16 Creating an Interim Select Committee on Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development for the eighty-first Legislature03/08/14
HR 17 Requesting the House of Delegates Women's Caucus, acting as an Interim Select Committee, study crimes against children03/08/14
SCR 1 Requesting DOH name Becky's Creek Bridge, Randolph County, "U. S. Army Sgt. Cecil W. Kittle, Jr., Memorial Bridge"03/03/14
SCR 2 Requesting DOH name bridge in Harrison County "U. S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Kevin S. Rux Memorial Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 3 Requesting DOH name bridge in Gypsy, Harrison County, "U. S. Navy Seaman First Class Sam Lopez Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 4 Requesting DOH name new bridge crossing West Fork of Monongahela River at Shinnston "Veterans Memorial Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 5 Requesting DOH name bridge in Kanawha County "Army PFC William Floyd Harrison Memorial Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 7 Requesting Star City interchange on I-79 in Morgantown be named "Michael A. Oliverio, Sr., Interchange"01/23/14
SCR 8 Requesting DOH name bridge in West Milford, Harrison County, "USMC Cpl. Gene William Somers, Jr., Memorial Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 9 Requesting DOH name portion of U. S. Rt. 522 "Trooper First Class Thomas Dean Hercules and Trooper Charles Henry Johnson Memorial Highway"02/25/14
SCR 10 Requesting DOH name bridge in Switzer, Logan County, "U. S. Army Cpl. James Melvin 'Pete' Spradlin Memorial Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 11 Requesting DOH name bridge in Logan "U. S. Army Major Thomas McElwain Memorial Bridge"02/25/14
SCR 15 Requesting DOH name bridge on Rt. 2, Cabell County, "U. S. Army PFC Homer 'Clyde' Farley and U. S. Army PFC Max O. Farley Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
SCR 17 Requesting DOH name bridge in Greenbrier County "U. S. Army Sgt. James Lee Holcomb Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
SCR 19 Requesting DOH name bridge in Lincoln County "U. S. Army Sergeant Paul Norman Chapman Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
SCR 20 Recognizing value and importance of state's innovation industry03/07/14
SCR 21 Requesting DOH name bridge in Raleigh County "U. S. Army PFC Shelby Dean Stover Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
SCR 22 Requesting DOH name section of Rt. 901 "Deputy John L. Burkett III Memorial Highway"03/04/14
SCR 27 Urging President and Congress establish provisions to prevent and respond to chemical spills in state and national waters03/07/14
SCR 28 Requesting DOH name road in Logan County "Joshua Walls Memorial Highway"03/08/14
SCR 32 Requesting DOH name bridge in Calhoun County "U. S. Army Sergeant Robert Odell Orders Memorial Bridge"02/20/14
SCR 41 Requesting DOH name portion of Rt. 83 in McDowell County "U. S. Army MSGT Joe C. Alderman Memorial Road"03/08/14
SCR 44 Requesting DOH name bridge in Marion County "Sheriff Junior Slaughter Memorial Bridge"03/07/14
SCR 50 Requesting DOH name portion of State Rt. 20, Hinton, Summers County, "USMC Sgt. Mecot E. Camara Memorial Highway"03/08/14
SCR 52 Requesting DOH place signage along highways entering WV honoring fallen veterans and Gold Star Families03/08/14
SCR 60 Requesting DOH name section of Rt. 1 in Marion County "USAF Sergeant Jerome E. Kiger Memorial Road"03/08/14
SR 1 Raising committee to notify House Senate has assembled01/08/14
SR 2 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/08/14
SR 3 Honoring Harley Orrin Staggers, Sr.01/09/14
SR 4 Celebrating Monongalia County01/09/14
SR 5 Authorizing appointment of 2014 session employees01/10/14
SR 6 Designating Crime Victims Day at Legislature01/15/14
SR 7 Designating Generation West Virginia Day01/20/14
SR 8 Designating West Virginia Kids at Risk Day01/22/14
SR 10 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley01/27/14
SR 11 Recognizing value and importance of state's innovation industry01/29/14
SR 13 Designating Randolph County Day02/03/14
SR 14 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson02/03/14
SR 15 Recognizing social workers in WV02/05/14
SR 16 Designating Preston County Day02/05/14
SR 17 Recognizing Pinnacle Blue Mine Rescue Team02/05/14
SR 18 Recognizing Community Development Hub's Communities of Achievement Program02/06/14
SR 19 Recognizing organ procurement organizations02/06/14
SR 20 Recognizing School of Osteopathic Medicine02/06/14
SR 23 Designating Fairness West Virginia Day02/10/14
SR 24 Recognizing Steve Antoline, 2014 Outstanding Tree Farmer 02/11/14
SR 25 Recognizing Women's Commission on Women's Day02/12/14
SR 26 Designating Marshall University Day02/12/14
SR 28 Honoring Senator Jack Yost02/12/14
SR 29 Recognizing Doc for a Day Program02/13/14
SR 30 Designating Corrections Day02/14/14
SR 31 Designating Veterans Visibility Day02/17/14
SR 32 Designating WV State University Day02/18/14
SR 33 Recognizing Linsly School02/18/14
SR 34 Recognizing Greenbrier Valley Polar Bear Plunge Club02/19/14
SR 35 Designating Disability Advocacy Day02/19/14
SR 36 Designating Higher Education Day02/21/14
SR 37 Recognizing Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences02/25/14
SR 38 Designating Nurses Unity Day02/26/14
SR 39 Recognizing Community Action Agencies02/27/14
SR 40 Recognizing Lincoln Public Service District02/27/14
SR 41 Designating Housing Day02/27/14
SR 42 Memorializing life of Lance Corporal Adam Johnson Crumpler02/28/14
SR 43 Memorializing life and public service of James Howard "Buck" Harless03/07/14
SR 44 Memorializing life of Honorable Robert K. "Bob" Holliday03/04/14
SR 45 Recognizing Paul Wesley Ambrose Health Policy Fellows Program03/06/14
SR 46 Designating WVU and WVU Extension Day03/04/14
SR 47 Designating March as American Red Cross Month03/05/14
SR 48 Recognizing sister-state relationship of WV with Republic of China03/05/14
SR 49 Recognizing MU Forensic Science Center DNA Lab03/05/14
SR 50 Designating Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week03/06/14
SR 51 Recognizing Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center03/07/14
SR 52 Memorializing life of Jeffrey S. Taylor03/08/14
SR 53 Memorializing life of James Dominick LaRosa03/08/14
SR 54 Honoring Dr. Rahul Gupta03/08/14
SR 55 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/14/14
SR 56 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/14/14
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