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158 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly 01/09/19
HCR 2 Senator J. Frank Deem Memorial Bridge03/07/19
HCR 5 U. S. Army T/5 Maurice V. Mann Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 6 U. S. Army PFC Earl Russell Cobb, SPC4 Carl Bradford Goodson, and SSGT George T. Saunders Jr. Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 9 Kingmont Veterans Bridge PVT Jarrett Springer, U. S. Army WWII, PFC Benjamin "Benny" Hamrick, USMC Vietnam03/09/19
HCR 11 U. S. Army Command Sergeant Major Timothy Allen Bolyard Memorial Bridge03/07/19
HCR 13 Chief Robert Edward Dorsey Memorial Highway03/07/19
HCR 14 U. S. Army CPT Benjamin Ronk Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 17 U. S. Marine Corps CPL Larry Scott Kennedy Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 19 U. S. Marine Sgt. Stephen E. Drummond Memorial Bridge02/28/19
HCR 20 PFC Charles Everett Hurd Memorial Bridge03/08/19
HCR 23 U. S. Army SGT Rodney David King and U. S. Army SGT James Harris King Memorial Bridge03/07/19
HCR 26 George” Roush Memorial Bridge03/08/19
HCR 28 Charleston Police Capt. Jerry D. Hill Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 32 Requesting the Secretary of the Department of Transportation to authorize raising highway speed limits, where appropriate, to 75 miles per hour on Interstate highways in West Virginia and to 70 miles per hour on West Virginia's Appalachian Corridor highways03/08/19
HCR 36 SPEC 5 Garry Monzel ‘Michael’ Shannon Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 37 SSGT Thomas Gavin Hess Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 40 U. S. Army CAPT William H. Denney, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 42 U. S. Navy Petty Officer 2d Class Joseph Allen Ashley Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 44 U. S. Marine Corps PFC Randall Carl Phelps Memorial Bridge03/07/19
HCR 46 PVT Jack C. Evans Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 47 U. S. Army PFC Arnold Miller Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 48 Urging the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health to designate Alzheimer's disease and other dementias as a public health issue03/07/19
HCR 49 U. S. Marine Corps PFC Danny Marshall Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 52 Dr. H. Luke Eye Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 53 Ray P. Reip Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 54 U. S. Navy AOAN David ‘Wayne’ Cornell Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 55 U. S. Navy Seaman 1st Class Brady William Milam Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 58 U.S. Army SGT Tommy Meadows Memorial Road03/09/19
HCR 63 U. S. Army SSG Boggs G. Collins Memorial Road03/09/19
HCR 64 U. S. Army CPL Jerry Lee Noble Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 66 U. S. Army SPC Thurman ‘Duwayne’ Young Memorial Bridge03/07/19
HCR 68 Bluefield Police Lt. Aaron L. Crook Memorial Road03/09/19
HCR 70 Danny Wayne Marks Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 72 U. S. Army PFC Harold Paul Cottle Memorial Highway03/09/19
HCR 73 U. S. Army SGT Matthew T. Miller Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 74 U. S. Army PFC James Leslie Pridemore Memorial Road03/09/19
HCR 76 Reverend Lonnie Ramsey Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 78 U. S. Air Force Amn Kenneth Wayne Hammar Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 79 U. S. Army PFC Homer Jacob Day Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 82 U. S. Navy Veteran Samuel H. Slack, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 85 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the feasibility of combining the volunteer fire departments03/09/19
HCR 86 Requesting study of municipal and county governments for efficiencies and economies of scale03/09/19
HCR 87 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the Public Service Commission03/09/19
HCR 88 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the Board of Risk and Insurance Management03/09/19
HCR 91 U. S. Army SGT. Robert Henry Waggy Memorial Bridge03/09/19
HCR 93 Requesting the Joint Committee on Energy study legislation relating to the deregulation of natural gas03/09/19
HCR 108 Study of the peer-to-peer car sharing program03/09/19
HR 1 Adopting Rules of the House of Delegates01/09/19
HR 2 Authorizing publication of the Legislative Manual and authorizing payment of travel and other expenses of the House01/09/19
HR 3 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/09/19
HR 4 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eighty-fourth Legislature, two thousand nineteen01/09/19
HR 5 Honoring U. S. Army SPC4 Carmel Harvey Jr., Medal of Honor recipient02/22/19
HR 6 Recognizing the importance of West Virginia’s energy resources and critical energy infrastructure to support economic development and national security03/07/19
HR 7 Commemorating the passing of the Honorable John Franklin Deem, veteran, businessman and dedicated public servant01/23/19
HR 8 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Paul W. McKown, veteran, athlete, teacher, coach and public servant01/28/19
HR 10 Memorializing the life of the Honorable James Michael Casey, proud father, veteran, attorney, public servant and West Virginian02/04/19
HR 11 Recognizing the importance of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline03/07/19
HR 15 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Mary Pearl Compton, teacher and public servant02/18/19
SCR 1 Adopting joint rules of Senate and House of Delegates01/09/19
SCR 2 Relating to payment of expenses of 84th Legislature01/09/19
SCR 4 US Marine Corps Lt. Col. Dennis Ray Blankenship Memorial Road03/09/19
SCR 5 Home of Coach Bob Bolen Mountain State University 2004 NAIA Champions sign03/09/19
SCR 6 US Army SP4 Darrell Gregory Triplett Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 9 US Army PFC Winten L. Wayts Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 12 US Army CPL Lee Roy Young Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 16 US Army SP4 Wilbur Allen Smith Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 17 Sardis District Veterans Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 20 US Air Force SSGT Ryan David Hammond Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 23 Jeffrey Alan Clovis Memorial Bridge03/08/19
SCR 24 Hazel Dickens Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 25 US Army PFC Andrew "Bo" Martin Harper Memorial Bridge03/08/19
SCR 26 Thompson-Lambert Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 28 US Army SP5 James Henry Caruthers Memorial Road03/09/19
SCR 31 SGT James E. Mattingly Bridge03/09/19
SCR 32 US Army SSG Henry Kilgore Bridge03/09/19
SCR 34 US Army SPC Julian Lee Berisford Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 35 Designating days for displaying Honor and Remember Flag at WV Veterans Memorial03/02/19
SCR 36 US Army CPL Cory M. Hewitt Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 38 Urging CSX support New River Train03/09/19
SCR 40 US Army CPL Roy E. Clark Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SCR 45 US Army Corporal T-5 Albert John "Engine" Arco Memorial Bridge03/09/19
SR 1 Adopting rules of Senate01/09/19
SR 2 Raising committee to notify House Senate has assembled01/09/19
SR 3 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/09/19
SR 4 Authorizing mailing of bills and journals01/09/19
SR 5 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees01/09/19
SR 6 Recognizing service of Clifton E. Brooks, Sr., World War II veteran and member of Tuskegee Airmen01/10/19
SR 7 Designating January 11, 2019 as Women and Girl's Day01/11/19
SR 8 Designating January 14, 2019, as Marshall University Day at Capitol01/14/19
SR 9 Designating January 16, 2019, as Tucker County Day01/16/19
SR 10 Congratulating Ritchie County High School boys' cross-country team 2018 Class AA/A state championship01/17/19
SR 11 Designating January 21, 2019, as Down Syndrome Awareness Day01/21/19
SR 12 Congratulating Ripley High School girls' track team for winning 2018 Class AAA state championship01/22/19
SR 13 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley01/21/19
SR 14 Celebrating achievements and contributions of Monongalia County01/22/19
SR 15 Designating January 22, 2019, as Preston County Day01/22/19
SR 16 Recognizing Daniel Boone VFW Post 5578 for service to community, state, and country01/23/19
SR 17 Designating January 23, 2019, as Sexual and Domestic Violence Awareness Day01/23/19
SR 18 Recognizing 20th anniversary of James "Tiger" Morton Catastrophic Illness Fund01/23/19
SR 19 Designating January 23, 2019, as West Virginia for Broadband Day at Capitol01/23/19
SR 20 Designating January 24, 2019, as WVU and WVU Extension Service Day at Legislature01/24/19
SR 21 Designating January 24, 2019, as Human Resources Day at Capitol01/24/19
SR 22 Designating January 28, 2019, as Higher Education Day01/28/19
SR 23 Designating January 30, 2019, as Cancer Survivorship Day01/30/19
SR 24 Congratulating D. Frank Masters for winning Conservation Farm of Year Award01/30/19
SR 25 Designating January 31, 2019, as West Virginia Homeschool Day01/31/19
SR 26 Recognizing month of February as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month02/01/19
SR 27 Designating February 5, 2019, as WV Alzheimer's Association Day02/05/19
SR 28 Commemorating life and career of Coach Joe Retton02/05/19
SR 29 Congratulating Doug Nuzum for winning Earle S. Dillard Insurance Agent of Year Award02/05/19
SR 30 Recognizing Walking Miracles Family Foundation02/06/19
SR 31 Designating February 6, 2019, as Disability Advocacy Day02/06/19
SR 32 Congratulating Cabell Midland High School boys' cross-country team02/06/19
SR 33 Designating February 7, 2019, as Veterans Visibility Day02/07/19
SR 34 Designating February 7, 2019, as Go Red for Women Day02/07/19
SR 35 Recognizing Glenville State College and certain public school districts in WV02/07/19
SR 36 Recognizing Bethany College on 179th anniversary of charter02/11/19
SR 37 Congratulating John Cobb, Jr., for being named WV Outstanding Tree Farmer for 201902/11/19
SR 38 Congratulating Herbert Hoover High School softball team for winning 2018 Class AA State Championship02/12/19
SR 41 Recognizing WV Kids Cancer Crusaders for dedication and commitment02/13/19
SR 43 Designating February 14, 2019, as Tiny Hearts Day02/14/19
SR 44 Designating February 14, 2019, as WV Arts Day02/14/19
SR 45 Recognizing Cabell Midland High School Marching Knight Band02/14/19
SR 46 Designating February 15, 2019, as Corrections Day02/15/19
SR 47 Congratulating Spring Valley High School volleyball team for winning 2018 Class AAA State Volleyball Championship02/15/19
SR 48 Designating February 18, 2019, as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day02/18/19
SR 49 Designating February 18, 2019, as Advanced Technology Center Day02/18/19
SR 50 Congratulating Fairmont Senior High School football team for winning 2018 Class AA state football championship02/18/19
SR 51 Designating February 19, 2019, as Nurses' Policy Day02/19/19
SR 52 Recognizing WV State Police on its 100th Anniversary02/20/19
SR 53 Recognizing recent increase in black lung cases in WV02/20/19
SR 54 Recognizing WV Freedom Festival on its 20th Anniversary02/20/19
SR 55 Recognizing Mike Webb for more than 50 years of dedicated public service02/21/19
SR 56 Reaffirming sister-state relationship between WV and Taiwan02/21/19
SR 57 Designating February 22, 2019, as WV State University Day02/22/19
SR 58 Congratulating Tylee Oldham for receiving 2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Award as Distinguished Finalist02/22/19
SR 59 Designating February 25, 2019, as Civil Air Patrol Day at Legislature02/25/19
SR 60 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson02/25/19
SR 62 Memorializing life of Honorable R. Michael Shaw, Sr., former member of WV Senate02/27/19
SR 63 Recognizing Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council02/27/19
SR 64 Designating February 28, 2019, as Rare Disease Day02/28/19
SR 65 Designating month of March as American Red Cross Month03/01/19
SR 66 Congratulating Greenbrier West High School wrestling team for winning 2019 Class A State Championship03/01/19
SR 67 Recognizing WV School of Osteopathic Medicine03/04/19
SR 68 Memorializing life of Honorable John Franklin Deem03/05/19
SR 69 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots boys' basketball team on winning 2018 Class AAA state championship03/08/19
SR 70 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots boys' swim team for winning 2018 State Championship03/06/19
SR 71 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots boys' soccer team for winning 2018 Class AAA State Championship03/06/19
SR 72 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots golf team for winning 2019 Class AAA State Championship03/06/19
SR 73 Congratulating Boone Memorial Hospital for receiving five-star rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services03/07/19
SR 74 Designating March 7, 2019, as WV Aviation Day03/07/19
SR 75 Expressing support for President Donald J. Trump to sign Appalachian Sky Executive Order03/08/19
SR 76 Urging EPA and other environmental and health agencies assist residents of Minden, WV relocate due to long-term exposure to certain chemicals03/09/19
SR 77 Urging President Donald J. Trump direct FEMA complete work to replace Clendenin Elementary and Herbert Hoover High School03/09/19
SR 78 Urging Congress allow vehicles traveling on interstates in WV have same maximum gross vehicle weight as vehicles traveling on US routes03/09/19
SR 79 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate has adjourned sine die03/10/19
SR 80 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has adjourned sine die03/10/19
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