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170 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly01/08/20
HCR 2 Requesting the Division of Highways name a portion of WV 3 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway03/07/20
HCR 4 U. S. Marine Corps LCpl Michael Linn Cooper Memorial Bridge03/04/20
HCR 6 Clarence Watson Meadows Memorial Boulevard03/07/20
HCR 7 U. S. Navy MM2 Carl E. Keeney, U. S. Navy SN1 Frank Keeney and U. S. Army PFC Carl M. Nicholas Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 10 Robert 'Glen' Schoonover Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 11 U. S. Army SGT Robert R. "Bob" Defibaugh Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 13 Watts Brothers Memorial Road03/04/20
HCR 14 U. S. Army, Staff Sargent Wendell Otho Casto Memorial Bridge03/04/20
HCR 15 Rose Agnes Rolls Cousins Bridge03/07/20
HCR 17 U. S. Army PFC William E. "Ed" Smith and W. Va. Army Nat. Guard SSG Edward L. "Eddie" Smith Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 19 Gold Star Families Highway03/04/20
HCR 20 U. S. Army PFC James Ray Miller Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 21 U. S. Army Specialist, Four, Franklin D. Ashley II Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 23 U. S. Army Spec. 4, Roger Dale Griffith Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 26 Requesting the Division of Highways name a portion of Cannelton Road "In Memory of Fallen Corrections Officers"03/07/20
HCR 27 U. S. Army PFC Thomas Howard Wills, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 30 U. S. Army Corporal C. O. 'Skip' Johnson Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 31 U. S. Army Air Corp PFC James W. Brown Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 32 Wolfe Brothers, Edward, William, Paul, George and Fred, WW II Veterans Memorial Bridge03/04/20
HCR 33 U.S.A.F. Lt Col Frederick Donald Belknap Memorial Bridge03/05/20
HCR 34 Requesting the Division of Highways to place at least 10 additional signs along highways entering West Virginia honoring fallen veterans and Gold Star Families03/04/20
HCR 35 U.S. Navy BT 2nd Wade E. Burnside Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 38 U. S. Army PFC Nile C. Ballard Memorial Road03/04/20
HCR 40 The Hall Brothers Veterans Bridge03/07/20
HCR 41 U. S. PFC Dennis Warren Baxter, USMC, Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 42 PFC David Henry Shifflet Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 47 U. S. Army Air Corps SSGT Charles Dexter Duncan Memorial Road03/07/20
HCR 51 Gunsmiths Trace03/07/20
HCR 52 U. S. Army PFC Paul Eugene Gregg Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 53 U. S. Army Air Corps T SGT Ralph H. Ray Memorial Bridge03/05/20
HCR 54 PFC Marvin K. "Sonny" Sherman Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 55 Pendleton County Veterans Killed in Action Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 56 U. S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Eddie Dean Starcher Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 60 U. S. Army PFC Teddy Ray Chandler Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 63 Sharp Military Brothers Bridge03/07/20
HCR 64 U. S. Army SP5 Benny Ray Snodgrass Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 66 U. S. Army Sgt. Joseph W. McCutcheon Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 67 First Lieutenant Fred Omar Pratt Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 68 Kidd Brothers Veterans Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 69 U. S. Air Force Senior Airman Luke Christopher Wamsley Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 74 U. S. Army PFC Roger Lee Carpenter Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 79 U. S. Army Nurses Corps CPT Nancy Margret Kiess Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 80 U. S. Army Major Michael Alphonse Rafferty Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 82 Naming a portion of Buffalo Creek Road, In Memory of Tootsie Hensley, Please keep Buffalo Creek Litter Free03/07/20
HCR 88 Johnnie Bryant Moore Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 89 U. S. Army SGT James Shellace Armentrout Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 90 Wood Brothers Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 91 Caldwell Brothers Memorial Road03/07/20
HCR 92 Mayor Abraham E. Huddleston Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 98 Delegate Emily Warden Yeager Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 99 U. S. Army CPL Russell Allen Taylor Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 101 Claude Markle Hill03/07/20
HCR 103 French & Indian War Veterans Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 105 U. S. Air Force Colonel Rishel C. Walker Memorial Bridge03/05/20
HCR 108 U. S. Navy PO3 Heath “Scrappy” Shilling Memorial Road03/07/20
HCR 109 U. S. Airman Thomas Harry Honaker, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 110 Speaker Clyde M. See, Jr. Exit03/07/20
HCR 111 U. S. Air Force Major Mary Lafferty Coll, D.O. Memorial Bridge03/07/20
HCR 122 Eustace Frederick Memorial Road03/07/20
HCR 124 Extending the Committee of Conference relating to consideration of Com. Sub. for H. B. 427502/28/20
HCR 139 U. S. Army TSGT Denver E. Short Memorial Road03/07/20
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the Eighty-fourth Legislature, 2020.01/08/20
HR 2 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House01/08/20
HR 4 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Roy Givens01/14/20
HR 7 Designating a single state funeral to be held upon the death of the last living Medal of Honor recipient from World War II02/29/20
HR 9 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Jody Guthrie Smirl02/28/20
HR 12 Memorializing the life of the Honorable Sally Matz Susman02/20/20
HR 13 Calling upon the Attorney General to investigate the business practices of Alecto02/20/20
HR 14 Urging Major League Baseball to rescind the ill-advised proposal that threatens the future of professional baseball in West Virginia02/21/20
SCR 3 US Army MSG Richard A. "Dick" Smoot Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 6 Walter E. Swiger, Jr., Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 8 US Army 1LT Harold H. Frazier Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 9 US Army SSG Nick P. Markos Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 10 Requesting study of current WV laws relating to anti-bullying measures in schools03/07/20
SCR 12 US Army PFC Gary Alcott Birkhimer Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 15 Kaylee Grace Whetzel Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 17 USMC PFC Manuel P. Markos Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 19 USMC LCpl Fred Michael Kerns Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 25 Requesting study on impact of future electromagnetic pulse catastrophe03/07/20
SCR 32 US Marine Corps PFC James R. "Johnny" Corder Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 33 US Air Force MSGT Dvon Duncan Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 34 US Army CPL Dane Hampton Hamric Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 35 Veterans Memorial Drive03/07/20
SCR 36 Shafer Brothers US Military Veterans Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 39 US Navy PO1 Jeffrey S. Taylor Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 42 US Army CPL Richard "Warren" Ellison Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 43 US Army 1LT Fred Omar Pratt Memorial Bridge03/07/20
SCR 46 Requesting DEP and DHHR propose public source-water supply study plan03/07/20
SCR 59 Rachel Hershey Smith Memorial Shelter03/07/20
SR 1 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate has assembled01/08/20
SR 2 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/08/20
SR 3 Creating Select Committee on Children and Families01/08/20
SR 4 Amending Senate Rule 15 relating to bill and resolution introduction01/08/20
SR 5 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees01/08/20
SR 6 Recognizing OMEGA for support of Children's Home Society of WV01/14/20
SR 7 Designating January 15, 2020, as Tourism Day at Legislature01/15/20
SR 8 Designating January 16, 2020, as Aviation Day01/16/20
SR 9 Designating January 20, 2020, as Down Syndrome Awareness Day01/20/20
SR 10 Designating January 21, 2020, as West Virginia University Day01/21/20
SR 11 Designating January 22, 2020, as Disability Advocacy Day01/22/20
SR 12 Designating January 23, 2020, as Human Resources Day01/23/20
SR 13 Designating January 24, 2020, as Women's and Girls' Day01/24/20
SR 14 Designating January 24, 2020, as Corrections Day01/24/20
SR 15 Recognizing contributions of American Civil Liberties Union on its centennial anniversary01/23/20
SR 16 Recognizing 75th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz and creation of International Holocaust Remembrance Day01/27/20
SR 17 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley01/27/20
SR 18 Congratulating Chad Nuzum for winning Earle S. Dillard Insurance Agent of Year Award01/28/20
SR 19 Recognizing Prestera Center for Mental Health Services01/28/20
SR 20 Designating January 29, 2020, as Preston County Day01/29/20
SR 21 Celebrating achievements and contributions of Monongalia County01/29/20
SR 22 Designating January 30, 2020, as Marshall University Day01/30/20
SR 23 Congratulating University of Charleston men's soccer team01/30/20
SR 24 Congratulating Lukas and Gabby Newcomer, of Noble Farms, Inc., for winning Conservation Farm of Year Award01/31/20
SR 25 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots boys' tennis team for winning 2019 Class AAA State Tennis Championship01/31/20
SR 26 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots volleyball team for winning 2019 Class AAA State Volleyball Championship01/31/20
SR 27 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots boys' soccer team for winning 2019 Class AAA State Championship01/31/20
SR 28 Designating February 4, 2020, as WV Homeschool Day02/04/20
SR 29 Designating February 4, 2020, as WV Alzheimer's Association Day02/04/20
SR 30 Designating February 5, 2020, as Tucker County Day02/05/20
SR 31 Designating February 5, 2020, as Cancer Survivorship Day02/05/20
SR 32 Designating February 6, 2020, as Veterans Visibility Day02/06/20
SR 33 Reaffirming sister-state relationship between WV and Taiwan02/06/20
SR 34 Designating February 7, 2020, as Dental Hygienists Day02/07/20
SR 35 Congratulating Gary Young, WV Outstanding Tree Farmer for 202002/11/20
SR 36 Recognizing 75th birthday of Smokey Bear02/11/20
SR 37 Designating February 12, 2020, as WV Literacy Day02/12/20
SR 38 Recognizing contributions of AARP President Rich Stonestreet to WV and its people02/13/20
SR 39 Designating February 13, 2020, as Tiny Hearts Day02/13/20
SR 40 Recognizing WV Gold Star Mothers for dedication and commitment to veterans and families02/14/20
SR 41 Designating February 17, 2020, as Pancreatic Cancer Day02/17/20
SR 42 Commemorating centennial of ratification of 19th Amendment to the US Constitution02/17/20
SR 43 Recognizing President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln on President's Day02/17/20
SR 44 Urging Major League Baseball rescind ill-advised proposal that threatens future of professional baseball in WV02/17/20
SR 45 Congratulating St. Mary's High School golf team for winning 2019 Class A state golf championship02/18/20
SR 46 Congratulating Victory Baptist Academy volleyball team for winning 2019 WV Christian Education Association state volleyball tournament02/19/20
SR 47 Recognizing Clay County High School "We the People" team for winning sixth consecutive WV state championship02/20/20
SR 48 Recognizing 125th Anniversary of Bluefield State College02/21/20
SR 49 Designating February 21, 2020, as WV State University Day02/21/20
SR 50 Designating February 25, 2020, as Fairmont State Day02/25/20
SR 51 Recognizing Shinnston Fire Department's 90th anniversary02/25/20
SR 52 Designating February 26, 2020, as WV Child Care Association Celebrating Children and Families Day02/26/20
SR 53 Recognizing Jennifer Schwertfeger as 2020 WV Teacher of Year02/27/20
SR 54 Recognizing Cabell Midland High School Marching Band02/27/20
SR 55 Recognizing Red Hots and Heatwave Show Choirs02/27/20
SR 56 Recognizing Jason Gibbs of Wayne High School for being PLTW Biomedical Science Teacher of Year02/26/20
SR 57 Designating February 28, 2020, as Honeybee and Beekeeper's Day at Capitol02/28/20
SR 58 Congratulating Herbert Hoover High School softball team for winning 2019 Class AA State Championship02/28/20
SR 59 Designating February 28, 2020, as Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness Day02/28/20
SR 60 Memorializing life of Katherine Johnson, WV native, NASA mathematician, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient03/02/20
SR 61 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson03/03/20
SR 62 Recognizing October as National Dwarfism Month03/03/20
SR 63 Designating March 4, 2020, as Recovery Community Day03/04/20
SR 64 Recognizing efforts of Kanawha State Forest Foundation03/04/20
SR 65 Designating WV State Folk Festival as official site of WV State Pepperoni Roll Championship03/04/20
SR 66 Recognizing March as Red Cross Month03/05/20
SR 67 Designating March 5, 2020, as Treatment Court Day03/05/20
SR 68 Recognizing Buckhannon-Upshur 4-H Air Rifle Club03/05/20
SR 69 Recognizing WV Kids Cancer Crusaders03/06/20
SR 70 Designating March 6, 2020, as McDowell County Day03/06/20
SR 71 Memorializing life of Karl Cameron "Butch" Lilly III, former Assistant Clerk of WV Senate03/07/20
SR 72 Urging Congress safeguard pharmaceutical supply chains03/07/20
SR 73 Memorializing life of Dorothy Vaughan, NASA mathematician and computer programmer03/07/20
SR 74 Urging US Senate support Stop Looting American Pensions Act03/07/20
SR 75 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Roman W. Prezioso, Jr.03/07/20
SR 76 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Corey Palumbo03/07/20
SR 77 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Kenny Mann03/07/20
SR 78 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Paul Hardesty03/07/20
SR 79 Notifying House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/08/20
SR 80 Notifying Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/08/20
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