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HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to hear remarks of the Governor Adopted 01/11/23
HJR 1 Guaranteeing the right of the citizens of West Virginia to hunt and fish Pending House 01/11/23
HR 1 Adoption of the House Rules Adopted 01/11/23
SCR 1 Adopting Joint Rules of Senate and House of Delegates Adopted 01/12/23
SR 1 Adopting Rules of Senate Adopted 01/11/23
SJR 1 Protection of Right to Bear Arms Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SJR 2 Disabled Veterans' Exemption from Ad Valorem Property Taxation Amendment Pending Senate 01/16/23
SR 2 Authorizing mailing of bills and journals Adopted 01/11/23
SCR 2 Authorizing payment of expenses for 86th Legislature Adopted 01/12/23
HR 2 Publication of the Acts of the Legislature, Journals of the House, Manual of the House and Senate, and payment of travel expenses Adopted 01/11/23
HJR 2 Lower the age to run for a State Senator to 21 Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 2 Cpl. Billy F. Mann Memorial Bridge Pending House 01/12/23
HCR 3 Oscar J. Harris Frozen Camp Road Bridge Pending House 01/12/23
HJR 3 Taxpayers Bill of Rights Pending House 01/11/23
HR 3 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eighty-sixth Legislature, 2023 Adopted 01/11/23
SCR 3 Dr. Roland P. Sharp Memorial Road Pending Senate 01/16/23
SR 3 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees Adopted 01/11/23
SJR 3 Constitutional Officer Term Limit Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SJR 4 Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SR 4 WV Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Adopted 01/13/23
SCR 4 Ira 'Noon' Copley and Marie Copley Memorial Bridge Pending Senate 01/18/23
HR 4 A resolution condemning calls to defund the police. Pending House 01/19/23
HJR 4 Amend the state Constitution to give the people the powers of initiative, referendum and recall Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 4 Jon D. Wayt Memorial Bridge Pending House 01/12/23
HCR 5 To study the legislative findings public school support plan. Pending House 01/16/23
HJR 5 Allowing an elected state official to be a government employee or employee of a public school, college, or university Pending House 01/11/23
HR 5 To honor the life of Nicholas County Deputy Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Baker. Adopted 01/20/23
SCR 5 US Navy S1 Paul McCue Bridge Pending Senate 01/26/23
SR 5 Honoring public service of Dr. Richard Lechliter for Mineral County Day Adopted 01/13/23
SJR 5 County Boundary Review Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SJR 6 Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veterans Amendment Pending Senate 01/12/23
SR 6 Congratulating Bob Huggins on his induction into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Adopted 01/17/23
SCR 6 US Army SGT Vincent DiBacco Memorial Bridge Pending Senate 02/01/23
HR 6 Empowering the House Committee on the Judiciary to investigate allegations of impeachable offenses against a Judge of the Family Court Pending House 01/23/23
HJR 6 Increasing the Homestead Exemption Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 6 Proclaiming and making the fiddle the official musical instrument of the State of West Virginia Pending House 01/18/23
HCR 7 U.S. Army SSG James C. Vickers Silver Star Highway Pending House 01/19/23
HJR 7 Increase Homestead exemption Pending House 01/11/23
SCR 7 Amending Joint Rules of Senate and House of Delegates Pending House 02/07/23
SR 7 Designating January 17, 2023, as Girl Scouts Day Adopted 01/17/23
SJR 7 Fair County Commissioner Representation Amendment Pending Senate 01/18/23
SJR 8 Fair School Board Representation Amendment Pending Senate 01/19/23
SR 8 Designating January 17, 2023, as Tucker County Day Adopted 01/17/23
SCR 8 US Army PV 2 Harold Richard Plumley Memorial Bridge Pending Senate 02/08/23
HJR 8 Disabled Veteran’s Property Tax Exemption Amendment Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 8 A study of public charter schools student population Pending House 01/23/23
HCR 9 PFC Walter C. Horner Memorial Bridge Pending House 01/25/23
HJR 9 Natural Resources and the Public Estate Amendment Pending House 01/11/23
SCR 9 Declaring Guyandotte River crayfish official crustacean for State of WV Pending Senate 02/08/23
HR 9 Resolution to not support any infringement upon the 2nd Amendment Pending House 01/30/23
SR 9 Designating January 18, 2023, as Jan Lilly-Stewart Disability Advocacy Day Adopted 01/18/23
SJR 9 Right to medical freedom amendment Pending Senate 01/27/23
SJR 10 Returning Roads to Counties Amendment of 2023 Pending Senate 02/02/23
SR 10 Recognizing WV Sheriffs at Legislature on January 20, 2023 Adopted 01/20/23
HR 10 Completion of US 52 from Kenova West Virginia to Prichard West Virginia Pending House 01/30/23
SCR 10 US Army Air Corps PVT Albert J Sutphin Memorial Highway Pending Senate 02/08/23
HJR 10 Senior Citizen Homestead Valuation Amendment Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 10 Shelby “Cubby” Foster and Robert “Robbie” Collins Memorial Road Pending House 01/25/23
HCR 11 Relating to Higher Education Consortium for Emerging Energy Technologies Pending Senate 02/02/23
HJR 11 Initiative, Referendum and Recall Pending House 01/11/23
HR 11 Reaffirming the longstanding sisterhood partnership between West Virginia and Taiwan. Pending House 02/02/23
SR 11 Designating January 23, 2023, as WV Tourism Day at Legislature Adopted 01/23/23
SR 12 Commemorating 77th Southern Legislative Conference of Council of State Governments Southern Office Adopted 01/24/23
HR 12 Encouraging Monongahela Power to purchase Pleasants Power Station Pending House 02/03/23
HJR 12 Amending the Constitution to provide for the right to food, food sovereignty and freedom from hunger Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 12 To place Purple Heart Signs at the entrances to the state. Pending House 01/30/23
HCR 13 Make 2nd week of February of every year a week of recognition of the Boy Scouts of America. Pending Senate 02/02/23
HJR 13 Repealing the business and inventory ad valorem tangible personal property tax. Pending House 01/11/23
SR 13 Observing 90th Anniversary of Holodomor Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-1933 Adopted 01/25/23
SR 14 Designating January 25, 2023, as Aviation Day at Legislature Adopted 01/25/23
HJR 14 Amending the Homestead Exemption of the Constitution Pending House 01/13/23
HCR 14 Stanley and Evelyn See Memorial Bridge Pending House 02/01/23
HCR 15 Requesting That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance send official correspondence to West Virginia’s federal delegations stating West Virginia veterans’ concerns and objections to the two TRICARE for Life (“TFL”) proposals Pending House 02/03/23
HJR 15 Super-Majority Required for Passage of Tax Bill Amendment Pending House 01/16/23
SR 15 Designating January 26, 2023, as Hunger-Free WV Day at Legislature Adopted 01/26/23
SR 16 Designating January 30,2023, as Future Farmers of America Day at Legislature Adopted 01/30/23
HJR 16 Manufacturing inventory and equipment tax exemption amendment Pending House 01/24/23
HCR 16 Staff Sgt. J.J. “Junior” Spurrier Memorial Bridge Pending House 02/03/23
HCR 17 CSA Army PVT Nathaniel Perry Memorial Trail Pending House 02/06/23
HJR 17 Providing for the election of members of the State Board of Education Pending House 01/24/23
SR 17 Congratulating Kevin Gregory as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer of 2022 Adopted 01/30/23
SR 18 Designating January 31, 2023, as WVU Day at Legislature Adopted 01/31/23
HJR 18 To established a tiered reduction on property taxes for disabled veterans. Pending House 01/25/23
HCR 18 Ira “Noon” Copley & Marie Copley Memorial Bridge Pending House 02/06/23
HCR 19 Declaring the “pepperoni roll” to be the official state food of West Virginia Pending House 02/07/23
HJR 19 Providing Term Limits for certain Constitutional Officers Pending House 01/25/23
SR 19 Designating January 31, 2023, as WV Academy of Family Physicians' Day at Legislature Adopted 01/31/23
SR 20 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson for its service, dedication, and commitment to Jefferson County Adopted 01/31/23
HJR 20 Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment Pending House 02/08/23
HCR 20 Requesting the establishment of the Appalachian Dialect Act. Pending House 02/07/23
HCR 21 Michael Lee “Rube” Ruben Memorial Bridge Pending House 02/08/23
HJR 21 Amending Constitution to allow for possession, manufacture and sale of cannabis Pending House 01/26/23
SR 21 Designating February 1, 2023, as National Unclaimed Property Day at Legislature Adopted 02/01/23
SR 22 Designating February 1, 2023, as Marshall University Day at Legislature Adopted 02/01/23
HJR 22 To allow certain state employees the eligibility to a seat in the legislature Pending House 01/30/23
HCR 22 U.S. Army T/5 Doyle Bedell Taylor Memorial Bridge Pending House 02/08/23
HJR 23 Relating to the prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures. Pending House 02/03/23
SR 23 Designating February 3, 2023, as WV Homeschool Day at Legislature Adopted 02/03/23
SR 24 Designating February 6, 2023, as Domestic Violence Awareness Day in WV Adopted 02/06/23
HJR 24 Lowering the threshold required for a fire levy Pending House 02/03/23
SR 25 Designating February 7, 2023, as Sexual Assault Awareness Day at Legislature Adopted 02/07/23
SR 26 Commemorating and honoring life, military service, and ultimate sacrifice of US Army SGT Brian Christopher Karim Pending Senate 02/08/23
SR 27 Designating February 8, 2023, as Crime Victims Day at Legislature Adopted 02/08/23
SR 28 Recognizing essential role court appointed special advocates provide to WV children Adopted 02/08/23
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