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Bill Status - 2012 Regular Session

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There are 46 Bills pending in House Banking and Insurance




SB 145Allowing certain higher education students opt out of institutional insurance coverage 02/22/12
SB 499Clarifying PEIA is not "insurer" or engaged in "business of insurance"02/20/12
SB 599Relating to insurance claims for automobile glass replacement or repair services02/29/12
HB 2049Prohibiting the use of a person's credit history in insurance transactions01/11/12
HB 2059Requiring insurers to notify insureds of all rate increases before they take effect01/11/12
HB 2122Determining the value of a motor vehicle in a claim01/11/12
HB 2186Authorizing insurance to married workers without children at reduced rates under the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Act01/11/12
HB 2189Prohibiting the finance board pursuant to the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Act from increasing the types and levels of costs to applicable current and retired employees during the 2010 and 2011 plan years01/11/12
HB 2206Prohibiting discrimination in rates by insurance companies because of having filed claims under the uninsured and under insured coverage of an automobile policy01/11/12
HB 2241Relating to the conversion of other financial institutions to state-chartered banks01/11/12
HB 2269Giving the Insurance Commissioner the power to regulate and penalize self-insured employers01/11/12
HB 2306Relating to the Office of Consumer Advocacy, and allowing the Director to participate in the review and consideration of any rate filing01/11/12
HB 2319Prohibiting the use of a credit score in casualty insurance rate filings01/11/12
HB 2361Limiting liability for repair costs to automobile owners when they hit a deer on a public highway01/11/12
HB 2375Increasing the amount of mine subsidence insurance reinsured by the board of risk management01/11/12
HB 2392Prohibiting gender discrimination in health care insurance plans01/11/12
HB 2419Allowing private citizens the freedom to enter into private contracts for health care services or health care coverage or both01/11/12
HB 2424Health Care Affordability Act01/11/12
HB 2439Requiring insurance coverage of spouses and dependents for pregnancy and contraceptive services01/11/12
HB 2467Prohibiting inquiries reflected on a credit report from adversely affecting an application for insurance01/11/12
HB 2671Providing a corporate tax credit for qualified health insurance policies01/11/12
HB 2684Permitting members of volunteer fire departments to participate in the state's public employees insurance plan01/11/12
HB 2725Expanding the powers of the magistrate to prosecute for worthless checks beyond the strict limitations of NSF01/11/12
HB 2728Providing crime watch members coverage under the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance health coverage plan01/11/12
HB 2801Creating the "Health Care Choice Act"01/11/12
HB 2812Requiring insurers issuing group accident and sickness insurance policies to certain employers to furnish claims loss experience01/11/12
HB 2827Allowing members of the board of banking and financial institutions to receive compensation for travel expenses01/11/12
HB 2894Changing surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies to one percent and dedicating the money to volunteer and part-volunteer fire departments01/11/12
HB 3215Providing that taxicab companies are not required to subscribe to or pay into the Workers' Compensation Fund01/11/12
HB 4076Relating generally to requiring health insurance coverage of maternity and contraceptive services in certain circumstances01/16/12
HB 4248Relating to the powers and duties of the Commissioner of Banking01/20/12
HB 4254Increasing the filing fees for insurers01/23/12
HB 4255Requiring regulated consumer lenders to provide a substantial benefit or a substantial benefit disclosure form for certain loans01/23/12
HB 4272Making electronic payments subject to the same fees as are currently permitted for returned checks01/24/12
HB 4273Eliminating the exemption from licensing as a mortgage lender that may be available to subsidiaries of banks01/24/12
HB 4277Changing the names of the Division of Banking or the Department of Banking to the Division of Financial Institutions01/24/12
HB 4278The Uniform Debt Management Services Act01/24/12
HB 4306Providing that members of the Legislature whose income is limited to their legislative compensation may be covered at the same rate as government employees01/26/12
HB 4379Relating to payments from the West Virginia Patient Injury Compensation Fund02/01/12
HB 4380Relating to the motor vehicle insurance policy02/01/12
HB 4400Relating to unfair trading practices by insurance companies02/02/12
HB 4417Relating to the nonapplicability of chapter thirty-three of this code, regulating insurance, to the Public Employees Insurance Agency02/03/12
HB 4432Prohibiting declination or termination of property insurance based solely upon a home owner's possession of a certain breed of dog02/06/12
HB 4440Relating to unfair trading practices by insurance companies02/07/12
HB 4527Prohibiting a health insurance policy or plan from reclassifying a drug on the formulary as a specialty tier drug or increasing the cost-sharing02/14/12
HB 4560Relating to use of particular companies or locations providing automobile glass replacement or repair services02/16/12
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