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HB 2046 Exempting from the sales and use tax special equipment installed in a motor vehicle for the use of a person with physical disabilities 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 146) 1059
HB 2252 Directing department of health promulgate rules establishing alternative standards for non-commercial prepared food donated as part of a free food program 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 147) 1059
HB 2278 Authorizing the use of additional medium for use in archiving government records 02/27/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 111) 911
HB 2402 Redefining the term "public record" as it is used in the Freedom of Information Act 01/18/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 3) 163
HB 2521 Eliminating the requirement of serving domestic violence orders by certified mail 01/18/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 4) 164
HB 2533 Requiring the identities of signatories to a certificate for a person seeking ballot access to be made public and verified 01/20/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 6) 244
HB 2657 West Virginia Religious Freedom Restoration Act 02/23/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 97) 846
HB 2740 Making covenants that restrict the installation or use of solar energy systems unenforceable 02/24/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 106) 886
HB 2793 Defining "spelunking" as a recreational purpose and activity for which a landowner's liability for injury is limited 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 149) 1060
HB 3128 Relating to filing a civil petition for expungement of records relating to an arrest 01/18/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 5) 164
HB 3142 Increasing the allowable number of magistrate court deputy clerks by five 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 150) 1061
HB 3157 Adding an additional family court judge to the twenty-third family court district 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 212) 1145
HB 3174 Relating to liquor and beer sampling events 02/20/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 78) 754
HB 3177 Permitting an owner who sells real property pursuant to a deed of trust to terminate a preexisting tenancy 02/15/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 51) 638
HB 4001 Authorizing boards to establish fees by legislative rule 03/06/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 236) 1343
HB 4002 Relating to annual seminar requirements for professional licensing boards 01/25/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 14) 265
HB 4003 Clarifying the law governing the duties of professional licensing boards 01/25/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 15) 265
HB 4006 Relating to elevator workers' licensure exemptions 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 151) 1061
HB 4007 Relating to unemployment benefits for certain spouses of military personnel 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 68) 723
HB 4012 Removing the Commissioner of the Bureau for Public Health from certain boards 02/13/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 41) 558
HB 4015 Creating the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 69) 723
HB 4018 Granting licensed real estate appraisers access to commercial or residential review documents 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 70) 724
HB 4020 Recognizing outstanding students who are top scorers on certain statewide tests 02/23/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 98) 847
HB 4028 Authorizing the temporary suspension of certification of emergency medical service personnel without a hearing or prior notice if there is probable cause 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 382) 2148
HB 4030 Prioritizing the payment of fees, costs, bonds, fines or other sums charged or assessed in magistrate courts in civil and criminal matters 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 119) 1002
HB 4037 Relating to the professional and occupational licensure and registration of former and current members of the Armed Forces of the United States 02/24/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 108) 887
HB 4046 Repealing obsolete code provisions 02/01/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 22) 369
HB 4049 Requiring the Department of Environmental Protection to maintain an Office of Internal Auditing 02/23/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 99) 847
HB 4053 Relating to abduction, kidnapping and human trafficking 02/21/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 85) 778
HB 4062 Creating an in-home direct care workforce registry 02/01/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 23) 370
HB 4063 Relating to civil service commissions in political subdivisions 02/06/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 28) 423
HB 4068 Providing that antique motor vehicles be valued at their salvage value for personal property tax purposes 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 120) 1003
HB 4070 Changing the basis for paying the county salary supplement equivalent pay rate for division of rehabilitation teachers 02/21/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 86) 779
HB 4072 Eliminating requirement for county boards of education to meet on the first Monday of July 01/20/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 7) 245
HB 4077 Relating to activities that may be performed by a dental hygienist without a prior exam by a dentist 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 384) 2152
HB 4078 Extending certain deadlines for mandated actions regarding higher education personnel 01/23/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 8) 230
HB 4086 Designating certain property as a qualified capital addition to a manufacturing facility 01/23/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 11) 233
HB 4087 Continuing the discontinuance of the severance and business privilege tax on the privilege of severing timber 02/16/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 63) 676
HB 4088 Repealing the West Virginia telecommunications tax 02/21/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 87) 779
HB 4097 Creating a license to practice hair styling 01/25/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 16) 266
HB 4101 Authorizing teacher-in-residence programs for certain prospective teachers in lieu of student teaching 02/13/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 43) 559
HB 4103 Consolidating of government services and enforcement of laws pertaining to the motor carrier industry 02/01/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 24) 370
HB 4104 Authorizing professional licensing boards to exempt certain licensees from continuing education requirements 02/15/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 52) 639
HB 4107 Relating to volunteer firefighter training 01/30/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 19) 317
HB 4111 Relating to the authority by state boards of examinations and registration to apply for an injunction 02/15/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 54) 640
HB 4118 Including the surviving spouse and a designated individual previously chosen by the deceased as a person who may designate the manner of disposition of a deceased person's body 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 417) 2201
HB 4119 Providing a definition for an athletic director who is employed by a county board of education 03/09/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 323) 1936
HB 4122 Relating to alternative programs for teacher education 03/02/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 218) 1193
HB 4125 Correcting date for schools to send notice to parents alerting them to the existence of the school's crisis response plan 02/01/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 25)
HB 4126 Authorizing legislative rules for the Higher Education Policy Commission and Council for Community and Technical College Education 02/22/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 92) 800
HB 4127 Declaring August 7 as a special memorial day to be known as Purple Heart Recognition Day 02/09/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 40) 506
HB 4130 Creating the felony criminal offense of sale or purchase of a child 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 154) 1063
HB 4139 Authorizing miscellaneous agencies and boards to promulgate legislative rules 02/22/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 93) 800
HB 4142 Authorizing the Department of Administration to promulgate legislative rules 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 420) 2215
HB 4206 Authorizing the Department of Transportation to promulgate legislative rules 02/15/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 55) 640
HB 4220 Authorizing the department of commerce to promulgate legislative rules 03/06/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 238) 1349
HB 4236 Relating to exclusions from the definition of professional personnel for evaluation purposes 02/27/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 112) 911
HB 4238 Establishing procedures for address confidentiality program participants on the special absentee voting list 01/27/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 17) 305
HB 4239 Increasing the membership of the West Virginia Board of Osteopathy 02/06/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 29) 424
HB 4245 Permitting certain auxiliary lighting on motorcycles 02/20/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 82) 757
HB 4247 Increasing the compensation of attorneys who are appointed to represent criminal defendants 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 155) 1064
HB 4250 Creating the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act 01/30/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 21) 318
HB 4251 Relating generally to amendments to the uniform commercial code 01/27/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 18) 305
HB 4256 Relating to captive insurance 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 156) 1065
HB 4257 Providing late voter registration opportunities to individuals covered by the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Act of 1986 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 422) 2219
HB 4260 Relating to insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 385) 2153
HB 4261 Relating to review of state administrative agency rule-making 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 158) 1066
HB 4263 The West Virginia Buy American Act 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 159) 1067
HB 4271 Reporting requirements for residential mortgage lenders and broker licensees 02/08/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 33) 455
HB 4274 Expanding the authority of the Commissioner of Banking over regulated consumer lender licensees, and providing a penalty for violations 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 123) 1005
HB 4276 Ensuring that borrowers are provided accurate notice of their right to cure a default on any installment or other secured obligation 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 160) 1068
HB 4279 Permitting municipalities to stagger the terms of elected officers 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 423) 2220
HB 4281 Increasing the supplemental pay of members of the West Virginia State Police 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 124) 1005
HB 4291 Relating to county law libraries established by the Supreme Court of Appeals 02/01/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 26) 371
HB 4293 Increasing the compensation caps for secretary-clerks and case coordinators in the family court 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 162) 1069
HB 4296 Authorizing licensing boards to require applicants to submit to criminal background checks 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 163) 1069
HB 4299 Authorizing a county board of education to use the services of a bus operator from another county in certain circumstances 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 71) 725
HB 4307 Clarifying that the practice and procedure for domestic violence civil proceedings are governed by court rule 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 165) 1071
HB 4310 Prohibiting sex offenders from living or working within one thousand feet of the outer perimeter of a school, child care facility, playground or a victim's home 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 166) 1071
HB 4314 Relating to the appointment of magistrates 02/06/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 31) 425
HB 4315 Permitting a new class IV town or village to select a form of government 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 424) 2227
HB 4320 Relating to the settlement of violations of the Hazardous Waste Management Act by consent agreements 02/06/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 32) 425
HB 4322 Adding coyote and fox to the list of species in which any color artificial light is permitted for hunting at night 02/27/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 113) 912
HB 4327 Requiring pulse oximetry testing for newborns 03/10/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 434) 2259
HB 4328 Removing bobcats from the list of species requiring a field tag 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 126) 1006
HB 4330 Providing that drivers licenses may contain information designating the licensee as a person who is an honorably discharged veteran 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 73) 725
HB 4332 Relating to transfer of service credit from Public Employees Retirement System to Emergency Medical Services Retirement System 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 127) 1007
HB 4338 Raising the maximum value amount of an abandoned motor vehicle 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 74) 726
HB 4345 Prohibiting the unauthorized sale of railroad scrap metal 02/15/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 57) 641
HB 4351 Relating to mine safety 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 128) 1008
HB 4356 Creating the misdemeanor offense for child neglect resulting in a substantial risk of bodily injury 02/08/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 34) 457
HB 4357 Modifying the bonding requirement for closing-out sales 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 129) 1011
HB 4376 Licensing wine sales at certain professional baseball stadiums 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 168) 1073
HB 4390 Uniform Power of Attorney Act 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 435) 2312
HB 4392 Compensating all state magistrates, magistrate assistants, magistrate court clerks equally 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 130) 1012
HB 4396 West Virginia Fire, EMS and Law-Enforcement Officer Survivor Benefit Act 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 208) 1098
HB 4398 Declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state 02/21/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 89) 780
HB 4403 Changing the filing deadline for certified write-in candidates 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 75) 727
HB 4415 Authorize a Prince Railroad Station Authority to acquire and maintain the railroad station building 02/17/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 65) 721
HB 4422 Relating to crane operator certification 02/16/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 64) 684
HB 4424 Relating to modified mental hygiene procedures 02/27/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 114) 913
HB 4425 Requiring a landlord address issues of the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 170) 1074
HB 4426 Requiring a copayment to a physical therapist and an occupational therapist be the same as a physician or osteopath 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 171) 1074
HB 4433 Modifying the criteria for awarding high school diplomas to certain veterans 02/20/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 83) 757
HB 4438 Provider Sponsored Network Act 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 172) 1075
HB 4451 Ensuring that county executive committees have control of designating the persons who serve as ballot commissioner 02/23/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 102) 849
HB 4459 Creating a juvenile sex offender registration 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 173) 1076
HB 4468 Prohibiting insurance companies from discriminating against certain health care providers 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 174) 1076
HB 4475 Reducing federal adjusted gross income for recent graduates of higher education institutions 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 132) 1013
HB 4481 Relating to the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Commission 03/06/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 242) 1421
HB 4486 Relating to the disclosure of insurance coverage 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 386) 2156
HB 4488 Reforming, altering or modifying a county commission 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 133) 1014
HB 4489 Strengthening authority of the West Virginia Municipal Pensions Oversight Board 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 175) 1077
HB 4493 Establishing special memorial days for certain military veterans 02/27/2012 House concurred in Senate amend with title amend, passed (Roll No. 117) 917
HB 4504 Relating to development and operation of a nursing home on the grounds of a nonprofit community health care organization 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 176) 1077
HB 4506 Relating to absentee ballot fraud 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 177) 1080
HB 4511 Creating the Shale Research, Education, Policy and Economic Development Center at West Virginia University 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 178) 1080
HB 4521 Permitting the restructuring of child support payments of an inmate who is released under certain circumstances 03/10/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 441) 2341
HB 4522 Providing additional contempt powers for family court judges 03/10/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 442) 2342
HB 4523 Relating to the Bureau for Child Support enforcement and reporting employment and income of an independent contractor 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 182) 1082
HB 4530 Authorizing the Public Service Commission to consider and issue a financing order to certain regulated electric utilities to permit the recovery of expanded net energy costs 02/24/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 109) 887
HB 4542 Relating to unemployment compensation benefits 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 183) 1083
HB 4547 Creating the West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Business Technology Property Valuation Act and the West Virginia Innovation Free-Trade Tax Credit Act 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 185) 1083
HB 4549 Imposing a monetary penalty on unemployment compensation recipients for obtaining benefits through the use of fraudulent statements 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 213) 1145
HB 4554 Accepting additional students for enrollment in early childhood education programs 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 186) 1084
HB 4567 Permitting the Harrison county commission to levy a special district tax 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 187) 1085
HB 4572 Relating to school service personnel classification and compensation 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 189) 1086
HB 4581 Making grants from state and other funds to provide civil legal services to low income persons 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 191) 1087
HB 4583 Changing certain deadlines associated with the termination, resignation and transfer of school personnel 03/05/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 226) 1261
HB 4601 Authorizing the West Virginia National Guard to participate in a federal asset forfeiture or sharing program 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 193) 1088
HB 4605 Providing a premarital education option to applicants for marriage licenses 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 194) 1088
HB 4613 Relating to development of broadband infrastructure and broadband deployment in this state 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 215) 1149
HB 4626 Increasing state police principal supervisors to nineteen 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 195) 1089
HB 4630 Modifying the membership of the Braxton County Recreational Development Authority 02/24/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 103) 884
HB 4634 Removing the requirement for the Legislative Auditor to conduct certain fiscal audits of the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission and the Children's Trust Fund 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 196) 1090
HB 4636 Authorizing a responsible parent pilot project 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 198) 1091
HB 4645 Changing the membership requirements for a board of governors 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 134) 1014
HB 4647 Relating to funeral expenses for indigent persons 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 199) 1092
HB 4648 Implementing a domestic violence court pilot project 02/28/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 135) 1015
HB 4652 Making a supplementary appropriation to various agencies 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 200) 1092
HB 4653 Relating to public school support computation of local share 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 202) 1093
HB 4654 Relating to the provision of mailing services by the CPRB to certain retiree organizations 02/29/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 203) 1094
HB 4655 Relating to school service personnel certification 03/10/2012 House concurred in Senate amendment and passed bill (Roll No. 448) 2349
HB 4656 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Division of Human Services - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 03/07/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 262) 1455
HB 4657 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Administration - Office of the Secretary - Employee Pension and Health Care Benefit Fund, Division of Purchasing, Department of Environmental Protection, etc. 03/07/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 264) 1456
HB 4658 Supplementing, amending, decreasing and increasing items of the existing appropriations from the State Road Fund to the Department of Transportation - Division of Highways 03/08/2012 Passed House (Roll No. 273) 1626
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