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160 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor01/13/10
HCR 2 The "Sergeant Billy W. Rapp, U.S. Army Memorial Bridge"02/18/10
HCR 7 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to continue studying the needs, challenges, and issues facing West Virginia veterans returning from recent service03/13/10
HCR 8 The "Lance Corporal Larry Steven Heater Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 10 The "Sgt. Justin Alan Thompson Memorial Highway"03/09/10
HCR 11 Requesting the Division of Highways erect two signs on I-79 when entering Marion County honoring two West Virginia football legends, Sam Huff and Frank "Gunner" Gatski02/18/10
HCR 12 The "Private Archie A. 'Whack' Jordan Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 14 Declaring that the month of May be proclaimed as Lyme Disease Awareness Month beginning in 201002/19/10
HCR 15 The "John Joseph Walkup, Jr., Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 16 The "Arsenio Albert Alvarez Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 17 The "Freda Bell Bridge"02/18/10
HCR 18 The "Sgt. Richard W. Griffith Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 20 The "PFC Ezra Craft Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 23 The "SFC Terrance N. Gentry Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 24 The "PFC Franklin L. Conn Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 25 The "PFC Clarence Ellis Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 28 The "Trooper First Class James Thomas Brammer Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 29 The "Sgt. Chester A. Mollett Memorial Highway"03/13/10
HCR 30 The "Chief Warrant Officer John Michael Hohman Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 32 The "LCPL Dale A. Griffin Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 35 The "Dr. Mabel Nichols Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 36 "The Marion County Veterans Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 37 The "CMS Marshall Irvin Pauley Memorial Bridge, Killed in Action, Vietnam 1966"03/05/10
HCR 38 The "Ralph L. Dawson Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 39 The "Corporal Menifee Carter Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 40 The "Ernie Wallace Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 41 The "Charley Meddings Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 42 The "Lance Corporal Samuel R. Drown Memorial Bridge, Killed in Action, Vietnam 1967"03/05/10
HCR 43 The "Perdue Brothers Memorial Bridge WWII Vets Walter, Riley, James, Norman, Omer, Earl"03/13/10
HCR 45 The "Robert L. McAtee, Sr. Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 46 The "Staff Sergeant Roger Lee Chambers Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 47 The "Childhood Cancer Survivor and Memorial Highway"03/05/10
HCR 50 Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance study the burden of taxes and fees imposed by the State of West Virginia upon the coal industry03/13/10
HCR 53 The "Fletcher Brothers Memorial Bridge"03/05/10
HCR 54 The "William H. Sanders II Memorial Highway"03/05/10
HCR 56 Erection of signs near Mahan and Oak Hill, in Fayette County, indicating the crossing of the 38th Parallel North in honor of the Veterans of the Korean War03/05/10
HCR 58 Designating the annual observance of the week following Labor Day as Labor History Week03/10/10
HCR 64 The "Delmar L. Parrish Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 65 The "Sloan Brother's Highway"03/13/10
HCR 66 Commemorating the passing of CW4 Brent Cole, patriot, pilot, husband, father, soldier, proud West Virginian and true American hero03/10/10
HCR 70 The"Jerry Alan Jones Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 72 The "Glenn Holton Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 82 The "P.F.C. Daniel F. Tallman Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 83 The "Carmel M. Johnson Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
HCR 102 Requesting a study of the issues relating to creating a matching grant pilot project03/13/10
HCR 111 Urging the United States Environmental Protection Agency to interpret the West Virginia Water Pollution Act03/13/10
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the Seventy-ninth Legislature, two thousand ten01/13/10
HR 2 Memorializing the life of Don Redman, famous jazz musician and composer, and pioneering jazz arranger from Mineral County01/14/10
HR 4 Designating January 20, 2010, as "Disability Advocacy Day"01/20/10
HR 5 Designating Thursday, January 21, 2010, as "Generation West Virginia Day"01/21/10
HR 6 Authorizing the Committee on Rules to arrange a Special Calendar01/26/10
HR 7 Authorizing printing and distribution of the Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/26/10
HR 9 Recognizing the public service of the AARP01/28/10
HR 10 Recognizing the West Virginia Press Association on January 28, 201001/28/10
HR 11 Designating February 1, 2010, as "Women's Day" in West Virginia02/01/10
HR 12 Designating February 2, 2010, as "Crime Victims Day at the Legislature"02/02/10
HR 13 Designating February 3, 2010 as "Professional Social Work Day"02/03/10
HR 14 Creating a Select Committee on Coal Mining Permits02/05/10
HR 15 Designating February 4, 2010, as "Law-Enforcement Appreciation Day"02/04/10
HR 16 Designating Friday, February 5, 2010, as "National Wear Red Day"02/05/10
HR 17 Recognizing the contributions of West Virginia women who served their nation as Women Ordinance Workers during World War II02/05/10
HR 20 Designating February 10, 2010, as "Marshall University Day"02/10/10
HR 21 Designating Monday, February 15, 2010, as "Veterans Visibility Day"02/15/10
HR 22 Designating February 16, 2010, as "Corrections Day"02/16/10
HR 23 Designating February 23, 2010, as "Community Action Day"02/23/10
HR 24 Declaring that February 26, 2010, be designated "West Virginia State Grange Day"02/26/10
HR 25 Designating March 1, 2010, as West Virginia March for Meals Day the month of March, 2010, as March for Meals Fundraising Month03/01/10
HR 26 Celebrating the life and lamenting the death of Gene M. Ashley, former member of the House of Delegates from the County of Roane03/05/10
HR 28 Recognizing Corporal Fred L. Hammock, recipient of the West Virginia Troopers Association "Trooper of the Year" award03/09/10
HR 29 Designating March 9, 2010, as "West Virginia Home School Day"03/09/10
HR 30 Paying tribute to the character, outstanding career and extraordinary public service of the late Joseph Paul Albright, a former Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates, and a former Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia03/11/10
HR 31 Recognizing James Fitzpatrick, dedicated public servant and distinguished West Virginian03/13/10
SCR 1 Requesting DOH name bridge in Doddridge County "SPC Jason N. Marchand Memorial Bridge"02/09/10
SCR 2 Requesting DOH name portion of Route 16 in Fayette County "Robert K. 'Bob' Holliday Highway"02/09/10
SCR 3 Requesting DOH name bridge in Fayette County "Eugene Mitchell Skaggs Memorial Bridge"02/09/10
SCR 5 Requesting DOH name bridge in Parsons, Tucker County, "Sheriff O. Gay Hovatter Memorial Bridge"02/09/10
SCR 6 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mingo County "Matoma C. Sansom Memorial Bridge"02/09/10
SCR 7 Requesting DOH name bridge in Woodville, Lincoln County, "Private First Class Karol Clay Memorial Bridge"02/23/10
SCR 9 Expressing will of Legislature opposing adoption of national cap and trade program01/29/10
SCR 10 Requesting DOH name bridge on Coalfields Expressway, Raleigh County, "Craig Dorsey II Memorial Bridge"03/09/10
SCR 11 Requesting DOH name bridge at Mercer's Bottom, Mason County, "Private First Class Kenneth W. Bright Memorial Bridge"03/09/10
SCR 13 Requesting DOH name bridge in Big Chimney, Kanawha County, "Private First Class Thomas Keith Coleman Memorial Bridge"03/09/10
SCR 14 Requesting DOH name bridge in Scott Depot, Putnam County, "Trooper William 'Bill' Phillips Memorial Bridge"03/09/10
SCR 21 Requesting DOH name bridge in Kanawha County "Private First Class Charles M. Conner Memorial Bridge"03/10/10
SCR 24 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Private First Class Edward C. Miller Memorial Bridge"03/10/10
SCR 26 Requesting DOH name bridge in Kanawha County "Private First Class Vernon L. Dillard Memorial Bridge"03/10/10
SCR 30 Requesting DOH name bridge in Wyoming County "Hubert Cline Memorial Bridge"03/10/10
SCR 31 Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study tourism industry development03/13/10
SCR 33 Requesting DOH name bridge over Peters Creek, Nicholas County, "Homer J. Summers Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 35 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mingo County "Virgil and Marcella Faye Marcum Memorial Bridge"03/10/10
SCR 36 Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Kevin Lee Ball Memorial Bridge"03/10/10
SCR 41 Authorizing issuance of revenue bonds to provide capital improvements for state colleges and universities03/13/10
SCR 42 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mingo County "Bobby Lee Jarrell Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 43 Requesting DOH name bridge in Lincoln County "Private Brunty Willis Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 44 Requesting DOH name bridge in Logan County "G. R. 'Bob' Johnson Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 49 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mercer County "Isabella Freeman Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 56 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mercer County "Phoebe Goodwill Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 57 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mercer County "Yon-Peraldo Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 58 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mercer County "Andrew Scott Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 59 Requesting DOH name bridge in Mercer County "Maria Cooper Memorial Bridge"03/13/10
SCR 61 Urging EPA not veto Spruce Mine permit03/13/10
SCR 70 Requesting DOH name section of Wyoming County Route 1 "Gary 'Beatle' Sutherland Road"03/13/10
SR 1 Raising committee to notify House Senate has assembled01/13/10
SR 2 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature has assembled01/13/10
SR 3 Commemorating life of Donald Matthew Redman01/14/10
SR 4 Designating January 20, 2010, "Disability Advocacy Day"01/20/10
SR 5 Designating Thursday, January 21, 2010, "Generation WV Day"01/21/10
SR 6 Authorizing appointment of 2010 session employees01/21/10
SR 7 Recognizing Fairmont State University for academic excellence 01/25/10
SR 8 Designating January 28, 2010, "WV Press Association Day"01/28/10
SR 9 Honoring USS West Virginia officers and crew01/28/10
SR 10 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley 02/01/10
SR 11 Designating February 1, 2010, "Women's Day"02/01/10
SR 12 Designating February 2, 2010, "Crime Victims Day"02/02/10
SR 13 Declaring February 3, 2010, "Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Day"02/03/10
SR 14 Designating February 3, 2010, "Social Work Day"02/03/10
SR 15 Designating February 4, 2010, "Law-Enforcement Appreciation Day"02/04/10
SR 16 Recognizing contributions of WV Women Ordinance Workers02/05/10
SR 17 Encouraging judicial circuits and county boards of education implement new approach to truancy02/08/10
SR 19 Congratulating Erica Jade Goldsmith, 2010 Miss WV USA02/08/10
SR 20 Designating February 10, 2010, "Marshall University Day"02/10/10
SR 21 Honoring Donald Spence for dedication to education02/24/10
SR 22 Honoring Melquan Brown for saving life of Bridget Camp02/15/10
SR 23 Designating February 15, 2010, "Veterans Visibility Day"02/15/10
SR 24 Honoring WV World War II veterans02/15/10
SR 25 Designating February 16, 2010, "Corrections Day"02/16/10
SR 26 Designating February 16, 2010, "West Virginia Human Resources Day"02/16/10
SR 27 Recognizing Kids' Chance02/17/10
SR 28 Recognizing Boy Scouts of America on its 100th anniversary02/18/10
SR 29 Recognizing accomplishments of Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society02/18/10
SR 30 Recognizing Marion County native D. D. Meighen02/18/10
SR 31 Recognizing WV Commission for Sesquicentennial of American Civil War02/18/10
SR 32 Recognizing WV Higher Education Advisory Council of Faculty02/19/10
SR 33 Designating February 19, 2010, "Higher Education Day" 02/19/10
SR 34 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson02/22/10
SR 35 Designating February 23, 2010, "Community Action Day"02/23/10
SR 36 Designating February 23, 2010, "West Virginia University and West Virginia University Extension Service Day"02/23/10
SR 37 Memorializing life of Fred Schaus02/23/10
SR 38 Recognizing WV Communication Outreach of Jefferson County02/23/10
SR 39 Commemorating City of Ranson's Centennial02/24/10
SR 40 Congratulating Grafton Boys' Cross Country team on winning 2009 Class A-AA state championship02/25/10
SR 41 Congratulating Grafton High School golf team on winning 2009 Class AA state championship02/25/10
SR 42 Designating February 26, 2010, "West Virginia Grange Day"02/26/10
SR 43 Recognizing US Power Squadrons District 702/26/10
SR 44 Designating March 2010, "West Virginia March for Meals Month"03/01/10
SR 45 Designating May 24, 2010, "Aviation Maintenance Technician Day"03/01/10
SR 46 Recognizing James Fitzpatrick03/03/10
SR 47 Honoring Randall Reid-Smith03/04/10
SR 48 Designating March 2010 "American Red Cross Month"03/05/10
SR 49 Supporting Governor's efforts in developing South Charleston Technology Park03/08/10
SR 50 Designating March 7-13, 2010, National Problem Gambling Awareness Week03/08/10
SR 51 Memorializing life of Emilie Holroyd03/09/10
SR 52 Honoring Gen. Louis L. Wilson, Jr.03/13/10
SR 53 Honoring West Virginia National Guard03/12/10
SR 54 Honoring Mike Carey, WVU women's basketball team head coach03/12/10
SR 55 Congratulating Walton Middle School Boys' varsity basketball team03/13/10
SR 56 Congratulating Piedmont Elementary Chess team 03/13/10
SR 57 Memorializing life of Gene Carte03/13/10
SR 58 Raising committee to notify House of Delegates Senate is ready to adjourn sine die03/20/10
SR 59 Raising committee to notify Governor Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die03/20/10
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