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172 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Alex Perdue Memorial Bridge.03/10/22
HCR 4 John B. Short Memorial Bridge03/12/22
HCR 5 James “Big Jim” Shaffer Memorial Bridge03/10/22
HCR 6 Elmer Galford Memorial Road03/10/22
HCR 7 Daniel Edward Kolhton “Red” Haney Memorial Bridge03/12/22
HCR 8 U.S. Army Private Elmo Davis Memorial Road03/12/22
HCR 10 Lance CPL Leonard Joe Zelaski Memorial Bridge03/10/22
HCR 13 The Doctor Enrique Aguilar Memorial Bridge03/11/22
HCR 14 Colonel Ronald John ”Ron“ Chiccehitto Memorial Road03/12/22
HCR 15 Thomas Brothers Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 16 World War II Veterans Toothman Brothers Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 17 Daniel Okey Cunningham Memorial Bridge03/11/22
HCR 23 Requesting the Division of Highways to place at least 10 additional signs along highways entering West Virginia honoring fallen veterans and Gold Star Families03/04/22
HCR 25 SP5 Terry Lee McClanahan Memorial Bridge.03/12/22
HCR 26 Charleston Police Officer Cassie Johnson - Fallen Heroes Memorial Bridge.03/12/22
HCR 27 Extending an invitation to His Excellency, the Governor, to deliver an address to the Legislature and raising a Joint Assembly therefor.01/27/22
HCR 28 Cpt. Billy Jake Smith Memorial Bridge02/24/22
HCR 30 U.S. Army Pvt. Dallis H. Johnson WWII Memorial Bridge.02/28/22
HCR 31 Applying to the Congress of the United States to call a convention of states03/05/22
HCR 34 U.S. Navy Seaman 1st Class Byrne Lee Singleton Memorial Bridge.03/05/22
HCR 35 David Allen Drake, Sr. Memorial Bridge03/11/22
HCR 36 John Calvin “J.C.” Baker Memorial Bridge.03/11/22
HCR 37 U.S. Army Corporal Charles William “Bill” Knight Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 38 “Dale Shaheen and George H. Hooker Memorial Bridge.”03/12/22
HCR 39 PFC Donald L. Stuckey Memorial Bridge03/12/22
HCR 40 USMC Cpl Guy Maywood Edwards Memorial Bridge.03/05/22
HCR 45 U.S. Army SP4 Dennis Harvey Roberts Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 46 U.S. Navy Seaman Donald Homer Wheeler Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 47 U.S. Army CPL Billy Earl Duty Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 48 WVSP Sergeant John S. Syner Memorial Road03/10/22
HCR 49 Charles M. “Charlie” Biggs Memorial Highway03/10/22
HCR 52 U.S. Army SGT Roy E. Givens Memorial Road03/10/22
HCR 56 Roy Lee Shamblin Memorial Bridge.03/12/22
HCR 59 "Warrant Officer James G. Bosley Memorial Bridge.'02/28/22
HCR 60 Fire Chief Lee Thomas Bridge03/12/22
HCR 61 Timothy Wayne Farley Memorial Bridge03/11/22
HCR 63 U.S. Army MSGT Donald Lewis Coen Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 65 U.S. Army Major Jesse A. Jennings Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 70 Calvin H. Shifflett Memorial Bridge03/12/22
HCR 72 U.S. Army SP5 Dana V. Perkins Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 73 Halstead Brothers WWII Veterans Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 74 Judge Les Fury Memorial Bridge03/12/22
HCR 76 U. S. Navy BM1 Farris Burton Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 79 A resolution to designate February 21st as the official start day to National FFA Week in West Virginia.02/23/22
HCR 81 U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer Milford Arnold Cunningham Memorial Bridge03/05/22
HCR 82 Alleen Ledson Memorial Bridge03/11/22
HCR 83 U.S. Army SGT Charles L. Toppings Memorial Road.03/12/22
HCR 89 Hajash Brothers Memorial Bridge03/12/22
HCR 90 U.S. Army PVT Robert (Bob) Mullins Sr. Memorial Bridge03/10/22
HCR 95 Clemmer Brothers WWII Veterans Memorial Bridge03/10/22
HCR 96 U. S. Air Force Captain Perry Thomas Rose Memorial Road03/10/22
HJR 102 Clarifying that the policy-making and rule-making authority of the State Board of Education is subject to legislative review, approval, amendment, or rejection03/04/22
HR 1 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the Second Regular Session of the Eighty-fifth Legislature, Two Thousand Twenty-two01/12/22
HR 2 Authorizing printing and distribution of Acts of the Legislature and Journals of the House of Delegates01/12/22
HR 3 Creating a Select Committee on Jails and Prisons01/12/22
HR 4 Amending House Rule 138, relating to news correspondents and reporters01/12/22
HR 5 Regarding power grid stability.01/28/22
HR 6 Urging the Army Corps of Engineers to support hydroelectric power generation at the Summersville Dam.02/10/22
HR 7 Urging the United States Congress to increase sustainable forest harvesting on public lands in the state of West Virginia and more specifically, the Monongahela National Forest.03/12/22
HR 8 Creating a Select Committee on Coalfield Communities01/24/22
HR 9 Amending the rules of the House of Delegates.01/28/22
HR 10 Commemorating the life of Robert S. Kiss, devoted father and husband, Member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, Finance Chairman, Speaker of the House, West Virginia Secretary of Revenue, long time practicing attorney and distinguished West Virginian01/27/22
HR 11 Urging members of the United States Congress to enact federal legislation designating May 4 as Firefighters Day.02/14/22
HR 12 Supporting the signing of a Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) between the United States and the Republic of China (Taiwan)02/23/22
HR 13 A resolution on the creation of Select Committee on Tourism and Economic Diversification.02/09/22
HR 15 Amend House Rules 94 and 94b to allow unlimited joint sponsors of bills as well as unrestricted adding and deleting of joint sponsors of bills and resolutions02/24/22
HR 16 Memorial resolution commemorating the life and death of former House of Delegates member Gene A. Haynes02/21/22
HR 19 A resolution urging Congress and the President to pass federal legislation to speed up the environmental permitting process on new wells and mines.03/12/22
SCR 1 US Army PFC Billy Keith Ford Memorial Bridge03/04/22
SCR 3 USMC CAPT Dempsey Stowers Memorial Bridge03/04/22
SCR 4 US Army SP4 Warner Ray Osborne Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 5 US Marine Corps CPL James "Bud" Cox Memorial Bridge03/04/22
SCR 6 Holden 22 Coal Miners Memorial Bridge03/01/22
SCR 9 Haynie Family Veterans Memorial Bridge03/04/22
SCR 10 US Air Force TSGT Franklin A. Bradford Bridge03/12/22
SCR 11 Dennis E. Davis Veterans Nursing Home03/07/22
SCR 12 Raymond Jarrell, Jr., Memorial Road03/12/22
SCR 13 US Army PFC Joseph Stanley McKinney Memorial Bridge03/07/22
SCR 14 US Army SSGT Elson M Kuhn Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 15 US Army PVT Shirley E. Bailey Memorial Bridge03/01/22
SCR 16 William Gregory "Greg" White, P.E., Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 17 US Air Force SSGT Logan A. Young Memorial Bridge03/01/22
SCR 18 US Army SSGT Fred E. Duty Memorial Highway03/12/22
SCR 19 US Army PVT Thomas D. Beckett, Sr., Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 20 US Air Force LT COL Robert J. Hill Memorial Road03/12/22
SCR 21 Putnam County Veterans Memorial Bridge03/01/22
SCR 22 US Army PFC Clifford O. Eckard Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 23 USMC CPL Guy Maywood Edwards Memorial Bridge03/07/22
SCR 24 USMC CPL Roger Lee Boothe Memorial Road03/12/22
SCR 25 Firefighter Marvin Layton Hughes Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 26 US Army TEC5 William "Bill" Thurman King Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 27 US Army TSGT Harold William Schmidle Memorial Bridge03/01/22
SCR 28 US Army PVT Garland Lee Loudermilk Memorial Bridge03/04/22
SCR 29 Nitro WW I Memorial Bridge03/10/22
SCR 30 McClintic Family Veterans Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 32 Curtis "Pap" and Millie "Mammie" Asbury Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 33 US Army SGT Lewis M. "Mike" Totten Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 34 USMC SGTMAJ Herman H. Brawner Memorial Bridge03/01/22
SCR 36 USMC CPL Harry Edward Dean, Jr., Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 37 Harrison County Veterans Memorial Bridge03/10/22
SCR 38 Cox Brothers' Veteran Memorial Bridge03/10/22
SCR 39 Walker Brothers' Veteran Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 40 Frye Brothers' Veterans Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 41 Henry Preston Hickman Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 42 USMC SSGT Herbert "Herbie" D. Barnes Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 45 US Army CPL John D. Doyle, Sr. Memorial Road03/10/22
SCR 46 Supporting North Central WV aviation and aerospace industries03/01/22
SCR 48 US Army PFC Ronald Lee Berry Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 49 Establishing Honor Guard in each National Guard unit03/12/22
SCR 50 US Army T/5 John William (J.W.) Cruse Jr. Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 51 Deputy Kenneth "Kenny" Ward Love, Sheriff Elvin Eugene "Pete" Wedge, and Jailer Ernest Ray "Ernie" Hesson Memorial Bridge03/12/22
SCR 55 Respectfully urging current presidential administration to open federal lease sales onshore and offshore03/12/22
SR 1 Notifying House of Delegates Senate has assembled01/12/22
SR 2 Notifying Governor Legislature has assembled01/12/22
SR 3 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees01/12/22
SR 4 Urging US Army Corps of Engineers study clean energy production at Summersville dam02/03/22
SR 5 Designating January 12, 2022, Prevention Day at Legislature 01/12/22
SR 6 Designating January 14, 2022, as Fairmont State University Day at Legislature01/14/22
SR 7 Designating January 18, 2022, as Hunger Free WV Day01/18/22
SR 8 Uplifting faith and freedom in America01/18/22
SR 9 Designating January 19, 2022, as WV Tourism Day01/19/22
SR 10 Adopting special rule of order relating to COVID-19 pandemic01/18/22
SR 11 Recognizing contributions of aviation and aerospace in WV01/20/22
SR 12 Designating January 22, 2022, as Day of Tears in WV01/21/22
SR 13 Designating January 25, 2022, as West Virginia University Day01/25/22
SR 14 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots golf team for winning 2021 Class AAA State Championship01/26/22
SR 15 Designating January 28, 2022, as Women's and Girls' Day01/28/22
SR 16 Designating February 2, 2022, Jan Lilly-Stewart Disability Advocacy Day02/02/22
SR 17 Designating February 3, 2022, as Preston County Day02/03/22
SR 18 Designating February 7, 2022, as Sexual Violence Awareness Day in WV02/07/22
SR 19 Congratulating Ritchie County High School Rebels football team for winning WV 2021 Class A State Football Championship02/08/22
SR 20 Designating February 8, 2022, as Marshall University Day02/08/22
SR 21 Congratulating Jeff and Janet Allen for winning Conservation Farm of Year Award02/08/22
SR 22 Commemorating 250th anniversary of Berkeley County02/28/22
SR 23 Recognizing Youth Leadership Association Youth in Government02/09/22
SR 24 Recognizing Greenbrier East High School InvenTeam02/09/22
SR 25 Designating February 14, 2022, as National Donor Day02/14/22
SR 26 Designating month of February, 2022, as Self-Care Awareness month02/15/22
SR 27 Recognizing WV Kids Cancer Crusaders on International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day02/15/22
SR 28 Designating February 16, 2022, as WV Rural Health Workforce Day at Legislature02/16/22
SR 29 Designating February 16, 2022, as WV State University Day02/16/22
SR 30 Designating February 17, 2022, as Corrections Day02/17/22
SR 31 Designating February 21, 2022, as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day02/21/22
SR 32 Designating February 22, 2022, as Domestic Violence Awareness Day in WV02/22/22
SR 33 Recognizing 150th Anniversary of Glenville State College02/22/22
SR 34 Congratulating St. Marys High School golf team for winning 2021 Class A State Golf Championship02/22/22
SR 35 Congratulating Tug Valley High School Lady Panthers for winning 2021 Class A State Championship in Girls Basketball03/09/22
SR 36 Recognizing Tug Valley Cheerleaders for winning 2021 Class A State Championship03/09/22
SR 37 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley for its services, dedication, and commitment to Berkeley County02/22/22
SR 38 Supporting Bilateral Trade Agreement between United States and Taiwan02/23/22
SR 39 Recognizing Emergency Conservation Act02/23/22
SR 40 Affirming support for Ukrainian sovereignty02/24/22
SR 41 Designating February 28, 2022, as Recovery Community Day02/28/22
SR 42 Recognizing 911 public safety telecommunicators as true "first responders"02/28/22
SR 43 Recognizing WV respiratory therapists during month of March03/01/22
SR 44 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson03/01/22
SR 45 Designating month of March as American Red Cross month03/01/22
SR 46 Designating March 2, 2022, as Disability Employment State Use Program Day03/02/22
SR 47 Memorializing life of Honorable Joseph Michael Minard03/03/22
SR 48 Congratulating George Washington High School Patriots girls' swim team for winning 2022 State Championship03/04/22
SR 49 Memorializing Honorable Naomi "Sue" Cline, wife, mother, realtor, former member of WV Senate, and dedicated public servant03/04/22
SR 50 Designating March 7, 2022, as WV Library Day at Legislature03/07/22
SR 51 Designating month of February as National Cancer Prevention Month at Legislature03/09/22
SR 52 Highlighting West Virginia's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strengthen national security and energy independence and supply world energy markets03/11/22
SR 53 Designating March 10, 2022, as World Kidney Day at Legislature03/10/22
SR 54 Congratulating Fairmont Senior High School Polar Bears football team for winning 2021 Class AA state championship03/10/22
SR 55 Congratulating Bridgeport High School baseball team for winning 2021 Class AAA state championship03/11/22
SR 56 Recognizing James Monroe High School Mavericks Youth Leadership Association students for their participation in Harvard University Model United Nations Conference03/11/22
SR 57 Congratulating Point Pleasant High School Black Knights wrestling team for winning 2022 Class AA state championship03/11/22
SR 58 Urging President to expedite entrance of Ukranian refugees into US03/12/22
SR 59 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Michael J. Romano 03/12/22
SR 60 Recognizing dedicated public service of Honorable Dave Sypolt03/12/22
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