Mythological Figures in the Carved Heads


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West Entrance to East Wing


West Entrance to East Wing

Roman names in bold type - Greek in italics

Hera (Juno)

Wife and sister of Jupiter; queen of the gods; goddess of marriage and children; the calends (firsts) of the months were sacred to her as were the ides sacred to Jupiter


Titan who taught mankind the use of fire against the will of Zeus; punished by being chained to a rock where a vulture ate away at his liver; symbol of suffering and strength resisting wrong


Son of Zeus and slayer of Medusa; married Andromeda after rescuing her from a sea monster; they are joined for eternity in the constellation Cassiopeia

East Entrance to the Main Building

Mercury (Hermes)

Messenger of Jupiter; god of commerce; gymnastics; endeavors requiring skill and dexterity; inventor of the lyre

Vulcan (Hephaestus)

The celestial artist; son of Jupiter and Juno; husband of Venus; forger of thunderbolts; architect; smith; armorer; chariot-builder

Minerva (Pallas Athene)

Goddess of wisdom; daughter of Jupiter; the divinity associated with the useful and ornamental arts

East Entrance to West Wing


The goddess of fortune or chance, holder of a double rudder that steered the courses of man's destiny

Jupiter (Zeus)

Ancient god of the heavens; most prominent of the Olympic deities; king of gods and men; bearer of the magic shield Aegis; eagles bore his thunderbolts


Son of Jupiter and the mortal Alcoma; persecuted by his father's jealous queen (Hera); completed twelve labors to escape her wrath and was considered the champion of the earth

West Entrance of the Main Building

Vesta (Hestia)

Goddess of the hearth, guardian of family life; her temple's fires were kindled by rays of the sun and maintained by Vestal Virgins

Neptune (Poseidon)

Reigning god of the oceans and rivers; bearer of the trident; creator of horses and patron of horse races

Ceres (Demeter)

Goddess of agriculture; daughter of Saturn and Rhea; bestower of grains and knowledge of agriculture upon mankind; mother of Proserpine; most revered of all Goddesses
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