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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 28 Bills pending in Senate Banking and Insurance




SB 26Increasing surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies01/08/20
SB 43Imposing cap under insurance policy or discount prescription drug plan for covered prescription insulin drug01/08/20
SB 54Relating generally to occupational pneumoconiosis01/08/20
SB 55Ensuring insurance coverage for residents with preexisting conditions01/08/20
SB 65Establishing Family and Medical Leave Insurance Benefits Act01/08/20
SB 95Authorizing PEIA to establish base benefits insurance plans01/08/20
SB 101Allowing workers' compensation for first responders diagnosed with PTSD due to event during employment01/08/20
SB 115Relating to surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies for funding volunteer fire departments01/08/20
SB 116Creating surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies to help municipalities and counties with certain fire-related cleanup and demolition01/08/20
SB 200Including certain types of cancers for which rebuttable presumption of injury exists for firefighters01/09/20
SB 215Creating Health Care Choice Act01/09/20
SB 239Requiring general contractors to have and maintain general liability insurance01/09/20
SB 251Allowing workers' compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with PTSD due to on-the-job event01/10/20
SB 262Creating rebuttable presumption under workers' compensation law for law-enforcement officer who has developed certain diseases01/10/20
SB 305Exempting certain nonpaid volunteers from workers' comp benefits01/10/20
SB 314Requiring insurance policies provide free emergency allergy medications01/13/20
SB 546Requiring Medicaid and insurance coverage for treatment of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders01/20/20
SB 559Authorizing small private employers buy-in to PEIA01/21/20
SB 561Prohibiting insurers from denying coverage as result of preexisting condition01/21/20
SB 577Relating to insurance coverage for insulin01/22/20
SB 598Creating WV Mutual to Mutual Insurance Holding Company Act01/23/20
SB 603Relating to prohibition on short-term duration health insurance01/23/20
SB 624Creating WV Black Lung Program01/27/20
SB 632Clarifying time limitation for filing occupational pneumoconiosis claim does not limit claimant in obtaining evaluation01/28/20
SB 659Prohibiting insurance companies from using credit ratings to establish home and auto premiums01/30/20
SB 713Relating to allocation of premiums for employers and employees in PEIA02/05/20
SB 817Reducing cost of prescription drugs02/17/20
HB 4705Including three types of cancer for which rebuttable presumption of injury from employment exists for firefighters02/27/20
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