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There are 67 Bills pending in Senate Government Organization




SB 2Providing for automated license plate reader systems01/08/20
SB 9Requiring certain documents that contain wage records be considered confidential01/08/20
SB 15Removing municipalities' authority to restrict firearm possession without carry concealed permit during brief temporary events01/08/20
SB 33Relating to age requirements for appointment as deputy sheriff01/08/20
SB 49Allowing counties to implement one-percent consumers sales tax in certain circumstances01/08/20
SB 50Creating emergency text number systems for children01/08/20
SB 57Including correctional officers as law-enforcement within WV Fire, EMS, and Law-Enforcement Survivor Benefit Act01/08/20
SB 59Requiring contractors provide county boards of education number of units constructed prior to issuance of permit01/08/20
SB 64Expanding county commissions' ability to dispose of county or district property01/08/20
SB 70Requiring any newly constructed building to meet minimum standards for universal design for disabled persons01/08/20
SB 80Allowing county commissions to impose amusement tax01/08/20
SB 93Creating shared table initiative for senior citizens who suffer from food insecurity01/08/20
SB 109Relating to incentives for consolidating local governments01/08/20
SB 112Prohibiting legislators and part-time public officials from having interest in public contracts under certain circumstances01/08/20
SB 118Modifying procedure certain public agencies use to procure architectural and engineering services contracts01/08/20
SB 137Requiring Legislature provide funds to DHHR for local boards of health pay raises in certain circumstances01/08/20
SB 139Shifting funding from Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities01/08/20
SB 159Allowing municipalities to contract projects up to $50,000 without bidding01/09/20
SB 161Relating to Division of Forestry members' salaries01/09/20
SB 176Limiting number of days legislators may receive compensation under certain circumstances01/09/20
SB 210Prohibiting registered lobbyists from appointment to state legislative, executive, or judicial position for five years01/09/20
SB 214Shifting funding from Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities01/09/20
SB 218Creating Occupational Licensing Consumer Choice Act01/09/20
SB 221Relating to disposition of vacated school buildings or other state-owned buildings01/09/20
SB 252Creating Emergency Medical Services Personnel Loan Forgiveness Program01/10/20
SB 256Requiring notice be sent to owners of record before real property can be sold due to nonpayment of taxes01/10/20
SB 273Reducing time original owner of real property may redeem property after tax lien sale01/10/20
SB 304Relating to county board of education financial statements01/10/20
SB 309Relating to competitive bidding for government construction contracts arising from state of emergency01/10/20
SB 313Reorganizing various boards and authorities for licensing and oversight of trades, occupations, and professions01/13/20
SB 317Creating Board for Professional Geologists01/13/20
SB 318Prohibiting regulation and licensing of occupations by local government01/13/20
SB 479Relating to registration and use of military surplus vehicles01/15/20
SB 488Relating to membership of Oil and Gas Conservation Commission01/15/20
SB 499Removing barriers to employment for certain individuals with criminal records01/15/20
SB 503Removing barriers to employment for certain individuals with criminal records01/15/20
SB 505Relating to acquisition and disposition of property by urban development authority01/24/20
SB 531Shifting funding from Landfill Closure Assistance Fund to local solid waste authorities01/17/20
SB 548Relating to occupational licensing or government certification01/20/20
SB 556Prohibiting members of Legislature and part-time public officials from having interest in public contracts01/21/20
SB 591Establishing Office of State Inspector General01/22/20
SB 593Relating to required equipment for State Police and Natural Resources police officers01/22/20
SB 596Requiring Public Land Corporation and Real Estate Division review all vacated public-owned property01/22/20
SB 609Relating to Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management01/24/20
SB 613Establishing State Resiliency Office and Officer01/24/20
SB 634Authorizing municipality adopt most recent edition of ICC International Property Maintenance Code01/28/20
SB 640Creating Division of Biological Evidence Services01/28/20
SB 646Relating to proposals for new occupational regulation01/29/20
SB 650Altering color scheme for county, city, or municipality vehicle registration plates01/29/20
SB 658Establishing Office of Administrative Hearings within DMAPS01/30/20
SB 667Modifying composition of Commission on Holocaust Education01/30/20
SB 683Separating Fire Marshal and Fire Commission01/31/20
SB 684Excluding certain wholesale electric generating facilities from PSC regulation02/03/20
SB 697Requiring State Police be compensated for time spent on standby02/04/20
SB 704Allowing disabled purple heart recipients park free at municipal metered parking spaces02/12/20
SB 737Requiring contractors performing work on government computers use software to verify hours worked02/07/20
SB 741Authorizing municipalities place certain property into receivership02/10/20
SB 743Establishing Office of Regulatory and Fiscal Affairs under Joint Committee on Government and Finance02/10/20
SB 753Authorizing PSC approve plans to install middle-mile broadband fiber02/12/20
SB 759Authorizing municipalities establish low-cost alternative energy revolving loan program02/12/20
SB 773Requiring county or regional solid waste authorities provide roll-off dumpster free of charge02/13/20
SB 799Establishing WV Convention and Visitor's Bureau Oversight Council02/17/20
SB 813Establishing searchable databases for registered corporation and sole proprietorship information02/17/20
SB 835Transferring WV Network for Educational Telecomputing to Office of Technology02/17/20
HB 4380Updating the regulatory board review schedule02/07/20
HB 4453Expanding the eligibility requirements for private investigator and security guard licensure02/10/20
HB 4864Relating to performance reviews of state agencies and regulatory boards02/21/20
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