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There are 116 Bills pending in House Health and Human Resources




SB 1Providing for parity of payment for telehealth services between service in-person and service provided through telehealth platform02/24/21
SB 39Prohibiting insurance coverage from requiring prior authorization for tests to stage cancer03/10/21
SB 231Relating generally to medical cannabis04/01/21
SB 391Relating to study of child protective services and foster care workforce03/18/21
SB 590Removing restriction preventing medical marijuana from being in edible form04/06/21
SB 715Creating Recovery and Hope Act03/31/21
HB 2034Establishing a comprehensive addiction recovery center certification and grant program in this state02/10/21
HB 2055Establishing a procedure to name a kinship legal guardian02/10/21
HB 2058Providing a pay increase for full-time adult protective service workers02/10/21
HB 2060Reducing the criminal penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana or paraphernal02/10/21
HB 2073Making it a felony to knowingly expose another individual to HIV02/10/21
HB 2077Eliminating the certificate of need program02/10/21
HB 2078Nondiscrimination in Involuntary Denial of Treatment Act02/10/21
HB 2106Modifying legislative rules for vital statistics relating to death certificates02/10/21
HB 2126Creating the West Virginia Residential Furniture and Children’s Products Flame Retardants Act02/10/21
HB 2127Relating to the state’s Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Intellectual/Developmental Disability Waiver02/10/21
HB 2146Providing a tax credit for families who have foster children02/10/21
HB 2149Allowing a personal income tax deduction for a foster care child02/10/21
HB 2166Reducing the cost of prescription drugs02/10/21
HB 2171Vulnerable Child Protection Act02/10/21
HB 2173Health Care Transparency Act02/10/21
HB 2183Relating to posting of information regarding the WV Tobacco Quitline02/10/21
HB 2186Relating to tobacco usage restrictions02/10/21
HB 2194Establishing the Minority Health Advisory Team02/10/21
HB 2196Providing a tax credit for families who have foster children02/10/21
HB 2207Save the Hospitals Act02/10/21
HB 2228Assessing the health impact of any new air or water rule, or modification of an existing air or water rule, proposed by the Department of Environmental Protection02/10/21
HB 2239Restricting the performance of abortions and acquiring, providing, receiving, otherwise transferring, or using fetal body parts02/10/21
HB 2250Relating generally to the issuance of driver licenses02/10/21
HB 2252Requiring Medicaid and insurance coverage for treatment of pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders02/10/21
HB 2254Establishing different rates of taxation for tobacco products for certain border counties02/10/21
HB 2261Placing a moratorium on new patients admitted to state facilities02/10/21
HB 2270Transferring the Office of Medical Cannabis to the Department of Agriculture02/10/21
HB 2272Informed Consent Protection Act02/10/21
HB 2278Creating a Children’s Health Insurance Program buy-in program for children of families above 300 percent of the federal poverty level02/10/21
HB 2280Involuntary drug and alcohol treatment 02/10/21
HB 2283Creating a healthy living tax credit against the personal income tax02/10/21
HB 2284Creating a state-administered wholesale drug importation program02/10/21
HB 2289Relating to compulsory immunizations02/10/21
HB 2291Relating to legalizing cannabis production, sales and adult consumption02/10/21
HB 2312Ensuring that legal or biological parents have equal access to any and all copies of birth registry forms02/12/21
HB 2317Requiring the Department of Health and Human resources to pay the attorney fees of an adoptive parent in a subsidized adoption02/12/21
HB 2346Relating to the Medical Cannabis Act02/12/21
HB 2356Relating to the use of medical cannabis02/12/21
HB 2519Repealing provision prohibiting employers from discriminating for use of tobacco products02/15/21
HB 2534Authorizing possession and smoking of medical cannabis by approved persons02/15/21
HB 2542Relating to wages of persons with disabilities02/16/21
HB 2557Increasing access to contraceptive drugs, devices, and procedures02/16/21
HB 2611Establishing the Minority Health Advisory Team02/19/21
HB 2614Creating the Office of Quality Assurance and Evaluation for child welfare programs within the Department of Health and Human Resources02/19/21
HB 2615Relating to the program for drug screening of applicants for cash assistance02/19/21
HB 2619Update the code to reflect that the Health Care Authority is now part of the organizational structure of the Department of Health and Human Resources02/19/21
HB 2647Prohibiting the use of polystyrene containers02/23/21
HB 2650Establishing a pilot program to develop school-based mental and behavioral health services02/23/21
HB 2651Creating a pilot program for expansion of school-based mental health and school-based diversion02/23/21
HB 2653Providing a tax exemption for income from a qualified retirement plan used to pay for long-term care02/23/21
HB 2658Mountaineer Games Sports League02/23/21
HB 2660Creating a policy on vaccine preventable diseases02/23/21
HB 2672Relating to posting of safety information in hospitals02/23/21
HB 2684Creating a duty to disclose by owners of property that knew or should have known that crystal methamphetamine production was occurring02/23/21
HB 2692To allow for coverage of addiction telehealth services to out-of-state providers02/23/21
HB 2700Informing water customers of boiled water advisories02/23/21
HB 2703Clarify that a temporary permit to practice medicine conveys the same authority unto the holder as a license02/23/21
HB 2707Relating to prescriptive authority for advanced practice registered nurses02/23/21
HB 2708Relating generally to required health insurance coverage for diabetics02/23/21
HB 2714Collecting a tax from manufacturers and distributors of opium and opiate drugs to be used for funding addiction and prevention02/23/21
HB 2731Provide for disclosure of potentially harmful ingredients in menstrual products02/24/21
HB 2752Prohibiting discrimination in access to organ transplants based on physical or mental disability02/24/21
HB 2754Prohibiting smoking in an enclosed motor vehicle when a child under the age of eight is present02/24/21
HB 2757Clean Drinking Water Act of 202002/24/21
HB 2762Exempt from this article any actions arising from the practice of elective abortion or elective abortion relates services02/25/21
HB 2783Permitting a licensed physician to grant a medical exemption from the required immunizations for a child to enter a school or a state-regulated child care center02/26/21
HB 2795Relating to criminal justice training regarding autistic persons03/01/21
HB 2798Relating to requiring the Health Department to mandate mucopolysaccharidosis type 1 (MPS1) test for newborn babies, to be known as Embie’s Law03/11/21
HB 2807Relating to pharmaceutical rebates03/01/21
HB 2818Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases03/02/21
HB 2835Requiring the construction, development, acquisition or other establishment of an alcohol or drug treatment facility and drug and alcohol treatment services to obtain a certificate of need03/02/21
HB 2839Establish Recovery Can’t Wait Program03/02/21
HB 2871Providing for the compensation of the Cannabis Commissioner03/03/21
HB 2875Relating to changes to provider contracts related to health benefit plans and Medicaid managed care plans03/03/21
HB 2880Modifying the definition of telemedicine and telehealth by individuals with a disability and individuals with a sensory impairment03/03/21
HB 2881Removing Hepatitis B from the list of required vaccinations03/03/21
HB 2885Requiring DHHR, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, to notify the parents upon the death of a child in foster care03/03/21
HB 2912Relating to cannabis and cannabis product sales, growth, and consumption in this state03/04/21
HB 2954Abortion permitted only in certain instances03/05/21
HB 2967Permitting certain felons to work in licensed behavioral health facilities03/08/21
HB 2968To allow Veterinarian Tele-Health in West Virginia03/18/21
HB 2980Amend Groundwater Protection Act to cover Karst Terrain03/08/21
HB 2983Permit licensed occupational therapy assistants to work as IDDW agency staff when working under the supervision of licensed occupational therapist.03/08/21
HB 2992To create the “Tobacco Cessation Initiative Program Special Revenue Account”03/09/21
HB 3001Creating the Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program03/09/21
HB 3004To create the “Fair Food Delivery Act”03/09/21
HB 3020Require photo identification on all EBT cards03/09/21
HB 3024Prohibit abortions based on down syndrome03/09/21
HB 3032Prohibiting discrimination based on an individual’s mental or physical disability in access to organ transplantation03/10/21
HB 3033Youth Mental Health Protection Act03/10/21
HB 3080Relating to making the Bureau of Behavioral Health the certifying agency for recovery residences03/11/21
HB 3113Removing certain drugs from schedule 103/12/21
HB 3119Relating to access of records in controlled substance monitoring03/12/21
HB 3138To update the requirements of the state director of health to quarantine and enforce regulations in a specific place 03/15/21
HB 3145Providing certain exemptions from recovery residence standards for group housing facilities of 50 beds or more03/15/21
HB 3148To create a renewable 2 year state level grant for foster parent screening03/15/21
HB 3170Relating to wholesale importation of prescription drugs03/15/21
HB 3172Require every hospital to have someone available to perform forensic exams 03/15/21
HB 3176Requiring sharps containers in all state buildings and facilities where the public is allowed03/16/21
HB 3193Relating to obtaining an appropriate gender marker for state documents03/16/21
HB 3197Allow Religious Exemptions for vaccines03/16/21
HB 3201Creating the Food Infrastructure Grant03/16/21
HB 3206Provide a safe process for organic waste composting03/16/21
HB 3227To provide a means to classify when medications should be continued or stopped for patients03/16/21
HB 3228To require a new written, phoned, or e-mail prescription order within 72 hours of a prescription change03/16/21
HB 3229To require all prescribers of medication to include their purpose for prescribing the medication to the patient03/16/21
HB 3238Establish Food Waste Task Force03/16/21
HB 3248Eliminating the food handler examination and card03/16/21
HB 3265Require an ultrasound prior to abortion03/16/21
HB 3276Creating parity for mental health services03/16/21
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