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There are 44 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




HB 4209Providing that a municipal services user fee may not be imposed on employees of the state01/10/24
HB 4285Allotting counties $5,000 per deputy position to only be used for deputy pay raises01/10/24
HB 4385Require all public contracts be publicly advertised01/10/24
HB 4422Require special elections to be held same day as primary or general election01/10/24
HB 4426To require all election voting precincts to be in different physical locations so that no voting locations share precincts. 01/10/24
HB 4461Refer instances of election fraud to the attorney general for prosecution01/10/24
HB 4469Authorizing a special election for presenting the question of a special levy renewal for levies expiring prior to the primary election scheduled for May 14, 202401/10/24
HB 4478Limiting the maximum number of appointees to certain county and municipal bodies01/10/24
HB 4528Requiring urban renewal authorities to submit proposed urban renewal projects to the affected local county boards of health01/10/24
HB 4636Prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting certain ordinances, regulations, local policies, local resolutions, or other legal requirements01/11/24
HB 4664Emergency Absentee Ballot Preparedness Act01/12/24
HB 4674Require that a public service district board that represents more than one community have at least one member from each community01/12/24
HB 4688Relating to charging fees for municipal services01/12/24
HB 4708Relating to unsafe real property01/15/24
HB 4719Relating to appointing members to county authorities01/15/24
HB 4724To require that Public Service District Boards that represent more than one community to have at least one member from each community on the board.01/15/24
HB 4728Limit amount a county tax assessor can increase assessed value of antique or classic cars01/15/24
HB 4729Allow local governments to hold property owners more accountable for upkeep of buildings01/15/24
HB 4762Prohibit municipalities from collecting B&O taxes on projects that are funded by state or federal government programs01/16/24
HB 4779Repeal requirements of comprehensive zoning ordinance for county to collect development fees01/16/24
HB 4835Increasing transparency in the apportionment process for congressional and legislative districts01/17/24
HB 4853To supersede all ordinances that restrict atv’s on paved roads01/17/24
HB 4861Authorizing municipalities to place signage on state roads within their municipal jurisdiction and boundaries.01/17/24
HB 4872Require counties and municipalities to provide public notice for land or building purchases01/17/24
HB 4887Reducing the term of office for Berkeley County Commisioners from six years to four years. 01/18/24
HB 4949To modify local permitting deadlines for permits, licenses, variances, or other types of approval from a governing body or planning commission of a municipality or county.01/19/24
HB 4991Eliminating cap on maximum amount of money in a county’s stabilization fund01/22/24
HB 5004Relating to the statutory time frames for public service commission resolution of complaints against locally rate regulated water and wastewater utilities01/23/24
HB 5009Creating a process by which voters may recall a county ordinance in a special election01/23/24
HB 5058Providing a process by which a city may hold an election to recall an ordinance01/24/24
HB 5113To make the fire board or county commission responsible for the operations of every fire department within their county01/25/24
HB 5216Requiring all counties to establish a fire levy to support volunteer fire departments and EMS. 01/26/24
HB 5264Relating generally to the authorization and administration of optional county sales and use taxes and admission or amusement taxes01/29/24
HB 5275Requiring political subdivisions to document funds spent on behalf of certain noncitizen immigrants01/29/24
HB 5279Require all counties to link the records to one another01/29/24
HB 5365Emergency Water Supply Act01/30/24
HB 5369Transparency and Accountability Act01/30/24
HB 5410Establish process for county elected officials with familial relationships regarding county finances02/01/24
HB 5413Requiring PSC modify processes regarding trash hauling rates.02/01/24
HB 5600Creating a private cause of action for the deprivation of a right granted by the state constitution or by state law02/12/24
HB 5631To allow wine to be served at outdoor gatherings where beer is permitted to be served.02/12/24
HB 5657To permit bridges and highways to be named for distinct residential communities that are traditionally identified by a single name as a separate community or town without being incorporated and remain a part of the county services., naming these communities as villages02/13/24
HB 5660Modifying the authority of the county fire board to request a fee change02/13/24
HB 5669Relating generally to the Business and Public Area Libability Protection Act02/13/24
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