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HB 4008 Amending the time required for providing notice of an entry on to land for visiting a grave from ten days to five 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 260)
HB 4017 To modify certain election laws, early voting laws, and absentee voting laws 01/30/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 60)
HB 4026 Authorizing the Department of Administration to promulgate a legislative rule relating to state owned vehicles 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 24)
HB 4086 Authorizing certain agencies of the Department of Commerce to promulgate legislative rules 02/14/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 174)
HB 4110 Authorizing certain miscellaneous agencies and boards to promulgate legislative rules 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 185)
HB 4190 Relating to the establishment of an alert system for missing cognitively impaired persons 01/18/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 8)
HB 4191 Relating to requirements imposed on social media companies to prevent corruption and provide transparency of election-related content made available on social media websites 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 272)
HB 4205 Relating to changing the process of election litigation 01/26/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 44)
HB 4224 Relating to performance metrics for the West Virginia Division of Highways 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 135)
HB 4233 Non-binary not permitted on birth certificates 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 136)
HB 4252 Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic Violence Protective Orders Act 01/18/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 10)
HB 4274 Renaming the Department of Health and Human Resources 01/17/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 3)
HB 4292 Providing for enhanced damages for non-payment of royalties due from oil, natural gas, or natural gas liquids production 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 80)
HB 4297 Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 187)
HB 4299 Permit teachers in K-12 schools be authorized to carry concealed firearms as a designated school protection officer 02/21/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 251)
HB 4302 Modifying the criminal penalties imposed on a parent, guardian or custodian for child abuse 01/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 14)
HB 4320 Relating to access for minor children’s medical records 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 121)
HB 4350 Relating to appointment of candidates after filing period 01/30/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 62)
HB 4376 Relating to surgical smoke evacuation 01/31/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 67)
HB 4381 West Virginia Consumer Privacy Act of 2024 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 188)
HB 4399 Creating the equitable right to expungement 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 189)
HB 4428 Requiring candidates to live in the state or local election district for the office for which they are seeking. 01/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 15)
HB 4431 Permitting the cremation of unidentified remains. 01/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 18)
HB 4432 Relating to midlevel practitioners 01/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 19)
HB 4433 Relating to exempting the acquisition and utilization of a mobile facility which performs mammography or low density computerized tomography. 01/17/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 5)
HB 4434 Relating to restrictions on use or sale of motor vehicles based on power source 01/30/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 64)
HB 4552 To ensure party affiliation is consistent with candidate’s voter registration 01/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 16)
HB 4594 Relating to extending managed care. 01/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 21)
HB 4595 Relating to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability 01/25/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 35)
HB 4620 Removing the expiration date from the food handler card 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 25)
HB 4640 Relating to the transfer of certain revenues derived from lottery activities 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 214)
HB 4654 Removing bona fide schools, public libraries, and museums from the list of exemptions from criminal liability relating to distribution and display to minor of obscene matter 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 201)
HB 4666 Relating to establishing criminal penalties for human trafficking 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 27 )
HB 4683 Requiring parents or guardians to participate in programs for juveniles in an out-of-home placement 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 28)
HB 4697 Add protections for WV residents who reside out of state for certain time periods from non-renewal of licenses and registration 01/29/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 54)
HB 4704 Creating Infrastructure Ready Jurisdictions 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 122)
HB 4706 Creating the utility pole rights of way and easement mapping initiative 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 261)
HB 4717 Relating to terminating the authority of the Director of the Purchasing Division to impose a certain annual fee upon vendors 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 190)
HB 4754 Exempting the processing of beef, pork or lamb by a slaughterhouse for an individual owner of the product processed from the Consumer Sales and Service Tax 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 192)
HB 4756 Creating a state Alzheimer’s plan task force 01/25/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 39)
HB 4758 Creation of the Joint Oversight Committee on the Fusion Center 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 137)
HB 4759 Relating to E-Verify, the federal employment authorization program 01/26/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 47)
HB 4764 Provide one trip temporary vehicle permits to be purchased and printed online 01/29/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 55)
HB 4766 Require Division of Highways to place signage up 30 days prior to road closure 01/29/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 56)
HB 4768 Relating to increasing the number of out-of-state medical students receiving in-state tuition rates who agree to practice for a specific time within West Virginia. 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 30)
HB 4769 Clarifying appropriate and inappropriate duties for school counselors while also providing the definition of a school counselor. 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 31)
HB 4776 Relating to adding elementary schools into school disciplinary measures 01/31/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 68)
HB 4782 Preventing municipalities from targeting protected businesses with planning and zoning ordinances more restrictive than those placed upon other businesses. 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 160)
HB 4783 Relating to the practice of optometry 01/29/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 57)
HB 4786 Delivery Network Company (DNC) Insurance Model Act 02/12/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 147)
HB 4793 Relating to moonshine 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 32)
HB 4801 Relating generally to the banking authority of the State Treasurer’s Office 02/01/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 76)
HB 4807 Establishing limitations on billing practices of Internet or telecommunications providers that fail to provide subscribed customers service for five or more days 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 202)
HB 4809 Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 215)
HB 4814 Relating to extending the reporting and sunset dates of the State Advisory Council on Postsecondary Attainment Goals 01/26/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 48)
HB 4817 Relating to updating the practice of nursing 01/31/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 69)
HB 4830 To address the professional development of teachers. 01/31/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 70)
HB 4832 Relating to state superintendent’s reports regarding the finances of school districts 01/31/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 71)
HB 4837 Clarifying the duty of banks to retain and procure records 02/01/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 77)
HB 4838 Require county boards of education to provide long-term substitute teachers, upon hiring, with certain information 01/31/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 72)
HB 4845 To prohibit swatting 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 138)
HB 4850 Removing the sunset clause from Oil and Gas Personal Property Tax 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 216)
HB 4851 To allow for public and private schools in West Virginia to employ security personnel. 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 124)
HB 4860 Providing that a general education teacher may not be responsible for accommodation logs 01/30/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 65)
HB 4863 Patriotic Access to Students in Schools Act 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 109)
HB 4867 Require pornography websites to utilize age verification methods to prevent minors from accessing content 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 203)
HB 4874 Relating to fatality and mortality review team 01/24/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 33)
HB 4880 Relating to personal income tax social security exemption 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 262)
HB 4885 Relating to blocking roadways 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 125)
HB 4908 Relating to permitting the state agencies to contract with the West Virginia public health Institute 01/29/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 58)
HB 4911 Relating to the sale of raw milk 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 217)
HB 4933 Relating to Medicaid dental coverage 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 110)
HB 4940 A squatter cannot be considered a tenant in WV. 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 101)
HB 4943 To facilitate the creation of home-based businesses 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 193)
HB 4951 To facilitate the interstate practice of School Psychology in educational or school settings 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 161)
HB 4965 Mandating restitution to children of victims of negligent homicide or driving under the influence causing death 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 81)
HB 4971 Relating to Critical Materials Manufacturing Tax 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 232)
HB 4976 Providing the contact information of the Inspector General on the agencies and boards websites of the executive departments 01/30/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 66)
HB 4978 Relating to clarifying the authority of appointed officials 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 218)
HB 4984 Relating to repealing tax credit for employing former employees of Colin Anderson Center 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 195)
HB 4986 Relating to computer science and cybersecurity instruction for adult learners 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 162)
HB 4998 Modifying penalties for third offense shoplifting 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 82)
HB 5002 To require at least 1 baby changing station to existing and future rest areas in this state for both male and female restrooms 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 163)
HB 5006 Relating to the administration of the A. James Manchin Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan 02/05/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 95)
HB 5013 Relating to Timber Management 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 220)
HB 5014 Supplementing and amending appropriations to West Virginia University General Administration Fund 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 83)
HB 5016 Allow women to work on inmate road crews 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 85)
HB 5017 Relating to mobile food establishment reciprocity. 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 233)
HB 5018 To provide for oversight and authority governing community air monitoring programs. 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 102)
HB 5019 Relating to surrender and return of license not required for disqualifying or downgrading a driver’s license 02/05/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 96)
HB 5020 Relating to deferred adjudication and pre-trial diversions for first offense DUI cases 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 263)
HB 5024 Relating to exempting non-grantor trusts administered in this state from the personal income tax. 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 264)
HB 5043 Relating to requirements, prohibitions and regulation of foreign principals or agents of foreign principals, lobbying by or on behalf of such foreign principals or their agents 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 273)
HB 5045 Related to the administration of the West Virginia Water Pollution Control Act, and Underground Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Storage 02/05/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 97)
HB 5054 Relating to the licensure of birthing centers 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 126)
HB 5056 Relating to substitute service personnel positions 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 112)
HB 5057 To raise the threshold for nominal referral fees from $25 to $100. 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 127)
HB 5064 Relating to obtaining title to abandoned or junked motor vehicles abandoned on the property or place of business of an automobile dealer 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 128)
HB 5065 Regarding continuing education requirements and compensation of Guardians Ad Litem 02/21/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 253)
HB 5082 Exempt those with 25 years holding an insurance license from attaining additional CEUs 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 234)
HB 5083 Create mechanism for towing companies in WV to quickly access owner information. 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 129)
HB 5084 Require retailers to verify identification and age upon purchase of vape products 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 103)
HB 5091 West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 104)
HB 5096 Change the requirement for posting public notices at the state and federal level for PSDs. 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 86)
HB 5117 Relating generally to waiver of initial licensing fees for certain individuals 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 87)
HB 5122 Relating to civil service for deputy sheriffs 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 105)
HB 5127 Including Potomac State College in the definition of community and technical college education program for participation in the “Learn and Earn Program” 02/05/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 98)
HB 5128 Directing transfer of moneys into fire protection funds at the end of each year 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 204)
HB 5153 Relating to revising, updating and streamlining the requirements governing the West Virginia Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarship. 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 113)
HB 5157 Relating to contingent increase of tax rate on certain eligible acute care hospitals 02/02/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 88)
HB 5158 Relating to making technical corrections to the special education code 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 114)
HB 5159 Relating generally to child labor. 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 235)
HB 5161 To create a “digital wallet” to keep all certifications/licensure accrued by the person in one place 02/12/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 148)
HB 5170 Increasing the size of matching grants for local economic development from $30,000 to $50,000. 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 205)
HB 5175 Eliminate funding for the Center for Nursing and transfer its duties and authorities to the Higher Education Policy Commission. 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 236)
HB 5179 Relating to the creation of “Jaycie’s Law.” 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 115)
HB 5200 Requiring that school counselors serving students in preschool through the 12th grade participate in the School Counselors Conference at least once every two years 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 116)
HB 5223 To create the Southern Coalfield Resiliency and Revitalization Program 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 237)
HB 5232 The Business Liability Protection Act 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 139)
HB 5235 To double the criminal penalty for anyone found guilty of sexual assault on a minor 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 274)
HB 5238 Mandating that all courts provide adjudication for juvenile offenders for traffic violations to the Division of Motor Vehicles 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 265)
HB 5243 Relating to Women’s Bill of Rights 02/14/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 177)
HB 5248 Relating to the regulation of behavioral health centers 02/07/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 117)
HB 5250 Relating to combatting gift card fraud 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 140)
HB 5251 Relating to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act 02/09/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 141)
HB 5252 Requiring certain minimum experience for the director or coordinator of services class title involving school transportation. 02/12/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 149)
HB 5257 Relating generally to allowing the Supreme Court of Appeals discretion to create uniform pay scales for all levels of judicial support staff. 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 106)
HB 5261 Relating to the definition of small arms for purposes of taxation 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 164)
HB 5262 Relating generally to teacher’s bill of rights 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 166)
HB 5267 Relating to the Deputy Sheriff Retirement System 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 167)
HB 5268 Relating to the enhanced recovery of oil and natural gas in horizontal wells 02/12/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 150)
HB 5273 Relating to the Emergency Medical Services Retirement System and clarifying payment upon death of member with less than 10 years of contributory service 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 168)
HB 5286 Eliminating the ability to sub-contract under Certificate of Need 02/12/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 151)
HB 5287 Relating generally to traffic safety 02/12/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 152)
HB 5294 Revising state law regulating farm wineries 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 206)
HB 5295 Authorizing a private outdoor designated area to simultaneously host multiple qualified permit holders 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 169)
HB 5298 Relating to prohibiting a candidate who failed to secure the nomination of a political party in a primary election from seeking the same elected office as an affiliate with a different political party in the subsequent general election 02/08/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 130)
HB 5310 Remote Patient Outcome Improvement Act 02/05/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 99)
HB 5317 Making it permissive for commercial motor vehicles registered in this state to pass an annual inspection of all safety equipment to be consistent with the federal motor carrier safety regulations 02/14/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 178)
HB 5318 Clarifying that elected municipal police chiefs shall be certified law-enforcement officers. 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 196)
HB 5319 Creating the offense of exposing persons to fentanyl 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 207)
HB 5326 Relating to prohibition of unfair real estate service agreements 02/14/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 180)
HB 5332 Excepting persons previously commissioned as a notary public from requirement to have a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to be recommissioned as a notary public 02/01/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 74)
HB 5337 Establishing the legislative oversight committee of the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation. 02/16/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 208)
HB 5343 Relating to adding an athletic trainer to the Board of Physical Therapy 02/13/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 171)
HB 5347 Relating to establishing a program for emergency medical services personnel to become certified paramedics 02/21/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 254)
HB 5348 Changing the name of the “Raleigh County Recreation Authority” to the “Raleigh County Parks and Recreation Authority” 02/06/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 107)
HB 5361 Relating to allowing influenza immunizations to be offered to hospital patients 02/21/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 256)
HB 5395 Relating to judicial review of Board decisions 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 275)
HB 5443 Clarifying that electronic data processing services are to be included in the valuation of specialized high-technology property 02/15/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 197)
HB 5520 Relating to juvenile competency 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 276)
HB 5528 Relating to the renewable energy facilities program 02/19/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 221)
HB 5540 Relating to fentanyl prevention and awareness Education (Laken’s Law) 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 238)
HB 5544 Relating to requiring certain reporting from the Mountaineer Trail Network Authority each year 02/22/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 266)
HB 5549 Relating to allowing license plates to be obtained from alternative sources when the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation is unable to produce them 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 240)
HB 5553 To provide and change graduation requirements and change duties relating to academic content standards 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 241)
HB 5561 Relating to permitting the electronic execution of trusts. 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 277)
HB 5569 Requiring an appraiser to pay for a background check required by the AMC as a condition of being added to the AMCs panel of appraisers. 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 278)
HB 5582 Modifying exceptions for real estate appraisal licensure. 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 279)
HB 5593 Relating to the creation, composition, qualifications, and compensation of the State Board of Risk and Insurance Management 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 280)
HB 5621 Prohibiting the termination of employment of an employee who defends themselves from an attack inside workplace 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 281)
HB 5635 Relating to allowing patients to direct prescribers to list the illness or condition for which a prescription is being issued on the label of the prescription 02/21/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 257)
HB 5647 Increasing and maintaining the bracketed tax rates on the privilege of establishing or operating a health maintenance organization 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 282)
HB 5650 Allow suspended school personnel to enter school property functions open to the public 02/20/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 242)
HB 5662 Relating to adding “person in a position of trust” to certain crimes 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 283)
HB 5690 Creating a West Virginia Task Force on Artificial Intelligence 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 284)
HB 5691 Relating to a biennial capitation rate review to be conducted by the Bureau of Medical Services 02/21/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 258)
HB 5694 Relating to the Firearms Industry Nondiscrimination Act 02/23/2024 Passed House (Roll No. 285)
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