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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 139 Bills pending in House Education




SB 38Requiring schools provide elective course on Hebrew Scriptures or Bible02/27/20
SB 131Creating Tim Tebow Act02/12/20
SB 297Requiring Board of Education create family and consumer sciences course01/24/20
SB 702Designating specific grade levels in which nutrition and physical fitness programs are taught02/18/20
HB 2002Education Savings Account Act01/08/20
HB 2013Providing a bonus for teachers willing to teach in certain critical needs areas01/08/20
HB 2021Relating to relocation or closure of state higher education institutions01/08/20
HB 2022Permitting county boards of education to accumulate instructional days and use them when needed01/08/20
HB 2032Permitting the carrying of concealed weapons on the campus of a state institution of higher education01/08/20
HB 2034Prohibiting West Virginia institutions of higher learning and state agencies from discriminating against graduates of private, nonpublic or home schools by requiring them to submit to alternative testing01/08/20
HB 2037Creating an additional class of special education classroom aides01/08/20
HB 2039Requiring county boards of education to employ a certified library media specialist in each county school01/08/20
HB 2040Relating to qualifications of paraprofessionals, autism mentors and braille or sign support specialists01/08/20
HB 2059Expanding the amount of PROMISE scholarship funds awarded to persons majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics01/08/20
HB 2065Expiring the PROMISE Scholarship Program, and establishing the Promise for All Scholarship Program01/08/20
HB 2072Relating to tuition and fees at community and technical colleges01/08/20
HB 2093Relating to seniority rights and school consolidation01/08/20
HB 2098Home Instruction Tax Relief Act01/08/20
HB 2122Relating to more equitable disbursement of funds to county boards01/08/20
HB 2126Requiring county boards of education to provide released time for professional educators and service personnel when serving in an elected municipal or county office01/08/20
HB 2141Providing for the use of neck braces by football players01/08/20
HB 2322Providing a salary increase for special education teachers01/08/20
HB 2327Relating to public school education in dating violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence prevention01/08/20
HB 2328Relating to designation of social workers in the Department of Health and Human Services01/08/20
HB 2339Establishing the “Stay in State” tax credit01/08/20
HB 2345Developing a resource for use by parents to monitor and track deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s receptive and expressive language01/08/20
HB 2367Creating a state program allowing high school students advance to getting a college degree or technical training while in high school01/08/20
HB 2368Relating to education to children and adults housed in correctional facilities and regional jails01/08/20
HB 2370Exempting personal income earned by individuals working as teachers at primary and secondary schools from personal income tax01/08/20
HB 2374Discontinuing the use of common core standards and assessments in the state01/08/20
HB 2377Making Promise scholarships available for students pursuing certificates or degrees through an accredited community and technical college01/08/20
HB 2381Exempting certain contracts between the Department of Health and Human Resources and West Virginia University, Marshall University or the School for Osteopathic Medicine from state purchasing requirements01/08/20
HB 2395Providing school days to register and transport students to vote01/08/20
HB 2425Defining a work day for school service personnel and removing a provision relating to employment of licensed practical nurses01/08/20
HB 2432Electing members of county school boards on a nonpartisan basis in general elections01/08/20
HB 2447Exempting certain kindergartens, preschools and school education programs that are operated by a private school from state licensure requirements01/08/20
HB 2448Middle School Technical Education Program Act01/08/20
HB 2457Educational Equality Act01/08/20
HB 2520Relating to the Antihazing Law01/08/20
HB 2549Relating to compulsory school attendance01/08/20
HB 2551Requiring the State Board of Education to develop a method for funding student transportation costs as a stand-alone consideration01/08/20
HB 2561Expanding the eligibility for service on county school boards01/08/20
HB 2570Providing that schools be closed for two weeks during the holiday season preceding Christmas Day and following New Year’s Day01/08/20
HB 2593Limiting the increase or decrease of state funding to a county board of education01/08/20
HB 2606Requiring 30 minutes of unstructured play time daily for students in kindergarten through grade 501/08/20
HB 2615Requiring the state board of education to develop an elective course on Vocational Agriculture01/08/20
HB 2620Modifying the contact requirements with a student’s guardians upon accrual of unexcused absences01/08/20
HB 2630Requiring each county school board to employ at least one full time school nurse01/08/20
HB 2632Tim Tebow Act01/08/20
HB 2634Requiring school bus aides, who are trained in preventing bullying and providing a safe environment for students while being transported on a school bus, to be present on school buses01/08/20
HB 2713Expunging records of unsubstantiated complaints made by the Department of Health and Human Resources against teachers01/08/20
HB 2742Making available elective courses on the history of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible01/08/20
HB 2747Allowing parents or the school to serve sweets during the holidays if the school receives parental or guardian consent01/08/20
HB 2758Establishing minimum numbers of school counselors01/08/20
HB 2766Relating to a student not advancing to the next grade by teacher recommendation01/08/20
HB 2778Providing that school nutrition plans include take home meals for low income students01/08/20
HB 2824Relating to teacher to pupil ratio in grades first through third01/08/20
HB 2842Increasing the amount that a faculty senate of a public school may allocate to a classroom teacher or librarian for academic materials01/08/20
HB 2852Increasing the expenditure for academic materials, supplies, and equipment01/08/20
HB 2859Authorizing certain teachers to use alternative teaching programs01/08/20
HB 2860Relating to mandatory drug testing of all classes of employees in K through 12 schools01/08/20
HB 2862Relating to the Underwood-Smith scholarship and loan assistance program and teacher scholarship and loan program01/08/20
HB 2870Reducing the number of students and schools that a school nurse must serve01/08/20
HB 2919Establishing an Education Employees Fund01/08/20
HB 2938Relating to vocational and technical education programs01/08/20
HB 2963Modifying the school calendar01/08/20
HB 3006Providing school day to register and transport students to vote01/08/20
HB 3009The Young Professional Tax Credits01/08/20
HB 3013College Graduate Tax Credit01/08/20
HB 3015West Virginia Residential Incentive Tax Credit Act01/08/20
HB 3048Permitting adjunct professors to serve on the institutional governing boards01/08/20
HB 3058Granting full time employees of county boards of education three months of paid leave following the birth of a child01/08/20
HB 3063Relating to a home Instruction and private school tax credit01/08/20
HB 3080Redirecting a percentage of any surplus to state institutions of higher education to restore their state allocation funding levels01/08/20
HB 3114Eliminating the requirement that schools be closed on election days01/08/20
HB 3118Relating to mandatory drug testing for state legislators and teachers01/08/20
HB 3125Coordinating a plan to provide the first two years of post-secondary education for free01/08/20
HB 3128Changing the recommended guidelines for full-day and half-day cooks to the minimum ratio of one cook for every 110 meals01/08/20
HB 3130Creating three separate job titles for school bus operators01/08/20
HB 4036Requiring the State Board of Education to develop curriculum content for a semester-long financial literacy course01/08/20
HB 4084Relating to teacher salary enhancement01/10/20
HB 4085Relating to PROMISE Scholarship Program requirements01/10/20
HB 4105Requiring that public schools have full-time trainers on staff01/13/20
HB 4115Requiring compulsory immunization of public school children01/13/20
HB 4140Granting tax credits for parents and legal guardians whose children are in a home schooling program or private school01/13/20
HB 4148Authorizing the suspension or dismissal of school personnel who retaliate against a student or parent who has made a complaint01/13/20
HB 4153Forbidding displays relating to sexuality in public school facilities and forbidding the teaching of sexuality in public schools01/14/20
HB 4183Relating to mandatory drug testing of all classes of employees in K through 12 schools01/14/20
HB 4193Allowing private entities to lease buildings to local school boards in cases of emergency01/14/20
HB 4366Changing the school aid formula allowances for instructional technology and for AP and dual credit courses01/16/20
HB 4389Relating to transfer for program credits earned at two-year colleges or community and technical colleges01/16/20
HB 4440Prohibiting the home schooling of children in certain circumstances01/21/20
HB 4457Requiring air conditioning on all school buses01/22/20
HB 4475Requiring the State Board of Education to provide for the routine education of all professional educators01/22/20
HB 4483Establishing a higher education scholarship program for foster children01/23/20
HB 4491Requiring the State Board of Education to provide for the routine education of all professional educators01/23/20
HB 4492West Virginia Children's Vision Act01/23/20
HB 4518Relating to minimum salaries for teachers01/23/20
HB 4525Requiring the State Board of Education to provide for the routine education of all professional educators01/24/20
HB 4538Modifying the definitions and pay grades of certain school cafeteria personnel01/24/20
HB 4564Relating to participation in school sports01/28/20
HB 4596Declaring a shortage of qualified bus operators and allowing retired bus operators to accept employment01/29/20
HB 4597Creating a Campus Mentors pilot program01/29/20
HB 4614Requiring seat belts on every new school bus01/30/20
HB 4623Requiring all schools to instruct students on the Holocaust and other genocides01/31/20
HB 4636Expanding tuition and fee waivers or adjustments for senior citizens01/31/20
HB 4656Requiring test in civics to graduate high school or obtain GED02/03/20
HB 4659Relating to the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission02/03/20
HB 4676West Virginia Saving Money and Reducing Time Prize Program02/04/20
HB 4677Making public school teachers state employees02/04/20
HB 4681Requiring schools to offer elective vocational courses in middle schools02/04/20
HB 4692Relating to calculation of the school aid formula based on net enrollment02/05/20
HB 4712Consolidating the 55 county school boards into 10 district school boards02/06/20
HB 4719Increasing the number of days a retired teacher may accept employment02/06/20
HB 4724Providing a tax credit to encourage new teachers to remain in the state02/06/20
HB 4740Designating social workers in the DHHR to help improve or maintain school attendance and performance, health and well-being02/07/20
HB 4745Replacing minimum minutes of instructional time required per day with a requirement for an average of five hours per day02/07/20
HB 4750Katherine Johnson College Award Program02/07/20
HB 4755Requiring a vote on school closure or consolidation in certain circumstances02/07/20
HB 4771Requiring "Mine War History Day" be observed in schools every year02/10/20
HB 4785Providing school days to register and transport students to vote02/10/20
HB 4788Requiring that no later than July 1, 2020, credits earned at two-year colleges transfer for credit at any other state institution of higher education02/10/20
HB 4825Requiring students to compete only against students of the same biological gender02/11/20
HB 4836Adopting and implementing a "Heat and Humidity Practice Policy" for all interscholastic athletic events02/11/20
HB 4841Relating to public school faculty senates02/11/20
HB 4849Establishing a matrix necessary for an institution of higher education to become exempt from the Higher Education Policy Commission02/11/20
HB 4876Updating the definition of "exempt schools"02/11/20
HB 4879Granting jurisdiction to supervise youth sport league events to county boards of education and the Secondary School Activities Commission02/11/20
HB 4890Relating to the removal of standardized testing in public schools02/11/20
HB 4902Requiring higher education institutions to adopt policies and programs relating to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking02/11/20
HB 4914Providing pay raises to public school teachers02/11/20
HB 4917Changing student to school nurse staffing ratios02/11/20
HB 4921Authorizing student athletes to be compensated for use of their name, image or likeness02/11/20
HB 4923Establishing a ratio of one counselor for every 250 students02/11/20
HB 4937Relating to home school students02/11/20
HB 4941Providing a credit against personal income tax for classroom teachers for nonreimbursed costs of supplies02/11/20
HB 4942Establishing that the educational instructional term for students shall begin no earlier than Labor Day02/11/20
HB 4943Establishing matrix necessary for an institution of higher education to become exempt from the Higher Education Policy Commission02/11/20
HB 4950Requiring county boards of education to provide one social worker for each 1000 students02/11/20
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