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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 38 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 31Providing 11-month window for PERS members to purchase certain credited service01/16/20
SB 52Supplementary appropriation of public moneys to DHHR, Center for End of Life01/08/20
SB 53Supplementary appropriation of public moneys to DHHR, CARDIAC Project01/08/20
SB 63Creating five-year tax credits for hemp manufacturing02/13/20
SB 77Establishing tax credit for certain physicians who locate to practice in WV01/22/20
SB 92Exempting first $150,000 of assessed value of primary residence for certain veterans01/08/20
SB 105Supplementary appropriation to DMAPS, Fire Commission, for Hanover Volunteer Fire Department01/08/20
SB 108Supplementary appropriation to DMAPS, Fire Commission, for Brenton Volunteer Fire Department01/08/20
SB 132Providing wind power projects be taxed at real property rate01/08/20
SB 143Changing qualifier for low income to 300 percent or less of federal poverty guideline for senior citizens' homestead tax credit01/08/20
SB 165Relating to effect on regular levy rate when appraisal results in tax increase01/09/20
SB 171Exempting certain automobiles 25 years or older from personal property taxation01/22/20
SB 183Modifying requirement that racetrack participate in WV Thoroughbred Development Fund by certain date01/09/20
SB 187Relating generally to in-state tuition rates for certain persons01/17/20
SB 223Exempting senior citizens from personal income tax01/09/20
SB 229Requiring Public Health Commissioner create program for reimbursement of adult dental care and free and charitable clinics02/12/20
SB 243Exempting firearm safe storage products from consumers sales tax01/09/20
SB 478Creating WV Motorsports Entertainment Complex Investment Act02/07/20
SB 564Relating to tax exemption for child due support01/21/20
SB 608Providing exemptions from certain taxes for out-of-state businesses01/24/20
SB 621Relating to tax credits for providing vehicles to certain persons01/24/20
SB 663Exempting certain hygiene products from sales tax01/30/20
SB 675Supplementing and amending by increasing and decreasing public moneys within DHHR General Revenue Fund01/31/20
SB 693Creating personal income tax credit for volunteer firefighters02/04/20
SB 714Allowing certain deductions from personal income tax refunds02/05/20
SB 731Limiting severance tax break on steam coal02/19/20
SB 735Relating to excise tax on tobacco products02/07/20
SB 756Supplemental appropriation from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund to Department of Veterans' Assistance, Veterans' Home Fund02/12/20
SB 764Facilitating Business Rapid Response to State Declared Disasters Act of 202002/13/20
SB 783Creating special revenue fund for site certification and closing02/14/20
SB 788Permitting wagering on certain professional or collegiate sporting events02/14/20
SB 795Limiting initial increase in valuation of residential real property02/14/20
SB 808Authorizing tax credit for business entities which invest in certain fresh food retailers02/17/20
SB 822Increasing annual longevity-based salary increase for civil service deputy sheriffs02/17/20
SB 823Increasing salaries for WV State Police02/17/20
HB 2321Allowing workers’ compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder03/03/20
HB 4010Changing the licensing requirement for certain casino employees01/29/20
HB 4537Permitting DNR to issue up to 100 permits for boats greater than 10 horsepower on Upper Mud River Lake03/03/20
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