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Bill Status - 2020 Regular Session

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There are 42 Bills pending in Senate Transportation and Infrastructure




SB 3Relating to registration fees for certain military-related license plates01/08/20
SB 23Creating "Choose Life" special registration plate supporting adoption01/08/20
SB 30Extending expiration of driver's licenses for active military members' spouses01/22/20
SB 32Allowing vehicles operated by certain county boards of education to use red flashing warning lights01/08/20
SB 34Relating generally to emergency vehicles01/08/20
SB 47Relating generally to autocycles01/08/20
SB 61Relating to safety of tow trucks, wreckers, and tilt-bed vehicles01/08/20
SB 88Relating to mobility impairment identifying documents01/08/20
SB 129Authorizing DOH Commissioner or local authorities to establish minimum speed limits in certain areas01/08/20
SB 148Creating Road Maintenance Program01/08/20
SB 149Including emergency response vehicles in single fee EZ Pass transponder program01/08/20
SB 153Allowing certain motorcycle operators to ride without helmet01/09/20
SB 154Allowing certain out-of-state residents ride motorcycle without helmet01/09/20
SB 162Enhancing maintenance and repair of state's roads and highways01/09/20
SB 216Requiring towing services be rotated within a towing district01/09/20
SB 226Providing special obligation notes to finance construction of Interstate 73 and Interstate 74 through WV01/09/20
SB 237Exempting emergency vehicles and private ambulances from paying tolls or other charges01/09/20
SB 245Relating to placement of traffic control devices before and after street and highway construction and maintenance01/09/20
SB 248Repealing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles01/10/20
SB 249Authorizing law enforcement to make safety inspections of commercial vehicles01/10/20
SB 258Relating to when child passenger safety devices are required01/10/20
SB 298Redefining "autocycle"01/10/20
SB 315Creating Special Road Repair Program01/13/20
SB 495Relating to registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles01/15/20
SB 497Relating to outdoor advertising regulated by Commissioner of Highways01/15/20
SB 574Relating to funding of road construction projects01/21/20
SB 587Mandating escorts for vehicles that exceed maximum width requirements01/22/20
SB 619Relating to motor fuel excise tax01/24/20
SB 631Authorizing Commissioner of Highways designate road as "Historic Route"01/27/20
SB 695Relating to maintenance and repair of roads and highways02/04/20
SB 736Relating to public service districts' laying of certain utility lines on state rights-of-way02/07/20
SB 761Relating generally to state resource enhancement02/12/20
SB 769Prohibiting stopping, standing, or parking in access aisle adjacent to van-accessible parking space02/13/20
SB 777Exempting taxi, limousine, and ride-share company drivers from undergoing background checks for misdemeanor convictions02/13/20
SB 790Simplifying process for listing and decertifying road on Coal Resource Transportation System02/14/20
SB 815Removing residency requirement for Commissioner of DOH02/17/20
SB 834Relating to operation of street-legal special purpose vehicles02/17/20
HB 2028Limiting supervision of laying of lines on state rights-of-way02/20/20
HB 2679Relating to state issued identification cards01/20/20
HB 2877Relating to charging a fee for parking in an accessible parking space bearing the international symbol of access01/30/20
HB 4853Relating to a customer constructing a connection or other infrastructure necessary for the customer to connect to the public utility02/26/20
HB 4886Requiring the PSC and the DOH to submit reports concerning activity on the Coal Resource Transportation Road System02/26/20
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