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There are 92 Bills pending in House Government Organization




SB 156Requiring certain documents that contain wage records be considered confidential01/29/24
SB 196WV Rail Trails Program01/30/24
SB 265Increasing value at which municipal property must be sold through public auction02/01/24
SB 320Removing requirement for wineries to serve food when serving wine02/02/24
SB 426WV Recreational Trails Development Act01/29/24
SB 493Relating to use of criminal records as disqualification from authorization to practice particular profession02/26/24
SB 595Amending embalmer licensing requirements02/12/24
SB 629Requiring builders to follow State Building Code when local inspection and enforcement not provided02/15/24
SB 635Modifying rules regarding liquidation of property02/19/24
SB 688Authorizing director of Division of Forestry to contract and manage forest land02/22/24
SB 726Moving functions of Information Services and Communications Division into Office of Technology02/29/24
SB 763Exempting certain records from public release02/23/24
SB 773Expanding powers of National Park Service law-enforcement officers02/23/24
SB 838Requiring lending institutions to utilize DMV electronic lien system under certain circumstances02/23/24
HB 4254To create a bill to designate February 3 as “Freedom Day,” to memorialize the February 3, 1865 Act by the Legislature that abolished slavery in West Virginia.01/10/24
HB 4255Require PSC annual report on ratepayer utility costs to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance01/10/24
HB 4317Creating the Legislative Infrastructure Commission01/10/24
HB 4363To permit the ownership of Japanese quail as pets without a permit so long as the quail are not kept for commercial purposes01/10/24
HB 4392Relating to state recognition of Native American tribes01/10/24
HB 4430Relating to removing the ability grieve01/10/24
HB 4458Elimination of Statewide Contracts that are awarded to out of state vendors 01/10/24
HB 4504To expand recreational benefits to West Virginia Landowners to promote land ownership within the State, increase property value, bolster the State economy, and to provide additional benefits to West Virginia taxpayers02/08/24
HB 4508Economic and Community Development Task Force01/10/24
HB 4514Authorizing a temporary foreign brewers import license01/10/24
HB 4526Establish a memorial at the Capitol for the unborn whose lives were lost. 01/10/24
HB 4540Relating to the Disconnection of Residential Utility during a State of Emergency 01/10/24
HB 4599Relating to state boards of examination or registration01/11/24
HB 4602Repeal municipal license and tax when state license required02/08/24
HB 4618Make the Consumer Advocate division separate and independent from the PSC01/11/24
HB 4623Relating to the General Revenue Fund01/11/24
HB 4624Requiring counties provide fiscal information for State Auditor’s WV Checkbook website01/11/24
HB 4628Reinstate the Contractor Licensing Board under the Division of Labor 01/11/24
HB 4635Create Intergenerational Poverty Task Force01/11/24
HB 4676Assure West Virginians proper access to water and sewage service at reasonable rates01/12/24
HB 4681Repealing the West Virginia Jobs Act01/12/24
HB 4682Restricting the authority of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to regulate the use of commonly available, retail beauty products01/12/24
HB 4690Expanding the eligibility requirements for private investigator and security guard licensure01/12/24
HB 4726Creating a liaison program with the federal Department of Veterans Affairs Transition Assistance Program 02/08/24
HB 4745Exempting Coturnix quail from the game farm requirement if they are owned for agricultural purposes02/01/24
HB 4755Terminating the Division of Personnel01/15/24
HB 4761Require Division of Personnel to reduce the time the hiring process takes01/16/24
HB 4765Exempt health care workers' addresses from being made public01/16/24
HB 4802To amend the law regarding sewer systems.01/16/24
HB 4813Relating to issuance of restricted license01/16/24
HB 4816Amending requirements for licensure relating to elevator mechanics, crane operators, HVAC, electricians, and plumbers01/16/24
HB 4840To include legal services under the state purchasing requirements to require the solicitation of bids.01/17/24
HB 4891Removing authority of Agriculture Commissioner to increase certain fees by rules or regulations01/18/24
HB 4910Relating to providing an exemption to be eligible for a hearing-aid fitting and dealing licensure01/18/24
HB 4928Remove licensure requirements for certain radon specialists01/19/24
HB 4977Requiring that if baby changing stations are installed by an establishment that these be put in both male and female restrooms01/22/24
HB 4995Require Governor to provide at least five days notice to all state legislators when calling a Special Session01/22/24
HB 4996Relating to government procurement of electric vehicles01/22/24
HB 5001State Employee Paid Leave Act01/22/24
HB 5012To remove references to the sale or distribution of alcohol as being in the best interest of the state.01/23/24
HB 5037E-cigarette and E-cigarette Liquid Directory01/23/24
HB 5097Eliminate Daylight Savings Time in WV 01/25/24
HB 5099Relating to prohibitions on contracting with companies that boycott Israel01/25/24
HB 5121Terminating the Purchasing Division01/25/24
HB 5140Allowing certain slaughterhouses sell meat products direct to consumer in individual amounts02/15/24
HB 5164Relating to the land use, manufacture, installation, and safety certification of Fabricated Self-contained Expandable Box Built Permanent Homes01/25/24
HB 5169Restricting foreign ownership of land and other interests in the State of West Virginia 01/25/24
HB 5177Relating generally to required/mandated state audits for Volunteer Fire Deparments01/25/24
HB 5186Protecting gas powered vehicles from government bans01/25/24
HB 5265Require governmental meetings to have agendas posted on websites three days prior to the meeting01/29/24
HB 5299The Closed Captioning Act01/29/24
HB 5309Legislative Transparency Reform Act01/29/24
HB 5321Relating to requiring local governments to provide matching funds for grants from the Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program 01/29/24
HB 5327Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act01/29/24
HB 5339Requesting that the WV House of Delegates and the Senate open each session with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of West Virginia01/30/24
HB 5352Relating to Pawnbrokers01/30/24
HB 5357Relating to open captioning for motion pictures01/30/24
HB 5375Work Protection Act02/08/24
HB 5378Prohibiting discrimination on the basis of hairstyle or texture01/31/24
HB 5381Creating a poster providing contact information and resource information on veteran benefits and services02/07/24
HB 5382Relating to setting a date by which convention and visitor’s bureaus shall be accredited in order to be eligible for distribution of hotel occupancy tax proceeds.01/31/24
HB 5420Modifying bid thresholds for public works projects02/02/24
HB 5421To create a K9 Search and Rescue Advisory Committee.02/02/24
HB 5433To modify requirements of Funeral Service Directors/Embalmers02/02/24
HB 5486To establish the County Home Rule Program as a permanent program.02/06/24
HB 5491Relating to Certified Professional Midwife02/06/24
HB 5507Clarifying the Governor’s powers regarding a state of emergency or state of preparedness and changing the expiration of a state of emergency or preparedness to 30 days02/07/24
HB 5519Relating to authorizing the director of the Division of Forestry to contract for the management of state-owned and leased forests and wooded lands for purposes of preventing forest fires02/07/24
HB 5555Creating the legislative oversight committee on aviation development02/09/24
HB 5566To facilitate the interstate practice and regulation of Cosmetology 02/12/24
HB 5592Relating to Legislative Auditor’s scope of authority02/12/24
HB 5596Exempt Division of Natural Resources from purchasing requirements02/12/24
HB 5602Requiring Governor’s consent to accept certain grants02/12/24
HB 5615Prohibiting contracts with companies that use illegal means02/12/24
HB 5616Prohibiting contracts, affiliations or employment of entities that support actions counter the the US Constitution and West Virginia Constitution02/12/24
HB 5629Relating to the use of American materials02/12/24
HB 5634Empowering the Homeland Security Inspector General to oversee/investigate all County Metro 911 Agencies. 02/12/24
HB 5638Recognizing Juneteenth Day as an official state holiday02/12/24
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