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There are 95 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 192Relating to administration of anesthetics01/10/24
SB 193Relating to long-term care and substance abuse treatment01/10/24
SB 194Prohibiting gender transition surgeries, treatments, and therapies to minors01/10/24
SB 205Updating authority of Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability01/11/24
SB 207Collecting and analyzing statistical information pertaining to terminating pregnancies under Medicaid Program01/11/24
SB 223Prohibiting laws requiring person to receive or use medical products01/11/24
SB 236Requiring coverage of treatment for certain pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders in certain circumstances01/11/24
SB 246Removing rape and incest exception to obtain abortion in WV01/11/24
SB 250Requiring medical insurance providers to include infertility services in their policies01/11/24
SB 257Prohibiting mandates for vaccines01/11/24
SB 272Allowing parents to decline required medication administered to newborns01/11/24
SB 278WV Chemical Abortion Prohibition Act01/11/24
SB 279Requiring medical professionals to report injuries and side effects from vaccines to Bureau for Public Health01/11/24
SB 284Fetal Heartbeat Act01/11/24
SB 295Making opioid treatment programs unlawful01/11/24
SB 296Making syringe exchange services programs unlawful01/11/24
SB 310Exempting acquisition and utilization of mobile facility which performs mammography or low- density computerized tomography01/12/24
SB 317Transferring child welfare enforcement responsibilities to State Police01/12/24
SB 319Require pharmacies dispense prescriptions to senior citizens at the lowest national price available 01/12/24
SB 329Extending foster care managed care contract 01/12/24
SB 330Creating psychiatric residency program01/12/24
SB 333Dissolving PEIA and converting to employer-owned mutual insurance company01/12/24
SB 342Improving patient safety in medical cannabis program01/12/24
SB 343Providing medical examination transportation services for students who seek support after experiencing sexual violence01/12/24
SB 344Relating to registration as service worker for the Bureau for Children and Families of the Department of Health and Human Resources01/12/24
SB 362Increasing availability of prescription nonopioid medications01/12/24
SB 374Increasing dental coverage limit for Medicaid enrollees01/12/24
SB 379Relating to Sexual Assault Examination Network01/12/24
SB 383Increasing required insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders01/12/24
SB 390Creating personal income tax credit for nurses in WV01/12/24
SB 396Allowing reimbursement for remote ultrasound procedures and fetal nonstress tests01/12/24
SB 406Relating to food allergen awareness in food service establishments01/12/24
SB 407Pharmacist Prescribing Authority Act01/12/24
SB 412Amending medical exemptions to state vaccination laws01/12/24
SB 415Increasing minimum salaries for Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorneys01/12/24
SB 421Renaming Department of Health and Human Resources01/12/24
SB 423Relating to voluntary private school immunization01/12/24
SB 491Relating to recovery residence certification and compliance01/18/24
SB 492Allowing voluntary influenza immunizations to patients and residents of specified facilities01/18/24
SB 498Correlating Medicaid personal needs allowance with state poverty index01/22/24
SB 499Permitting care of patient by telemedicine across state lines01/22/24
SB 517Requiring biological sex on birth certificates to be male or female01/23/24
SB 520Informed Consent for Vaccinations Protection Act01/23/24
SB 523Requiring parental notification of school-based dispensaries of contraceptives to minors01/23/24
SB 527Requiring parental notification of minors being prescribed contraceptives01/23/24
SB 553Providing for religious exemptions of school attendance immunizations01/25/24
SB 560Medical Ethics Defense Act01/25/24
SB 563Creating Office of Nursing Education and Workforce Development02/02/24
SB 566Creating Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias Advisory Council 01/26/24
SB 576Relating to reimbursement for child care based on enrollment01/26/24
SB 586Establishing insulin safety net program 01/29/24
SB 626Neighborhood Assistance and Rejuvenation Compact Act02/02/24
SB 633Requiring training and administration of brain injury screening for incarcerated individuals02/05/24
SB 671Increasing tax on certain tobacco products02/06/24
SB 693Creating Chronic Weight Management Task Force02/07/24
SB 718Ensuring equal financial support to kinship parents and fictive kin02/08/24
SB 719Clarifying parent and guardian access to minor child's medical records02/08/24
SB 723Creating Unmatched Medical Graduate Advisory Council02/08/24
SB 739Including certain mental health disorders in existing public health programs 02/09/24
SB 745Limiting cost of prescription medications for senior citizens02/12/24
SB 748Providing license for certified professional midwife02/12/24
SB 753Permitting Board of Pharmacy to promulgate certain legislative rules02/12/24
SB 759Requiring transportation companies to provide annual human trafficking awareness training to employees02/12/24
SB 776Creating Medicaid state plan amendment to provide cost sharing for certain populations02/14/24
SB 787Establishing limit on fees charged for medical records02/14/24
SB 788Prioritizing medical services for Medicaid beneficiaries in WV be delivered within state02/14/24
SB 792Providing Medicaid coverage for postpartum health care02/14/24
SB 793Requiring managed care contract terms for Bureau for Medical Services02/14/24
SB 796Requiring Bureau for Medical Services give preference to in-state providers of medical services02/15/24
SB 825Youth Mental Health Protection Act02/16/24
SB 831Ensuring financial assistance availability for prescription drugs02/16/24
SB 852Modifying ratio of children at family childcare facilities02/19/24
SB 856Providing diagnostic and supplemental breast examinations without cost sharing02/19/24
SB 857Requiring insurance coverage of certain genetic testing without cost sharing02/19/24
HB 4408To allow the development of a specialized intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities02/29/24
HB 4432Relating to midlevel practitioners01/24/24
HB 4433Relating to exempting the acquisition and utilization of a mobile facility which performs mammography or low density computerized tomography.01/22/24
HB 4620Removing the expiration date from the food handler card01/25/24
HB 4783Relating to the practice of optometry01/30/24
HB 4817Relating to updating the practice of nursing02/01/24
HB 4908Relating to permitting the state agencies to contract with the West Virginia public health Institute01/31/24
HB 4978Relating to clarifying the authority of appointed officials02/20/24
HB 5054Relating to the licensure of birthing centers02/09/24
HB 5179Relating to the creation of “Jaycie’s Law.”02/12/24
HB 5192Relating to requiring the Board of Pharmacy to promulgate rules02/29/24
HB 5286Eliminating the ability to sub-contract under Certificate of Need02/14/24
HB 5297Relating to prohibiting pubertal modulation and hormonal therapy when provided to assist in a gender transition02/29/24
HB 5310Remote Patient Outcome Improvement Act02/06/24
HB 5361Relating to allowing influenza immunizations to be offered to hospital patients02/22/24
HB 5379Relating to financial assistance available for a prescription drug02/29/24
HB 5530Relating to requiring a hospital to disclose price and fee information for certain health care services02/28/24
HB 5572Prohibiting cameras and recording devices in bedrooms and bathrooms of foster children02/28/24
HB 5635Relating to allowing patients to direct prescribers to list the illness or condition for which a prescription is being issued on the label of the prescription02/22/24
HB 5685Relating to Medicaid Cost Containment02/29/24
HB 5691Relating to a biennial capitation rate review to be conducted by the Bureau of Medical Services02/22/24
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