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106 Resolutions completed legislative action.




HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to hear remarks of the Governor01/11/23
HCR 2 U. S. Army Cpl. Billy F. Mann Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 4 U. S. Army MSG Jon D. Wayt Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 9 U. S. Army PFC Walter C. Horner Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 10 Shelby “Cubby” Foster and Robert “Robbie” Collins Memorial Road03/11/23
HCR 11 Relating to Higher Education Consortium for Emerging Energy Technologies03/02/23
HCR 13 Make 2nd week of February of every year a week of recognition of the Boy Scouts of America.02/20/23
HCR 15 Requesting That the Joint Committee on Government and Finance send official correspondence to West Virginia’s federal delegations stating West Virginia veterans’ concerns and objections to the two TRICARE for Life (“TFL”) proposals03/09/23
HCR 21 Michael Lee “Rube” Ruben Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 22 U.S. Army T/5 Doyle Bedell Taylor Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 23 U.S. Army SGT Theron Turner Memorial Bridge03/11/23
HCR 24 U. S. Army PFC Herman H. Lucas Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 25 U. S. Marine Corps, PFC John Louis “Johnny” Brumbaugh, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 26 U.S. Army SGT Samuel D. Roberts Sr. Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 29 Amending Joint Rule 13 of the Joint Rules of the Senate and House that clarifies that when two or more bills amending the same statute are passed in the same session, the last passed controls02/17/23
HCR 33 Lt. Col. Mitchell M. Mickel Memorial Bridge03/11/23
HCR 34 William N. “Shug” Kisner Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 40 USMC Corporal Larry Allen “Crocky” Holstein, Jr. Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 42 U. S. Army SSG William Joseph “Will” Thompson Memorial Bridge03/11/23
HCR 47 U. S. Army SGT Walter Hedrick Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 49 U. S. Army 1SG Elmer C. Lofton Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 51 U. S. Army SFC Samuel Evans Miller Memorial Bridge03/09/23
HCR 52 Study the financial effects of raising the threshold from $25,000 to $50,000 for the requirement of bids for municipal, public service district, county and state public works project.03/11/23
HCR 54 U.S. Army PFC Russell Richard Ferguson Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 58 U. S. Army SSG Steven “Todd” Shay Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 61 U.S. Army Sgt. John Edsel Edens Memorial Road03/11/23
HCR 62 U.S. Army PFC Clayton Collins Memorial Bridge03/08/23
HCR 78 Proclaiming the extension of a state of emergency in our correctional institutions03/11/23
HCR 80 To study pediatric cancer in Appalachia and to provide directive language asking for a report on this issue in the appalachian region. 03/11/23
HCR 82 February to be designated annually as West Virginia Cancer Prevention Month.03/11/23
HR 1 Adoption of the House Rules01/11/23
HR 2 Publication of the Acts of the Legislature, Journals of the House, Manual of the House and Senate, and payment of travel expenses01/11/23
HR 3 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eighty-sixth Legislature, 202301/11/23
HR 5 To honor the life of Nicholas County Deputy Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Baker.01/20/23
HR 11 Reaffirming the longstanding sisterhood partnership between West Virginia and Taiwan.02/27/23
HR 12 Encouraging Monongahela Power to purchase Pleasants Power Station02/15/23
HR 17 Urging the West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey to work with groups to evaluate policy options to encourage the capture and beneficial use of coal mine methane02/28/23
HR 19 Medal of Valor nominee Firefighter John Dean Forbush03/11/23
HR 20 Medal of Valor nomination of Deputy Thomas E. Baker, III03/11/23
HR 21 Medal of Valor nominee, WV State Police Trooper Eric Michael Workman.03/11/23
HR 22 Medal of Valor nomination of WV State Police Corporal Marshall Lee Bailey03/11/23
HR 23 Medal of Valor nomination of retired Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy John Westfall.03/11/23
HR 24 Medal of Valor nominee, James W. Spencer of the Charleston Fire Department.03/11/23
HR 25 Medal of Valor nomination of Patrolman Cassie Marie Johnson.03/11/23
SCR 1 Adopting Joint Rules of Senate and House of Delegates01/12/23
SCR 2 Authorizing payment of expenses for 86th Legislature01/12/23
SCR 3 Dr. Roland P Sharp Memorial Road03/06/23
SCR 4 US Navy S1 Ira "Noon" Copley and Marie Copley Memorial Bridge03/10/23
SCR 6 US Army SGT Vincent DiBacco Memorial Bridge03/06/23
SCR 7 Amending Joint Rules of Senate and House of Delegates02/15/23
SCR 8 US Army PV 2 Harold Richard Plumley Memorial Bridge03/10/23
SCR 10 US Army Air Corps PVT Albert J Sutphin Memorial Highway03/10/23
SCR 11 US Army SGT Brian Christopher Karim Memorial Road03/11/23
SCR 13 Wyant Brothers WWII Veterans Memorial Road03/10/23
SCR 14 Supporting Medal of Valor nominees recommended by First Responders Honor Board03/11/23
SCR 16 US Army 1SG James Arnold Browning Memorial Bridge03/10/23
SCR 17 US Navy PO2 Phillip Joseph "PJ" Hainer Memorial Bridge03/06/23
SCR 24 Renaming Mount Olive Correctional Complex and Jail as Mike V. Coleman Maximum Security Complex03/11/23
SR 1 Adopting Rules of Senate01/11/23
SR 2 Authorizing mailing of bills and journals01/11/23
SR 3 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees01/11/23
SR 4 WV Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics01/13/23
SR 5 Honoring public service of Dr. Richard Lechliter for Mineral County Day01/13/23
SR 6 Congratulating Bob Huggins on his induction into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame01/17/23
SR 7 Designating January 17, 2023, as Girl Scouts Day01/17/23
SR 8 Designating January 17, 2023, as Tucker County Day01/17/23
SR 9 Designating January 18, 2023, as Jan Lilly-Stewart Disability Advocacy Day01/18/23
SR 10 Recognizing WV Sheriffs at Legislature on January 20, 202301/20/23
SR 11 Designating January 23, 2023, as WV Tourism Day at Legislature01/23/23
SR 12 Commemorating 77th Southern Legislative Conference of Council of State Governments Southern Office01/24/23
SR 13 Observing 90th Anniversary of Holodomor Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-193301/25/23
SR 14 Designating January 25, 2023, as Aviation Day at Legislature01/25/23
SR 15 Designating January 26, 2023, as Hunger-Free WV Day at Legislature01/26/23
SR 16 Designating January 30, 2023, as Future Farmers of America Day at Legislature01/30/23
SR 17 Congratulating Kevin Gregory as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer of 202201/30/23
SR 18 Designating January 31, 2023, as WVU Day at Legislature01/31/23
SR 19 Designating January 31, 2023, as WV Academy of Family Physicians' Day at Legislature01/31/23
SR 20 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson for its service, dedication, and commitment to Jefferson County01/31/23
SR 21 Designating February 1, 2023, as National Unclaimed Property Day at Legislature02/01/23
SR 22 Designating February 1, 2023, as Marshall University Day at Legislature02/01/23
SR 23 Designating February 3, 2023, as WV Homeschool Day at Legislature02/03/23
SR 24 Designating February 6, 2023, as Domestic Violence Awareness Day in WV02/06/23
SR 25 Designating February 7, 2023, as Sexual Assault Awareness Day at Legislature02/07/23
SR 27 Designating February 8, 2023, as Crime Victims Day at Legislature02/08/23
SR 28 Recognizing essential role court appointed special advocates provide to WV children02/08/23
SR 29 Strongly encouraging Monongahela Power Company to purchase Pleasants Power Station02/13/23
SR 30 Recognizing February 14, 2023, as National Donor Day at Legislature02/14/23
SR 31 Designating February 14, 2023, as Child Care Day at Legislature02/14/23
SR 32 Designating February 16, 2023, as WVSU Day at Legislature02/16/23
SR 34 Recognizing February 17, 2023, as Adventure Travel Day at Legislature02/17/23
SR 35 Recognizing Society of Honor Guard, Tomb of Unknown Soldier02/20/23
SR 36 Designating February 20, 2023, as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day at Legislature02/20/23
SR 37 Recognizing sister-state relationship between WV and Taiwan02/28/23
SR 38 Designating February 24, 2023, as Corrections Day at Legislature02/24/23
SR 39 Recognizing February 24, 2023, as WV Motorsports Day at Legislature02/24/23
SR 40 Designating February 27, 2023, as Human Resources Day at Legislature02/27/23
SR 41 Recognizing Leadership Berkeley for its services, dedication, and commitment to Berkeley County, WV02/27/23
SR 42 Recognizing contributions of AARP WV02/27/23
SR 43 Designating February 27, 2023, as Rare Disease Awareness Day at Legislature02/28/23
SR 44 Recognizing 151st anniversary of Glenville State University02/28/23
SR 45 Recognizing 50th anniversary of National Wild Turkey Federation03/06/23
SR 46 Designating March 7, 2023, as Deaf Awareness Day at Legislature03/07/23
SR 47 Recognizing March as American Red Cross month03/08/23
SR 48 Designating March 9, 2023, as Recovery Community Day03/09/23
SR 49 Memorializing life of John Edward Eckhart, Jr, husband, father, grandfather, Fiscal Officer for WV Senate and dedicated public servant03/11/23
SR 50 Urging WV congressional delegation support railroad safety improvement03/11/23
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