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HJR 1 Guaranteeing the right of the citizens of West Virginia to hunt and fish Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 1 Raising a Joint Assembly to hear remarks of the Governor Adopted 01/11/23
HR 1 Adoption of the House Rules Adopted 01/11/23
SR 1 Adopting Rules of Senate Adopted 01/11/23
SJR 1 Protection of Right to Bear Arms Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SCR 1 Adopting Joint Rules of Senate and House of Delegates Adopted 01/12/23
SCR 2 Authorizing payment of expenses for 86th Legislature Adopted 01/12/23
SJR 2 Disabled Veterans' Exemption from Ad Valorem Property Taxation Amendment Pending Senate 01/16/23
SR 2 Authorizing mailing of bills and journals Adopted 01/11/23
HR 2 Publication of the Acts of the Legislature, Journals of the House, Manual of the House and Senate, and payment of travel expenses Adopted 01/11/23
HCR 2 Cpl. Billy F. Mann Memorial Bridge Pending House 01/12/23
HJR 2 Lower the age to run for a State Senator to 21 Pending House 01/11/23
HJR 3 Taxpayers Bill of Rights Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 3 Oscar J. Harris Frozen Camp Road Bridge Pending House 01/12/23
HR 3 Authorizing the appointment of employees for this, the First Regular Session of the Eighty-sixth Legislature, 2023 Adopted 01/11/23
SR 3 Authorizing appointment of Senate employees Adopted 01/11/23
SJR 3 Constitutional Officer Term Limit Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SCR 3 Dr. Roland P. Sharp Memorial Road Pending Senate 01/16/23
SCR 4 Ira 'Noon' Copley and Marie Copley Memorial Bridge Pending Senate 01/18/23
SJR 4 Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SR 4 WV Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Adopted 01/13/23
HR 4 A resolution condemning calls to defund the police. Pending House 01/19/23
HCR 4 Jon D. Wayt Memorial Bridge Pending House 01/12/23
HJR 4 Amend the state Constitution to give the people the powers of initiative, referendum and recall Pending House 01/11/23
HJR 5 Allowing an elected state official to be a government employee or employee of a public school, college, or university Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 5 To study the legislative findings public school support plan. Pending House 01/16/23
HR 5 To honor the life of Nicholas County Deputy Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Baker. Adopted 01/20/23
SR 5 Honoring public service of Dr. Richard Lechliter for Mineral County Day Adopted 01/13/23
SJR 5 County Boundary Review Amendment Pending Senate 01/11/23
SCR 5 US Navy S1 Paul McCue Bridge Pending Senate 01/26/23
SCR 6 US Army SGT Vincent DiBacco Memorial Bridge Pending Senate 01/31/23
SJR 6 Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veterans Amendment Pending Senate 01/12/23
SR 6 Congratulating Bob Huggins on his induction into Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Adopted 01/17/23
HR 6 Empowering the House Committee on the Judiciary to investigate allegations of impeachable offenses against a Judge of the Family Court Pending House 01/23/23
HCR 6 Proclaiming and making the fiddle the official musical instrument of the State of West Virginia Pending House 01/18/23
HJR 6 Increasing the Homestead Exemption Pending House 01/11/23
HJR 7 Increase Homestead exemption Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 7 U.S. Army SSG James C. Vickers Silver Star Highway Pending House 01/19/23
SR 7 Designating January 17, 2023, as Girl Scouts Day Adopted 01/17/23
SJR 7 Fair County Commissioner Representation Amendment Pending Senate 01/18/23
SJR 8 Fair School Board Representation Amendment Pending Senate 01/19/23
SR 8 Designating January 17, 2023, as Tucker County Day Adopted 01/17/23
HCR 8 A study of public charter schools student population Pending House 01/23/23
HJR 8 Disabled Veteran’s Property Tax Exemption Amendment Pending House 01/11/23
HJR 9 Natural Resources and the Public Estate Amendment Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 9 PFC Walter C. Horner Memorial Bridge Pending House 01/25/23
HR 9 Resolution to not support any infringement upon the 2nd Amendment Pending House 01/30/23
SR 9 Designating January 18, 2023, as Jan Lilly-Stewart Disability Advocacy Day Adopted 01/18/23
SJR 9 Right to medical freedom amendment Pending Senate 01/27/23
SR 10 Recognizing WV Sheriffs at Legislature on January 20, 2023 Adopted 01/20/23
HR 10 Completion of US 52 from Kenova West Virginia to Prichard West Virginia Pending House 01/30/23
HCR 10 Shelby “Cubby” Foster and Robert “Robbie” Collins Memorial Road Pending House 01/25/23
HJR 10 Senior Citizen Homestead Valuation Amendment Pending House 01/11/23
HJR 11 Initiative, Referendum and Recall Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 11 Relating to Higher Education Consortium for Emerging Energy Technologies Pending House 01/31/23
SR 11 Designating January 23, 2023, as WV Tourism Day at Legislature Adopted 01/23/23
SR 12 Commemorating 77th Southern Legislative Conference of Council of State Governments Southern Office Adopted 01/24/23
HCR 12 To place Purple Heart Signs at the entrances to the state. Pending House 01/30/23
HJR 12 Amending the Constitution to provide for the right to food, food sovereignty and freedom from hunger Pending House 01/11/23
HJR 13 Repealing the business and inventory ad valorem tangible personal property tax. Pending House 01/11/23
HCR 13 Make 2nd week of February of every year a week of recognition of the Boy Scouts of America. Pending House 01/31/23
SR 13 Observing 90th Anniversary of Holodomor Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-1933 Adopted 01/25/23
SR 14 Designating January 25, 2023, as Aviation Day at Legislature Adopted 01/25/23
HJR 14 Amending the Homestead Exemption of the Constitution Pending House 01/13/23
HJR 15 Super-Majority Required for Passage of Tax Bill Amendment Pending House 01/16/23
SR 15 Designating January 26, 2023, as Hunger-Free WV Day at Legislature Adopted 01/26/23
SR 16 Designating January 30,2023, as Future Farmers of America Day at Legislature Adopted 01/30/23
HJR 16 Manufacturing inventory and equipment tax exemption amendment Pending House 01/24/23
HJR 17 Providing for the election of members of the State Board of Education Pending House 01/24/23
SR 17 Congratulating Kevin Gregory as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer of 2022 Adopted 01/30/23
SR 18 Designating January 31, 2023, as WVU Day at Legislature Adopted 01/31/23
HJR 18 To established a tiered reduction on property taxes for disabled veterans. Pending House 01/25/23
HJR 19 Providing Term Limits for certain Constitutional Officers Pending House 01/25/23
SR 19 Designating January 31, 2023, as WV Academy of Family Physicians' Day at Legislature Adopted 01/31/23
SR 20 Recognizing Leadership Jefferson for its service, dedication, and commitment to Jefferson County Adopted 01/31/23
HJR 20 Right to Farm and Ranch Amendment Pending House 01/26/23
HJR 21 Amending Constitution to allow for possession, manufacture and sale of cannabis Pending House 01/26/23
SR 21 Designating February 1, 2023, as National Unclaimed Property Day at Legislature Pending Senate 01/31/23
SR 22 Designating February 1, 2023, as Marshall University Day at Legislature Pending Senate 01/31/23
HJR 22 To allow certain state employees the eligibility to a seat in the legislature Pending House 01/30/23
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