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Patricia Puertas Rucker (R - Jefferson, 16)


Capitol Office:
Room 417M, Building 1
State Capitol Complex
Charleston, WV 25305
Capitol Phone: (304) 357-7957

PO Box 507
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Home Phone: (304) 279-1619


CHAIR: Education
Agriculture and Rural Development
Banking and Insurance
Children and Families, Select Committee on
Health and Human Resources
Natural Resources

CHAIR: Children and Families
CHAIR: Education
CHAIR: Education Accountability
Agriculture and Rural Development
Economic Development
Equal Pay Commission
Labor and Worker Safety Issues
Rule-Making Review Committee


District Counties: Berkeley (part), Jefferson



Senator Rucker was the Lead Sponsor of 42 bills
SB 4Providing that persons 16 years or older may carry pepper spray for self-defensePendingJudiciary
SB 19Prohibiting State Board of Education from accepting federal education plans without legislative approvalPendingEducation
SB 20Providing compensation to victims of abusive lawsuitsPendingJudiciary
SB 23Creating "Choose Life" special registration plate supporting adoptionPending
SB 24Relating to residency requirements for voter registrationPendingJudiciary
SB 46Defining "pepper spray" and exempting from definition of "deadly weapons"Signed
SB 169Relating generally to stalking and harassmentPendingJudiciary
SB 209Relating to annexation by minor boundary adjustmentSigned
SB 231Creating Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection ActPendingJudiciary
SB 254Adding grievance and appellate procedures for individuals participating in DMV safety and treatment programPendingJudiciary
SB 255Providing certain persons be allowed to carry pepper spray in State Capitol ComplexPendingJudiciary
SB 256Requiring notice be sent to owners of record before real property can be sold due to nonpayment of taxesPending
SB 257Prohibiting discrimination in access to organ transplants based on physical or mental disabilityPendingHealth and Human Resources
SB 303Enacting Students' Right to Know ActSigned
SB 304Relating to county board of education financial statementsPending
SB 319Exempting moneys in WV EMS Retirement Fund from state or municipal taxPending
SB 493Increasing age limit for honorably discharged veteran of US armed forces or National Guard to 40 years for firefighter applicationsPending
SB 494Allowing municipal police or fire departments join state municipal police and firefighters' retirement systemPending
SB 515Creating Education Savings Account ActPendingEducation
SB 580Continuing Foster Care Ombudsman ProgramPending
SB 583Creating program to further development of renewable energy resourcesSigned
SB 584Transferring jurisdiction of contested elections to circuit courtPendingJudiciary
SB 585Relating to Human Life Non-Discrimination ActPendingHealth and Human Resources
SB 614Changing method of allocating funding from Safe School FundsSigned
SB 623Allowing noncitizen of US be eligible for teaching certificateSigned
SB 652Authorizing School Building Authority promulgate legislative rulesSigned
SB 657Allowing designation of tourism development districtsSigned
SB 659Prohibiting insurance companies from using credit ratings to establish home and auto premiumsPendingBanking and Insurance
SB 661Replacing minimum minutes of instructional time required per dayPendingFinance
SB 691Limiting programs adopted by State Board of EducationSigned
SB 694Relating to penalties for neglect, emotional abuse, or death by caregiverPendingJudiciary
SB 702Designating specific grade levels in which nutrition and physical fitness programs are taughtPendingEducation
SB 707Relating to nursing career pathwaysSigned
SB 723Requiring Department of Education develop plan based on analyzed data on school disciplineSigned
SB 750Establishing extended learning opportunitiesSigned
SB 751Removing certain requirements of municipality annexing property within urban growth boundaryPending
SB 760Allowing state college or university apply to HEPC for designation as administratively exempt schoolSigned
SB 766Relating to contests of county, district, and municipal electionsPendingJudiciary
SB 776Creating ACCELERATE ActPendingEducation
SB 777Exempting taxi, limousine, and ride-share company drivers from undergoing background checks for misdemeanor convictionsPending
SB 781Relating to reports regarding collaborative agreements between community and technical colleges and federally registered apprenticeship programsSigned
SB 786Recognizing anesthesiologist assistantsPendingHealth and Human Resources

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