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Bill Status - 1996 Regular Session

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There are 64 Bills pending in House Education




SB 583Increasing certain allowances for members of county boards of education03/02/96
HB 2007Removing teaching status preference in certification of athletic coaches in public schools01/09/96
HB 2032Excepting certain counties from full-day kindergarten requirements by 199601/09/96
HB 2302Clarifying and establishing authority of school employees to discipline pupils01/09/96
HB 2317West Virginia Higher Education Tuition Trust Act01/09/96
HB 2352Requiring county boards of education to employ assistant principals in certain public elementary schools01/09/96
HB 2395Exempting certain students at higher education institutions from being charged student activity fees01/09/96
HB 2415Requiring school attendance and maintenance of satisfactory progress for the privilege of operation of a motor vehicle01/09/96
HB 2431Establishing a voter education program in the county school system01/09/96
HB 2452Prohibiting in-school make-up work on school time01/10/96
HB 2462Increasing the salary index for school principals01/10/96
HB 2531Pay increases for school service personnel01/10/96
HB 2573Increasing service personnel pay scales, changing certain pay grades and titles01/10/96
HB 2598Reenacting the Higher Education Tuition Trust Act01/10/96
HB 2724Sale of Board of Education property without holding an auction01/10/96
HB 2730Providing school personnel who work during summer months the benefits of regular service personnel01/10/96
HB 2746Requiring that chapter one teachers receive the same amount of faculty senate money as other teachers01/10/96
HB 2765Assuring that each blind student shall receive an individualized braille literacy assessment, etc.01/10/96
HB 2785Giving teachers credit toward retirement for maternity leave01/10/96
HB 2789Tuition and fee waivers for children and spouses of full-time faculty and staff members at state institutions of higher education01/10/96
HB 4009Sabbatical leaves for teachers and county allowance for full amount of teacher's salary01/10/96
HB 4023Providing for certified county directors of school attendance01/10/96
HB 4025Smoking by juveniles in certain areas of certain schools a misdemeanor offense01/10/96
HB 4030Imposing a levy on nonresident workers and dedicating the proceeds therefrom01/10/96
HB 4035Abolishing post-graduate in-state practice and tuition reimbursement requirements for optometry students who receive state aid01/10/96
HB 4044Placing the Secondary Schools Activities Commission under the rule-making and budgeting authority of the Legislature01/11/96
HB 4073Faculty status for college and university librarians01/16/96
HB 4076Criminal penalty for willful violation of employee rights02/21/96
HB 4090Establishing a two-tiered tax credit for parents or legal guardians who provide their children with either home or private schooling01/17/96
HB 4105Creating a parental choice program which permits pupils in grades kindergarten through twelve to attend any private school in the State at no charge01/17/96
HB 4120Authorizing county boards of education to employ school crossing guards01/18/96
HB 4123Requiring the State Board of Education to implement a program to teach religion in the public schools01/18/96
HB 4125Providing that creation science and evolution science both be taught in the public schools01/18/96
HB 4139Establishing a secure residential school of juvenile status offenders and providing an alternative school for evening classes or night school for children who are expelled or suspended from regular school classes01/19/96
HB 4150Establishing mandatory remedial summer school programs01/19/96
HB 4157Removing the requirement that the WV-Step test be administered statewide01/22/96
HB 4177Requiring school attendance until eighteen years of age and providing alternative classrooms for disruptive students01/24/96
HB 4210Composition of institutional boards of advisors01/26/96
HB 4315Requiring county boards of education to employ reading teachers with early literacy intervention training in all elementary schools01/30/96
HB 4322Increasing the salary index of principals by one percentage point for each of the next three years and to use a single percentage countywide when counties are forced to reduce supplements01/30/96
HB 4323Authorizing county boards of education to provide alternative educational services to children and youths during evening classes or night schools and eliminating the requirement that special classes on Saturday be conducted on a voluntary basis01/30/96
HB 4335Inspection of schools to determine if dangerous chemicals are present01/30/96
HB 4355Permitting the sale of candy, soft drinks and other packaged foods in secondary schools01/31/96
HB 4385Salary increases for professional school personnel02/01/96
HB 4408Permitting certain student teachers to serve as substitute teachers02/02/96
HB 4413Jobs Through Education Act02/05/96
HB 4485Giving county school boards the option to determine the last day of a school term02/06/96
HB 4499Civic Literacy Act02/07/96
HB 4533Requiring the employment of a full-time librarian for certain elementary schools02/09/96
HB 4561Requiring county boards of education to prescribe and enforce maximum time limitations on one-way bus rides to and from new schools02/12/96
HB 4571Granting certain county boards of education a waiver from the requirement for full-day, every day kindergarten classes02/13/96
HB 4583Authorizing county boards of education to extend the instructional year02/13/96
HB 4592Pupil rights in research, experimental programs and testing02/14/96
HB 4628Increasing the foundation allowance for professional educators and regional educational service agencies for the fiscal year 1996 only02/16/96
HB 4671Placing the Secondary School Activities Commission under the rule-making and budgeting authority of the Legislature02/21/96
HB 4675Disclosure of criminal prosecution or school disruption to the principal of the school to which a juvenile transfers02/21/96
HB 4681Providing free passes to military retirees at high school and college athletic events02/21/96
HB 4714Changes in the statute permitting suspension or expulsion from school of children who possess a deadly weapon02/22/96
HB 4760Allowing certain college students to audit courses free of charge02/23/96
HB 4788Providing overage pay for teacher aides with more than twenty students02/23/96
HB 4811Eligibility for school building funds02/23/96
HB 4812Permitting the sale of soft drinks in public high schools02/23/96
HB 4820Changing the ratios of foundation allowances for educators02/23/96
HB 4830Removing liability of schools and employees for dispensing medications02/23/96
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