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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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There are 80 Bills pending in Senate Finance




SB 3Relating to use or possession of tobacco or tobacco products by minors age fifteen or older; penalties03/07/01
SB 33Exempting certain income for taxation on senior citizens 02/14/01
SB 43Relating to neighborhood investment program; income tax credit02/14/01
SB 45Creating recreation and amusement tax02/14/01
SB 65Creating Small Business Tax Credit Act03/06/01
SB 68Increasing excise tax on deeds and transfers of real estate02/14/01
SB 74Repealing provider tax on optometrists02/14/01
SB 88Dedicating certain sales proceeds to counties02/15/01
SB 90Providing tax credit for taxpayers who contribute to community foundations02/15/01
SB 91Relating to charitable raffle boards and games; penalties04/04/01
SB 115Relating to school building authority construction fund03/14/01
SB 119Creating Restricted Access Adult Video Lottery Act03/23/01
SB 122Increasing longevity pay of state police02/22/01
SB 125Relating to character education integration04/02/01
SB 126Prohibiting conversion of accrued annual and sick leave for extended insurance coverage02/15/01
SB 134Exempting state agencies from requirement that certain court costs be paid in advance04/04/01
SB 145Requiring law-enforcement agency hiring certain persons pay percentage of training02/23/01
SB 146Relating to powers and duties of tourism commission03/29/01
SB 147Reducing sales tax on certain foods sold off premises02/16/01
SB 156Allowing credit against certain income tax for employers providing child day care services02/16/01
SB 164Exempting personal property tax on one personal vehicle for member of volunteer fire department02/16/01
SB 166Providing additional consumers sales tax exemptions04/02/01
SB 171Relating to exempting senior service organizations from certain taxation02/16/01
SB 172Exempting propane gas from excise tax on gasoline or special fuels 02/16/01
SB 188Providing for expenditure of moneys from tourism fund to promote Celebration 200002/21/01
SB 201Relating to disposal of abandoned or junked motor vehicles and household appliances04/05/01
SB 216Authorizing adjutant general to maintain separate bank accounts for certain purposes03/02/01
SB 231Increasing severance tax on timber to support libraries02/26/01
SB 249Relating to salaries of certain employees of division of corrections, juvenile services and regional jail and correctional facility authority04/04/01
SB 389Permitting certain officers and state employees waive salaries03/05/01
SB 390Requiring insurance coverage for serious mental illness04/04/01
SB 392Relating to computation of local share pertaining to county public libraries03/05/01
SB 399Requesting division of protective services assist in capitol parking enforcement03/28/01
SB 400Exempting federa1 law-enforcement officers and firefighters from certain state income tax03/06/01
SB 423Raising limitations on noneconomic loss under governmental tort claims and insurance reform act03/14/01
SB 445Providing retirees certain exclusion from personal income tax03/08/01
SB 499Combining offices of commissioner of highways and secretary of transportation03/15/01
SB 501Requiring payment of funeral expenses of probation officers killed in line of duty03/15/01
SB 502Creating tobacco retailer licensing and enforcement program; penalties03/15/01
SB 505Authorizing medical malpractice insurers issue contracts or policies for certain rates03/21/01
SB 518Relating to licensing of private investigators and security guards04/03/01
SB 523Providing salary adjustments for certain public officials03/19/01
SB 528Exempting environmental technical testing laboratories from consumers sales and service tax03/20/01
SB 539Establishing affordable housing trust fund04/09/01
SB 566Clarifying tax treatment of certain wind power projects03/22/01
SB 568Providing tuition to children of probation and parole officers killed in line of duty03/22/01
SB 595Exempting veterans' organizations from certain state sales tax03/26/01
SB 598Allowing certain retail markup on sale of cigarettes and beer03/26/01
SB 600Allowing personal income tax credit for certain persons purchasing computer03/26/01
SB 608Removing requirement agencies applying for, receiving and expending federal funds send report to Legislature03/26/01
SB 622Creating Office of Women's Health 04/02/01
SB 628Creating Family Food Tax Reduction Act03/26/01
SB 635Relating to waste tire remediation; imposing tax on certain tires03/26/01
SB 637Exempting religious organizations from excise tax on certain fuels03/26/01
SB 639Requiring fingerprinting and criminal history investigations for child welfare agency applicants03/29/01
SB 648Increasing salaries of certain correctional employees03/26/01
SB 656Prohibiting certain real property reevaluations from exceeding certain percent03/26/01
SB 664Creating Insurance Tax Procedures Act04/04/01
SB 666Exempting technical testing laboratories from consumers sales tax03/26/01
SB 669Exempting travel agencies from collecting sales tax received from out-of-state travel businesses03/26/01
SB 671Reducing sales tax on food sold for human consumption off premises03/26/01
SB 677Removing exemption from taxation of certain property owned by fraternities and sororities affiliated with university or college03/26/01
SB 681Exempting citizens over certain age from paying quarterly estimated income tax03/26/01
SB 698Requiring selective service system registration within division of motor vehicles03/30/01
SB 699Modifying definition of qualified capital addition to manufacturing facility for ad valorem property tax purposes03/26/01
SB 718Relating to regulation of veterans' grave marker fees04/02/01
SB 719Relating to creating deputy secretary of administration04/02/01
HB 2369Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks04/10/01
HB 2372Clarifying the manner in which moneys reserved for the payment of income tax refunds are to be managed03/13/01
HB 2450Removing the cap on proceeds from the veterans instant lottery scratch-off game04/09/01
HB 2519Relating to repealing the ability of the secretary of administration to appoint security officers04/09/01
HB 2604Removing the severance tax on home and community based services04/03/01
HB 2798Relating generally to the office of the state fire marshal04/11/01
HB 2802Designating the commissioner of highways as the secretary of the department of transportation and requiring the commissioner to be an engineer03/21/01
HB 2821Creating a tobacco retailer licensing and enforcement program04/06/01
HB 2835Expanding the use of programs that strengthen student learning abilities04/03/01
HB 2932Establishing a statewide emergency hotline for schools through the fire marshal's office04/10/01
HB 2962Adding adults enrolled in family literacy programs to the public school support plan net enrollment04/10/01
HB 3108Mandating that thirty percent of the neighborhood investment credit go to endowment funding04/09/01
HB 3180Modifying the definition of qualified capital addition to a manufacturing facility for ad valorem tax purposes04/06/01
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