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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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There are 47 Bills pending in House Political Subdivisions




SB 105Relating to county ordinances pertaining to barking dogs02/28/01
SB 632Requiring commissioner of bureau of public health to promulgate emergency rules for design standards for private water well construction by certain date04/09/01
SB 714Exempting county commission fee for first report provided to certain injured parties04/04/01
HB 2008Prohibiting public funds from being expended to any association or organization which lobbies02/14/01
HB 2012Prohibiting certain county officeholders from spending more than fifty percent of their budgets before the end of the calendar year02/14/01
HB 2027Requiring an election to adopt a zoning ordinance proposed by a county commission02/14/01
HB 2030Prohibiting county, city or other local governments from imposing additional requirements on septic system installers02/14/01
HB 2094Allowing municipalities to regulate the hours of operation of private liquor clubs by ordinance02/14/01
HB 2109Making larceny of municipal or voluntary fire department equipment a felony02/14/01
HB 2150Allowing public employees twenty-five hours of paid leave per calendar year to respond as a volunteer firefighter to emergencies02/14/01
HB 2231Providing right of sheriffs in counties where DMV maintains an office for renewals and registration to elect not to process renewals and registrations02/15/01
HB 2242Authorizing lateral transfers for deputy sheriffs02/15/01
HB 2302Prohibiting the consolidation of public service districts within a county if such consolidation reduces the number of districts in the county to one02/19/01
HB 2307Increasing annual salaries of circuit and county clerks02/19/01
HB 2322Requiring the installation of fire hydrants at intervals of not less than one thousand feet in all upgrades of water mains and installation of new water mains02/19/01
HB 2367Permitting volunteer fire companies in certain areas to participate in the neighborhood investment program02/20/01
HB 2370Allowing the expansion of membership of historic landmark commissions02/20/01
HB 2379Removing the exemption from planning and zoning restrictions for mining and manufacturing activities and uses02/20/01
HB 2383Providing OSHA coverage for municipal firefighters02/20/01
HB 2398Relating to political activities of deputy sheriffs and professional firefighters02/21/01
HB 2416Adding public service district board members and employees to the definition of employee under PEIA02/21/01
HB 2420Making Christmas Eve a state holiday02/21/01
HB 2422Authorizing county commissions to adopt and enforce noise abatement ordinances02/21/01
HB 2439Modifying procedures allowing municipal incorporation by annexation02/21/01
HB 2441Relating to the creation of a new municipality02/21/01
HB 2470Regulation of homeowner associations02/22/01
HB 2514Permitting municipalities to enact ordinances to require property owners to maintain lawns and yards02/23/01
HB 2542Automatic adoption of laws by municipalities of traffic regulations and laws of the road02/26/01
HB 2572Authorizing optical image media preservation of certain county records and CD-ROM technology for storage of county records02/27/01
HB 2574Providing for the confidentiality of calls received by 911 centers02/28/01
HB 2743Granting authority to county commissions to grant full-time status to county prosecuting attorneys03/05/01
HB 2783Requiring counties to develop a local policy for the dispatch of wrecker services03/07/01
HB 2809Removing the sixteen-year cap on salary increments for years of service for deputy sheriffs03/09/01
HB 2888Relating to authority of local fire departments03/16/01
HB 2889Deleting the requirement that the attorney general have knowledge of and give consent to all settlements and releases by the board of insurance03/16/01
HB 2917Authorizing Hatfield and McCoy recreation area rangers to carry firearms03/20/01
HB 2940Relating to the multicounty economic development authority for the counties of Greenbrier, Monroe and Pocahontas03/21/01
HB 3005Allowing Class IV municipalities to use radar devices for enforcing speeding laws03/26/01
HB 3035Exempting certain municipalities from requirements applicable to discharging, suspending or reducing in rank or pay law-enforcement officers03/28/01
HB 3060Authorizing counties and municipalities to form aggregations to negotiate procurement of energy03/29/01
HB 3064Permitting municipalities to assess taxes and levy fees subject to local referendum03/29/01
HB 3070Requiring chiefs of police of Class IV towns to meet certain law-enforcement training requirements03/29/01
HB 3172Allowing counties to collect a pro-rata share on land that is located in two or more counties03/30/01
HB 3185Requiring emergency dispatch centers to refer emergencies to the closest appropriate and available public safety unit03/30/01
HB 3199Transfer of land to the Wood County commission for future development of a state park area03/30/01
HB 3212Permitting municipalities to collect an additional three percent hotel occupancy tax03/30/01
HB 3221Equalizing the percentage of voters required to petition the county commission for the imposition of a fire service fee and to place the issue before the voters03/30/01
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