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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 59 Bills pending in Senate Health and Human Resources




SB 15Reducing and eliminating behavioral health care providers severance tax01/09/08
SB 17Relating to health care provider tax generally01/09/08
SB 19Revising immunizations requirements for school children01/09/08
SB 23Requiring Commissioner of Public Health assess health impact of certain rules proposed by Department of Environmental Protection01/09/08
SB 37Relating to sale of beverages in public schools 01/09/08
SB 59Expanding prescriptive authority of advanced nurse practitioners 01/09/08
SB 63Prohibiting subsidies to entities performing abortions01/09/08
SB 76Creating Office of Family and Foster Child Protection Ombudsman01/09/08
SB 82Allowing advanced nurse practitioners sign do-not-resuscitate orders01/09/08
SB 83Allowing advanced nurse practitioners sign death certificates01/09/08
SB 89Requiring medical means to preserve life of fetus aborted alive01/09/08
SB 92Relating to parental notification for unemancipated minor obtaining abortion01/09/08
SB 115Allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense certain abortion-related prescriptions01/09/08
SB 121Standardizing preferred drug lists and formularies01/09/08
SB 123Creating Infection Control Advisory Panel01/09/08
SB 144Allowing federal adjusted gross income deduction for health insurance expenses01/09/08
SB 147Relating to Management of Pain Act 01/09/08
SB 149Prohibiting certain state medical facilities from performing abortions01/09/08
SB 181Providing funding for programs discouraging tobacco use01/10/08
SB 221Creating Uniform Maternal Screening Act01/16/08
SB 222Permitting only healthy beverages and snacks in schools01/16/08
SB 295Relating to physician and physician assistant licensing 01/22/08
SB 302Relating to legislative exempt rule-making requirements of Department of Health and Human Resources01/23/08
SB 306Authorizing Supreme Court and Division of Corrections probation officers' access to certain Board of Pharmacy information01/23/08
SB 341Creating Revised Anatomical Gift Act01/24/08
SB 468Authorizing county sheriffs' access to State Board of Pharmacy database01/28/08
SB 478Relating to Department of Health and Human Resources' payments for professional services for certain children01/29/08
SB 484Accepting emergency medical service professionals' signatures on prisoners' medical clearance forms 01/29/08
SB 485Requiring women seeking abortion opportunity to view fetus ultrasound image01/29/08
SB 488Defining term "born" under Women's Access to Health Care Act01/29/08
SB 509Requiring Bureau for Medical Services notify Legislature of Medicaid policy changes01/31/08
SB 513Authorizing pharmacists to administer immunizations01/31/08
SB 516Allowing emergency medical technicians to administer epinephrine01/31/08
SB 518Allowing pharmacists to dispense prescriptions remotely and administer immunizations01/31/08
SB 544Establishing electronic health information data-sharing pilot program02/01/08
SB 575Creating Discount Medical Plan Organizations and Discount Prescription Drug Plan Organizations Act02/05/08
SB 586Authorizing pharmacists to dispense prescriptions remotely and administer immunizations02/06/08
SB 591Requiring smoke-free medical facilities02/06/08
SB 598Providing circulating registered nurse during surgery02/07/08
SB 603Granting Legislative Initiative For the Elderly spending oversight02/07/08
SB 615Allowing optometrists to prescribe drug-dispensing vision correction devices02/07/08
SB 636Requiring Bureau for Public Health license free clinics02/11/08
SB 639Requiring abortion-related statistics' collection02/11/08
SB 640Prohibiting state-funded family planning centers from discussing abortion or abortion referrals02/11/08
SB 644Prohibiting state or county reimbursement for abortion-related transportation costs02/12/08
SB 648Prohibiting gender-based abortions02/12/08
SB 649Providing certain fetuses anesthesia02/12/08
SB 660Establishing penalties for manufacturing, selling, or dispensing certain controlled substances causing deaths02/13/08
SB 662Requiring hospitals report charity policies to Board of Health02/13/08
SB 672Allowing health care providers' discretionary reporting of individuals' driving competence02/14/08
SB 721Exempting insurance burial policies from Medicaid assignment02/18/08
SB 725Relating to beverage sales in schools02/18/08
SB 745Relating to qualified continuing care retirement community 02/18/08
SB 749Providing Medicaid coverage for certain ventilator patients02/18/08
SB 762Creating Juvenile Services Status Offender Fund02/18/08
HB 4138Relating to rule making requirments of the Department of Health and Human Services02/21/08
HB 4308Exempting from the nursing licensing provisions the care of the sick when done in connection with the practice of religious tenets of any church or religious organization02/26/08
HB 4396Relating to retention and destruction of health care records02/27/08
HB 4608Relating to a study and investigation on issues in connection with creating a pilot program for child day care centers operated by the state02/27/08
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