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HB 2020 Requiring mine operators to provide notice of hazardous chemical substances and lead exposure to its employees 01/17/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 3) 109
HB 2104 Ensuring victims' rights to testify at sentencing in criminal cases 01/18/2008 Passed House (Voice vote) 117
HB 2402 Prohibiting persons from impersonating a public official by copying or imitating the markings of a public agency or official on a motor vehicle 01/18/2008 Passed House (Voice vote) 117
HB 2503 Authorizing the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue an identification card to West Virginia residents who already possess a valid driver's license 01/18/2008 Passed House (Voice vote) 117
HB 2517 Providing that the Board of Banking and Financial Institutions have the authority to approve acquisitions of out-of-state banks by WV state banks 01/29/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 19) 283
HB 2711 Providing that fire officers may use adjacent property to prevent fire from spreading 02/04/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 36) 365
HB 2739 Providing veterans' death certificates to families and funeral directors at no cost 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 100) 791
HB 2881 Providing that antique motor vehicles may be used for occasional recreational driving 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 101) 791
HB 2930 Providing that an applicant for a farm use exemption certificate may not be required to appear before any assessor for renewal 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 217) 915
HB 2967 Creating the "West Virginia Remembers Program" 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 137) 814
HB 3056 Authorizing pharmacists to administer immunizations 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 81) 691
HB 3065 Relating to making false reports of child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 218) 916
HB 3122 Relating to the definition of "eligible veteran" for certain state training and employment preference benefits 02/01/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 26) 341
HB 3188 Creating a means by which effectiveness of economic development incentives can be measured 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 102) 792
HB 3201 Authorizing the tax commissioner to refuse, revoke, suspend or refuse to renew a business registration certificate for a business that is the alter ego, nominee or instrumentality of a business in certain situations 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 160) 854
HB 3204 Authorizing a county to hire a blasting enforcement officer 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 161) 854
HB 3215 Removing the administrative link between Shepherd University and Blue Ridge Community and Technical College 01/28/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 14) 260
HB 4001 Providing certain county commissions with authority to regulate the location of businesses selling sexually-oriented materials 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 139) 816
HB 4010 Removing the limitation on terms for members on the board of library directors 01/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 8) 136
HB 4016 Updating meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act 02/01/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 27) 342
HB 4017 Updating meaning of federal taxable income and certain other terms used in West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act 02/01/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 29) 343
HB 4018 Renewing the West Virginia Small Business Linked Deposit Program 02/22/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 92) 730
HB 4019 Relating to civil actions filed in the courts of the state 01/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 13) 245
HB 4021 Revising mining safety equipment requirements and enhancing penalties for crimes against mining property 02/01/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 31) 344
HB 4022 Relating to compensation and expenses of panel attorneys providing public defender services 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 162) 855
HB 4023 Provide for the denial or suspension of a driver's license for any student who withdraws from school or fails to receive passing grades 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 103) 793
HB 4028 Authorizing counties and municipalities to enter into contracts for energy-savings 02/01/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 32) 344
HB 4030 Requiring that workplace fatalities be reported to the Division of Labor 02/08/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 47) 446
HB 4032 Relating to payment of wages through a direct deposit system 02/05/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 39) 393
HB 4036 Granting the board of Respiratory Care Practitioners rulemaking authority and the issuance of temporary permits to students 01/24/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 11) 183
HB 4037 Reducing state income tax liability for certain retired public employees 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 164) 856
HB 4038 Allowing the Division of Labor to promulgate Rules to license elevator workers 01/17/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 4) 110
HB 4041 Relating to the regulation and treatment of the production of natural gas and coalbed methane 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 165) 857
HB 4047 Prohibiting the use of cell phone and text-messaging devices while operating a motor vehicle except when using a hands-free device or in the case of an emergency 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 219) 916
HB 4052 Uniform Maternal Screening Act 02/04/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 37) 366
HB 4053 Protecting computer owners and users from computer spyware 01/31/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 24) 322
HB 4059 Relating to medical qualifications for school bus operators 02/08/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 48) 447
HB 4069 Requiring vision screening for renewal of a driver's license 02/08/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 49) 447
HB 4072 Clarifying that the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers is subject to a regulatory board review 01/28/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 15) 260
HB 4073 Clarifying that the Board of Examinations in Counseling is subject to a regulatory board review 01/28/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 16) 261
HB 4074 Creating an Office for Oral Health under the Bureau for Public Health and authorizing a full time director 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 104) 794
HB 4075 Providing for a video recording device monitoring system during Amber Alert periods 02/06/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 40) 408
HB 4076 Relating to the compensation and expenses of legislators 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 210) 887
HB 4078 Relating to the termination of the Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park Commission 01/28/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 17) 261
HB 4079 Relating to Professional Employer Organizations 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 141) 817
HB 4080 Relating to funds held for charitable purposes by nonprofit, charitable institutions 02/22/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 94) 731
HB 4082 Relating to the Public Employees Retirement System 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 143) 818
HB 4085 Relating to regulatory review of the West Virginia Acupuncture Board 01/28/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 18) 262
HB 4088 Allowing farm equipment dealers to calculate their inventory based on an average of their yearly sales 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 145) 819
HB 4092 Changing the requirements for licensure as a forester or forestry technician and giving the Board of Foresters rule-making authority 01/30/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 20) 297
HB 4094 Relating to reimbursement of compensation paid to certain state employees for job-related training, education or professional development 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 166) 858
HB 4099 Allowing certain vehicles designated by the Secretary of the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety to use red flashing lights 02/04/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 38) 366
HB 4106 Allowing the Supreme Court of Appeals to establish a uniform bail schedule 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 147) 821
HB 4117 Expanding eligibility for state minimum salary supplements for classroom teachers achieving certain national certification 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 167) 858
HB 4120 Prohibiting inclusion of specific dollar amounts or figures related to damages in complaints for personal injury or wrongful death actions 02/08/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 50) 448
HB 4121 Authorizing the participation of local governments in a purchasing card program to be administered by the Auditor 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 105) 794
HB 4124 Adding CPR and First Aid training to the health education curriculum in secondary schools 02/20/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 77) 663
HB 4125 Relating to faculty senate funds for classroom teachers and librarians 02/01/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 33) 345
HB 4129 Revising licensing requirements for professional licensing boards, including authorizing a special volunteer license for health care professionals 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 82) 692
HB 4132 Prohibiting employers from mandating captive meetings with their employees relating to political matters 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 106) 795
HB 4134 Prohibiting the sale of less than twenty packaged cigarettes 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 169) 859
HB 4137 Clarifying that a municipality and county will be notified by an insurance company when a total loss to a structure occurs 02/11/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 53) 468
HB 4138 Relating to rule making requirments of the Department of Health and Human Services 02/20/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 78) 664
HB 4139 Relating to licensing persons using bioptic telescopic devices to operate a motor vehicle 02/20/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 79) 664
HB 4141 Providing that written status reports on civil actions brought against state government agencies are required only as requested by the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House 01/30/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 22) 298
HB 4144 Relating to physician assistants and updating language to conform to national changes 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 170) 860
HB 4147 Relating to the regulation of parking for state office buildings 01/30/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 23) 298
HB 4148 Relating to investment options in minor settlements proceedings 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 171) 861
HB 4150 Requiring the purchasing of American-made flags with state funds 02/14/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 62) 548
HB 4156 Permitting a governing body of a municipality to place a lien on property in an amount equal to the demolition and removal of a hazardous structure 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 108) 796
HB 4157 Allowing insurers who have been suspended from writing new policies to continue to service existing policies 02/18/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 69) 579
HB 4206 Authorizing the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety to promulgate legislative rules 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 109) 797
HB 4209 Authorizing the Department of Administration to promulgate legislative rules 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 111) 798
HB 4244 Authorizing the Department of Transportation to promulgate legislative rules 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 113) 799
HB 4255 Authorizing the Department of Commerce to promulgate legislative rules 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 172) 861
HB 4287 Clarifying that certain funds are authorized investments for funds of political subdivisions 02/22/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 95) 731
HB 4290 Relating to electronic commerce 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 174) 862
HB 4296 Relating to the rights of crime victims 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 175) 863
HB 4299 Relating to requirements for firefighter applicants 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 83) 693
HB 4303 Clarifying disciplinary cases, investigations, hearings, injunctions and penalties for the Board of Acupuncture 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 84) 693
HB 4304 Revised Anatomical Gift Act 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 221) 918
HB 4307 Relating to bona fide residents wholly or solely owning greyhounds 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 222) 920
HB 4308 Exempting from the nursing licensing provisions the care of the sick when done in connection with the practice of religious tenets of any church or religious organization 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 115) 800
HB 4314 Paying for veterans' grave markers where the U. S. government has denied the application of the veteran 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 116) 801
HB 4327 Relating to charitable bingo and updating the maximum wage allowed to reflect changes in state minimum wage 02/08/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 51) 448
HB 4328 Excluding the service of a poll worker from being considered a prohibited political activity 02/06/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 41) 408
HB 4329 Allowing a registrant to register a Class G vehicle for a two-year period and providing for alternative methods of payment of fees 02/13/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 55) 507
HB 4331 Eliminating the requirement to send surrendered driver's licenses back to the original state of licensure 02/18/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 70) 579
HB 4333 Relating to requiring an insurance company to withhold a specified amount from insurance proceeds to cover costs of fire cleanup of a structure 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 85) 694
HB 4337 Authorizing the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists to increase fees for one year 02/11/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 54) 469
HB 4341 Relating to payment of National Board for Professional Teaching Standards salary bonus 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 118) 802
HB 4344 Relating to the criminal offense of cruelty to animals 02/06/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 43) 409
HB 4348 Adding language to the code for fees for tests and certificates that were already imposed 02/13/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 56) 507
HB 4355 Allowing Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority to retain civil penalties imposed for violation of authority rules 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 120) 803
HB 4357 Extending the Neighborhood Investment Program Act and eligibility for tax credits under the act 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 122) 804
HB 4364 Amending various requirements for motor vehicle dealers 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 176) 863
HB 4368 Reducing acts of student violence and disruptive behavior and increasing penalties for chronically disruptive students 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 123) 804
HB 4381 Relating to an assigned risk plan and guaranty association account for workers' compensation insurance 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 223) 920
HB 4383 Awarding service revolver upon retirement to state fire marshal 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 177) 864
HB 4384 Expanding the number of members of boards of zoning appeal from five to seven 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 124) 805
HB 4385 Revising certain powers and duties of the Legislative Auditor 02/19/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 73) 622
HB 4386 Authorizing municipalities to create an annual vacant property registration 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 178) 864
HB 4388 Authorizing the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to maintain a domestic violence database 02/08/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 52) 449
HB 4389 Removing requirement that resident violators of traffic laws be required to sign citations 02/15/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 64) 569
HB 4394 Restoring the licensure exemption for certain contractors of manufactured housing installation 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 179) 865
HB 4396 Relating to retention and destruction of health care records 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 180) 866
HB 4402 Relating to compulsive gambling 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 149) 824
HB 4404 Discount Medical Plan Organizations and Discount Prescription Drug Plan Organizations Act 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 125) 805
HB 4406 Relating to state board standards for the recommended duration of school bus transportation times for students to and from school 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 181) 866
HB 4407 Requiring automatic tire chains as standard equipment on all new school buses 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 86) 694
HB 4411 Exempting land-based finfish aquaculture facilities from certain sludge management requirements 02/19/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 75) 623
HB 4418 Establishing a statewide reporting system for hospitals to report their infection rates 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 183) 867
HB 4420 Imposing corporate net income tax on certain regulated investment companies and real estate investment trusts used as tax sheltering vehicles 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 126) 806
HB 4421 Repealing the corporate license tax, and creating corporate license tax replacement fees 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 184) 867
HB 4423 Ensuring that beer kegs are not considered scrap metal unless received directly from a beer manufacturer 02/13/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 57) 508
HB 4433 Increasing the maximum amount of a medical student loan that may be cancelled 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 151) 825
HB 4434 Establishing a higher education energy and water savings revolving loan fund 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 127) 808
HB 4438 Relating to air pollution control 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 185) 868
HB 4445 Relating to definitions under the Medical Professional Liability Act 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 153) 826
HB 4449 Allowing the Higher Education Policy Commission and WV Council for Community and Technical College Education to enter into lease-purchase agreements 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 129) 809
HB 4464 Adding more exemptions to the requirement that a foreign corporation obtain a certificate of authority before conducting affairs in the state 02/15/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 65) 570
HB 4465 Relating to fees charged by the Secretary of State 02/15/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 66) 571
HB 4471 Making certain changes to the West Virginia State Police Retirement System 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 186) 868
HB 4472 Requiring a board of education to wait ten days before posting a new job opening following the death of an employee 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 187) 869
HB 4474 Relating to registered nurses required in operating rooms 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 155) 828
HB 4476 Public-Private Transportation Facilities Act 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 226) 923
HB 4477 Relating to payment of GED exam fees 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 188) 870
HB 4478 Limiting the mid-year transfer of certain school employees working with students with exceptionalities 02/13/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 58) 508
HB 4482 Allowing payments from the Parkways Authority to the Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreational Authority to continue past the nine-year limitation 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 130) 809
HB 4484 Relating to the criminal offense of stalking 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 190) 871
HB 4487 Prohibiting public disclosure of the social security number of any person named or disclosed in a motor vehicle accident report 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 87) 695
HB 4490 Finding and declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state 02/22/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 96) 732
HB 4494 Relating to the regulation of the practice of accountancy 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 157) 829
HB 4495 Limiting the use of the titles "registered nurse", "nurse practitioner", and "nurse" to certain qualified individuals 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 132) 810
HB 4496 Providing opportunities for members of the Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System ("TDC") to the State Teachers Retirement System ("TRS") 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 88) 696
HB 4500 Providing qualified entities access to the West Virginia Central Abuse Registry 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 90) 697
HB 4507 West Virginia Military Authority Act 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 191) 872
HB 4511 Relating to zoning ordinance adoption by election or otherwise 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 193) 872
HB 4512 Providing classifications of licensees to be licensed by the State Fire Marshal to engage in fire protection work 02/18/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 71) 580
HB 4513 Relating to the reimbursement of costs for newborn screenings 02/15/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 67) 571
HB 4515 Relating to reports by health care providers of persons incompetent to drive an automobile 02/21/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 91) 698
HB 4524 Relating generally to the ethical standards of public officers, employees and lobbyists 02/20/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 80) 665
HB 4527 Allowing county commissions to regulate subdivisions and land development without adopting a plan 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 195) 873
HB 4554 Testing school bus operators every other year 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 196) 874
HB 4557 Relating to continuing education for insurance producers 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 133) 811
HB 4567 Attracting private investment for the financing, construction and operation of additional lodging units at Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 198) 875
HB 4570 Authorizing regional jail employees to carry a firearm after receiving appropriate certification 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 159) 831
HB 4588 Relating to public school support 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 199) 876
HB 4607 Relating to special district excise tax authorization 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 201) 877
HB 4608 Relating to a study and investigation on issues in connection with creating a pilot program for child day care centers operated by the state 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 202) 877
HB 4611 Updating safety rules and regulations pertaining to walkways along railtracks 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 203) 878
HB 4613 Increasing protection to beneficiaries of structured settlements as they relate to settlement transfers 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 134) 812
HB 4616 Relating to health reimbursement accounts for local government employees 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 204) 879
HB 4617 Allowing e-notification by using e-certified cards for verification of certified mail acceptance to the court of origin for service of process 02/25/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 135) 812
HB 4619 Collaborative Family Law Proceedings 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 205) 880
HB 4623 Relating to establishing minimum deductions 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 206) 880
HB 4624 Providing per diem pay for volunteers who drive veterans to hospitals 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 207) 881
HB 4628 Providing a tax credit for new job creation by certain taxpayers 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 208) 881
HB 4636 Making changes to workers' compensation insurance 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 224) 921
HB 4637 Relating to the deployment of broadband to the remaining unserved areas of the state 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 212) 889
HB 4643 Requiring the West Virginia Development Office to pursue the establishment of an Office of Minority Business Development 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 225) 922
HB 4644 Relating to the forfeiture of bail 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 213) 889
HB 4664 Clarifying the purpose of the Purchasing Division 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 227) 935
HB 4665 Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 228) 938
HB 4670 Authorizing the Public Employees Insurance Agency to charge interest to employers on amounts not paid on time 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 214) 890
HB 4676 Continuing the permissible appropriation of Public Employees Insurance Reserve Fund moneys to the bureau for medical services 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 215) 890
HB 4677 Reducing the requirement that the Director of Personnel must have five years experience in personnel management 02/26/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 216) 891
HB 4684 Amending the West Virginia Film Industry Investment Act 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 229) 939
HB 4692 Permitting depositories of state, county, municipal and other public moneys to pool securities 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 231) 940
HB 4708 Authorizing use of citations in lieu of arrest warrants for certain offenses 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 232) 940
HB 4712 Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Transportation-Division of Motor Vehicles 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 233) 941
HB 4713 Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Health and Human Resources, Health Care Authority 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 235) 942
HB 4714 Supplementary appropriation to the Department of Commerce, Department of Education and the Arts-Division of Rehabilitation Services, Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety-Fire Marshal 02/27/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 237) 942
HB 4715 Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Transportation 03/07/2008 Passed House (Roll No. 398) 2159
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