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Bill Status - 2008 Regular Session

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There are 36 Bills pending in House Industry and Labor




HB 2019Making the use of permanent replacements for striking workers an unfair labor practice in certain instances01/09/08
HB 2049Exempting public works projects receiving federal assistance and subject to federal labor standards from the state prevailing wage laws01/09/08
HB 2061Permitting miners fined for noncompliance with mining statutes to pay the penalty or complete a training course in lieu thereof01/09/08
HB 2069Requiring that permanent and temporary battery charging stations in mines be ventilated directly to the return on a separate split of air01/09/08
HB 2150Relating to exemptions from workers' compensation and surveyor licensing requirements for certain surveyors01/09/08
HB 2208Relating generally to mine inspectors01/09/08
HB 2222Authorizing the Governor to appoint an additional member to the Surface Mine Board that represents the interest of labor01/09/08
HB 2230Providing an employee the right to decline to work more than forty hours in a workweek01/09/08
HB 2259Creating the Self-Employment Assistance Act01/09/08
HB 2294Requiring a certified person to examine underground mines after cutting and welding has been performed01/09/08
HB 2296Establishing the consumer's right to know regarding telemarketers and requiring certain vendors to use only persons authorized to work in the United States01/09/08
HB 2302Requiring the superintendent or owner of a mine to sign the fire boss record book daily01/09/08
HB 2346Prohibiting certain employers from meeting and communicating with employees regarding the employer's political, religious, or labor organizing activities01/09/08
HB 2408Prohibiting employers and labor unions from requiring employees to become or remain members of labor unions as a condition to employment01/09/08
HB 2410Relating to the removal of the exemption for government employees performing electrical work on government property from having to possess an electrician's license01/09/08
HB 2496Requiring contractors awarded state public works construction projects to meet time restrictions for the completion of a public works construction project01/09/08
HB 2510Establishing in the state treasury a targeted minority economic development fund to address economic issues of minorities and minority communities01/09/08
HB 2721Small Business Development Incentive Program for Internal Growth Act01/09/08
HB 2833The Economic Fairness Act of 200701/09/08
HB 2861Providing workers' compensation coverage for certain employees who perform duties attendant to racing activities01/09/08
HB 2999Establishing prevailing hourly rates to be used in connection with the construction of public improvements01/09/08
HB 3007Relating to expanding wireless infrastructure within this state01/09/08
HB 3028Exempting construction performed on behalf of any county or municipal governmental authority from the prevailing wage laws01/09/08
HB 3029Exempting construction performed on behalf of educational authorities from prevailing wage requirements01/09/08
HB 3114Relating to the creation and implementation of drug-free workplaces in coal mines01/09/08
HB 4025Strengthening the protections for whistleblowers of unsafe working conditions in mines01/10/08
HB 4040Nontraditional Career Development Centers Act01/14/08
HB 4054West Virginia Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 200801/16/08
HB 4151Exempting all gallons of special fuel and propane gas for home heating consumption use from the excise tax on gas or special fuel01/23/08
HB 4286Oil and Gas Surface Owner's Bill of Rights01/25/08
HB 4322Providing overtime pay for all employees who are required to work holidays regardless if the holiday hours are in excess of a forty hour workweek01/29/08
HB 4409Requiring rest periods for employees during each four hours of work02/05/08
HB 4424Requiring the Office of Miners Health and Safety to employ qualified diesel inspectors02/05/08
HB 4497Requiring certification of correctness as to design, construction and performance of domestic and commercial liquefied petroleum gas-consuming equipment and appliances02/12/08
HB 4547Relating to the legal employment status of West Virginia workers02/14/08
HB 4577Removing certain exceptions in the definitions of employer and employee covered by the West Virginia minimum wage law02/15/08
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