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Bill Status - 1994 Regular Session

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Delegate Staton sponsored 43 bills:


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HB 2029 Prohibiting the employment of spouse by state official or employee Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/12/94 
HB 2044 Creating the position of court bailiff and transferring certain deputy sheriffs thereto Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/12/94 
HB 4006 Changing the date for the payment of monthly annuities to retired school employees Pending  House Education Committee  01/12/94 
HB 4064 Creating the misdemeanor offense of demoting or discharging or threatening to demote or discharge a governmental employee because of political affiliation Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  01/27/94 
HB 4170 Permitting the replacement of sheriffs with the position of court bailiff as attending officers at circuit court and family law master proceedings Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/27/94 
HB 4173 Requiring uniform statewide per diem costs per inmate to be paid by each county Pending    2nd Reading  03/05/94 
HB 4208 Promoting free and open competition in the sale and servicing of energy and nonenergy-related products and equipment Pending  House Judiciary Committee  01/28/94 
HB 4212 Including service spent by participants in the teachers retirement system as officers for a statewide professional employee organization as service credit BL    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4295 Altering the criminal and civil jurisdiction of magistrate and circuit courts Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4318 Permitting the general partners of a general partnership to limit the scope of personal liability for certain obligations and liabilities of the partnership Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/02/94 
HB 4366 Creation of a one-call system for use by operators of underground facilities and by persons engaged in excavation or demolition in the vicinity of underground facilities Pending  Senate Energy, Industry and Mining Committee  03/03/94 
HB 4371 Establishing a procedure to develop coalbed methane wells and units and for pooling of interests, etc. Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4379 Administration of the Public Defender Program Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/07/94 
HB 4380 Placing the West Virignia Secondary School Activities Commission under the rule-making and budgeting authority of the Legislature Pending  House Education Committee  02/07/94 
HB 4381 Increasing the penalties for murder of the second degree, voluntary manslaughter and the attempt of certain violent crimes Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/07/94 
HB 4384 Requiring certain insurance companies to continue to pay agents who service surviving policies Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4418 Relating to general definitions and the regulation of the rental of consumer goods under the Consumer Goods Rental Protection Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/09/94 
HB 4419 Salary increase for Justices of the Supreme Court and judges of circuit courts Pending  House Finance Committee  02/09/94 
HB 4430 Requiring the Public Service Commission to develop rules requiring power companies to identify persons on life support systems, etc. Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4434 Creating a no-wake period on certain state lakes Pending  House A&N Committee  02/10/94 
HB 4435 West Virginia Public School Employment Relations Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/10/94 
HB 4453 Requiring that contracts to privatize concession functions at state parks and recreational facilities be authorized by act of the Legislature Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/11/94 
HB 4464 Criminal penalty for willful violation of employee rights Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/14/94 
HB 4481 Uniform registration and permitting program for motor transporters of hazardous materials within the State Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4482 Establishment of a procedure for obtaining a certificate of approval to open or reopen a mine or to contract production and other services at such mine Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4496 Removing the jurisdiction of the PSC to consider county plans for consolidation or merger of public service districts Pending    3rd Reading  03/03/94 
HB 4512 Prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle by a person under the influence of any self-ingested or voluntarily ingested fume, vapor or substance derived from paint, glue or other legal substance Pending    2nd Reading  03/05/94 
HB 4518 Allocating one hundred percent of the coal severance tax exclusively to coal-producing counties for specified purposes Pending  House Finance Committee  02/18/94 
HB 4522 Permitting probation officers to carry firearms Pending    2nd Reading  03/04/94 
HB 4548 Establishing a financial reporting requirement by inaugural committees Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/07/94 
HB 4549 Providing for limitations on lending to political campaigns and on contributions by political action committees to political candidates Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/22/94 
HB 4550 Establishing a code of fair campaign practices and providing a reduced filing fee for candidates for certain state offices who choose to sign such code Pending  House Judiciary Committee  02/22/94 
HB 4597 Draping of state flag to honor the passing of police officers and state troopers Pending    Concurrence  03/11/94 
HB 4628 Increasing the maximum amount of moneys that may be allocated from the industrial access road fund for use in any one county Pending  House Finance Committee  02/28/94 
HB 4630 Providing motor vehicle insurance rate discounts for persons based upon gross income Pending  House Banking and Insurance Committee  02/28/94 
HB 4633 Relating to sale of weapons to prohibited persons and display of weapons Pending  Senate Judiciary Committee  03/07/94 
HB 4638 Issuance of unlimited Class A license plates to law-enforcement officials Pending    2nd Reading  03/04/94 
HB 4651 Prohibiting discriminatory pricing by manufacturers of prescription drugs Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/01/94 
HB 4654 Increasing the criminal penalties for second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, attempts to commit a felony, second conviction of certain criminal violations, etc Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4668 Increasing the number of members of the Parkways Authority Pending  House Government Organization Committee  03/02/94 
HB 4675 Rules of practice and procedure and compelling of discovery before the Court of Claims Signed    Governor  04/12/94 
HB 4682 State Environmental Quality Act Pending  House Judiciary Committee  03/02/94 
HB 5007 Exempting the legislative computer system from the Freedom of Information Act Signed    Governor  04/20/94 
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