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Bill Status - 2001 Regular Session

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There are 180 Bills pending in House Finance




SB 67Requiring personal property tax receipt prior to receiving business certificate04/02/01
SB 73Providing procedure for establishing uniform dress codes for public school students04/10/01
SB 121Creating special account designated sunny day fund04/04/01
SB 402Imposing tax on nonresident owners or operators of commercial vessels used on waterways04/06/01
SB 465Allowing state issue refunding bonds without certain restriction04/04/01
SB 515Relating to creating safer schools04/09/01
SB 534Creating Health Care Only Act04/09/01
SB 580Relating to dam control and safety act04/09/01
SB 590Establishing different building requirements in flood plains to lower federal flood insurance rates04/12/01
SB 710Creating Workforce Investment Act04/03/01
HB 2001Phasing in increased assessments on certain property02/14/01
HB 2005Personal income tax credit for certain employees whose employers contribute to a neighborhood investment program02/14/01
HB 2015Providing a tax credit to electric power generators for use of West Virginia coal02/14/01
HB 2016Waiving the motor vehicle privilege tax on registrations for new residents02/14/01
HB 2036Increasing the personal income tax exemption02/14/01
HB 2050Reestablishing the site index valuation method for valuation of managed timberland.02/14/01
HB 2056Imposing a one percent severance tax on natural resources for public education funding02/14/01
HB 2065Use of surplus revenues in the general revenue fund to reduce personal and corporate income tax rates02/14/01
HB 2069Eliminating the consumers sales tax on food and the business franchise tax02/14/01
HB 2073Exempting West Virginians seventy-five years of age or older from state income tax02/14/01
HB 2076Phasing out the health care provider tax on physicians' services02/14/01
HB 2081Distribution of profits from prison-made goods02/14/01
HB 2096Providing proof of payment of personal taxes prior to receiving a business franchise license02/14/01
HB 2112Implementing a one-time weekend tax exemption on sales of school clothing and supplies for children during the month of August, 200102/14/01
HB 2122Implementing recommendations of the national gambling study commission02/14/01
HB 2125Reducing the tax on gasoline and special fuels02/14/01
HB 2141Authorized expenditure by qualified nonprofit tax exempt organizations of certain net proceeds of bingo and raffle operations02/14/01
HB 2142Providing for the payment of prescription drug services for senior citizens02/14/01
HB 2153Providing tax relief for homeowners and renters under the age of sixty-five02/14/01
HB 2154Increasing the amount which may be expended for training of high technology business employees under the guaranteed work force program02/14/01
HB 2159Promoting contributions to the maintenance and improvement of state parks02/14/01
HB 2162Distribution of revenues of video lottery net terminal income to the thoroughbred development fund02/14/01
HB 2163Relating to taxes on income, receipts or expenditures for goods or services of horse or dog racing owners, trainers or jockeys02/14/01
HB 2179Providing for the manner of distribution of funds appropriated to the library commission for aid to libraries02/14/01
HB 2180Providing medicaid coverage for ventilator patient care at skilled nursing facilities03/08/01
HB 2200Budget Bill, making appropriations of public money out of the Treasury in accordance with Article VI, Section 51 of the Constitution02/14/01
HB 2201Providing for an excise tax on smokeless tobacco products02/22/01
HB 2204Providing an increase in longevity pay for the state police02/15/01
HB 2210Relating to PEIA entering into cooperative arrangements for the purchase of health care services, including pharmacy benefit services and pharmaceutical products03/21/01
HB 2214Continuing the tax levied on gasoline at twenty and one-half cents per gallon02/15/01
HB 2217Increasing salaries of certain employees of the Division of Corrections, the Division of Juvenile Services and the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority02/15/01
HB 2230Relating to decreasing the fee for issuing a certificate relating to certain public officers, including the membership of boards and commissions02/15/01
HB 2274Exempting funeral-related retail sales from the consumers sales tax02/16/01
HB 2291Crediting a deceased state employee's sick leave toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse or other dependents02/19/01
HB 2321Phasing out the health care provider tax imposed on gross receipts of services performed by certain practitioners02/19/01
HB 2324Creating a legislative oversight committee on risk analysis and management02/19/01
HB 2343Gradually eliminating the sales tax on food and increasing the sales tax on other items to six and one-half percent02/20/01
HB 2349Implementing a one-time tax-free week on sales of clothing under fifty dollars02/20/01
HB 2351Industrial Park Shell Building and Jobs Act02/20/01
HB 2360Incremental salary increases for state employees based on years of service02/20/01
HB 2362Providing for an incremental decrease in the tax assessed of services by dentists and physicians02/20/01
HB 2380Exempting sales of band booster organizations from the consumers sales tax02/20/01
HB 2386Providing a tax credit for new high technology products and manufacturing02/21/01
HB 2387Excluding social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income for purposes of the West Virginia personal income tax02/21/01
HB 2390Creating the senior citizens prescription drug subsidy program03/07/01
HB 2401Increasing the low income exclusion for personal income tax02/21/01
HB 2428State personal income tax exemption for certain members of volunteer fire departments02/21/01
HB 2445Requiring the department of health and human resources to review pay equity adjustments02/22/01
HB 2454Removing the furnishing of community care services from the imposition of severance tax02/22/01
HB 2458Providing that handicapped individuals may receive additional special registration plates and placards03/08/01
HB 2463Excluding federal interest income when applying the income exclusion available to those sixty-five years of age or older and to persons permanently and totally disabled02/22/01
HB 2467Excluding social security benefits from federal adjusted gross income for purposes of the state personal income tax02/22/01
HB 2477Providing a B & O tax credit for power plants that burn West Virginia coal02/22/01
HB 2483Use of fines collected by the board of pharmacy04/04/01
HB 2488Graduated elimination of the consumers sales tax on food02/22/01
HB 2490Phasing out the sales tax on food02/22/01
HB 2492Providing a five percent personal income tax reduction02/22/01
HB 2493Phasing out certain health care provider taxes02/22/01
HB 2494Tax credit for employers who provide child day care services for their employees02/23/01
HB 2501Expanding personnel covered by job sharing in the school system04/04/01
HB 2502Raising the minimum pay for national guard members on active state duty02/23/01
HB 2517Creating the veterans higher education benefits program03/15/01
HB 2524Permitting the deduction of home mortgage interest paid for personal income tax purposes02/23/01
HB 2529Establishing a sales tax holiday on items for one weekend during the back-to-school shopping period02/26/01
HB 2532Salary increase for sanitarian employees of the division of health02/26/01
HB 2541Increasing the salaries of conservation officers02/26/01
HB 2550Removing the requirement that venue properly lies in Kanawha County in relation to certain controversies involving the state04/02/01
HB 2551Allowing for distribution of tax credits for qualified rehabilitation buildings investment to owners of entities making the investment02/26/01
HB 2560Consumers sales tax exemption for purchases intended to counteract negative effects in physical appearance due to cancer or cancer treatment02/26/01
HB 2561Graduated elimination of the consumers sales tax on food02/26/01
HB 2580Including a checkoff box on income tax forms to be used to prevent the euthanization of healthy animals02/28/01
HB 2589Increasing the salaries of certain corrections, juvenile services and regional jail employees02/28/01
HB 2605Exempting military pensions from income tax obligations03/01/01
HB 2610Including certain shelters within the definition of a group residential facility03/26/01
HB 2725Reducing the corporation net income tax03/05/01
HB 2747Construction and maintenance of a skilled nursing care facility on the grounds of the veterans administration medical center03/08/01
HB 2756Updating the meaning of certain terms in the personal income tax act03/06/01
HB 2757State income tax exemption for retired federal law-enforcement officers and firefighters03/06/01
HB 2767Increasing court costs collected in magistrate court04/02/01
HB 2786Providing an option to renew a Class C trailer license on an annual basis03/29/01
HB 2787Minimum monthly retirement annuity for certain retired public employees and teachers04/04/01
HB 2790Preventing funds remaining in the antitrust enforcement fund from expiring at the end of the fiscal year03/07/01
HB 2793Exempting military pensions from state income tax03/08/01
HB 2796Updating meaning of terms used in the corporation net income tax act03/08/01
HB 2800Regulation and licensing of money transmission services03/15/01
HB 2806Creating a tax incentive for the creation of tourism attractions or amenities03/08/01
HB 2810Requiring the tax commissioner to refund to the five counties with the highest unemployment twenty percent of personal income tax collected03/09/01
HB 2820Salaries of professional educators and service personnel03/09/01
HB 2831Amending the definition of community care services to provide that services are not services included under the Title XIX aged and disabled home and community based waiver program03/12/01
HB 2832Increasing the privilege tax on manufacturing or producing fuel synthetic fuel from coal and dedicating proceeds03/12/01
HB 2845Relating to salaries of conservation officers03/13/01
HB 2848Creating a tax credit of fifty dollars for each dependent child03/14/01
HB 2849Reducing the sales tax on food from six percent to five percent03/14/01
HB 2857Relating to the deposit of fees charged by the secretary of state under the uniform commercial code03/14/01
HB 2858Relating generally to fees and charges for services of the secretary of state03/14/01
HB 2860Authorizing the director of veterans' affairs to purchase West Virginia and United States flags for resale03/29/01
HB 2874Income tax exemption for persons earning below a certain level03/15/01
HB 2878Authorizing specialized motor vehicle registration plates bearing the logo "PRO LIFE"03/16/01
HB 2879Modifying the Controlled Substances Monitoring Act03/16/01
HB 2886Permitting certain officers and state employees to waive their salaries03/16/01
HB 2902Public Employment Relations Act03/19/01
HB 2908Providing incentives for the retention of certain health care providers03/19/01
HB 2921Awarding cash grants to qualified adults who obtain a general educational development certificate03/22/01
HB 2923Including equestrians under provisions of the Hatfield-McCoy regional recreation authority relating to trail use03/20/01
HB 2924Removing the user fee cap relative to out-of-state permits charged by the Hatfield-McCoy regional recreation authority03/20/01
HB 2926Requiring the sheriff to pay the purchaser the amount of their bid with any taxes which had been paid on the property since delivery of the deed in certain situations03/21/01
HB 2929Salary increases for public employees based upon residential housing costs03/21/01
HB 2930Sales tax exemption for commissions paid to resident travel agents by out-of-state vendors03/21/01
HB 2931Increasing compensation of county officials and providing for certain prosecuting attorneys to become full-time03/29/01
HB 2941Increasing the partial unemployment benefit rate03/21/01
HB 2951Authorizing the building and operation of housing, food service and parking facilities for higher education students and teachers04/05/01
HB 2952Inspection of newly installed elevators03/29/01
HB 2955Exempting certain start-up businesses from various state, county and municipal taxes04/04/01
HB 2964Changing the amount a person can earn while receiving unemployment benefits03/22/01
HB 2969Allowing a refund for fuel for power take-off units on bulk feed trucks04/04/01
HB 2975Making it a misdemeanor for a person under the age of twenty-one to engage in any form of gambling04/04/01
HB 2976Providing a one-time supplement to the retirement benefit of certain annuitants in the public employees retirement system03/29/01
HB 2980Gradual elimination of the food sales tax03/23/01
HB 2981Exempting from the consumers sales tax clothing sales purchased for school children during the last three weeks of August each year03/23/01
HB 2983Relating generally to the Dam Control and Safety Act04/03/01
HB 2987Providing a two thousand dollar salary increase to state employees in the years 2001, 2002 and 200303/23/01
HB 3000Exempting veterans' organizations from the consumers sales tax03/26/01
HB 3017Creating a state oral health program04/05/01
HB 3028Removing salary increases based upon merit and providing annual cost-of-living increases for state employees03/28/01
HB 3029Purchases of goods and services for disabled individuals by vocational rehabilitation services03/28/01
HB 3030Supplemental appropriation to the development office, local economic development assistance03/28/01
HB 3031Mandating that thirty percent of the neighborhood investment credit go to endowment funding03/28/01
HB 3038Providing a tax credit for unreimbursed prescription drug expenses for certain elderly persons03/28/01
HB 3046Clarifying retirement options for retired PERS members and for those subsequently elected to public office03/29/01
HB 3047Providing a one-time supplement to the retirement benefit of certain annuitants in the teachers retirement system03/29/01
HB 3056Raising the threshold amount for competitive bids on certain infrastructure construction projects03/29/01
HB 3071Exempting from the excise tax on gasoline or special fuel certain propane gas used by any church, religious sect, society or denomination03/29/01
HB 3088Requiring state agencies to implement activity-based costing to review their procedures in issuing approvals03/29/01
HB 3095Exempting funeral and burial costs from the consumers sales tax03/29/01
HB 3099Allowing a tobacco access control tax credit against personal and corporate income tax and the business franchise tax03/29/01
HB 3113Providing the homestead property tax exemption for all homeowners03/30/01
HB 3117Adding county economic development authorities as recipients of hotel occupancy tax proceeds03/30/01
HB 3118Business and occupation tax credit to electric power generators for the use of West Virginia coal03/30/01
HB 3123Increasing salaries of magistrate assistants, clerks and deputy clerks03/30/01
HB 3126Graduated elimination of the sales tax on food03/30/01
HB 3135Income tax credit for residents who obtain a GED04/04/01
HB 3136Limiting the exemption from certain taxes for insurance companies03/30/01
HB 3138Relating to filing business franchise tax and corporation net income tax on a consolidated basis by affiliated groups or group members03/30/01
HB 3139Relating to the nonfamily adoption tax credit03/30/01
HB 3140Relating to the filing periods for sales and use tax for taxpayers meeting certain monetary thresholds03/30/01
HB 3141Relating to confidentiality and disclosure of tax returns and return information03/30/01
HB 3143Personal income tax credit for senior citizens for out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses03/30/01
HB 3144Restricting increased assessments on real property03/30/01
HB 3151Increasing fees for motor vehicle inspections and stickers03/30/01
HB 3152Exempting sales of personal computers for in-home and small business use from sales tax for one week in August each year03/30/01
HB 3158Income tax deduction for gifts to West Virginia charities03/30/01
HB 3162Clarifying the definition of peaking units for business and occupation tax purposes03/30/01
HB 3164Creating the courthouse facilities improvement authority03/30/01
HB 3168Creating a state privilege tax on hotel occupancy 03/30/01
HB 3169Personal income tax exemption for members of volunteer fire departments03/30/01
HB 3193Relating to the compensation of the director of the water development authority03/30/01
HB 3194Permitting the head of an at-risk family to accept school loans, grants and scholarships without losing assistance while in school03/30/01
HB 3195Allowing an increase in the earned income exclusion for personal income tax purposes in the amount of poverty guidelines03/30/01
HB 3196Providing a purchasing preference to vendors who offer products with higher levels of calcium03/30/01
HB 3205State income tax exemption for first year businesses making less than $50,00003/30/01
HB 3206Requiring taxes administered by the State Tax Department to be rounded to the nearest dollar when they are reported and paid03/30/01
HB 3207Exempting purchase of personal computers and related goods and services by spending units of state government from the requirement that such purchases be made only through the Division of Purchasing03/30/01
HB 3211Providing that all personal and corporate taxpayers receive a ten percent across-the-board tax reduction03/30/01
HB 3215Personal income tax credit for bicycle helmet purchase03/30/01
HB 3224Raising the amount of racetrack video lottery net terminal income to be used for payment into the pension plan for employees of the licensed racing association03/30/01
HB 3233Establishing the Family Court of West Virginia03/30/01
HB 3243Relating generally to municipal policemen's and firemen's pension and relief funds04/04/01
HB 3244Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act04/04/01
HB 3249Regulation of charitable bingo and raffle04/05/01
HB 3250Providing an annual salary supplement to speech-language pathologists and audiologists04/05/01
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